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it's been it's nice so there was an investigation improper or engaged in by any person's acting individually or in combination with others in the presidential election of nineteen seventy two campaign counters or other related to it today's hearings he's a senior correspondent this may be one of the most extraordinary days in many
years of congressional investigations in the replay you're about to see the number two man in the nixon reelection campaign jeb stuart regaled her nights and apparently complete confession he took part in planning the watergate burglary and systematically lied about it for fear the truth would affect mr nixon's reelection chances he also firmly implicates a host of other campaign or white house officials in the watergate operation or the cover up including former attorney general john mitchell for months we have been reading bits of evidence charges allegations rumors tonight one of those central to the whole watergate scandal lays it out in a way so damning many people regarding his accusations are probably two reasons magruder decided to talk first as he explains the cover story was rapidly losing credibility and second he was offered a deal by the prosecution in return for telling all he knew about the situation that you'll only be hit with one charge thereby greatly
reducing is jeopardy or didn't like to talk about this type of deal that result in testimony of this kind is john kramer of the georgetown university law center it was that marriage with us today how common is this kind of deal the deal to plead guilty to one count of an indictment is about a common man or wherever white collar crimes concern and it's probably the only way you can ever make a case as you can see here somebody has to break somebody has to tell the truth in this case and many many others as you'll see later this evening of course the deal as if i got a deal like a contractor july sun isn't really buying as a matter of fact cannot technically even be mentioned in the koran although in fact partly mr ritter has agreed to plead guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to obstruct justice in from that goes into court to make that pleased the judge last week whether he's been promised anything or any kind of deal was bin laden's driver will say no that's the only way the guilty plea will be acceptance of the billing charade in court when it goes on of course was also testified andre limited use of
news about nothing and if that is in fact the deal fell through nothing that he says today in these hearings could ever be used against him in the record he would have to be convicted out of the mouths of other people like most astronomers to be about autism okay thank you will be back at the end of tonight's prom asked to discuss this these and other issues also the conclusion of a live broadcast the uk will have an interview with committee chief counsel siam batch about the future course the watergate hearings when they resume next week like a committee seems almost as curious about the question of motivation as it does about the break in and the cover up themselves really so there was a climate created in the white house and at the reelection committee that permitted discussion no such plans a climate caused by the reaction of those who oppose the nixon administration by breaking the law in many ways they were in a report for military duty or publicly burning draft cards so people are very close to breaking a law or any other persons
you really believe as the president was correct to say it's ok and let me just set when twenty sixteen and we had to use these activities that was an incorrect decision there was a legal basis today's testimony contains so much new and crucial evidence that it's difficult to break into parts but we'll try and here is our usual hour by hour viewing guy and the first are jeb magruder
says he believes the president did not know of the bugging plans adding some of us fail and he also details how the intelligence plans evolved meetings with john mitchell john dean and gordon liddy and the second the hotel admits that he knew that unintentionally and under questioning that he had no dealings with the president either before or after the quake hit in a third armored who says that he learned from john dean it would not be indicted in august the watergate grand jury uses enough information from justice department sources this year and the fourth hour tonight mcgruder tells the senators i developed the cover there was no opposition for keeping the truth seeker and a more tough questioning from senator evan mcgregor says promises of jobs in executive clemency for the watergate seven were aimed at keeping people from talking in the final hour tonight mcgregor testifies that john dean prepped him before his
grand jury appearance in august and when he finally told john mitchell he was going to tell the prosecutors the whole story he says that mitchell's said he could not go along with that today's developments senators are you going to do which pope and in the end he was trying to recruit he's not right
for you and now so that's really sort of sections of six thousand and two and sixty six thousand jobs at the united states hughes well the evidence which usually you made it all presidential campaign activities help me the truth the whole truth and nothing but the law yes yes you were
just in dc i'm insane yes i let the pelican research services and i'm a product and so it soon that decision by the committee and part of that time to do all the position of the white but yes i'm a special assistant to the president and deputy director for communications at the executive branch when did you have that position over what period of time from october nineteen sixty nine nineteen seventy one and at that time to win over the campaign activities for the reelection of president yes
