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as bell we were saturation there's a meeting on september fifteen envision the opposition of his clothes as much information as possible about september with the meeting once again the credibility of her testimony but the quality of the evidence that is evidence hearsay evidence or circumstantial evidence related to the september meeting so take a little time the morning
of the fifteenth the indictments had been handed down i think there was a general sigh of relief at the white house i had no idea as a woman was quite aware of the fact that i had a great deal of time that he's been in regular time and regular time on this matter the question of course the mindset secretaries you've been
a law on the issue faced the president on the left and chairman a whole messaging and he'd been in prison a conversation and the president has become an ice to sit down i sat on a chair on the other side enjoy the ride and just one really says no thanks bill that's right there was some lemonade and pleasantries and then the next thing to me is that he had been that
he had been made aware of my hand lane of the various aspects of the of the watergate case in the factory casey you know the indictments now been handed down no one in the white house had been in that an unstoppable npr dot org send us examine those particular work as rochette they have been indicted i don't know they say that no one in the white house and then i can't really recall is about the indictments were now down and but he was
to me was a spy well i had done a good job of a pleasure expressed concerns that mr levy mm hmm the pleasure that didn't stop there is an inversion of mind based on yesterday the impression i had as a result of sleep i can you give us any information and for many years that very clearly in my mind because i recall
my response to that was that i didn't feel that i could take credit i thought that others have done much more difficult things and by that i was referring to the fact that mr mcgrew head butted himself there was not only an extended discussion as to any more of my involvement i've been complimented i might i couldn't take the credit and then we move into a discussion of the status of that case three seconds cause i didn't want to hear about that that this really is i don't need to be melodramatic but this is really a terribly important moment in history as you know displayed in action until the last washington on september fifteenth nineteen seventy two and you're there as their own
that was the president's question they were smiling good morning and i think that actually the lane his departure to have this conversation with me that a factor that had not been in to see the end of a lot of other mechanical activity before that on the papers indicated so clearly that to that that parliament had thought that president should complement before or my handling of this matter and that that was one of the reasons were and we're going to get it done to get
to work right now tell us about the issues are the same stance of it and he was yeah likely well we know when we when we talk about that indictment had been handed down at some point and the complement i quote him at that point that we learned that men can contain it had not come to the white house i didn't say that contain say anything beyond it had been contained no i did not it is that it contained important market has been contained but right now what was the president of astronomers reaction to that word because that's a rather subdued
i was i have not they were trying to make me as relaxed as possible and make it as cordial as possible that i was quite naturally know there's this was a man who is a man in the western world and i am having a conversation with him for the first time one on one many reactions but the conversations changed then the rabbi i'm sure mr david someone said that the investigation has been contained it might evolve a question it might create a spiral of lock on wednesdays might be taken for granted and that
might be important conversation everyone seemed to understand what i was talking about it didn't work any questions and i was going on to say that i didn't think it could be contained indefinitely and i said this is you know the rebels attacked the league down the road people are going to remain contained and i was trying to tell the president that time with us once again this is terribly important area and parts of uninterrupted and take your work one more time that you told the president i don't think it can continue to be contained that's right that there would have been contained be contained and
what was his reaction to the us the reaction was in a statement it on him on easter island it was going to be used the litigation and he wanted to know when this merger would likely to come to trial and i very much depend upon which the case was assigned to and they're going through
what is it and in his nineteen sixty campaign and opponents said this is something that we need to use ourselves some at some point down the road to explain the fact that we've been subject of the same kind of activity you look into that minimums we'll get answers and tell me anything else you can add all about a minute about the meeting of the home in fact we get into a discussion about this
jesus be on the polls because biko thank you very much that ensued about the civil cases he asked me some questions about the civil cases and it was in the course of this conversation that's ok
this conversation that we got into the discussion and i quote him that i learned from the lawyers of the reelection committee that they had been making what they had somebody who was making an ex parte contact with the judge who had jurisdiction over the plums we'll sit there with the greatest concern which was the suit by now mr ryan and ryan and the dnc once again most of the exact language yes i was i did not know who it was that was making the context of that time for certain and so i told him that the lawyers of the reelection committee and that's pretty remarkable
