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as bell and another thousand just that the uk jet and given the day the treasury in the jet the voters said that he did that it was leaving to check back and go sometime tonight on may twenty five those transactions we treated that has cash on hand on april seventh and recorded it in the report of the media committee to re elect the president eighty thousand dollars and that
wasn't enough the family had complied with only requirement well as to the ending and reporting that money without a family subsequently possible violation of the law in failing to report that twenty five thousand dollars but the department of justice in the letters a month later concluded that there was no violation of law in an intimate transaction it was there've been seventeen shortly after that did you have any discussions with mr john mitchell are in what the white house concerning any of these checks are we immediately follow
so the conversation with jon mitchell the conversation with federal and the subsequent it was the morning of the twenty thirteen to six days after the watergate affair with you know older voters were to his contribution and it up i really am in the region we've got in washington on
that thing that that within a room with martin and the actual transaction data it was needed had anything to do with the checks that check with a mexican checks and dream about or bank accounts that could only have gotten their through the hands of our general counsel in his custody skip a lot of their approach on our part or second giving mr fred rue eighty thousand dollars there's a living
as early as april but when she couldn't do it because he was waiting for lieutenant rosie the area's jackson's cousin he showed about seventy one thousand dollars that's jon hamm and explore some concern about it because you're going on vacation and a under the tense situation with building up even monolithic in his custody we discuss the agenda including the phones were of the nature which showed that not classify them as friends of the current committees but there are others and the
little about that than it was understood within the committee that robert martin had been brought to washington to work on the legal matters that were right at the time and i went to him but that's his advice factory and the description of the money ways to get the money out of the office and a lot of the campaign and he suggested that i go to the front row of the ruins that the right hand man of the financial system to mitchell is the campaign director and that advice i gave them and i happily money to the loo and sharon lehner is after the money to a neglected to say that was concerned about having that much money in his custody i agreed to the right with
them so that only be about thirty thousand dollars a huge arsenal and i didn't put in my destiny i gave mine who are probably at the first opportunity chairman on a vacation to remember for about ten days and get his money who grew up on his retire somewhere uncertainty as the way that money passed through my audience and that he takes before you go many of his forty thousand dollars a nineteen and money and i do that no the specific thing that happened subsequently i was the er seven letters
did you receive it twenty nine you can do things in washington is that although there's an early scene he wrote it actually go there well we didn't check and you
i don't know but i didnt have to have money that seventy five thousand dollars as i think of it now i understand did you not ask him why does want to listen to what they say is that this is an ask to take care of an eye you have to cut it must come back then disappeared was disorganization campaign organization there was a man in
no yet been mine as well deputy in the nineteen sixty eight campaign he subsequently had that humans it was an illegal immigrant would you consider your superiors well i don't know that i have that means the barriers that was an exaggeration a finance committee was separate from the campaign committee again
the superior and i would've been influenced by requests them was a lot of time to time that i leave that as a very innocent question do you think most fans it you have a meeting on june twenty four after that way can witness mr john mitchell to find out what had happened mr mitchell
i asked him what happened in that meeting you know i don't recall that i have done that let uncertainty about it and i had no recollection of specifically talking about that said there was a week after the year that there were others involved and we had a meeting of that nature at about that time if because when we were done moray stand will still be with us public television's unedited coverage of the watergate hearings continues after this offer station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service the
fb and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on
presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer i don't go to bed yet because smith's for that testimony laurie stands will be questioned about decisions by that famous budget committee and the days of the mainstream end in almost three men and g gordon liddy but the committee the finance committee finance committee remembers it it's pass but you do
it anyway finance committee though i was important and the mitchell commission and that we communicated as you do you need it actually i don't
and in the eighties and i'm michele norris sales
nice nice did you know i think you're welcome we don't know you're going to be particularly
catchy and retention finance committee specifically and separately realizing that there's a division in the us because the occasional use of play as opposed to thank you the morning
