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it's b and there's considerable our discussion about what you do what being would recommend what should be done and how to how what this process isn't the sort of thing that was that there's a very similar story look at that i don't understand the rest of the businesses and all the elements that have brought a global grandpas and then i'll go into debt to build local rancher with him in june
except that about that the wrong what we do yes and i think the differences in the media the parents and indeed testimony is i don't understand it but he said it will take a million dollars in the presence of that whole problem that was the end of them out that was not the end of the well i think that's a terribly important difference is for the us military would be about your legacy he's back so let's talk about the money for a minute we're going to talk about me excess of fines and you say you understand were left
over from the nineteen sixty eight campaign also about three hundred thousand now you have any information about how those nineteen sixty eight month raised to get those winters and get your own apartments well it was my understanding that i think was my original understanding about weed through this entire interim period that whatever funds it was coming out that was whirling i understand from the testimony has been given here that there was a certain about inflation an additional amount in bank deposits and i'm i'm talking about the nineteen sixty eight campaign surprise pop song like if i understand that the testimony that's been given iran i should be trying to characterize it but my recollection is that you've been told that there was a million little over a million a million one or something like that in cash left over from sixty eight campaign that was my understanding and about six hundred thousand in or seven hundred thousand in bank accounts
in a total of a million seventy million and that was my understanding of the testimony in and it would be in accordance with my general understanding of the amount of money that is true of which was to come out yesterday adam over me you understand was engaged in the balance was in the camp that at that time as i say i thought it was all right you know why didn't get closer are hacking them into a bus or whatever so that was contributed that you know what happened to the fund subsequent well as i've indicated by state and why the plane was going in astrakhan wants custody i knew following the sixty eight election years to come but didn't have the various and that it was available for use on request a discussion with mr khan bought one and when i use our ask for the use of a substantial amount of that those fines
for towing during her four years from sixty to seventy two hours to use cash only interaction of it i didn't but i think i believe that it was paid for it and it was done because these were just these ripples are taken at the white house request for white house use only relief and the president's information only and no we didn't want that either the knowledge of the polling for the results of the general you know outside of that in any event there was supporting your understanding over a million dollars in cash has turned over to combat who held it until and this is the point i'm getting to it was turnover was turned over to the finance committee for reelection right i'll get to start or subtracting process because a lot of them if not all was used during the period from nineteen sixty eight to april seventh nineteen seventy two
i can work out i understand there was about four hundred thousand years ago it's been justified here that was used for alabama governorship campaign i forget how much has been testifying here was used for sick day that you haven't figured and i realized it was a bit you know it's my understanding that all of those things came out of this one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash come from a plant that's my understanding cancer i'm not totally clear as i indicated in my statement as to the precise source is an allegations of dispersants of the fund's surplus to come out of which has to come out yesterday in an ole miss to come up and give you that information in that he'd he was the story of this circular sixty eight on he also undertook to
raise funds in nineteen seventy five supporters of the president for support of candidates for the house and senate my marriage was my understanding that there were funds left over from that and they're also and then mr camargo in nineteen seventy one hundred have to raise a very substantial start with a sixty forty seventy two campaign his challenger anchorage really is whether or not the fifty thousand dollars million dollars or more and change that was accumulated and sixty eight campaign in earlier testimony is that it was recording here understand that's exactly right the viewers quest for transcendence are as did you request a transfer than three hundred fifty thousand dollars in cash to the white house that is was your request to reduce the transfer yes in discussion with a billy mr mitchell mr stanza mr carpenter discuss that with the president resident new that we have a fund available i don't know that i
discuss the specific about you know three hundred and fifty thousand cash was coming to the white house as i said don't talk about the specific about what he knew that that i would have available a fund for private poll according to my notes that transfer was made between his long and strong on april six nineteen seventy two percent or curate that's my understanding of it testimony somewhat different than that and you were just really that money was not an issue that's occurred but rather is played by jack elliott from one of the other council committed rely pressed financially free lunch probably so at the end of the campaign i didn't realize that ms riso testimony the record about a high phone mining mining in a high kong harbor advertisement that was run the newspapers that was paid for out of
this county do direct payment medicare as i said the statement as senator baker i was told by the twenty two thousand dollars had been remove from the three hundred and fifty to pay for advertising i don't know that i that he's never told me or that i know what the purpose of the advertising was but i have heard from somebody at some point that it was in relation to vietnam support ever just what i'm trying to reach hear is did you authorize the payment from the spawn of the gospel than advertised strawn says that he checked with me before he delivered to the twenty two thousand that had a liver to the advertising people and that i don't recall is evidence of that it that's the that's what he has told and that was ok yes
