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seventy percent of this community just anywhere well very small army shirts to caltech it's called that's just undeniable as the loom slack song a blue jacket with a universe your crops in front of it and a golf player and i'm a police police automobile that uses a somewhat <unk> certain more and was that the kind of bill that you're in on june seventeen nineteen seventy two is right now bought it's
b and you just become the time sometime early in the morning or june seventeen or late evening whatever time of june sixteen that you see the area called but to come to the vicinity of the watergate complex in washington the senate is or was a major medical or they call me mad that syria wanted to paris on the morning of seventeen saturday in college and i came out for india scott calvert a beer market vehicle on a place followed an official unit respond to the watergate where six hundred million it says the specials are efficient it would be a sergeant lieutenant or
captain scrooge it'll be when the market was no one answer that and matt dispatcher then the police dispatcher then to iran's think that was in the tac in a near that tiny what what they deliver to us that senators are casual clothes yes sir at this time i was working in collusion seven point seven which is an unmarked police vehicle with officer john bair and also brought shopper i were relocated when you see that or we're working in the area of the year that recent case of northwest was nice was that suv the watergate complex the proximity of mad men have to mention way now
is on you recognize the photographs is certainly one of the colleges that represent the watergate complex in the howard johnson across from the kennedy center's on the job one of a kind that is that where you went on the morning of june seventeen yes sir and we have chart the number six mark warner said that when you see they're at the
virginia side of the watergate complex choice of somewhat jr it's not like we have to start now it's an indian tribe who has been the vivien ms bee he's funny the watergate about it shows the watergate the the sex for their national committee in relationship to the handguns now you have anything to do with our johnson location when you made when you arrived or
no other than many of the watergate was mentioned many pieces all that other than that the difference is that these dates and had to
testify now yes sir thank you your entry and what you did in those show on the chart
what you and those officers if you did today then to the front of the watergate we had far about seven parlance up for me medora going into the lobby of the watergate complex that thomas self culture better and also sharp and other vehicle up the steps into the lobby movement by the special place of severe in the fall out the taliban will split roles is as a police officer with the employee who were gay that is an honor guard service that is so hard by the watergate complex but his responsibilities as you know this or that it continues on
we don't know and in lobbying at that time he had he brought up its an invasion of about twenty minutes thirty runs far this without taking on one of the doors leading from the b one level from the garage into the one level and when you say take a lot of your book is explain that what you mean a lot of the mean you want to understand a name as tape on the floor well at that time so we really good understanding you know what he meant by the respondent down to the area where the tape was found in an actor libby had to do it but i had been taken with a lot of online are masking tape with a shot from all this as a building block he's in the military because that was the only ethical are forcing that was when a lot of or is concerned about what you
understand that to be at that would give anyone that was going to be going out of accessibility without having to use a key or to get something a lot now you know from the outside i work with a lot of economic mess i've invested and even in and also some insights so we were able to get inside i don't want to do that what does that they're starting to lead the grass into a small cubicle with state also the door leading from the cubicle into the sterile results and not only
we have more from reports of burglaries are victims on the sixth and the floor of the watergate complex and i think about it as an attempt to this we sent the guards back to the area of the we had met him in the lobby in case we you know we agree we have somebody inside this time we had it rodrigo announce we send it back to the lobbying and most are also better and also sharpen respond to the normal way in the stairwells we arrived before which is the federal reserve on the stairwell to the oscars on his floor was also taken the same matter same type of play there was a distinct lizard
for the federal reserve board is sama saw the ad in at the one level what they have some losses on the country sir or we began at checkout before with that party was supposed to have keys to most of the oscars many cities to work in augusta roars and all mourn lock we have found no other evidence of any tampering at all for stores the also the main hallway on the eighth floor that's only responded back out to the stairwell i directed at guard to respond that backlog maintenance says the other special ops and jason and one was in the building in the back rows and why that i'm also bears on to the ninth floor and sharpen the celtics won an absence of will this awareness and still all right now the watergate complex of music oh
wow here it still others sit down aig was going down also bad as taking a knife sen leahy promised though was locked was no evidence of any tampering that door we responded down to the sex the search for the only get on the stonewall had been taped in the same manner at that time i was on an around for the cornerstone of course rare to me just and i we had abused well i thought about the roundabout to have weapons cell phone as yelp or as we have another door take him to respond now to come down here to assess that sound the three of us went into the sixth floor the watergate complex which is the national democratic debate we came into here we begin today
