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it's been he had been working to prevent the hearing from occurring in the first instance through his conversations with republican leaders and members of the committee this indeed would have put him in an awkward position begin receiving increasing pressure from mitchell stands in arkansas and others to get the justice department to respond in september eight letter promised on grounds of the ability and persuade other republicans women hand he could he could get the republicans in either something that i continued my conversations with henry peterson an acronym that means in return he said that in the do you feel that justice issues such a letter because of the potential implications on the
hearings the letter was sent on october second nineteen seventy two had submitted to the committee a copy of common ground letter an assistant attorney general peterson's response exhibits eighteen and twenty one a number of people working on getting the votes necessary to block apartment committee hearings mr thomas discuss the matter with the house republican leaders who've agreed to be of assistance by making a matter for the leadership consideration which results in a direction from the leadership to members of the committee to vote against their parents been working several members of the democratic side the public metered system voting against veterans was an alternative not to appear for years and it's informing it also quite helpful in persuading the southerners on the committee not to vote for the subpoenas on the alternative not to appear at the meeting on october third also mitchell report to me that he had been working some people in new york that the new yorker's on the
committee to vote against the hearings he told me and i cannot recall now which members of the new york delegation you referred to it had assurances that they would either not show up or vote against that iran's i intend that this information on clemens but it's not the source of the information in october twenty fifteen really familiar with the white house on october fourth whether kevin madden requested the gao investigation and i was asked by stand what this would mean i told him that this would be primarily between himself and gao since gao no subpoena power to compel testimony the scope of their investigation you have to have moments he said that he felt that he could work with almost that was good fun and not let this metadata and a hero
on october tenth can unburden decided to proceed without subpoena power and send letters to mcgregor stands mitchell myself anybody who receives that letter declined to appear and how those hearings and when the witness chairs and press accounts lecture missing witnesses ms bb mtv so close reading letter i've been informed by committee counsel at the subject of the election of alleged political sabotage will be taken up in subsequent years however haven't asked to explain info pattern of government cover up which evolved in connection with a watergate related matters my explanations would be less than complete presenting my knowledge of the subject if i were to america so close reading matter wasserman matter was not directly related to the watergate cover up the facts surrounding mr securities activities was consistent with other
parts of the general white house cover up which volatility and said i will not do an extensive details at this time when a lot of the highlights of the pattern without regarding dealings of the white house and mr gervais i first heard of disagreement or destroying caught me and made you told me but the fbi had called weatherman about somebody in requests to interview him in connection with the break in the democratic national committee asked me i told him i would have strongly immediate the mayflower hotel recently was doing i mean we are very much about his activities and said that he was a dirty trick spike upward and he told me that he would rather do it himself tell me what you can do and that he had that was not aware of all soccer it's ray's activities he
also in one even if the chicken had been involved in hiring security and that was in the lobby of the mayflower hotel at which time he gave me a description of his activities and said that he had had contact with him in manila who are having seen subsequent pictures in the paper he assumed was hard on my cultivated come to my office the next day and we would discuss the murder further in my office the next morning he told me that his relationship with mr hahn and that he had only incidentally means with them and recall meeting with employees in florida and several subsequent telephone calls somebody told me that harvard square in and that he had really decided early on to deal with him as little as possible said that even in years we've come up killing his compensation he said he wanted to know whether he should mention the fact that spawned chicken chicken incumbent
was paying him when he was interviewed by the fbi reading they should answer any and all questions ask about one in his relationship with one but they should withhold the names of strong unless the fbi that was absolutely necessary to have the names california and several days at these fbi interviewing calling the politi well he said that he told the fbi everything about mr conn and the fact that he had no knowledge of the watergate incident the agents but not arrest him in america we're going to reveal an interest on an incumbent i think you know much later the next time somebody was in august during the republican national convention in miami i received a call from mr chabon when it's ready it was very concerned about that he was being called for a federal grand jury in washington to investigate watergate i'm told me that
