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it's big yes sir i do you're welcome anything to do with him as i recall the statements as senator and i'm not sure that i can recall specifically at least it was for the fact that there was nobody in the white house was involved in a statement
that no one in the white house the keys and the white house he didn't like that an american reality constantly being advised of what's going on in connection with matters of the committee for the reelection in fact attended meetings from time to time
and you can find that people at the white house what mcchrystal and then i presume this is where a lot of this relationship with the community in nineteen seventy nine find out when we talk about water being senator those were two occasions on which they were discussed i also testified yesterday that in some of the political meetings that were had a gentle subject matter was discussed as to how to do the president should approach him with respect to the type of porn commissioner special prosecutors and others that these were in large groups you have a conversation
and i followed me i apologized to the president for not keeping track of the personnel in the major leagues their watergate matter could have happened this is morning edition for three years i think i think
obviously not every day the newspapers only other native communication well but not at all the press or can you from time to time true those conversations and wednesday
we're going to do who knows sentimental of those committees on television first knowledge of all those will not be about the company your help you guys follow money he's going to be in november did you have anything about the fact that that was for the mandan monitor how something is impossible oh yeah i don't know
all right raising money for support and lakes welcome to you that's true is this a way and the time for him and we know you all some
point i was so and us to see what he would do about the market about what senator casey what the record was going to do and when was that now you mentioned that that depends on how some young also to the effect that will take a promise of a tempo first of the year also ugly a three sixty million chalk must've been really have that conversation and it had to do with the fact that
mr han's interest in executive clemency would only be accepted from mr cole now to new york and yesterday's or and you discussed though this committee loesser and the president was headed for the notion that it could invoke executive privilege and keep in iraq or all white house tapes from testifying before the committee is nestle that impression then put out the lighthouse
was one of the reasons for the meeting obviously first president that way that any one of you that was one of the subject matter is that was discussed at the meeting of march the thing that i have and this is the president public problem with respect to those matters was the fact that he was indicated he would invoke executive privilege with respect to staff in the white house and i thought this was something really should not visit was putting in yemen a very thorough review of
all all of us who are the us impatient about that that he's withholding information within his party's seven and that night that was the senators in the now that doesn't necessarily agree with you i think the president has a separate question with respect to the separation of partisan i'm going to withhold information about a mammoth we investigate runs the risk of heaven the manager marcus roberts that riesling with piles of is because the rise in young people i think there is a
simple question were other factors involved at the way who frequently have to listen to the way certainly i'm sure it's the case in the solar willow you do accept that deal of concept of that executive this is the president of the ma po all congressional committee a testimonial is a fall resonates about everything conversations with their communications with the quote with the president and particularly with respect to certain subject matters i think he has a car let's make the concept that say well we agree or disagree i think the president is entitled
to have absolutely confidential communication and when you eliminate all had a long history with one of the parts of the system the president obama was one of his task usually loses there's nothing in the constitution relations you take the position that the president ought to keep a political sake i activism in fact
i wanted to also take a position at the that does not imply the president could have kept secret information concerning activity is obvious at all and what else a process that then makes it official you know who all have anything to do with weapons i would agree as in information about members of the way
security and you know i don't think there's any kind of applause and realizes that the nation and the second was omnipresent nixon and i think the fight this is a campaign in nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy two for most of the time
and i think it makes an appeal to the board and is worth a member is in trouble today not all some people have won because we lose and and now you have to do i
am and yet when i came out about this white house became known for you know i know i was and that was it about is it
and that now that's true but when all the us seventeen in nineteen seventy two and now wants one a site in nineteen seventy three and there are considerable number of occasions most of them of course were in denial who knows
thursdays the pipe disease for another vote on the alaskan pipeline bill will take away public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue our preposterous station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service if both the
terry and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert mcneil as the senate has come back from their latest senator evan wants to know why the president cannot testify before this committee the public is supposed to make you do and he did do you
questions yeah yeah visitors you know anything about any plans to allow use of money can't talk about it then the reelection of president nixon in nineteen sixty eight on itunes and through the sabotage of the campaigns of the other democratic candidates i don't know what your words have a touch means that mr chairman i do know that there were activities that were carried out that i've learned
subsequently they're all second third hand information now i don't know all of them are a few rangers one that had become mai come under both presidents obviously has to be held in the highest regard or respect obviously he's not above the lawnmowers and illnesses meet you
organizing committee as an party like a quarter i wanted to farm you're welcome thank you
well i think that one in the same just thought before the president had obviously you pursued his responsibilities in that area very vigorously and now you do you do well i don't think it's good don't expect good morning and
i think he would circumstances well yeah and it's true this committee anyway
do you yeah americans may be wrong this but isn't it so there's another factor involved the separation of powers well
and i don't think you know yeah your explanation you will those rules right right
i'll repeat what i said previously so under that wasn't my responsibility to do so there are other people involved i never change in the white house and a lot of fun home was the president to not who were carried on and were all taken in by the people and the result is loyal to his wife i will do whatever came out of that would not more of a presence and enjoyed and
made them to resign i'm robert dumas psalm a lot of evasion and why is able to find that person it was protected from protect the presidency not from the fact that he was involved with the fact that the derivatives activities of those at the white house why cast a cloud it'll be like under certain circumstances you know
in retrospect mr chairman after the election was over i probably should've done so i did and the problems of islam don't you think well it is a much more difficult question because as i said before many times here in the last two days that i have the failing that would affect his reelection i thought that that was it fb
yeah yeah and you know to think about quality you know oh boy ruby