least that's my understanding i did not i was not directly involved in the transaction is it also your understanding that the end did not cost twenty two thousand dollars and there was some amount which i believe has variously stated as fifty thousand dollars or more or depicting thousand two hundred dollars or seven thousand eight hundred dollars so it was let go and to be some dispute on the record on that point i'm aware of that not until i heard it unfold on television are you know who really don't know if that's the first you heard evidence about to ask if you know who retain custody of the excess of that someone i'm not familiar with the horse that was my understanding that that that the twenty two thousand had i believe i was told that twenty two thousand have been delivered to the advertising agency your recollection on that you know i don't know that
my advertising agency i my recollection as us goal was to i believe it's rudy associates or something it's as broody and then you know where they're located here in washington and i mean they were i think boise yesterday a teletype panel a committee or somebody some group of that's her restaurant did you experiment you actually supervising use up as character calling between nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy two i requested that are struck in the polls being taken and that construction was implemented by either mr strider mr eby of my office directly with the polling organization and they even made during his and i'm not sure whether whether which one of the two it was or perhaps both of different points in time made the arrangements for us to come out to
make the payments to the polling but tom i actually make a sudden he says it be transferred from police on i'm not sure that that's why then you know the name of the only japanese there are they used a number of polling of state to give us are your best recollection i began research i'm not sure whether i don't think any of those that only recently opinion research there were other polls taken by the terrorist organization and by there's another michigan opinion researchers say i'm in an appalling from california but i'm not sure that many of those were taken this source or whether they're all in the search for what would be a really really really want to uphold a sort of prospecting twenty thousand now i'm not sure that would depend on
nature the polls we talked to a number of different kinds of balls video telephone poles in some of the first to interview on reaching for is to actually gather up a bundle up hundred dollar bills of those occasions and physically delivered at the polling organization without a venison llama that's my understanding is that you don't have an adverse the jew in fact i'm told what turns up let me finish this interview invite recommend the low employment history lesson with us mr jay discusses inform i don't believe so i was aware that there was such a person what was the extent of your knowledge of the proposed up operations machine sets about it but there was a man that was working through mr ortman un special investigations what role did you play in the painter authorization of pain i don't believe any
senator in iowa to play i was i mean is on the minds of many people on nine eleven days you were presented with a simultaneous a reporter shane an executive also it took this machine and the late fall somewhere and that evening you play today which are justified was recording conversations at in the office on september the fifteenth this or my question is can you
draw a real knowledge assures a statement you listen to and was in fact a fatal recording of the conversation which was held in that office on september the fifteenth i cannot do my own knowledge and i can say that the tape was delivered to me as such it was in a box identified by that date and it was very clear that the voices that i heard were those of the president yesterday did myself up to finish where we tape recording what they're going to update everyone know put it back in the box and put the box in my case that that did come in with ian tape recording machine and what it was in the evening i don't know what time i
wonder if you're going to stay low it has i don't write i had some other caves and i think that i left the tape machine and the tate at my residence that when i left the residence the next day and i think the following day was when i picked up the additional tapes and sort of other meetings and which i then also took on the following me and then did not listen to that i think i read your justified in return the hall oh all the tapes and the machine i put the dates out of the envelope and delivered to me and put them in the case also delivered all of them back on the testimony is that the so called september fifteen tape recording was in your possession for two days i think it probably was who was in that house during that time though my family moved to california
and then there was nobody else using residents can you assure this committee that no one else double takes during that out i can to the best of my knowledge senators are you that in the sense that the tapes that the machine and may take itself or put in the suitcase and left in the closet of my study in my house the house was locked when i left and now there was no evidence when i returned to anybody and then in the house and then when i wanted to be a case kerry gays out there no evidence that anybody had looted or worldview and you assure this committee from your direct knowledge of the play also some of the fifteen which you return two days later it's the same date which is presently on the table iran the white house
i returned the materials that i had machine and all of the tapes and then i don't know what happened to them from there on i don't know what's in the files now this is the question that people are asking is it possible that the state during will's point oscar the end up do i don't consider it to be possible you all certain that the tape you listen to his now that they've been alive or i firmly believe that it is you asked if i could testify as to my personal knowledge i have not gone back to the tape storage room and we'll listen to the tape has attained whether in fact there's a one of those and i do not like to get to be section on some victories which are