somebody was looking for guidance as to his appearance before the grand jury and he was concerned again that he might have to reveal the names of staunch if an incumbent i am fortunate in that it would be impossible for me to go to washington to see security but if you wish to come according to schedule grand jury appearance i'd be happy to meet with him after my conversation which i call mr peterson justice and it was confined to the basement of that violence really have normal what you considered but he had a connection to some campaign activities i also informed readers that he was being paid by the president's turning to chicago where he had been recruited by cuban and strong i said these facts of trivia would obviously be quite embarrassing and could cause political problems during the waning weeks of the election
mr peterson said he understood the problem it would determine what he could do i subsequently talked again he told me that he did not believe it would be necessary for the prosecutors to get into these areas the mistress ready appear before the grand jury before the grand jury the best of my recollection was on a saturday during the week i was in miami preparing for the convention i had a great meeting was a great knot longer than thirty minutes as i recall in which we reviewed his potential problem i told them i could not believe that the government was particularly interested in pursuing the names of strong chabon and come out in connection with his activities and i got addicted to be asking any questions about these areas like if he were asked the questions he should answer any question on every question truthfully and if you were asked the names leaked that have women who had paid him that he should get the names i totally impressed he should let out the whole box
i later learned from somebody at the names had come out during the grand jury appearance and i have especially with peterson also on the subject in which he told me were still trying to avoid getting into the area and in fact had not asking the question which resulted in his giving the names of the grand jury and asked the questions about the fact that prosecutors are trying to gloss over it as a result of that appearance before the grand jury fbi had interviewed rescheduled for chicken strong incumbent i had by this time i'm hopeful story that in fact poland meeting with come out at a producer grey's activities unauthorized umbach to make payments to set it in its customers which akin a strong for their answers whether the iranians should serve in that great concern about revealing and that records on him in my office when the moral question and said that he would if necessary carter himself to prevent involving columnist matter i coach john
that was not that survey not necessarily in my estimation he was indeed most loyal and for taking that position that mormonism are common in the age of agents and interviewed caitlin a strong they contain themselves in a question to the best of my knowledge only answers the chicken and strong provided were truthful although i must say a percentage of the discussions i've had with him they didn't volunteer in information that was not when i was in california in late august i was asked by them to meet them come up and they're better prepared him for his fbi interview regardless of the amount of insanity interview could lead into other areas and had discussed this recording might help unlock their for his fbi interview he later on the pentagon well and they had not asked questions unrelated to the security matter and he volunteered
nothing it's bleak on oct ten i think that leads to an article based on leaked fbi information reported this and it destroyed for the first time publicly mm hmm strawn come up and later call them the stories created infancy in the white house press office as to how to deal with a story goes on friday the thirteenth i left washington to go to sort of spend several weeks on a honeymoon but was abruptly called back to washington on sunday the fifteenth because the cascading the story regardless of reading when i returned to the white house we're meeting was in session in the roosevelt room and the meeting the purpose of the meeting was proposed takeover of press briefings on a security related stories reason i cannot explain
secretary mr chabon with us and taking notes are important discussions and a hypothetical question and answering of visitor actually this is probably one of the rare occasions when the operation of zika are using everything that he recorded and i've submitted to the committee copy of the notes according to the number twenty two i might also add that the session was not unlike many other sanctions that preceded it and that we're following programs are eager to meet with the white house press corp it would take another two hundred pages to get that story after seven it became the subject of intense inquiry by the kurds suggested that i advise ready to go incognito a hike in the price and avoid further stories that might result in the press interviews of him i saw advice and really he came to washington made up over because he was very distressed about the fact that a number of the people who were issuing what he considered
to be an acronym for stories regarding his activities a few months ago whether he should issue a press statement itself at that time the subject was also discussed in a meeting and check themselves and by the ziglar ehrlichman chicken myself and later by fielding actor he had received a copy it's a grave mistake it was decided it would be unwise to grade issued a statement so he commenced his travels around the united states once again to avoid the cuts let's disagree with periodically calming down means in some small town in a nazi newspaper covering several days and curious to know what they were saying about and i'll give them a summary report as the press coverage following the election process by poland and ehrlichman to meet was greatly determine the extent of this is a lot of the involvement of the chicken and straw hat with a cigarette in at this time was in palm springs california where he had been spending the last weeks before the election in the desert