that's her unusual circumstances which led him to take on the responsibilities of the campaign we had barely begun discussing the nineteen seventy two campaign in early nineteen seventy one mr mitchell and astronomy and critically we're concerned there and responsible for the campaign at that early stage and it was decided that certain white house staff members another individuals would work for the campaign it was agreed that it would not be a gun at the white house of what would be done outside and consequently an inmate nineteen seventy one myself and a number of others began the activities for the committee to re elect the president oh security made a decision that you were going to be and i would consider a joint decision between mr
haldeman and mr mitchell basically i was responsible for planning administrative activities relating to what i'm i consider the inside activities in the camp at advertising and direct mail telephone press and public relations so the program the inside activity when there wasn't more organizing committee that election president politically moderate all that position yes that's correct i call him my nineteen seventy two and mr mitchell became campaign director i was named chief of staff and in july of nineteen seventy two a mr mcgregor became campaign director became deputy campaign director mr mcgrew from the time you went over for the campaign you tell us what was the middle and roll was and what
was really well thought the beginning mr mitchell was responsible for the campaign and i reported that wouldn't be an item may of nineteen seventy one he was responsible for the campaign i reported directly to him mr altman was basically it is on and use of these activities were primarily a related to him through mr gordon strada white house mr mitchell well positioned mr jones seventeen he knew his own staff assistant at the white house and business problems at and liaison to our committee and the committee to reelect president at the white house and that was the level
that he played a very direct role with all the members of the staff protecting myself and other senior members here consolidate our work for mr haldeman for whatever needs that the president needed the information from the campaign committee he received a copy of the raw documents and work very closely with us would be truly integrated assigned to direct you're going to marry yes that's correct yes we did that in december we were at the
beginning i did organize the committee for the reelection of the president began in late nineteen seventy one and i remained there are campaign unfortunately we made some mistakes in the campaign which have led to a major national concern for those for those areas and judgment that i maybe i take full responsibility and i met paul and to a man and i'm willing to face the consequences of my own acts these mistakes were made by only a few participants in the campaign thousand persons assisted in the campaign to re elect president and they did nothing illegal or unethical as far as i know at no point during this entire period from the time when the watergate of time trying to keep it from the public view of the president have any knowledge of our errors in this matter and i must confess in some of those failed i regret that i must have a name others who participated with me in the watergate affair
this is not true any desire to implicate others but simply to give you the fact that my recollection i guess the question that i was when that happened out of this year and he joined us that in december of nineteen seventy one at that point in time we had dinner meeting the assistance of legal counsel in many areas primarily in filing for the twenty three primary campaigns of president was going to enter and relating to the new election law before this time we had been using basically john green and his legal staff to assist us and john was looking for an attorney looking for an attorney to assist us we had gone through a number of names in december john indicated to me john been indicated to me that he had found an attorney who was
acceptable to the then attorney general gordon liddy to my office on a friday early in december he discussed with me his legal ability is a major general counsels activities and he also indicated that he would even individual to engage in intelligence gathering operations at a considerable background in this area trevino nyack and mr mitchell i discuss the intelligence gathering situation previously and mr bean brought mr liddy over for both those purposes probably a week later a week there i think december thirteenth exactly on a monday he joined our staff general counsel with regard to these intelligence operations for the lead now it is in september of nineteen seventy
one we had a luncheon meeting of john being called and asked me to join in fact hospital for lunch at that time they had envisioned at a private investigating from being formed by mr caulfield they called the project sand wedge and the idea would be mr crocker would leave the white house one that a private investigation firm and his firm will be available and for the committee to reelect president in november of nineteen seventy one it was indicated to me that the project that was not going to get off the ground and consequently m g gordon liddy i came into the picture after that mr levy well you know where is the white house no i was not we're well certainly with others have a breakdown of the psychiatrist's office you know i was not find the route
most of these position of the committee and mr mitchell i wasn't anything that doesn't really tell you about an intelligence operation that he was once a riot going on the next week the week he began work for us we met on a tuesday and discussed basically the new election law that time he indicated to me that day you disgusting intelligent plan with members of the white house staff he mentioned critically mr dean did mention other individuals but i cannot recall or names are indicated that he had been told you have only a million dollar budget i indicated in at that time and a million dollar budget was there so sizeable budget and that he should prepare the background documents necessary to justify this budget and if they're he would then have an opportunity to present the budget to the attorney general now they're going to come a time when we