opponents of the president but you mentioned burning of campaign or so damage to reporters spluttering opening as an agent ramos slash who was taught as a new justified in this committee that the people who were responsible for these criminal acts were on the payroll of the democratic national committee mr jack akin to my own personal knowledge of it make that statement no sir i have has indicated to the minority council this morning at will even in your absence or possibly we're here so that that is my understanding that that as much documentation as is available has been turned over to the staff for investigation into these incidents
do you have any documentary opens the documentary evidence but wait excuse me direction i didn't have i believe what is probably a copy of the report that that was turned over to the committee at my old california i don't have it with me here in this service will only grow members on those top of these candidates and their volunteers in some of our every indicator that some of these took place with a clear knowledge and consent of agents of the opposing candidate others were acts of people who i work early on sympathetic it may not have had direct orders from imposing can we all were on the testimony of almost as attorney general wisdom on him just fine here just a few days ago i heard some of the answer as in almost the models in charge of internal security the
latest information republican on the security of the united states who disagree with that statement island is about why don't disagree that it was brought to his attention i don't know what was brought to his attention but i have the distinct feeling for misinformation that that there were such acts carried out the storm in iowa weren't on may twenty four but this year the us select committee requests a lot of justice and evidence that they're made how concerning links between violence or destruction and the democrats i was not aware that that's i know we haven't received all official report on evidence today and explain why it was justice cannot produce such
evidence at this time i don't know that they cannot i would assume that they should be able to do and i as i say what evidence there i have and that brought to my attention i think has been turned over there with well some of them we received from you about temptation of the time it was not receive from the industry there's a recent from engaging and i can say that i guess waking tv and say like a sneeze continue he's bright casey at it it is thirty years
for humans and it's been i don't know hearings on only was one question as one of the important piece of testimony is something that was supposed to go to the september fifteenth meeting this was a statement by john dean winning skier that's when he first saw a person knew about the watergate cover up and as i recall he was nice
you were wrong do you review the train you recall any such thing as my life jon being a president like noah now and i don't recall hearing it in and then take one i listen to the reasons that there was they had a discussion as i think i indicated in my in my statement the saying that the indictments have been brought down by the end of the investigation by the grand jury but that now there would be other investigations and that the gao audit was underway i think that time was i don't think related to watergate that it used it in more in general campaign terms and then there was considerable discussion of that committee it was a good
way and he said something to the effect that nothing would come out the surprises which i took to mean that that whatever facts that were that we already knew that they were as he had represented the lowest now we're offering a friendly in fact ryan has to be about this combat raising money and caring money around by mr wessel it's believing in iran they're paying people off that was me he is most of the moment any sense to continue to be contained so as i say meters and you have one employee
falling apart in previous dialogue sir i am the foundation of the statements which had appeared in the press and we've certainly must have come to the attention of the president and people at the white house especially you and mr mcmahon with respect to the possible white house personnel as well as crp personnel how did then he ever discuss these articles with the president or did anyone else yes the president was a quite a thorough reader of the news was very much aware of those articles at the time aig pierce and he initiated discussions but i would call discussions he would raise the question of you know what's the story and that's what what
what's the stuff when we raise these error matters with you or witnessed or at varying times over about a bubble both of us each other's well what information did you have to adequately informed on these things it would depend on the particular story that arose when i told you about the stories that had arisen yes but each of them referred to for different matters for instance of it was the story of a separate matter no specific information given that there was a skill allegation espionage rings i did not have any information yet well what about the stories with respect mr cohn that they're giving out money mr graves day that you call that there is a tension in foreign minister the facts what about that and most of the good or the story honestly good or they might have been involved
for june seventeenth in the watergate affair did you inform him that i don't remember that be a major that story and it was something that i think was denied at the time what about that there must've been some discussion a few people tonight we people to deny at seventeen i assume that i'm a good idea that that would be the logical place for the nile and then this was discussed with the president i don't recall the discussion with the president that particular matter well we don't know that it was time to say that he wouldn't be concerned with respect to the assistant director of the committee to re elect the president he would be concerned that were proven that the border were supportive of allegation that he had done something of this or guess