yes sir and i didn't think it was true ryan the donors some ten million dollars of unidentified campaign money is not the suit and i told him i didn't think of the apollo is the reelection committee cultivated madison up in discovery about a while lot of the person saying that i don't recall any specific commented that i think when we were going through some of these descriptions i was just reporting that i could you know i don't know what his reaction was that point you understand why i'm asking is why now
i don't mean to shorten your description september fifteen meeting but for the second movie on whether other important matters disgust at that time come on that it was likely that the congressional inquiry on the house side and he asked me was him in that i poem that richard cook amanda congratulations dad who had worked with the patent committee at one point in time was doing the pencil work he then told me that mr clemens should be spending time on and get on to talk about something that and in a recession senator baker is going to do a word by word analysis of john dean's meetings with president
nixon following the watergate break in public television is complete coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause frustration identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs their public broadcasting service the
the pope
from washington and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert mcneil other senators are back from their first floor vote of the afternoon and senator baker has more questions about that september fifteenth using in the oval office chairman was necessarily call the way the rest of information the committee might indicated he requested that we run as long as practical and that we continue with the presentation of arrangement so as soon as i can conclude my that's
right mr day you have any objection if we try to go save till a few minutes before six to nine and a writer would like to write an abortion signs of what we know the fda with the evolution of the september fifteenth half hour we were discussing the fact that committee because this was not a threat true and secondly those were true i believe what
we talk about adverse publicity there's no no telling where this thing may go remember he said that i said that you know what the president's reaction was well he asked me who is covering the reigns and i quote him the third pick up was covering the hearings coming days house banking committee i was within the conversation turned to the press coverage that have been following the one incident and in this discussion he told me that i should keep a good listener about people who were giving us government that's because we would give them trouble at the election this was the president that is
correct was what else was set by him or by you and i got into a conversation about the internal revenue service and using the internal revenue service to october tens of people again we were on you know i knew the wavelength that we are talking on because i have a similar quest in the past to do his two dogs against people and i told the pope and third that the internal revenue service have been wait wait wait wait your previous use of the internal revenue service would you do it
ms rivers yeah and he said i think i know whether this system where people quit anonymous letter comes into a regional office so those lot of it is like the right letter amateur sufficient information will probably not on that individual those same farmers that are not just a year we have sufficient attention to i went on the talent that we didn't seem to have the clout at the white house to get this done i've talked to workers and told him that it had instructions from
you said that the queen he was going to be witnesses they were telling me richard i think what do you think
it is the committee that it had to do with an automatic givens confusion i learned that my file and that's what has remained to this day i'm easy alison closure on its own certain people is resolved a suggestion for the president this time it was voting to keep in the folks who want to keep them told me to keep a good list so it used to be you know that we would take with a kiddie table after the election and we win and we i told him that i was a democratically or in the bureaucracy and that was about one possibility and then the conversation moves that he was going to make some dramatic
changes in all the agencies at this point i'm not a number and started making notes as to what the president was describing as to his post election and tension as a result of the president giving his thoughts on what he wanted in post election with all of the agencies and force a change in personnel he'll mr holman also injected in the conversation at that time and he had already come and state project to determine which people in which agencies we're responsive and we're not responsive to the white house has been in deference to my colleagues in them requirements time let me trotter we focus now is there anything else about the september fifteen meeting that would shed light on the president's knowledge on the scope and that his knowledge of any of the watergate break in on june seventeen or the cover
up that activity so called bad parent that's it greensburg has been lee it's that to which the september fifteen meeting would give us some diapers and our inquiry as to what the president knew and when he knew it that you depend on accommodations you depend on your experience of us as a staffer well being in a relationship abba remarks which did not relate directly to watergate that is the