really they presented his plan so the attorney general mr mitchell yes in february and i set up an appointment with mr mitchell and john being on february twenty seven foot four o'clock in the afternoon on february at the first meeting was february twenty seven special election and say to the january twenty seven nineteen seventy one and we had a meeting mr mitchell's office at four o'clock in the afternoon is our car now who attended that meeting mr mitchell mr dean mr liddy and myself had the meeting on january twenty seven did you know any of the details of the plan that was no i mean that you describe in detail what are
mr libya brought with him out a series of charts they were professionally done charts and had color are some color on each of the charts as our caller approximate six charts each charter contains subject matter and was headed by a code word i cannot recall many of the code words what i do recall is there are gemstones i think one was called target but i cannot specifically recall the other code word each child had down listing of certain types of activities with a budget and as i recall it was one track that totaled up the activities and the budget total to the million dollar figure there he had mentioned previously it was presenting this to the woman show and tell operation yes that's correct yes
you say to you it is some of these projects were and that was of course the projects including the wiretap happy electronic surveillance and photography there were projects relating to the abduction of individuals protecting members of radical groups that we were concerned about the convention in san diego must really at a time where the leaders would be abducted and detained in places like mexico and that they would go and the return of his country at the end of the convention yet another plan which would've used women as agents to work with members of the democratic national committee and at their convention and here in washington and then hopefully on to their efforts they would obtain information from them
use of these women is that this involving invasion remaining got miami and having ethan set up for sound photographs i could only estimate i think you could i specifically recall at
this meeting at nine million dollars a proximate thirty minutes as well does the level of reaction was that i think all three of us were a pill scope and size of the project was something at least in my mind was not envisioned i don't think it was a mr mitchell minder mr deans i can't comment and their state of mind at that time mr michel in an understated way which is with his method of dealing with difficult problems like this are indicated that this was not an acceptable option i'm liane hansen maybe he should go back to the drawing boards and to come up with a more realistic plan so be true to that meeting without being an
intelligence operation i would say he was discouraged but he was given the right to come up with a more reasonable plan if you have a disability yes he met with john in an eye on our way back to the committee and indicate it is it means there because he had assumed that everyone would have accepted this project at face value we had indicated that there are certainly signs were inappropriate and that he would have to redo them and come back at a labor day you make any report at that yes i mean reporters despite the white house now you try it that meeting whether mr liddy had to have these charts according to the fbi lab and size to hand out if he had i would have said those over mr straub i do remember discussing it i don't recall ms me whether we have
there working papers and i'm so i can't recall specifically i think i just going on the phone discuss the general nature of his proposal was that was this conversation is strongly rooted report the general nature of the discussion consistent with your general reporting has a strong incentive to give the white house that everything that i did at the committee everything that we did it was deaf to mrs johnson a legal or other officials of the white house's for today's indeed yes the following week in february february fourth of our column at eleven am in the morning and about to discuss a reduced proposal i learned their mr dean and we set up an appointment with mr mitchell and we
reviewed it well yes we're we met in his genitals office he did not have chances time but rather have it mr liddy not at charity have been reduced on a half i love in the cages and the scope and of course but it was reduced considerably was reduced to five hundred thousand dell let this time what will i cannot recall specifically what was in her outside i do know that the discussion mainly at the after his discussion with isis related only to be a wiretapping and photography and not to any of the other projects basically he has gotten mr mitchell mr dana
mastro libyan myself mr dean came in approximately fifteen so minutes late but was there for most of the media pakistani state we were specifically mention at that meeting know we did discuss potential targets we discuss the potential target of that democratic national committee headquarters primarily because of information we have relating to mr o'brien that we thought would be possibly damaging to the democratic national committee we discussed the possibility of using the electronic surveillance to be a foul mood hotel which was going to be the democratic national committee headquarters and we discuss the potential of using the same method at the presidential headquarters at that time we did not over the candidate would be so low that was simply an indication that that would be a target of interest also at that meeting mr mitchell brought