what about the story where which relates to the fbi agents reports indicating that and now there was political spying and seven guys conducted by a people in the president's re election committee and i also directed by officials of the white house senator i don't i don't know what that story was that there were as i said there were a number of stories during that time some of them had some basis in fact some of them didn't and that our reaction and in terms of the other newspaper story was by those who had knowledge or via that was was under under coverage to try to determine what the facts were and make sure that the story were corrected it be allowed to ride that if it were not correct or contain some areas of the
toes be directed the stories were appearing in the press every day in the evening star in washington post in time magazine and in the press across the country and that you mean to tell me that the president did not ask you are mr erlichman too try to compliment they investigation that leno is conducting at the bank that's correct he did not ask us to do so he was fully aware that there was an investigation under way he was equally aware center montoya that there was a political campaign underway and then there are these stories that were appearing in the press every day mr dean inform the president on march twenty first about a possible involvement on the part of white house personnel and there personnel legacy of the man on wants the twenty second mr mitchell came in to see the president and i believe you and
mr koenig when mr dean were present at that meeting now did not the president asked mr mitchell about any possible involvement and by people working for the cia we know sir you did not he did not direct any questions to mr mitchell at that time with respect to any possible involvement the fortune seventy four actor with respect to cover up those are did he ever ask mr mitchell any subsequent day with respect to these things to run out not to my knowledge as mr allen has testified he did ask mr wittman to talk over this subject with mr mitchell well don't you think that this was a very unusual because the president had asked mr mitchell and basically and appointed him man headed his own campaign he had been his attorney general and his confidant and friend roger think it unusual for the president not to ask mr mitchell about these things no sir i think that that what the president would have done this what the president
did do which is to try to find out the facts rather than to confront a man with what the president's hands at that time more unsubstantiated and very general in the case of estimates over a general allegations but doesn't the man when he's trying to elicit facts with respect to anything that the next hand go to one of his close friend if he knows that it is within the bar one of his friend's to disclose some facts her shed some light on those possible involvement of <unk> mitchell head it said that he had no involvement in that statement was well known to the present moment mr mitchell also testified hear that the president had asked him that he would have cited chapter and verse about all these things and still the president did not ask mr mitchell good that's right as to my knowledge of
the piece blue you know having peterson either before horrible for the watergate break in at the watergate break in now you never met with mr peterson out in the renovation at any time to talk with him more or meet with them that's correct at anytime up until your departure from the white house or since i don't believe i have ever that you state in your opening statement inflation is punishable white house intelligence an emission
years that we bring in young people men and women great energy enthusiasm of youth to provide those qualities lorrie word of his imagination now who would you categorize says being the ultimate persons that the president would look through and so far as personal matters within the white house we depend on the area talk about the white house and the white house staff would depend on which side and not his injuries operation domestic calls here in the current ban and so for us our prisons are concerned anyway whitehouse operations staff secretary
the support units within the white house what in the most important they want the speech writing and research who the people are prepared the news summary and in that kind of activity for the president ceo legal counsel's office and from the administrative viewpoint the special assistance that worked on projects from time to time people came in and went depending on in the various times and in the selection of personnel whether by your employer because the intelligence mission you're stamping of the ruling party
discuss that there'd been some detail that the role of that plane was one of the consultation and in the area of moving white house staff people over there connection with whether they were people are going to be the verdict from the white house to the committee some questions of compensation because of the balance between the white house and the committee oh i'm a little confused why are opening statements to exactly what her relationship is to say that you did not function as the white house liaison but you say that the president look to me as his basic contact with a campaign organization as his basic right now you say you maintain communication with john mitchell mr garant george was only to learn that none of our career
i'm dave davies well in view of your initial statement about the qualities of integrity and villains of an issue what was your reaction so young nineteen forties military insubordination and the sixties it says i can only assume from what you said when they came into the white house and when they came into the committee to reelect they have the qualities of integrity intelligence information that was really selective with all the papers quoting i believe that
virtually all of it and do well yeah you had confidence in us it was this is one of the reasons why he wanted the committee rio like a president was one of the reasons yes for this committee to justify certain things are these matters that you feel but you should your responsibility for the surge don't feel a futures possibility for them i was not part of his doing it you have the sense of sorrow if in fact what has been discussed year is one because i think it's a very tragic thing that i do you know since that that