watergate or to the law you see half the responsibility for it but based on the general tenor of the conversation you getting the impression i believe you said to paraphrase your testimony that the president knew that there was an ongoing effort at least and when you couple that with your knowledge of the relationships and circumstances that you concluded that in your own mind that you do something and i don't believe you testified right exactly what about prevention thought that the victims were simply out of the conversation was but the justice department investigation the
indictments were down and now the looming problem with the patent committee hearings and the president is very very clear instructions that mr clemens should get on top of those surveyed did not get out and as i was and that was also very very clear that i was to follow up in with a civil litigation messy anything i could do to make sure that that didn't live in oregon in an effort to summit and believe me i'm not trying to distort the media your testimony last summer when in effect you drew entrances the totality of this conversation and the m and the circumstances or relationships if you knew drew entrances from that that lead you to believe that on september fifteenth president knew something about at least the approach to counter the watergate and possibly in fact about watergate itself that's correct but there is no direct statement about watergate ceo be involved with
the president's knowledge of it or the cover up there is no category one information about other than as i recited and i have chosen not to post interpretations on the senator i think that that information is very useful and you understand of course ms jane that in the course of things were damaged or father the content of that meeting and the perceptions of the other party's head of that meeting as you know mr helman will be a witness before this committee the only other person president was the president and not there so at this point you may be able to gain access to president's knowledge and perception of that meeting and a three way meeting i think it's important this committee that we have all the information we can get so the information you've just given me another good deed oh now be structured alongside with the rest of the record test against the
testimony of mr haldeman and hopefully again statements of the president in whatever manner that in the right now is the what was the time of her next meeting with up with the president on the subject answer for us out there were certain events that led up to be my next meeting and they were the events which occurred at mcarthur in which i were in which i was requested to buy mr coleman when i return from florida i've gone from california to florida and had spent a week or so about a week in florida and when we can turn on the nineteenth and twentieth an agenda and i think that in the history of other important not going to allow
one question you're asking i'd like to believe that that before you do let me reiterate the focus of my inquiry is on what did the president know for you talking about other matters i'm talking about the president to sell them a lot of visual information you can get me in that respect that probably in terms of your meetings with the prisoner conversations with him and then in terms of what secondary or circumstantial evidence it's been the preakness because because because because both my next
meeting with the president was on me and forty seventh of a new atmosphere now to explain this meeting i believe it's necessary to explain his agenda because i believe that isn't the reason i commenced having meetings with come on that after that says that on the nineteenth twentieth i was an agenda item matters that run that gender related to the meeting between yourself and the president the concept of sending secretary former secretary stands up for confirmation and so the concept that have been discussed her with
seven science alert three to four years signing secretaries and confirmation the confirmation hearings with god as a means of defusing the watergate hearings in getting as much out of the public as possible and lessen the impact of these hearings and i was given a poem i was my discussion with simon to fantasy vi was interested on his return from being out of the country that's not an agenda was what to do with mr mcgrew there which was to require the centralization the decision it was based on a conversation for example i believe that the continued had a conversation
subsequent time he returned from across the ambulance without needing work done in that time frame there's the conversation he won six what was going through a third interpretation that you want in the white house and the the question the interpretation of the white house was going to be an excellent chance to find out what your plans were and to a channel of communications to work with you is a little bit to follow along or
self serving focuses on the record as white after the meeting was still there were adventures to some information about what the conversation is that the mature like the un yeah right that you had urged the president to send members of the white house up to this committee you get them up in the air and wave executive privilege the president told you that he was going to hold the line it's being want to proceed then with your sequences before you do i see we have another local committees of remorse at this point until we retired from
senators continue divide their time between the senate chamber and the committee hearing after this vote senator baker will resume his cross examination it's my information from the senate that there will be a series of other votes tonight with the sound of the inspection problem to mind or nine o'clock for the edification my colleagues at the time we ended mr damon weaver about the telos of them really i guess until you asked me to work if you want to a given set of meetings we need an answer you know