out that he had information as our current i think with mr mitchell right it was even estimate farmers to being that they had information relating to a senator muskie that was in mr greenspan's office in las vegas that he was a publisher of the newspaper last place and there was no name i see eyes are called mr henry greenspan i think that spun greenspan or greenspan i think that is his name he's the publisher of the las vegas newspaper and that mr libby was asked to work review of the situation in las vegas to see if there would be potential for an entry in an industry while the potential for an entry into mr greenspan's office you know no i didn't yes
we have had information from a reliable source says that three of the democratic national convention they have a business exposition the business exposition was being not a put on by the year by a separate business exposition company it was our understanding with the fee the business is concerned at this business company was then kickback or kickback to the democratic national committee to assist them in a pan and other debts aside from that information well general information about the kind of information that you would be looking for in these break ins are i think at that time we were critically concerned about the itt situation and bistro ryan had been a very effective spokesman ken starr's position on the itt case and i think there was a general concern that if he was allowed to continue as democratic national
chairman that because he was certainly the most professional me from our standpoint they're most professional political ad operator of it that he could be very difficult for in the upcoming campaign so we hope that the information might to discredit him and what was the middle of reaction to this realization the second gene that's there was a disapproval a or let's say i should say ok we agree that it would not be approved at that time but we would take it up later that he just didn't feel comfortable with it even at that level well yes i think that's right this meeting to anyone about i mean yes i sent me documents mr liddy given us of the meeting to mr straub and again was this year long
oh yes i automatically said all documents to mr scott and that those documents contain all of what was presented it certainly all of the specific discussion they didn't they did not contain is an example of discussion on targets because that was a discussion and that was not in the documents you have a conversation with god yes it would the general context of it i cannot recall specifically that point but i would assume that i've probably discussed the key targets we discuss the melody did you discuss the meeting with anybody all right i can't recall discussing of animals was there any special labor committee for election president
michel roux was an adviser to mr mitchell he was a close friend of mr mitchell he had become a close friend of mine who was there someone who worked with all of us you know we all felt he had an astute political judgment and we work very closely with mr rowan on literally all matters that concern the committee they're there you're right yes i had requested certain things from mr liddy i think relating to his legal work as general counsel and they have not been forthcoming and i met him ran into him in the third floor of our building astronaut would he be more cooperation with him and producing the work that we needed quickly he indicated some disturbance with me at that time i went upstairs and was somewhat educated and then
i ask them to come up stairs and discusses matter with me and at that time mr russo at an important meeting and that time we agreed it was true for libya would terminate from our committee completely at first and what what was being difficult to get the liquor and what little bit more specific like i simply put my hand on this truly these children he asked me to remove attendance indicated that if i didn't get serious consequences there are more specific plans you kill me but i want to make i want to make it clear that i did not i don't regard that i do not now regard that as a specific threat recently mr libby's manners and i think he was indicating to me that he did not care for his relationship with a world where actually this particular the new york times and on the
third floor of the reception area of the committee yes yes well we agree that's really united he would tell a completely from the committee all activities then we discuss the intelligence gathering and he indicated that one point that possibly mr hunt could have become involved directly in this area or that we could seize any consideration of actor at that time as i recall the sermon indicated it would be best if we retain mr libby at least in that area but he was not there overly specific you just thought it was best that we keep things cool and not to get too excited about the situation and there what we then agree to is determination from our committee general counsel but retain and in the area of intelligence gathering about at the time as i do mr liddy and
they're still no i think in june and again the soros sat in on many of our meetings and united have had and are still very close friends and we discussed i'm sure in general attorneys mr libby's proposal i could not recall a specific time sitting down and telling him exactly what mr libby's proposals were not going to work at that time i think by the time i had been encouraged by certain staff members of the white house to be sure the restaurant was and i asked directly but employed by mr lilly and so i think i was aware that the white house mr howard richard hauer who's mr richard howard hughes mr colson says and lester hunt had completed his assignments of the white house and the sense