responsibility and in those areas because i was not involved in a very strong responsibility for his current originally i don't believe i think he was already on responsibility for is coming into my office absolutely not i don't believe it any responsibility or even knowledge of his original coming on but nevertheless you have the responsibility of naming him as one of your senses to try to really is yes now there is the waves we certainly get you re disagree
wrong question to fight for on a couple of points i do not recall say well yes or they are but i know i have tried to indicate that it is said that that certain things were said over certain things were done which are not aware has to be you have any contact or any contact with comedians coming through your any involvement would be coming to the white house yesterday you feel you share a responsibility either of these things which would be justified to before this committee no i certainly don't do you feel that your contacts with director helms cia is that
his reputation says your meetings with minimum on public pension you're using the pulse under i had one meeting with director helms in this regard and i had that meeting with him at the direction of the president did what i was told to do with the president and i'm told to do by the president and i feel that that was completely proper in the national interest to do so date volunteers be selective service director of the fbi my time's running out the intelligence mission
i've seen so many young people come before this particular committee asked the earth passes with a committee rio and the present and i've seen other person's a more mature age so many laws completely shattered and very few people who set the example for what happened and if i don't believe that anyone has to have set the example and i think that they're overly many explanations for what happened and i'm not sure that that any of this really knows what the true explanation is but i can't surf i could be permitted a moment i cant let this line of inquiry and andrea the point that you're making which is a very understandable why are simply
lying there because you're referring to six or eight maybe young people here for a researcher at as you describe a more mature people for all across a reason and some of the cases of ways because of their ass another of those cases perhaps because they've been falsely accused or have been brought into something that was not in any way of their doing but in event take all those people and then looking at the rest of the people that have not been brought before this committee and they won't be because they had in no way any involvement in india this matter and who have performed in outstanding fashion for the president and for this country and i still have a very great sense of pride in the caliber of the
performances and a proven record many young men and women of the many older men and women but i had a part in bringing into this administration and one where another and that others in the administration had a part in bringing in and overall president nixon attracted to the services government and the service of his administration and who'd been my mo i'm judging by the results and looking at it in a total contacts not just in this microcosm of watergate and the few people that have become enmeshed in it some by their own billing of song inadvertently and some probably wrong some certainly i would hate to see a sweeping conclusion drawn that there was something wrong with the people or the selection of the people the service administration in the past and that are serving at now and it will serve in the future because i
still stands foursquare behind the statement that i made in my opening statement that this was the most outstanding most dedicated and most stable group of people with whom i have ever been associated and with whom i ever hope to be as well you baby i see an illustration and attorney general of the united states and whose office matters are discussed which matters come to your attention and which met yesterday in no way can be categorized as representing integrity or intelligence initiative yes a secretary of commerce
again those associations with the committee to reelect president associations with his administration and now a question and i've gone down and i can continue to listen they oppose of appearing positive appear before this committee mr hall i think that in light of the facts of her are coming out of both you and i would agree that this went far beyond just a human brain into the water roberts it's revealed trivial the situation both in the committee to reelect president and within the white house we're on everything that was touched with grown closer i will not in any way shape or form ever except that allegation or convention there is no way that any man in this country can make and establish the case that everything in the white house serving the white
house voters who wrote it and i think that does a great disservice to this country even the staid and i apologized because i didn't you quench didn't have responded with a little more patience and an eye care center that it that is it just a thing that that is not true and that it's a tragic thing that anybody would even think that it might be true oh i see this every day as i sit here and these people come before us say this the real problem isn't that your definition as to who does a disservice to the country has always been far too broad the definition
of a microphone and record a copy level to mr wilson for most of a friend was art an end to some of the best moment of all i would like to state that race in the committee the tv the justice asked him what that information and internal security division or in the euro from the bureau of investigation and suddenly actionable democratic candidates and they got in late nineteen seventy three and is there to do in nineteen seventy two election i'll send that city council select committee on places like it's a nice case and it was beastly
enlisted that this isn't his boss you're welcome the only colorful like in seventy three requesting information received by the internal security division justice well david ignatius if security division flexible information on with your request and asia bureau of investigation within the information it requested was a security division ia i have been an orwellian idea of the surge was political information relating to meet with since she and