there was the intervening event of the payment of silence monday and then the lack of that money and a serious problem with defenses dirk aka mr mitchell clemency assured mr hunter in which mr erlichman and for me that he of course mozart is going to see the president about it he says for me talk about it and calls for meetup and substantive nominee <unk> just got mouthy mr we may not finish my questions in this first round
so called enemy lives exactly exactly the mystic intelligence internal revenue service charge richie and a number of other things i was immediately on what the president knew and when he knew i was there first with direct information that you need a document that went directly to the president and i think that's what i can let me just read the first part of it the disease is at that number thirty two desmond
i didn't want anyone to know i mean i mean what we would be an excellent chance to find out what they care plans if you set up a channel to work with them that this is based on a conversation and suddenly they discuss an executive session of michigan's perception of a conversation he had with you certainly is we don't know its fans wants to do this but we do know he wants to be rehabilitated and isn't afraid to telescope confirmation hearings without the fumes watergate hearings and the markets will get probably the lesson that the watergate hearings or say what how this should be resolved quickly because it will only be the watergate hearings and his requests seeking february twenty eight one for ten from jamaica
what to do if the audience wants to return to white house bicentennial may be vulnerable on and poems until senate hearings are completed that person is prepared to withstand confirmation hearings aw use of buchanan as a server spokesman to keep this coverage on this watergate less coverage today has been dishonest a lot of those hearings are going to be partisan that could make certain the public understands this teddy kennedy is the moving force behind the hearings this can and should be documented and it is well the public does not perceive buchanan has been that close and there's a question of whether the white house is going to sit quietly i can
much of the heat on an agenda getting the ag the attorney general but on the reservation you ten thousand and eight but in his time until he returns to private sector economy was president and asked to take an active in so many things and then bob would do so otherwise you'll probably do what is best for his own self interest attorney general should be asked to remain anonymous at least one full year from the state that is intelligent that because ivins may well was now in a quest for additional action by the department of justice and we can't afford that it
is a paper clip going to discuss with the president when when was i prepared the nineteenth twentieth of february to share some molecules and surely some of these and not return as you with the changes that would be exhibited under thirty three years and i was asked about him to see if he was interested in ending some work and see if there's any post that he was interested in it and i discussed it and he didn't mind and didn't give
some consideration it was a decision that i could not attend white house that there was also a decision by the president that the cannon could not be used as an observer spokesman even three sixty eight and finally there was a meeting and subsequent and i haven't these events for the meeting with the attorney general have to say these are well to what later in my discussions with them this has been requested by mr coleman after he said that sentence the normal channels because they're only off the record meeting between thirty and forty five minutes' originally was to be
speculating or clemens that was decidedly knows that dozens of votes on the record the head of general potential management specialist at the baker general plate because he was going to be easy if they could just literally doesn't cooperate in an attack is seeking guidance ms elena kagan he might be told that they're mad at unrelated incident per se for example said ready come out they could be investing in people's motives were the highest show eu negotiator things which occurred a white house and a degree of sensitivity to the colonels and government the nineteen sixty eight shortly after
taking orders at his campaign seeking to obtain documentation and evidence of the nineteen sixties and it was a bonanza statement coming out shortly on the matter of executive privilege that that five percent this document that was not that he was an executive of a spill on a note that said we met with him or not he was meeting with him and onstage at this time it said witnesses will be provided to the committee must wake of the famine how issues issues about a possible resolution to battle may be
this is weekend edition general guidance seek to get the hearings over as quickly as possible because there really a potential which president can know that answer this type damage our government officials and institutions of government politicians and officials committee procedures should protect the rights of minority members to information from witnesses notice of meetings except that an example communications grey's
anatomy should be a witness note at the bottom have just learned that they can't publicly announced townsend's minority council tenants those recommended george webster's our candidate is data curiosity dangerousness or gender with their brother someone first adjudicated right now between democrats and especially that hadn't been an enlightened us i know how much if any of this agenda was covered i don't know what they're not reported to me by the president but that wasn't really what you were calling on the president to way that is correct and i also thank you