i arranged to meet with him and again his family myself election conference on november ten and that was thirty eight percent in a link to integrate in my cell i need to take the interview with him with the understanding that i thought it was a vision of the doctrine of executive privilege and would never be released i have submitted the tape of that conversation between security and myself to the committee percent of the subpoena issue for the material and his assistant i mean the president to report to my interview with <unk> according to the foreign media met with paul an open on november twelfth and played the tape interview i've had was ready for them
i recall along with discussing this matter the president requested that all income or to see him i was surprised on this occasion as i have been on other occasions when a similar situation had occurred at holloman send a message that he was meeting with me and would be overjoyed to report responding to media requests another thing to me with restaurant mr obama camp david on another subject which overstuffed later during the first part the meeting however the subject of chickens roaming the white house came up the president had made a decision based on the information but i've been invited to haldeman ehrlichman important that mr chabon would have to leave the white house that before going to camp david i was aware recently been under discussion and mr morgan i talk about more than many give you a letter of
censure chabon and then go at that but more was unaware of the contents of the tape the show on to the requests of more requested more however i did raise his suggestion that he was personally too close to take them to make a judgment on such a thing if it was to be done that was going to be re re for the president it had to be done by a lot and said that he did not think it was possible to re raise the matter and subsequently resigned and white house down as the press accounts of these activities landed on after the election as well as the continuing watergate story is there was serious discussion about putting up a fax in late november i recall a conversation with a woman in his office and he asked me what happened i told him i thought that the
impending fall of the cutback in the grand jury and what they're likely it was very likely that mitchell magruder astronomer in holland team could be indicted he asked me to elaborate i said i had no idea nor did i have full knowledge what happened before june seventeen but i didn't know there was a good possibility that any reconvene grand jury would get into questions of obstruction of justice which would lead righteous parliament said the president wished that now the election is over to get rid of the watergate related matters by laying open but it doesn't seem to be over i can write in any kind of compromise bill and i thought we have continued to examine that option that the president is not damaged he then asked me to attempt to write a report that could be made public record that would be a written version so global investigation the president had announced on august twenty nine and included new report on security matters
the only tradition because it because like a peek into the tent without letting anyone in that's an alcohol and i was also under my name someday going to follow his instructions i decided that i would that a series of carefully worded you are victorious are affidavits for each individual who's going to come out in the press regarding political sabotage and espionage and david without other government investigations yet the idea when hillary clinton anyone olivier so after getting about american we submitted some of that i've submitted to the committee to the number twenty three one in ten men who made the editorial changes that appear on her weapon than
it is if they're on december thirteenth a meeting was scheduled in holland sought to discuss them out of those movies and their jobs i mean nothing was really overwhelming and it was the consensus of the group the white house should continue and get more clarity to hunker down and do nothing on the general theory that no one would be arrested for what they didn't say coming out too henning of demands for white house money at slate discuss mr calabrese money for the foreclosures or support money for silence inspectors or continuous and following the election there were increasing pressures from hunt for money for himself and the others in the other in that sentence is a means of assuring their songs
fall especially have begun well before the election it steadily throughout the election invalid a man's will be made directly to the white house for financial assistance before getting into the details of these pressures and how they were handled of me that might be helpful to explain the situation of the white house regarding the handling and availability of cash in early nineteen seventy one i was asked by hollande to assist in establishing a reelection committee that they had no lawyer ever own my activities result in my learning but there were large sums of cash left over in nineteen sixty eight nixon primaries and some fans have been left from the nineteen seventy congressional fundraising efforts these mountains which referred to accept less money is what i why come up in control i had submitted to the committee exhibit number twenty four a memorandum prepared by astronomer meeting with him about armstrong and myself on the intimate nineteen seventy one