may i say that that letter confirms that precisely what i said in my statement that that there minority council said i was in iran which i said there has been no investigation of these these allegations and know the fact that these agencies have searched their files and found nothing that confirmed that there's been no investigation yet when you call one of the reasons was also if you've been inside all know that one of them investigation i don't think so but you make an inkling it'd make a complaint it you know that's right
well thank you you do do all of them ended just the chairman what has your commanded un to investigate this situation we do i know yes plus has been conducted at a problem is to investigate our resolution under which
the justice department is any indication picture this so that information an individual and a land are any reliable information are from working for the nomination will collection of the ball park system in this committee will investigate
clinton's reaction and you travel overseas to germany with of that time said that impression because it wasn't being created but sometimes bring out i've said is in the process of making such investigations and is in the process of looking at these matters whether they involve republicans and senate hearings you've learned it situation and that's why a series of hearings will be where there was my understanding that division and certainly is my hope the long recession yet comes to or close with german's question white house involvement in the ultimate defense still left open the chairman thinks the former white house chief of
staff is now being used to present the white house version of the watergate tapes to the committee and it's clear that halderman a succeeded in developing the story of the tapes a bit further to the benefit of the white house point of view but evans objections will probably be fruitless unless and until there is a definitive court ruling on the topic the committee today show to new discipline and a determination to get through all the scheduled witnesses by the earliest possible date the early start in late finish were probably the typical from this point on but there wasn't a much more discussion the day of a jar of almonds private access to those two presidential tapes and his interpretation of their contents john kramer the georgetown university law center here in washington with a snap what new bits of them for my shin that we get today of which modify these separate legal battles over the race at the time well you learn the size of the real not quite how fast it ran as a mater tissue between senator montoya and mr oldham and we get very far on that area we did discover i think someone fact that relate to the concept of
waiver it seems there's parliament took home some tapes that were not tapes of conversations to which he had been a part of it and listen to me to come home if that is so when he had custody of those tapes and sees me that carries the way were a step further because they decline or he was part of conversations before that rightfully belong there but not on those tapes now turns out there's a second offense it's almost as if there's a line of bikes the president moving back behind the next defense is the one that it's all in the family and the president will decide who can best help him get the facts but here he is dealing with a private man mr erlichman was in a private capacity on july ninth to eleventh and as such he cannot be said to be an appointee you're serving i don't think he was still on the presidential panel that is the question so open door policy mr kohut senator obama suggesting with his work and niggling what is happening here is this that committee was so trapped into letting goldman give this particular version of the tapes with a powder puff defense of executive privilege ok thank you very much and their
mothers that tempers are getting shorter and the arguments are longer has the committee tries to wrap up this phase of the investigation after today's hearing and that's peter chaos lowell weicker of the long hours were getting to him listeners exceptions you're right i guess so a few interruptions oh one of the other on the other hand i saw senator and come down on a couple of his colleagues in
london has to be right near up a minority council on arts often under troubled i think they need to it is snapped at three in the morning unless you live in the central time zone where distillery just a few minutes after two am so for the sake of my mother i knew other hardy souls who are still wore this i sure be great i have only one point tonight tonight john wesley being the third may have met his match in gary robins wallop as a consequence those open minded people along to frank and simple returns about watergate may have had it for a walk in short we may be right back where we were a few weeks ago the crucial question of the president's knowledge and possible involvement in the cover up as well as that of his top aides suddenly as murky and unclear that ever was and it's all because of bob all of that like everyone else who's appear before this committee opinions will undoubtedly carry on the truth and veracity of his total festival but any reasonable person would have to
conclude that mr altman has been an extremely effective witness for his sought his directness is cool friendly demeanor and his era's sincerity have come through here again without commenting on his on his truthfulness either the only prior witness to come close to them on both the effectiveness and significant scales was john dean so unless those tapes were made public or some other revelation comes our way the senators as well as the rest of us who are interested might have to eventually make an ultimate choice between believing john dean or bob haldeman as the way looks to me at least that three or so in the morning feel free to disagree for robert macneil and peter carey on jim lehrer good morning will see you again them are not from washington and you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities as coverage is made possible by grants for special events coverage from the
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 32 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, H.R. Haldeman testifies.
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