that was the suggestion it has been the next most significant uk leading up to my meetings some amazing bridge disgust and twenty seven twenty eight was a request to allow ailes is not just better secure the number thirty four and i'll cover note on as i can the other agenda over to the moment where this one time he had asked another senator normal channels of the cover note on john dean i think it is that was not what was the passenger channels
that's another issue one of the questions i think we can will you explain why you have testified repeatedly even though you know the president you had no right as americans think about him and scientists refer to the word
for talking about meetings with the president asked then again it shows a certain excessive amounts of what i said everything that it has major you know moves which will that i will say basically when i got into areas that would interest to him i also supply legal assistance to my office to domestic also on occasion that's correct i did when i started there and i was alone i finally persuaded them to let me get one assistant coach were quote modest increase i got to win three more i've inherited a
couple people like him on the phone or when used in ways they are never really work directly for me was taking simon's mr holman morgan's speech writing from a surprise and mr when he says to the president before a few years ago and that's just it came direct access to mr haldeman ehrlichman there is no way that would be possible for example
and caw mr dt reverend certain animal like a reporter in this room as jamal a monopoly on the white house staff and i know that on occasion in looking backwards more records he had a special counsel title and work in some areas where he was it is it's an
interesting question one other thing i'd like some clarification on monday i had your question is on may twenty four sixty five i'm twenty three and the record they do think it was part of an effort to make to the fall guy in the plan and you're answer begins immediately of course that question then began an online ad page twenty four sixty six you stayed in something about like more clarification oh i have seen situations like this where people who had not actually done something take the blame for that imbalance in others how it up and i felt that was a real possibility now we refined the situation in white house i was going to give as an illustration of
some instances of that major it was dramatic took the blame so to speak for instigating of investigation is daniel schorr situation there were in the seventies mm hmm when during the seventeenth congressional campaign there were a number of rather
question the cameras it was common practice in the white house and something went wrong for sure government take blame for their superiors it to test one years ago so and it was a number of rushed to the senate committee will stand in recess until the vice chairman or some other member return it so similar challenges raised alarm new ethical questions that of scapegoating a moment senator baker will pursue it even further with john doing public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this pause for station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs a
public broadcasting service the
is by
and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as the hearings resume after floor vote in the senate sen baker asked questions related to the break in at the office of daniel ellsberg's psychiatrist i understand that center left to avoid missing his left with possibly question left unanswered i was not here so i can't say today and i'd say the two examples we're
going to follow there's no question there's no information it was nice it does
i'm speaking he said and then there was this indicating leads that might tear up the investigations committee discovered the fact of the aisle and this question i ask and he told me and
me and he would begin this was with clothes making less than themselves and then of course he goes on a sworn statement said that thirty was totally responsible for that matter ms jean is now a little after four thirty and that was my colleagues i'm not going to try to finish with a list of questions and topics that i thought that one from earlier what i would like to do for about ten managed almost fifteen minutes later four forty four is it you relative to white soul would you please move them to the next situation which had an ally and that would be a document which was awarded to the president
that i was referring to as we end our conversation and it saves at that number thirty four the talking points is that it he doesn't want to sell the controversy this time the malibu department of justice is low because their findings the white house is kind of the ocean out recommendations
in a state that isn't about that because in a request for additional action by the department of peace we can afford but innocent at the justice department look at risk a new attorney general able to handle some of the potential problems climate should be asked about hearings closely at the surprising and a potential problems in the department just the standpoint it should be given that feeling that is unfortunately you have not merely because of these days is being asked to stay on that one sir there's just a lot curiosity is requested you can go to prison
the first meeting and i met up with the series of apartments were exchanged and i got the role of the results of the meetings in the first instance by mr haldeman and subsequently by the president and so when i met with him now that meeting was on the twenty seventh of february and it was at this meeting but the president asked me to report directly to him on all watergate matters and a great exchange of of this type of a memorandum that important to the president's office now he indicated to me that time that i just was consuming a great deal of time and the target that it also indicated to me that they were principals and he felt that i could be more objective in this matter and we had a