of we were now engaged in the intelligence activities he thought i would find mr hundt very valuable i only met mr hartling so i was not really quite sure what terms he would be valuable so i think it is very hard to be should refer mr hunt mr lilian that mr libby would employ name i did not know at the time that he and his trilogy had worked together before how our decisions yes apparently mr libby after he left my office and went and saw mr dean and the message i received a call from mr dean encouraged me not to become i'm personally concerned about mr levine i didn't not like mike russell animosity and he has to get in the way of this project and and then i went over to the white house and was working with was just done on normal campaign matters and he brought up the same subject and as we walk back to the committee it was a friday afternoon i
recall it was raining there he indicated that although we have the same personal difficulties with mr libby the problem is to libyans quite professional and this intelligence gathering we should retain a minister in these very much mr rocha talking about literally it and mentioned the number of times that we should keep tight control over him but that he was a very effective if you know that any fortifications no equity february fourteenth meeting was on the plan was not still approve the time when anyone else in the white house do to get approved yes one evening and asked me you know in a sense to what we get off the aesthetic
and get the budget approved for mr libby's plans that we needed information critically on this for a crime he did not mention i wanna make clear or anything relating to wiretap an arrest you're welcome and again now in california i think i knew that this was a close friend of mr golson she had been referred to me earlier by mr golson i did make the assumption that he didn't know what he did not say that he was aware of the specifics and i never did say that to me at any time what does the white house i think this has done work closely with mr golson but his line of command was miserable when you receive it
whether any further contacts that you have witnessed of our political system very good friends he had worked for me at the white house and a number of times we discussed the general intelligence gathering situation and it he did indicate that what he thought was a professionalism critically of mr hunt the enemy together this information but i i'd like to make it clear there was a general i think it atmosphere in the white house and the committee of the need to gather information this was not necessarily information that would be gathered illegally mr howard yes yes we did
there had been a delight in the decision making process in the committee because of the itt and mr mitchell is on vacation in key biscayne i went down to key biscayne them is through his hair and we met them and whenever approximate thirty to some thirty some decision papers many relating to a direct mail advertising the other part of the campaign the last topic we discussed was the final proposal of mr libby's which was for probably two hundred and fifty thousand dollars we discuss to the run up again the pros and cons i think i can honestly say that no one with that pretty overwhelmed with the project but i think we felt that the information could be useful and mr mitchell agreed to approve the project and i then notified the parties of the master mitchell approval what will be a political arm of the
memorandum we're part of that in the middle of the day it was i like your normal recession process where we had approved line at the bottom it was simply the same age as i love and white sheets with the basics of the plan the number of people he would have to hire a number of electronic surveillance equipment in the mouth he would have to purchase of song and i i used to have a system which it most readers discuss where i make three copies of each document that i would discuss with mr mitchell and documenting his term the other two copies i've always need to keep this game i gave mr mitchell one copy he did some are locked up some of it but i cannot recall what he marked on these papers and again it is a brutal did not indicate in any formal sense by initially to the right and just indicated looks out
over my normal method of dealing with mr spahn was there at their request and we sent the decision papers to them and actually before i discussed with mr mitchell so that was it at any point in there was a pretty good in this trial an enormous affront to get back to us and indicate their opinion on a subject i got a swarm of our project scientist eventual a room and keep them what specifically initial entry into the democratic national committee headquarters in washington and that had a further debate if the funds were available we would consider them entry into the presidential contenders headquarters and also a potential at the fontainebleau hotel in miami did you communicate to
anyone beverly plan as i attempted to reach mr liddy was in key biscayne because he had indicated time problems i was unable to do so so when i came back to washington i indicated mysteries here that mr libby's project have been approving what you notify mr liddy i called was just gone and indicated to him that the project had been approved and it indicated mr sloan that mr libby would be authorized brought two hundred and fifty thousand dollars over the entire period of the campaign but that you probably would need a very sizable amount of that honestly or some other injuries i'm sorry it is a radical group that is that i disgusted and be cared most about the room he said the president included approval of entry into
electronic surveillance and photography documented for photographing interactions oh wow that really was allowed to drop two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and a stronger than a complete report on what was approved yes you are people questioning an unusually large sum of money and eighty three thousand dollars he requested it yet out well yeah called me and said have been literally one in a substantial sum at that time i didn't recall the amount they're <unk> it's eighty three thousand dollars a night i would assume he's correct i indicated that was really get radical mr sloan there and only then went to mr stands standpoint mr mitchell mr mitchell came back to me and said why did gordon needs this much money and i find him that this was an effect from and money that he needed for the