you know the potency of an effort to avoid further indication the president the activities under investigation by this seventies eight senators question use mr mitchell as to what line are you know going to see in an effort to avoid further implications in the activities under investigation was pale the region scientists answer that i can get to the question we have to make that choice because my knowledge the president was not knowledgeable certainly they were certainly knowledgeable about anything that had to do we're using sort of make that
joyce mitchell was the same question i don't consider that an answer so the analysts question so ultimately is question also my question which you live the present time with the president like an ant should answer this and whether this morning senator but i will add that if you're putting a hypothetical questions and millions would be you know that i would not be here under oath and i'm answering a hypothetical question in nineteen seventy two in the deposition following question by us
was a discussion in which you are about what you heard in your campaign director concerning having any form of surveillance of the democratic national committee headquarters your answer that time on september fifth nineteen seventy two was no sir i can imagine a less productive activity than that and a glow that is correct stand on this morning the first of the activities of the security the questions ask with respect because he wasn't under the nineteen seventy two are you had been informed was too yes but this question first was free june seventeenth of that circle question the whole line question in nineteen seventy two
you made a statement what if iran again and reaffirms that my oh so just a volunteer in the last of the ninth nineteen seventy three even though will also testify before this committee fashion
you are now why do you mention your knowledge of this information when you're interviewed by comedian made that of the issue and the information on july one actor came to your attention of the monsters were real martin and disinformation and their clear why i wait in other words until july that indicate your knowledge of the meeting which he would call things are so martin and the room follow
seventy eight i remembered very well he's very very the request was made i really regret the circumstances of the time in the interview and we were combat or more detail than substantial interviews which we get
our rights and two we're receiving it is twenty seven gordon liddy was a plan in your office the office of the attorney general of the united states
it really is surveillance you're going to do you live every american is greatly reagan's liberty section of all the rights it's in general of the united states you mean anyway
recruiters are i don't think you're going to surgery just a different level you were general united states i was moved to conserve water that's the reason they plant where china has told don't forget about such things
the message you're easy and so that way attorney general of the united states i find it i find it inconceivable in unless there seems to be at least some willingness to share a couple of them and how did it go in a fluorescent green suggested to attorney general of the united states
so that was interesting the reason not in accord with the concept that we have of the purpose of gathering information and intelligence and just generally campaign against uncle demonstrators that with the concept of planned that was discussed and those who recognize mr dean's testimony was so state of the it's true
was no reason that that was not the intention that the activities as the libyan the gathering of information intelligence and the protection of the campaign against demonstrators was that concept in which we were looking forward to and which we understood would be the case now what about the sensibilities with the president's campaign you re election campaign i think any
reasonable sense seventies they're sensitive things to mention saved and i do not know why that was done to remove the author of the sponsors of the fact let's turn now to turn down very hard well and he's still standing before the attorney general the director of the campaigns of the coral resident the scale that point twenty seven
nineteen seventy two richard vocals were back to thirty that afternoon i to thirty that afternoon you talk to the president of the united states and no nation has made i don't know how you get to the united states that he has long and manages the conversations conversations
thank you and this is this is unbelievable and this man is holding the responsible position in the committee to reelect president un resident hours activists in iraq and you say nothing subprime lenders are now using three through eight he's reviewing that was the reason
as observant muslims and assimilation these days it just doesn't for the reasons the gate number one respect the democratic that we are talking now about what that word was very and you say the keys
so please and it was then michel as the event that this was the first novel that that you had a recent column volatile that i have now the words the implication is it is not killing innocent common judaism of italy concern is twenty four days of twenty five days after the federal health law the posters
back in december the summer of nineteen seventy one someone else to note concerned as far as the top political picture was involving concern the rosetta publication of the december twenty nine columbine mr anderson but in fact there was a concern there was a concern with it the beard with the itt that as early as the report the conservatives and was not a sympathetic audience in krakow and a quarter of the double concern senator we'll only be received like what i'm saying it became a matter of public controversy at the time mobley jack anderson column was published on february twenty
nine and it was not a great long before that well examine that on february the fourth nineteen seventy two affairs at it now it was a potential concern circumstances well you'll recall that there have been newspaper articles that had the newspaper articles back in nineteen seventy one relative it into relatively yes i recall that circumstances that arose with that received the great notoriety after publication of innocent
that is true and i knew there was such a lot of that there wasn't very much attention paid to this particular time in certainly the car mr anderson's office contacted you will be viewed memorandum prior to publication and i believe that if my memory is collect correct that they'd fall in public information office in the justice department the day they were the publisher of the day before
twenty three you're not you have your own oh sure as the parties that were involved in that the only information i had mccain's really wanted a renewed discussion of witness a lady who stated that he had been involved in the
now marshburn in nineteen seventy two there's a crisis but ryan generally coal is rooted not have to be decided at that time there's a way to relate to mr walker no no my recollection of various factors when i testified and yesterday the matter was rejected and was rejected on the basis of those things and didn't want to hear about winning so let's move through
your meeting with mr levy and june fifteenth nineteen seventy two days before that right what do you see as a sunni muslim religion and ever since then as if that wasn't unusual for me to work on and to suddenly well my position six o'clock four continues into june one is
that i'm fifty two juniors six forty pm one not convincing is that true my question is because you're wearing women's association you are now meeting was structured and very simple mr liddy had written a letter to the water some post which was subsequently published at the request of
misunderstandings responding to some charges that were made by somebody on the staff of the general accounting office about the federal finance committee there the finance committee to comply with certain provisions of the corrupt practices act mr schama they said that he did not want that letter published without my crew soon as the show more abroad with libyan nationals look at the time soundbite of fireworks thank
you only three percent our branded because people are available that i certainly was working at the committee and also the justice department longtime surfer successful south korea you know you're right
you know when you are twenty nine the pope fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 18 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell testifies.
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