that were open some more open somewhat close we get to this has won an activist when you say what was the big it was the buzz of the lights on there were some lights on sirius are and we as we would check each room we would put the light switch on we were looking like a caucus or on all this terror was locked i reached him back at this hallway and begin a search of these this room because this doyle where was pablo with a chair which would you know madison lay we modest price of leningrad all about we went out and about today begins a search terms and you're not referring to earlier to say that the report says ryan russell
howard johnson now the view about how we set aside those with negative result and as we were coming back in our charter it's set in an ad said you think that maybe some of them an austrian citizens because it comes in also shot ahead is whether that time many people blood diseases and then groceries watches a lot of local police in our jobs he's asking the same cemetery was
so long ago i mean there's i do toasters now on what i was doing it so we respond and that any of the hallway we met again with also better and this area checking e all says that will only became a late last autumn there is a man who fought on the cell and also show
also there's one up into this area here and i started to this bull sector people here also shop over someone assert it does well it was where that was common name is the airstrike also that this is morning edition this is on looked over this class british and it was odd man standing in front of a desk with their hands he's trying to do see them doing more when you have an awesome song the
new clothes by using a second boat no one in front for all the other you notice any kind of equipment for him around where you found it yes men head was jerry yo ma will lag in overnight it is as semi <unk> brown bag with each voter at dover and it contains various items cameras walls of plants plant in the cameras to death walkie talkies that sort out now just going down towards the one of it from that room where you have apprehended the man with the bottom right like water going down at a large office in the corner there's a large office that the backwater area get those clothes off german
boy it was a lot of thought and was the entrance to that office from the access to a prom where you found the menu ever had yes sir hugh stephen johnson you have access to that all that often laugh that's a deadly germs stanley on wait wait now you need to do them well and at that time i knew we were in one a restaurant we're going to advise them of the rights and at that they're not elected also began a systematic search of each man you notice anything unusual about these men in what you read us the way they were dressed
is says sport coats and ties you know names of those people that they give their names at that town those are beginning to see an odd layer in the morning one in it research scientist at the orders one for one else really they gave his name which later for the false claims but you later find out that they were sort of you know the main persons to us in that location about it by the name he later found out so this you do this in you're pumping station this only a century amounted intro i've been
transported orchestra's board and eighty three sadat at transport and mr barber an inmate or close to denmark wrote a letter back to make any sort of a room i imagine the watergate complex but the search was made on local crime they did that and they handed over certain of the rooms of all the printing process what room resort well you know a candidate surge of the whole the whole sexual problems conference room always rooms along here this once in thirty years the saturday afternoon on june seventeen went into rooms to forty years reporting on the
watergate hotel what what led you to well we checked the guest register singers mr at that one day they'll also to the heart of costly and some of that this navy seal on it is one investor's of the watergate hotel you found the next coach of the more intellectual more losers plus about forty two hundred thousand one hundred dollar bills on say what's already learned our bills similar and ej i
went into rooms and fourteen of the watergate hotel i was was so detective robert and now our farm but also offer an anti aging from the worst but also the fbi and also services but they didn't have a vote within a small invasion that many howard in la city that the ancient and ej to do anything else and
i did it is the state also needs city community relations did you know that's right many of us
are on this are really the one on one and i would say about thirty six hundred dollars all in one hundred dollar bills on the stage that it is that it was a mistake and also in the typical
mr joseph hamilton which would be fined sturges was approximately fifteen dollars and bails and then which would be bernard harper was approximately thirty dollars in bills to which one hundred dollar bills and also sturgis got to the two hundred that you know as it was in one of our bills from the defendant seemed that this was a gallon fourteen dollars and bales center which one of our males that would be forty years robot lawyers to eighty thousand bales
now in libya is real ninth would be for jill gonzalez was to eight thousand bales to it was one out of nails ow from this is that elizabeth edwards has a worn you know money was found on him as lawyers how much money was found in the room and the insertion of the art award yes so there's two thousand five hundred and fifties sixty six dollars and fifty eight cents a wish for pax a twenty one hundred dollars bills in a pax of the thirty two hundred dollars in one hundred dollar bills on
the same sentence are you or someone might be a record of all of those bills yes sir there's one immigrant there come a time when they went after the station that any of the chinese view on their behalf yes sir i was at these gentlemen we used to make a painful and refused to have us a note notifying anyone at all the circuits are an anachronism ran probably around thirty saturday morning still mayhem that two attorneys didn't come to the second district headquarters point for awhile stay and state they were there to represent the five defendants get their names as art and there was a scare and now
<unk> an anonymous four's might be james rapidly developed what that the fact that no phone called him a better deal resident x announced ferguson center the defenders made no calls in fact a windows phone calls main cities yes sir this is what was your view
he's taken ladies yes so we only a quad your calls billington and in our area why the region is all the things that the attack that text was what responsibility to canvas and protect the voters exactly and serve in the ministry robberies commercial robberies burglaries largest marlins we were one fifty two in the morning when you're asleep or c the cost according to volunteer to take that we voluntarily call when the dispatcher state attorney tactic here we get time auto shop or pick up a mighty was