the documents a pope will face a full explanation of the reasons even the smartest person by kama of surplus money lessons from summer franklin expenditure eight hundred and thirteen dollars was april seventh nineteen thirty two that i learn that had been sent to the white house was not really amount about asp bites my kids to get someone outside the government might be willing to pull a large amount of cash deposit box i told him i'd have to think about it but later cullum i couldn't think of anyone it was in late june or early july early july batman three and fifty thousand of the surplus money haven't lived in the white house are april seven nineteen seventy two i was informed that the money came from a nineteen sixty eight primaries hillary was maybe point four seven to ensure that it not become part of a concerted
campaign vans no way it was shortly before that islam was being called to testify in july the discussions commands and how to make it through one hole and get out of the white house there was no easy answer because there was no place to send him out without reporting requirements the concern was that mr sloan would testify that he was aware of this fuss over twenty thousand dollars to the white house this in turn would agree to problems the white house would have been accused of having a secret slush fund this became public and secondly a sixty eight hundred dollar expenditure of eight point two thousand dollars which of them may present a potential campaign a violation for coleman calls in and richard our discussions about how to handle a violent mr stanza mr parkinson
but there's no easy answer i also discuss this matter with mr coleman there is no easy answer after the elections and indicated he had cash available in with the spanish provide twenty thousand dollars just trying to make a phone call and it didn't remove from the white house and if necessary reporting this plan was approved by parliament and so inform on one of them a twenty eight and called to request a strong come to his office to receive the money that he had available and another source of money or whether was campaign money pouring into details about twenty thousand dollars expansion made available i could not locate strong stand indicated that it would it should be picked up immediately but i cannot recall this time the reason he called the immediacy accordingly i after failing to pick up a package from stands and give it a strong dose of zika i and farm stand that feeling would be over to pick up a package that he would not know what he was picking up and when i later learned stands informed
feeling i was somewhat annoyed because i felt that was unfair the money was then given by feeling too strong but no final decision had been made regarding how to dispose of twenty thousand dollars and when the status of the cash in the white house i must now returned to the pressures that were being placed on the white house the use of these funds which are just described the payments to the seven that individuals the pressure began long before election day and the paul ryan was receiving messages from when that when a lawyer at one another's expected to have more support money and attorneys fees in exchange for their continued silence initial payment by combat not been sufficient o'brien reportedly frequently to michel martin the road to ruin my
cell i interned reporting to haldeman ehrlichman there were discussions in late july august and september of using the found that the white house but these payments and former parliament these of these discussions but they were still in discussions they had no action was taken at the election the pressure will greatly increase in calls and received a call from the state which calls recorded calls improper recording called me and i didn't turn transcribed onto a cassette tape i've been informed by committee counsel at the committee has in its possession a transcript of a conversation between colson and hunter which makes demands for money on november fifteenth the conversation goes on and also to inform them of the increases increasing and now cutting demands that were being transmitted
through month lawyer mr ryan and turn on the white house on a campaign at that time developing plans for the reorganization of the executive branch and the second term of the nixon administration i was going into the reorganization plan but he only the work that time going on a reorganization plan was a memo that in fact i was somewhat surprised the counsel's office has not been more invulnerable all whether that time in the reorganization plans after writing camp david five women of the president's office tomorrow on which was empty i don't like them anyway that was after that discussion and i told them on a telephone conversation between hunting and calls in and played the tape for them and also told him of increasing demand a major money
i told him i wanted me look at epidemic of metal had requested i come visit him regarding the band they may control the milestone would play the tape for him when the commission is meeting with all metal take care of all the jobs when we came out of that meeting until they're waiting to meet with him that we had been talking about religion matters that decision was taken it would seem that article and i might be discussing the all american in fact in a private meeting with no discussion of the reorganization at all discussion about the reorganization matters either party campaigning and returned to washington and then flew to new york with <unk> stands stands at police and eighty days earlier