equipment in it also was kind of an operation thomas atlanta has been approved the approval was complete the curiously her brutal honesty that i know i did not know that you know the dollar that was beaten and three wars well i assume there would be i did not know specifically when mr libby would do that as i recall i don't remember he discussed the exact date with your polenta in an effort to enter the government words yes i think after the hall was after that first entry into the dnc headquarters and assist iran are often my office and mr liddy came in
not a formal meetings and just came in it had trouble in it for that they tried to do a survey of the mcgovern headquarters and that mr liddy indicated that they're to have seized this huge shout out wipe out at that point i was mystified i were him very concerned because we understood for mr libby that he would not dissipate himself more with anyone or to submit in his activities that could be in any way connected with our committee on this memorial day we eventually report that too yes and what that does or that he simply indicated they had made a successful entry into a place for wire tapping equipment in that the democratic national committee due to report to you know or very heavy monitoring station at a howard johnson's motel
my understanding my recollection was that he hadn't in a truck somewhere i guess he did not i mean that's my recollection was was a truck but i gather it was in our jobs we're aware at a time and that was no sir when did you get any of the fruit was bugging him photograph of the current approximately you know a week a week and a half after the initial entry we've received that i received the first report they were in two forms one more capitulation of the telephone conversations they were done in the form in which you would know they were telephone conversations but they were correct references to the phone conversations and the second word for photography he had pictures of documents that they had taken out the democratic national committee headquarters you're famous fingers were on the
photographs of rubber gloves with the fingers now the documents images that everybody conversations where they work what was thought they were under the gemstones stationary you have seen it since i have identify this for them i can see it i haven't seen since june nineteenth that record you recall i think it did come in that form i remember seeing a lot i can't recall a gemstone material that come in that are below that could avert well you say you receded into two well yes or fiber in telephone
conversations and photographs as i recall they both concluded that the usual these materials with the photographs besides about materials into mr mitchell in my eight thirty morning meeting well you have now in the campaign and he had given office of the campaign committee at an office in his law firm and we would be that neither office depending on his schedule and at that time i showed him the documents in his eyes i think as most readers discussed it always had to files you know as i recall review the documents indicated as i did that and that was really have no substance to these documents that time america's i'll call was at that time we called mr lydia up to his office and <unk> mitchell indicated his dissatisfaction with the results of these more recently indicated that this
was not satisfactory that it was worthless and they're not worth the money that had been paying for the fact that there was no information relating to any of the subjects we had hoped to receive indicated that mr liddy indicated that it was problems with one wiretap and that one was not placed in the proper phone and that he would correct these matters and hopefully get the information that was requested usually has strong as i recall the sensitive nature of the fact that i call the cyst on and asked him would he come over and look at them and my office rather than sending a copy of his office right at our colleague have one copy of these documents he as i recall he did come over and look over the documents indicate to me the lack of substance to the documents now in fact we're still at it not as
they go into another great team of reporters early morning hours of june seventeen nineteen seventy two where you when this year i was in los angeles calif you're wearing just written with it was no mr mitchell mr rew mr porter mr martin that we are have another political activities in california that we can what took place in los angeles when you first learned about writing i was at practice than at the beverly hills hotel are a number of those probably to cannabis of records i received a call from mr lydia he indicated to me that i should get to a secure farmers of that there was no way i could get to a secure phone this time he indicated that there had been a problem the night before i said well what kind of a problem of something that i think he indicated that our security chiefs have been arrested at the watergate and i said you mean this record and he said
yes i think i am blessed to say the least and the sonar call you back immediately on a payphone to get more detail and i i did that i went to a payphone and called him back and he gave me more detail which was simply typified people had been apprehended at the watergate and that mr mccourt was among the five yes i've ruined indicated the problem and viscerally than talk mr mitchell and then mr mitchell mr larue when i discussed it again together we knew this time it was there was a closer feminist release of any of us and mr mitchell as mr martini call mr and i asked him to sing at an attorney general attorney general mr klein jeans and see if there is a possibility that mr mccourt couldn't be released from jail you know what happens all that