lengthy discussion about this morning one of the members of the panel was this meeting about and mike you told her that you suggested you wave executive privilege ii he had told you that he was going to hold a line at the close and early yesterday at that time what i think about that and i said i got to do and as we know differently mr cullum as convener an industry while mr lippman are under subpoena at understanding that they will appear without climate executive producer
and ended up on the point at which this position of the white house was reversed and that those privileges or they were white i believe it was probably it it's b we need to change april thirtieth i did not i was not privy to the conversation that there is no line now executive privilege to return to client privileges for sure concerned and as far as we know has forced the other witnesses that is correct
one point we were before the grand jury we went to visit with the prosecutors there was a machine that have been handed out by the white house on executive pay people think easily the grand jury as well as the president leave only twenty seconds on the subject but that's really not important to the square is an actress of the remaining tarp a lot worse than information cecil called what i call one information director now president knew and when he knew and sort of move on into the seventies the president ordered leads to
the report of the fact that you asked at your contact not be anybody at the white house rather somebody i mean and i was asked what it was and then to make sure that the findings head that met with you i had met with findings the preceding de sela calling a general discussion and he had indicated to me that you wanted to turn over the fbi materials i don't think he was aware that one time that i'm aware that if they may have been aware that one time the fact that it would become a point were hearings and he had not yet scheduled a meeting with you conversations with you that when he did meet with us but do you know what it was with me and senator that was my understanding is that was his desire to get it you want to be with that
oh third most effective at the meeting was with you in amman and reportedly the composition of the committee he thought that the one time he hope to turn the white house could see some assistance from you that's why he was hoping that the attorney general were closely with you we discuss sen bernie sanders and he said that no one has gotten him he'll do what's right an uncommitted voters and won the mammals one of the exhibits that the mention was made of attorney general
findings and not you now as a possible off communication point the committee for myself oh we didn't find that you know i've never discussed yes so i wouldn't do it i might have been helping coordinate you know there was one point where an event on march twenty second when mr mitchell was with the president there was a caucus results that a member of your staff but said that still seeking guidance and that this report from the tibetan mr clemens and they're in the middle of the meeting the president picked up the phone and i tried to work you know get up and he was an innovator and what at that meeting also use
of executive privilege this was right that's right you said we know the enemy it's been the point now this is something that was very similar to an the september fifteenth meeting
that we've had these discussions about on my way out of the office and he said that within the only issue that the mcgovern people have had that the democrats in and make a big issue out of it and i told him again feeling i didn't know how long ago on this and go on and you use the word i use the word contain and he said to me said there i was like i'm not sure can be contained indefinitely that even though vividly said johnny set up a lot of confidence in you and he's fighting back and fighting back i'm actually
going to work i mean and my strength somebody else us sentiment is that most voters he did you serve but certainly not have much other that i've already mentioned like to cover but at this point i like to feel an accountant has not returned understand that he's finished his interrogation for this round the next one would be some like remote region the
changes and this asks for an opinion the only so so like europe on april thirtieth nineteen seventy three organizers and president has really want things to say about violence and struggle to say about you and really really say about climate and you know kind of to one after katrina i am i don't want to offer an opinion to say this that don't give them that i wasn't wine bar i wasn't surprised
and i might also add this that i thought it was somewhat unfair to put those declining says name amongst the others are leaving the white house staff at that time that the reaction of that that that was an instrument as i understood his own resignation and then suddenly it was wrong with others who had been a good deal of the speculation about the world and what it if you have information one of the great question a committee has received a clear persona muskie's campaign microfilm documents which were typed by selling duncan hunter secretary and the wire going strong at the white house
this was an earlier testimony before this committee what you know about the source of the list of musty controllers with liszt you provided to the committee yesterday sent me how coaching jobs no the line of questioning chairman of followers going to include you to some extent and include me to some extent but one of the jabs and i think we have those too preserve the opportunity for every individual to be heard and heard fairly when they come before this committee rivers you were kneeling and to paul in the case on the numbers of committing an obviously these services have