he was going to meet with mr mitchell discuss a number of letters about winding down the reelection committee and asked me to join him thank you stanton arranged a meeting with mitchell to take place the metropolitan club in new york city the stands and return to washington says that means over you know one down wall street get tied up in traffic at the garden in english and the mitchell discuss their problems stands apart and i played the tape for mitchell i'm calling on what had only one reaction to play it was to the effect that it was certainly a self serving take the calls him and he wondered what mcclellan was talking about regarding mitchell selling part of itself i'm for mitchell holliman have heard the tapes and requested that he do what he could to sell i know i receive
no instructions or really any indication at all from at that time actually gotten the matter behind it raised in the conversation calls the best of my recollection he was the first week of december that mitchell called me and said that we would have to use some of the twenty thousand dollars and take care of the demand be made by one another's for money indicator that the money was taken out of the return yes we do now i've been informed michelson secretary at mrs khan had called her at home on a number of occasions discusses motivation might have phone calls and get something about the costumes had sent his secretary called to me with these messages indicating that he did not want to talk to her about it but the huge investment economy and i kill this fault not take this is not talking this time and necessary in an unlisted telephone after the phone call to michel i
call home and describe the situation in fort wayne and i told him i told mitchell that i was going to see the white house money use but he indicated there would be returned as soon as they could raise some additional money i mean i had no answer fallen said he did not like it either a sense we have the assurance that the money would be returned i should inform strong that he could make the delivery of the money to the committee oh my conversation about monaco i call spawned i told him that he should speak with and the road to make a delivery to listen to lose next instructions really should anticipate the fact that we would get this money back in near future i don't recall how much money was delivered by on what i believe was either forty thousand or seventy thousand this clearly did not satisfy the demands and they continue to be
relayed by mr bittman to mr ryan and relay them to michel roux in myself the man and especially the mansion that there could be no further use of the white house money and in fact the contrary problem was expecting that the money which had been providing earlier with the rich and info the best of my recollection was sometime shortly before the trial the man's week's edition of one once again o'brien and the route into my arms and told me the series is such an image of farming and told me that once again after that element available on a story and i call home and told him of mitchell's requested the situation and told him that i thought it was time to get the entire money the white house rather than continue as it were to every few weeks whether bite being taken out of the apple after we discussed the
matter and said send the entire embargo to make sure we get a receipt for twenty thousand dollars after receiving my instructions from home and michaels and told him he was to deliver the remainder of the money to the rule that you have to make certain they got a receipt for three and fifty thousand dollars on their totally ruined refused to give him a receipt with each of these deliveries i'm only aware of the fact that the money was delivered to the robots can't do that no matter how the ruling can deliver to those who were making demands upon the committee will in fact with a happiness was tragically killed on december eighth nineteen seventy two o'brien for me the inland from wimbledon but what was that if you become extremely depressed and revealed of what over the death of his wife i
know it was presented in anyway to publicly identify themselves accordingly he came to ask me if he should attend assistant funeral adelman i thought he ought to do whatever he felt his heart certainly attending her funeral would not in any way the tv show that he was in any way involved with hunting want it goldman the letter b over the situation was also at the death of this is how i'm ryan recounts lawyer did not think that mr hahn was capable of standing trial in his them psychological situation that he had been examined by a psychotic who had reached that conclusion and i had a conversation my tuition assistance
who would concur in the fighting to examine another to stand trial which lets me to discuss this with peterson and i said i would i had a brief conversation with edition about this you said that if there was anything that he could be done it work but he did not think anything could be done were going this matter after the government's act that has determined that restaurant was capable of standing trial of a report that from o'brien was outraged that no one at the white house was doing anything to take care of him and in fact he fought the white house and his friends had turned against him was not asking anyone to affect his case but many are asking for someone to give him time to recover from the tragedy that liked that also about this when i report internally there was another decade and was thinking about pleading guilty rather than going through the rivers of the trial in his pledges that way i also told paulson that i've been