and to you nice work and because of it for veterans to an individual quarter of the budget committee ever take under consideration the allocation of funds the expanded intelligence gathering operation
and his version of intelligence gathering in the budget committee i mean an intelligence gathering operation on their way like you work here in the way confirmation hearings have before me and spirit of forty three it is he says that you edited for time by the fbi and up and then on the last debate which would have been july twenty eight used
it to this effect and he says this he was a spy and that would have to be made available i was at this annual convention it was
and yet i know that isn't even mentioned and available the question naturally arises that as chairman of the finance committee is it reasonable to you did not become aware of expenditures of such large sums of money
and the sounds again without consideration of the budget committee well yeah the company mr bj and it was true
the regions that have been covered by mr anderson it is a dollar and mexican checks and more remained away from the us commander is cynically in your search for contributions seek donations of perspective mm hmm i mean no money
oh yeah and so the knees many tracks with the money in contributions another form that we get the cash during the campaign and you became chairman of the finance committee did you have some contact with his own record on that is an indian transition that is the turnover view of the violent jihad on an interest even accounting for this
yes i think in nineteen sixty nine gene it was in the nineteen seventies and we have an understanding that he would turn in his possession lowenstein president
there the finance committee meeting with her comeback narrative if every thirty eight and receiving from him personally some accounting of the funds he had on him thank you i think like the mark for
the the resume tomorrow the park stands before you received any other religious or civil simple it's now three at this point during the testimony of it really spans the committee took a break for a roll call vote on the senate floor a multiple delivery going out to public television's coverage of the watergate hearings continues after station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the
member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service fb it's b
unlike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities european
correspondent robert mcneil we're going back now for the final section of today's hearings and new mexico senator joseph montoya is questioning marie spends the campaign finance director in these final hours fans will explain where he got seventy five thousand dollars that went to herbert comeback law it's been the push back that just ended marked for the occasion and are only for that
an unlikely to revisit again it will take a matter of such time you return for testimony before the committee when asked a few more questions about going that he's something of a job as counsel for the finance committee the attackers were you aware of any conflict that he had been having with voters any of these services wisconsin you is
not devoting full time to his responsibilities is legal counsel for the finance committee well not that i heard yesterday was one of those who attended the daily step meetings and his attendance was quite regular a summit in washington today are not particularly unusual every community mission statement committees in washington but each of the fifty ones state is clear that responsibility and the regular reports on what was happening in which no
one was involved with what was in that i thought well responsibility this is something that they said i picked up quite casually the recall lead in a quite sure that you have judged that that was not specifically within the scope of responsibilities is legal counsel for the finance committee apparently when the finance committee from the campaign committee and he was going to do things they'll look at every
campaign committee i don't think i was aware that at the time of the world one of the least germination where you consulted by mr martin yes it will answer their questions mr loyn reports at that point were you aware of any facts which indicated involvement by mr liddy in the watergate in the lead if you have a
conversation with his family i don't recall ever discuss things a great name of anyone until i read in the newspapers for a month ago a millennium stage during the awareness part of an effort on the part of mr mcgregor to induce mr stallone to falsify testimony i think it was the latter the community you're driving
did you make any mentioned to him of any options he would have its at fantasy had to make a choice as such fantasy that you would be required to testify during rehearsals now it doesn't apply to other low while you're going through do you recall any discussion within concerning a different use of that man no i don't recall any discussion of just to do you any time a scene from mr parkinson for mr ryan and their capacity
says attorneys for the committee to reelect president and analysts in the finance committee very of a president if you don't think i am sick from them and the status of their report of their work are at an explanation of the fact that they had to go for any occasion juvenile my question to you the grand jury testimony it's
b it's big there's just an issue going back to pittsburgh you indicated at me that the total cash on hand a one point five million dollars is that correct singing seven and now