force also makes it imperative that the committee itself and each member of the committee have credibility and be believed now our job in other words here i look upon as getting to the facts not to get the president and june what has happened to the constitution with that line with that in mind i have no intention to some of your testimony and to also review some of the things that happened so i had on the committee
they've seen things that have been unconstitutional and they've seen her those things are shuttled to categorize but to get to the issue of the credibility of witnesses at first won't find out what your comments would be to the memorandum that with you in a way except this time what i'm going to do is i'm a point out to you and to the american people the difference between the first memorandum that was sent to the committee and the second memorandum listen to senator allen the first memorandum sent from the front bazaar that the white house
made the following statement yesterday fails to record that at that moment being corrected the attorney general's erroneous impression by pointing out that however innocently mitchell magruder and the middleton involved in planning operations which were great was not used to or the strain of this kind of operation all of them were supporting for adrenal that was seeking to conceal the facts the key differences between the first and second version first real history girls recorded at that moment being corrected the attorney general's erroneous impression by pointing out that however innocently mitchell magruder and the memorandum which was read to you by senator in a way which was the second amendment to come from the white house let us follow history fails to record that at the moment being corrected the attorney general's
erroneous impression are pointing out that mitchell magruder and be in other words the methane together you get go further aspects of the memoranda the first memorandum state it is probable because of executive privilege it is not possible even to speculate on the extent to which dean help induce the views on attorney client privilege the second version of the memorandum revenues fall are being held and used the views on attorney client privilege and the white house the statement was made in the first division the president indicated to all those conversations with dream
throughout the preceding month but given the growing awareness of beans bursting problem and that he is sending into camp david apparently was a device to smoke him out the second version the president indicated development of his conversations with these rather preceding month given him a growing awareness of dean's person involved in this group and then leslie be patient the first version of dune was not nearly one of the architects of the cover up and he was also perhaps its most active participant a second version from the white house dean was not nearly one of the architects of the cover up when he was also exposed active
participant i think it's important to point out chairman of the committee a very substantial discrepancies and two memorandum sent to this committee but probably the greatest dancers performed by the white house announcement comes on the following fact and i'd like to read from this committee and which means he states there is no question whatever but some men despite their innocence will be ruined by all of us you know and i'm sure the senate intended nothing of this kind were commissioned this investigation with the chairman of the american people should know
yesterday makes statements of facts concerning john mccain which in effect as soon as he took part in a conspiracy to break and enter theresa parker in obstructing justice and supporting perjury and all this without permission or a conviction of john mccain and this committee but anything that the committee was that important you know not only indications that means of course but also in the case of the financial lives to come before is now something i didn't mean to
jump ahead and have you any comment to make relevant to this memorandum so and i stand on my testimony and i used to engage in descriptions of motives of others mr chairman then illegal unconstitutional and goes into general category of the growth and i'd like to go ahead and i repeat now is to exactly what aq having testified you haven't actually had been proven one minute in the
illegal it acts committed fire various members of the executive branch of a conspiracy to obstruct justice conspiracy to intercept wire oral communications subordination perjury conspiracy to obstruct a criminal investigation it's mostly destroyed conspiracy to commit breaking and entering conspiracy to commit bordering ms dresner falling filing a false sworn statements perjury breaking and entering burglary an intersection of wire an oral communication obstruction of a criminal investigation centered on offense how the administration of the internal revenue was an attempted unauthorized use but internal revenue information these
are illegal that are proven to have been accomplished by the executive branch of the spirit after those matters that are unconstitutional attempts to infringe upon people's first amendment rights to free speech and press yemeni lives which we've seen first amendment rights to peaceable assembly fourth amendment rights to be secure in our houses the papers of that and fourteenth amendment rights no rights to fair trial right to due process of law that's what we've heard has been done in the way of unconstitutional acts by the executive branch and then we get into the area we get into the year of the gross i think it's very important that we have more than just an exhibit
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 4
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 15 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Dean testifies.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
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Library of Congress
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Format: 2 inch videotape
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