on but i want to talk with him that sense new that would cost him in an awkward position you want to call him to talk to his lawyers now turned to the matter of executive clemency for honda and the others it was a lot of my office come up the december twenty second until the morning anyway third like john dean has been interrupted just as he was about to explain now executive power it would be used to promote the watergate cover up the committee calls at this time for a floor vote lead story on public television complete coverage of the hearings will continue after this pause
for station identification i don't read coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service it
terry and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as the hearing resumed john dean's explain further help white house was involved in the watergate cover up as i was amazingly for the brakes on page one thirty five walk in dealing with the subject of executive clemency for mr khan and others i was out of my office from roughly december twenty second until the morning of january thirteen the latter part of this time i was in california with other members of the white house staff and their families on vacation i received a call on the morning of january second while eighteen a cop in california the president's new air force one because paul ryan who told me that there were some
serious problems an issue speaking with him as soon as i would turn to washington he told me that restaurant was off the reservation was traveling with haldeman until about the call when i arrived in washington that evening i call o'brien and he told me that was quite upset and wished to plead guilty before he did so he wanted some assurances from the white house you'd receive executive clemency o'brien told me that one would only take the assurances from colson an advertisement had been trying to recall some michael ryan and i got a good portion would be willing to give any such assurances because he was a pain more than a man on the morning of january thirteen i received another call from mr weinstein of the matter the result immediately because he had talked
and they've been kind of a political success colson called me to tell me they didn't find the region and asked me if i'd seen the letter but had second thoughts and submit a copy of the letter to the committee exhibit number twenty six michael olsen but i've not seen the letter n while we were talking i found in my male imam imam calls in with a letter at that time in which he was desperately waiting couples meet with his attorney mr that michael paulson i was aware of the fact that they wanted to discuss a matter of executive clemency for a ton and it would only take assurances from him or some as i recall also said i did not want and the rest are given would do whatever i suggested i told him i would have to get back in touch with him an ax met with him and told him about the situation and he thought that paulson had made with the anomaly of course
i'm four medals in trying to reconstruct her that i can't i as i recall walker there was a media management office on january third after calls had a conversation with the un about khan's potential for granted clemency i recall that when calls came to the meeting with erdogan he was extremely shaky which was on my calls it was not specifically his arguments when i can but he said he thought it was imperative not be given some assurance chances of executive clemency the meeting did not last long and eloquence have the app speak with the president on vocals and that he should not talk with the president about this again every four when he had given polls in an affirmative regarding clemency for a month and the calls and had talked with the men about the matter with another meeting on the subject and generate jobs and which calls to
explain exactly what he had to talk with them regarding clemency he said that he had killed and that he could not give any specifics specific commitments but he gave him a general what happens he also said that he told him clemency germany came up around christmas and here was a longtime was at this meeting comes as this meeting was and i said this will obviously about all the others involved as the world will smile and can i assume that the same pigment extends to all he said that no one could be given a specific that obviously it was going to get an assurance for clemency the others would understand that it applied to all after the meeting that he calls and should not discuss this matter with a position that he in fact that was so important that he had taken up the burden of self i also ensure a bale actor as a result of a telephone call program
translation and on two occasions with me and told me that he had discussed the matter of executive clemency for ron paul krugman and caution other races with me on march thirteenth nineteen seventy three and april fifteenth nineteen seventy three was in california during late december early january that referred to a moment ago i mean we that we'll have received a letter from a court ruling was not explicit regarding the contents of a letter and said that he had taken down a letter and i couldn't read it when i returned the next day or so the archives i'd submit a copy of the letter and appealing to the committee exhibit number twenty seven within two or three days of my family office that is between the herder and in january we opened my office with the original letter
i do not know what i did with the original but i believe i gave it could follow another ryan and i discuss the matter because he told me the mccourt was not cooperating with his lawyer sister all but ryan also told me that the man a plan a cia defense case but mccourt who initially had been willing to go along later refused o'brien subsequently talk with michal about the matter because mitchell called me in for media discussed another rhonda mitchell as meta requested you talk up a quarter final is going to do i come at you know as a popular speaker record one i recall bill you got to california where drug coverage for mitchell the copier was uptown was on january i received calls from both obama and an actual indicating that sense of whom have been given assurances of clemency and those assurances were being left to others the cocktail should get the same assurances to