nineteen sixty eight the emoticon was for the nineteen sixty election to the extent of how much of that was in cash about two hundred and thirty three thousand dollars and they are they're amount or balances economy thousand was co mingled with the nineteen seventy two election yes sixteen years nineteen sixty eight
and after a police evidence but when it came to the committee through well as ten thousand dollars strollers in mississippi came to the committee as the lead and that i was not true it really was
you're welcome there was a reason to three thousand dollars from two men and all that's great good morning i don't remember
there was no money i'm thirty thousand dollars so it's an ordeal i was not aware of that's right there were some
other people whose names were reported just so that there's no distinction did you receive many contributions over in about ten thousand dollars in cash so that they can take another that was a goal former gov we're easy
i don't know possibly very violent crime provision of jay leno's going to be twenty thousand we are i would say that perhaps five estimate before that were in the house for the balance of ramadan and fifty thousand are recommending of juicy fb
all of course knew this and he understands that has nothing to do with the trial and we are going to understand where you are now let us go into the u do the dispersants circumstances have made you mentioned that before april seventh that you authorized they
are tacitly approving a disbursement of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars i had a job big emphasis on contact you about this division before he distributed what about yours conway twitty i don't
now you know you come back there was a man very high influence in the white house you know as a you know that he had a good line of communication with them those in the upper echelon and now when you mentioned that this request is coming from very anti authority out what i know what we go for you know minus people that person might be i don't know who was it
you raise the money so on that basis i don't know the sector eight weeks ago they used to come back to you that this was not going to be used for the campaign says that major you know not in the relationship with the white house some money during the nineteen
sixty campaign it was important your understanding is making his money will be used to pay for political purposes but the money was and resources thirty five thousand came from contributions made by four national survey research evolves as well
forty five thousand dollars of that was money that i had received from him just about the time it came through because of mitt romney fifty thousand dollars you know and so many times i don't know
there was no money to him that was his own money that you're getting back i think it is the party in the white house well i wasn't on it happened there was a lot of money like put my hands on you know in the rest of the state and that's kind of a very powerful effect
on the same day the filipino an adequate was about who wasn't there are no de la la la la at the wheel the piece beings being the pittsburgh
thank you and really it's been in the paper the same it's bleak seventy years ago
today and what about the other friends and with the other filipino friends and they were two of his associates and design company engender named mr russo says abbas senior at usc was a seal so yeah oh yeah there was a considerable doubt as to whether we could receive contributions from foreign nationals back in the nineteen sixties
i'm renee montagne in nineteen seventy nine as well another reason so well as the fact that the contingent of one of the german immigrants that i got a banana council shortly after good morning this is oceans
i think so as his agent you finally get the money from this question did then was just long make reports to you about money is that he would disperse it is occasionally a
country mary jane that is precisely the point there was one in nineteen seventy eight so in that sense
col diemer well did you know having his first months and made to anyone in maryland yes i was good morning no relation the campaign financing for his campaign fifty thousand dollars in return in the
melee before that these are great lise anne i gave him the money with the understanding that it would be a return was over it was returned to the committee in july that is as though you everywhere or are not your curiosity
around my request for the live sound which will be newspapers and social yeah yeah i wasn't really an online contributions and that because i wanted to work so in that way tomorrow morning the team and play for that was the nature of my own vision
and their materials why would you can use an economy is about dispersants than if you're just i don't understand what happened where you attended but you but at meetings of the budget committee determined how the money would be spent and this did not deal with contributions and did you discuss these budget meetings the big expenditures that they know about it to certain individuals such as <unk> expenditures only things really
i don't know what this man is going to be used for the money going to be prisoners we discuss add the authority to make payments but i really didn't know what it was about i mean i didn't know what it was about was very responsible you make any reports about the state of the finances and they're also the state of his first months to anyone in the white house while you were finance committee's chair i made no reports of any kind on the major luke well
i'm going to several conferences on the subject in this campaign i remember which were incomplete they were spending money i'm feeling of frustration but i as