call my understanding is that they're they went out to the burning tree country club where his decline it was playing golf industry kleindienst rebuff western libya and mr paul morrell was with him did you really years later that day we had numerous phone conversations that day we were trying to come up with a statement that mr mitchell could make if he was asked in the press conference and then later released that statement and i discussed with mysteries here the need to have to look take a second files from my office and we were concerned about the braking from our standpoint because of mr mccourt we could not understand why mr mccourt was involved in that situation and we thought that maybe since this lincoln was dominant rather amateurish way that possibly that was some double agent activity going on here and we were honestly concerned about our own files i get as history's
near to remove certain filed my advertising file a budget file our own strategy fire and a gemstone file and i talk with pianist roland mr alcock the gems don't file review board well i yes i talk about more as i recall i can't recall any other specifically oh oh yes i call this astronomy i told him that the course we knew no one he knew of really we knew that they had been apprehended we just discussed in a sense that we had a problem and we didn't quite know what to do about it at that time we had heard that there were some money at that time they found on them ian individuals that we hope it was the money that have been found at the democratic national committee voted for shalit was our money so we
in effect just discussed a problem we have no answers it's the next morning nine on sunday i received a call from mr all the men he asked me what it happened again i told them basically that he was and he just asked me and what happened and i just told him what happened and he indicated that i should get back to washington immediately since no one of any position of authority was at the committee and to talk with mr dean of astronomers dream sloan and others on monday to try to find out what actually had happened in whose money was and so yes i think i could you tell us as the washington monument well on monday i met with mr dean mr
straub mr sloan mr levy that's really an idea that really have too much to say to each other he said he had goose i accepted that are on face value of a really wasn't much to discuss about it i determined for mr sloan that the money was our money not someone else's money i'll mr dean and i discuss so the problem in terms of what we going to do as a kid you have anything on it when you came back to washington and all those are yes the master mitchell flew back that monday with mr monroe mr martin we met in his apartment with mustard greens and i would've been mr mitchell is in the room mr dean mr martin and myself and the general discussion again was what were we going to do about the problem it was again we have very little information we didn't of course know what type of investigation and the help and we talked about the
types of alternative solutions are not a solution it was was recommended which i was to of course destroyed a gemstone follow so i called my office and that solution well i think yes it is generally concluded that fire should be nearly destroyed and you destroy guess i destroyed there is much more to come from this compelling witness will resume jeb stuart regret his testimony in a moment at this point we'd like to thank you for an overwhelming response to these broadcasts and we urge you to continue your support of the local public television station that you're watching right now public television's complete coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause for a station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service
fb fb the
proletarian and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent robert
macneil as we go back jeb magruder has just testified that he didn't destroy the gemstone files after a meeting with top campaign aides went on to councils sam dash is now trying to ask about john dean's role but says rollings well mr dean was a person that worked with us on the navy's legal matters he had brought there mr libby to the committee he was a close associate of ours for mr mitchell i'm and also all all of us industry very well and he was one person from the white house to work with is quite closely and it was very natural in this situation for mr peanut be part of our meetings that there's this point in time because of his association and that his back or i would leave on your understanding i think you really have been doing that
as i recall i asked most recent recall from i thought why many sensitive material it could be embarrassing to us there was the suit was placed against us by the democratic national committee which asked for immediate disclosure and as i recall we all indicated that we should remove any documents of libya could be damaged whether they related at all to the workers there's this long has testified before this committee that's the group that shortly after your return after the break and then you asked him to present yourself concerning about wanting that mr slavik given us to live it you stay here on recollection of that specialists law with the first discussion we had two meetings on monday the first meeting was when i determined from him that the money was our money and then we'd discuss that in his arms and he came up to my office and there
in attempting to allay those concerns or to help him in some sense you some advice i think we talk about what what would he do about the money my understanding of a new election law indicated that he would be personally liable for hedge funds that were not reporting these were not report finds so i indicated that mean you know i thought he had a problem and i have to do something about a unique mcmurtry i said we might have to do something like that to solve your problem very honestly was doing that the
1973 Watergate Hearings
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 11 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Jeb Stuart Magruder testifies.
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