record with becoming an increasing problem and again i was told that records lawyer was having problems with him brian mitchell report might be responsive to an assurance from popular because an intimate lawyer all had lost or so i would do so based on your conversation i'd had a moment that generated clemency assurances to me given that would also apply vinnie others and coarseness description and how he'd given that i'm a gentleman without being specific that the commitment i call cocktail later that day to request that he didn't cut a record told me it would be a very very difficult because he was going to be in california for several more days kabul indicated it would be easier for mystery alaska where it's relevant and sock hop record because he was tied up with a lot of people are drug companies i said fine
and engage him clemency message sent to the massive recalls some have transmitted on the advertisement it is note that and i said that was fine until a month or be expecting to hear from listeners i'm steve inskeep leslie you get the message and delivered by cardinal i told him that have phil bryant told me that record was the recall you personally and asked me one cause you would meet with record o'brien told me he was going to be out of town but i could reach him a very public domain is keeping mitchell posted and requested that i can impose new o'bryan said and we needed a firsthand report and read on the court someone he will follow that he's
not talking openly with his lawyer about what he plans to do it and i would call as soon as i learned and told him that the court wanted to meet with him and that he would do so and i report all as to what he planned to do he told me he would be in accordance with the return to washington well if you tell me after he talked to me and for me that he had met with reporters to get to meet my office in the morning so to give me a report that was a saturday morning i said fine and on saturday morning we met and he gave me a report of the report with the court deciding not decided what he's going to do but he warns read gawker reported that record was very annoyed at magruder it's in a picture book reader in the paper which
you take is immense he also co op ed that your plan would enable him to get his case dismissed but as lawyers have not helped in with a mother and the government had lied to her he explained that he had made at these goals have been recording what the government would not admit it during this meeting with a cocktail i received a cult leader john mitchell apollo and requesting a report on the meeting i told the caller call me and would call i don't understand why i would imagine
it was such requests from the president suggested he meet again with mccourt and keep him happy by telling him you're checking out the matter and on his conversations with the embassies kaufman reporting and name than the court was only interest in his theory about the cause of the embassies i took off to keep in touch with the court but i couldn't promise anything about who's calling the embassies i tow to help the poor get him a memo and why not this is called the embassies would result in business with his case and on monday morning
my report card disgust having me that they opted for me to record and inform him personally handle his case on appeal mitchell's to talk mr bailey about this i don't know what happened we got in this proposed plan on january twentieth <unk> copies of the records mammals regarding is intercepted conversations to the embassies i've said that of these documents to the committee exhibit number twenty i never did anything with these documents are going to inform the children received international <unk> miles anyone in the department we're going to do on
the call it received the call and that he said that he had received a letter from an investigator for the senate commerce committee about his relationship with bill this letter was part of an investigation being conducted by the committee staff the commerce committee staff in connection with most nomination hearing for under secretary education and that's what he should do he said he wanted to be able to testify at his confirmation hearing that he had not spoken with it since long before the one i co wrote a secretary issued a chemical weed and what that response which of motown or a secretary and she returned the call i had submitted to the committee the secretary actually overturn <unk> exhibit number twenty nine and i might note that that was not
in the exhibits when i some of them last night but i didn't know what is on the table at home on friday that maybe and i don't see what i can do and on saturday a bomb on a house in his home was a recall what i tell them the reason i have not called him a crowd had great sympathy for his plight but he said he understood to me over the years i said i would pass that message along i also expressed sympathy over a situation in the colony and they reported that he understood
why he did not speak with them personally and grow to appreciate them nominate them too the receiving of the recruiting of material connection with the investigation as a result of a conversation that i was asked to attempt to have the cia retrieve information relating to hold meetings with the cia to understand its request some background during the course of the watergate investigation prosecutors had requested material from the cia because of the fact that material related to the white house the cia have won the white house with a request when it came to the cia you don't question and had been the deputy director of the cia at the time the murder and when he was