president significant consequences that was it with his back to the activities of the white house when you have an ad that the expenditures were being made for activities which were emanating from the white house i was there were republican national finance committee
was reversing the white house very substantial amounts of money each month for marriage which were believed to be political mailings and things like that the president became the official candidate of the party i was aware of was a milestone considerably greater detail because they're also became chairman republican national finance committee yeah you're paying a substantial amount of money former white house or dwelling expenses the people in the white house and for the president's political travel and i was this money this verse to the white house for these purposes in cash or by check so so i do i understand that the
first one which you are aware which eventually went to the white house and seventy five thousand dollars to respond back directly by the forty five thousand new safe and thirty thousand dollars from the contribution may be known nationally than eighty nine thousand dollars from this new rule stones so there's a conflict there to slow the record number of cases is that he's at one thousand two hundred and thirty nine thousand or another case is that that's correct and though the army attacked his first months at the european went to the white house over well with the three hundred and fifty thousand when
the seventy five with and at thirty nine thousand in that we turn now to do about online and the number twenty eight twenty twenty saying that the three hundred and fifty thousand which had interned at the depleted by twenty two thousand dollars it was crippling
three hundred dollars and as a writer about that time and began discussions about whether or not the three hundred and fifty thousand dollars might be given to the united states twenty dollars so i gave him twenty two thousand dollars on nov twenty he sent going wrong at the white house or to the office but they get up now the other seventeen thousand that i have a statement and that part i get thank
you those transactions we remember i think that information from the transcript of the interview which indicates some of eighty nine thousand dollars for the must have been the third wrestler for the interview which we have a record indicates at nine thousand dollars now let's go back to the cashier's check that mr goldberg got in miami and develop washington
that is right twenty five thousand dollars was that in the nameless barber yes a line or indoors as it does well well for those of you whose appetite for all this is as insatiable
as ours former commerce secretary stands returns to the stand tomorrow and committee members were questioned him further about his ignorance of all the money he raised to spend probably also be some further comment on stones recollection that he complained to the white house about the costs of the campaign whatever his objections he managed to keep this work committed a re elected president still doesn't spend all the money that he raised his testimony leads logically to the next witness deputy campaign director jon stewart regret it stands today recalled that the campaign director john mitchell knew nothing about large amounts of cash given that gordon liddy but that mcgregor did not an unreasonable his approval would allow the transfer of the money to let it was made it very clear that he won't talk about the situation at all then we'll talk to a point and the committee has been very precise about respecting his request that he not be asked about the best showcase where he is currently under indictment despite that limitation committee staffers feel that
things have gone very well so far this afternoon after a german npr correspondent peter kay talk with deputy counsel represents them about the limits on questioning stands and whether they seriously inhibit the committee's work if you're in your testimony in effect using restraints all that now is our talk with restraint is the greatest key to successfully combat arthur laffer great delusion case with autism they had to be restrained because what you're dealing with here is maybe a row it is producing the judicial system which is one of the suburbs of the questions on the government you said when we talked to earlier one time that one of these witnesses have been pre interviewed extensively by the committee staff and that
if i remember correctly there are very few surprises with any surprises in this two stanzas testimony or lack of testimony or lack of memory today at the comment on that for those whose perhaps there were some surprises perhaps when something's about seventy of an interview that we will reserve that for further corroboration of the witnesses of that could have been now i've seen this memo that i used was a surprise it's it's physical presence was a surprise when i do you plan to construct a quote mirror and we're going to talk to the attorney general with other plans to pursue this memo with other reporter to witnesses well i'm sure that we make our investigative leads whether it coming in anonymously and so
everything including anything in years one final question now and i suppose you get another crack was just ends tomorrow but he was billed as the first of the really big names i think most people feel he acquitted himself pretty well today in his testimony how do you feel to this questioning whether he's satisfied with that he disappointed that certain relevant senators i've expressed know this was a long and so there's always been hot so here's will achieve and of a condition aniston did surprise a lot of people that day including stands by referring to immigrant or mammal that told of a million dollars political fund stands head as commerce secretary spent probably deny that fun even exist at amherst and then surprise a lot of people in the audience are not pursuing the matter further but
as you train was your beer kerry and forgotten about it many predicted that may further questioning about it more it stands fans are sometimes magruder the assistant campaign director is expected to be on the witness stand tomorrow afternoon he could resolve some of the questions and contradictions that race so far especially the question of why he told campaign treasury hugh sloan it was alright to pay large sums of money to gordon liddy recorded that it's when a lot of things or he could nail him a cause autism done that he was following orders without thinking about why certain movies were needed allen barra of washington author of the book government on destination and bill greenwald associate dean of your senators who lost who are with us now and that was going on like to begin by coming back to the point that we've raised by mr stands attorney at the beginning as to whether or not these proceedings with prejudice trial
mr stanza set thus far at least has anything come up do you think that with prejudice a jury against in america and a potential juror in the southern district of new york preston my opinion defined as they sound with a bristly you have to give me another witness the credibility as precise news i think it probably if anybody has examined onboard here to say that the same the proceedings and his testimony you probably heard something in his favor when you think about or you know i i hope heartily that today's proceedings will of last at long last laid to rest the anxieties of those people suppose that that a congressional investigating committee automatically makes impossible a fair trial for a witness before the committee that seems to me to be out by no means the case it was the stands
to himself some good today he also did the committees of good because he was this case shed some light on matters that are of importance to the committee and no relevance to the trial which could take place in september in any case it seems to me that the argument that his lawyer made for the committee against requiring his testimony was an argument that ought to be made to the court in september if at that time they really believe but the committee hearing has in some way prejudice does write so far at least of the committee showed great respect for him for his rights as a defendant in for his rights and dignity as a human being it has this committee an enormously important function to his jaw it was to set the countervailing top of the legislative branch of the government in
determining how well and how faithfully the executive french has has charged the laws that's a function that should not likely be should not likely be cast aside so far far too important to be killers the event of course a screen all this this is the first time we've seen it you know there's this legal be on the major legal point rate but as we go down the road of the testimony that course the completion of lester spence testimony tomorrow later crop possibly imagine greater restricting it on down the wire divorce right but also the rights of the individuals as the defendants are potential opponents i mean this is also a very crucial find that somebody an apple watch throughout this is that not correct you'd have to say the invocation of the fifth amendment privilege and these proceedings which we've made a boy there is a fantastic amount of stuff i'm totally in
there's one of those moments will the committee questioners vice president agnew and he lambasted the proceedings late yesterday the paper's concepts of due process is notice of what you're dealing with to counsel services mia love the fact that any time a trim of the victims you do feel a truthful answer was an agreement both of them i am and because of that reason officially firmly believe that there's not too much of a deep analytical nature that cries out to be dropped on
you at this late hour just a couple points and mingle on tibet first a few words should be said though about herbert or beyond some partisan who committed perjury senator obama and senator baker using quotations in very warm words respectively send him on his way with thanks for finally telling all without asking for immunity from prosecution and porter spoke of the tone of finding a basic weakness in his character it was very dramatic and personal and very sad and then came war ii stance sharing and talking with the self assurance of a man having been at the top levels of power in this nation for a very long time is obviously comfortable in the company of both senators and presidents on the other hand the law by even the mention of the president's name that was one of the reasons he said even get what he did it was one of the flaws in its character stands confessed to no flaws my weaknesses no wrongdoing and the contrast in the two men are reporter and
maurice dams was striking to me at least i found myself wondering what a quotation from shakespeare or the bible with senator evan used to send war ii stands on his way to more well with all say and until tomorrow night i'm jim lehrer or peter kay and robert macneil thank you and goodnight from washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities as coverage is made possible by grants for special events coverage from the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundation and has been a production of unpacked and a vision of a greater washington educational telecommunications association again you life our loan we can
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