asked he reported that he had been requested from john mccain and i believe i do no question he denied the fact that he had ever made such request and requests to the question veteran and congressmen that he had never asked research assistants subsequently general repair a memorandum that indicated that the request accompanied when colson oh myself mccarthy this document may ask if i would get medicaid and i told him i thought that was somewhat strange that my name was on the memorandum bushman and i've never spoken with caution among white internationally if i did not think the better question mentioned no one's sense he couldn't remember who it was i mean respect and this time as i did at my name and sort of member and then i'm listening to get to me to make sure
that question i have no names in the memorandum of law and i'm renee montagne because this was the first time i've ever spoken with him he agreed that we had never talked and i said i have suggested to me that he could not remember who it was that he got them not mention anyone a short time later another memorandum on the subject of who had the assistance of the cia informant in or question this time no names mentioned all this episode written statement correct discusses olsen olsen told me that he had been made to call the question the other cia material related dealings with the cia and the mysteries of questions have been asked what will or the prosecutors
the minimum punishment essential information it's a mystery mr day a government planner which had been the time but one to the cia is a camera that had been bought by one from the cia the pictures which had been a cia spy ian pannell goldberg's like capital gains and former porn about this and that the reason that he certainly requested icy to retrieve the documents before the senate
investigators got a copy of the material i discussed this with peterson but he said he had received a letter in early january to hear from senator man all records relating to the case and the only thing he could do would be to extract gutman neither part of the effect that the government had been returned the cia and he told me that he thought the sale to get all the material and no country left in the final national security ground should be used in the poll release of the information on february nine nineteen seventy three i spoke with director schlesinger cia and ask him it would be possible to recreate the material that had been sent to the department justice and actually the watergate investigation i told him that i discussed this with the department of justice and they indicated that they would be legally required in their files indicating material had been returned the cia i certainly had a visitor and gemma watters in late
february at which time he told me that the cia was opposed the recruiting them apparently inequality indicating they had so were created because they also have been requested by the senate not to destroy any material relating to the case michael walters that i did not just literally destroyed <unk> national security grounds might justify withholding release of the information to senate investigators he said simply could not be done about the matter but also explain later and i mean this material was in the possession of the russians mentally it was inevitable that the blueberry of ellsberg's psychiatrist office could be discovered at any investigator with the saw would certainly be able to look at the pictures in the files of the department of justice and immediately determine the location and then discover that there had been a burglary of the office that was in the picture
the white house plans for dealing with this committee the watergate criminal trial in january of this year and that press reports members of the senate and in the senate hearings on the watergate related matters the white house congressional relations staff reported that the subject of the watergate hearings has been discussed in the senate democratic policy committee but they did not know the substance of those discussions i was aware of the intense development all women in the pockets of such hearings because they discussed it with me and build them and told me that i disgusted with him on december thirteenth nineteen seventy two lemons and for me that senator johnson was coming to the white house for a meeting with the president announced that the senator jackson was meeting with a member of the senate democratic policy committee had an excellent report with the president and that me was about having the president while senator jackson referring to potential of a senate inquiry into the
watergate on and i thought it was a good idea but i would have to check a man said to me and asked me i thought oh man i'm open unlike holmes was that he was not there he was in the president's office witness an armstrong was discussing the president joined in the white house that the meeting had been scheduled a major weapons officer which mr eckman morsi the iraq plan when the meeting i raised the matter of the president's asking senator jackson about the hearings because i could not have authority send <unk> directly to the president so i walk a memorandum found out what it will take to the president before the meeting many of the number thirteen
usually aig needed to proceed with their wedding at this point and how he in fact at the original man i'm with him on the line for iphone and the germans have suggested that he said vietnam it's both
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 12 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Dean testifies.
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