writing all my ride out crying as they were attacked you saw jeane on more nuts and we got into the fire not turned the one thing that this was almost two hours particular shift this summer now you just practice today sits on lake how you entered the building and went to be so i understand that at the time no one had been discovered and so those are you in sharpener on the balcony which is on the virginia beside facing our jobs guests are you or show off her or both so man across the street on a balcony facing you on our own howard johnson's
i did not say i did not see them and senators bob moffitt about are he says a lot of them and those political leaders and then ai weiwei were dressed in heavy gunfire and yeah it was just god informal mr bowen two must be curious sir what did mr bollen outlay that that timing was far on a walking talking talking to one gentleman down how to say that the answer is just what he's just fighting for what mr paulson answer as mr schonberger with two of those are never discussed with him whether he sought most violent you know so i don't really even wants mr baldwin went all about john snow's been no way a call saying what he would've done plaza factory will move pretty fast food coming in all terrorists
and inside the building those are in fact the supreme court was to it what i was wearing i think was chairman at some point not like it was chopped list of like here's the most interesting questions it's the big lie sure is
like being a kid is it easy then news from libya may know the people you're arresting prisoners the sophistication of a quirk to address it didn't have on our borders on hand loesser from the time you is a suspect long did you have any contact with the fbi agent of the us attorney's office yes sir and the fbi agent that work closes with a saw myspace was special agent leno and cilantro and at the time of the surge for juno and up the search warrants and servicers schwartz we were
assisted by chuck more unites states attorney he assesses center says wars and he was with this will be services worked on the tombs and howard johnson and the vehicle and located in the basement and so i want to get in the vehicle located in the basement of the morning well they certainly were thank you it will take just a second to justify certain that circle a phone call from a risk and the next morning at nine something or other
lawyers here say that anyone else besides lawyers a beer standing greatly station winding on the ones we support it was please please arsenault yes either that police personnel and i think they're might want for them or two lawyer to represent them who would know it's saturday night live no we need anyone to tell the nfl says and they said that assuming that no one else thought that these prisoners
ten you drive them to the station house until seven o'clock the evening of june seventeen except the two lawyers into account other than police official is true did you or any of the other policing station house find out how these lawyers move these people and you're constantly no sir i mean when they came in it in documenting human understanding sent to the station or first place also they had contact with where represent the farmland is locked up for all
you will find out who did call ins are movable divan us to overeat false claims as a sideshow in the physical search did you come across any identity papers papers to identify these men well senator mr sturgis frank sturgis is using made the announcement he had a visa from mexico and a name mr mccourt on march or neon the driver's licenses that also was just i just had a driver's license ugly real from the new york state or massachusetts and there was
nobody else even those were in the city anthony rizzo or may be defended a lot of the legwork so to speak the investigative work was picked up by the wars film office in our marriage it was almost in riyadh taken out of our hands in other words we really did not go to national airport on what plan included on and things that still abu anas are there either ally of us attorneys which is still you know involved in those days we would be down
are up probably helps with a very privileged women i don't know they were immigrants some of these images assistant united states attorney i'm an assistant united states attorney no me me
this week as inspector charles rosen i respect her sisters on the midwest it saw this journey with you so many of the politicians in court station senator i believe that station just for you know and all the servicers one still somewhat that it's not i mean email and i cannot and i
can sense what rubio well like a stage or sense of some of the robbery is now the property office and now i understand some of that is being used by a year's attorney's office in the processing of the cases listeners may on so yes sir was it senator once served
investigation oh it's part of who was at the reasons that the commander of the earth see it they're the end of this case that you receive any special instructions or points of anyone know other than that what art center for weed and ed zwick years to resolve this says that a furnace to go to court on a case which is to say you haven't exactly is using the gears turn it into the courtroom investigations ensue well for us us senators almost just discontinue been testifying in court
that saturn in other words the investigation running out of different lanes was handled why aren't oil and media wars bills as far as also aristotle itself rather than testify in court ended on saturday it's this case a close look at least a book i command center announced that the ged yes sir and on june twenty second complaining of leakers of information requests believe makes the people i know say inmates it's also like life
thank you what is that mr baldwin made mr carr as place written on six places that they don't like on top of me the ultimate question for you would be no doubt that it was a place and i think that just gave us an edge of say five minutes an inmate yesterday seen shoppers got on the terrace and then at that time i don't think you really nutrition sure we will place or not security forces may be
but your question was we will i think you're
right steven spielberg individual at that moment in time you hear anything that might have been a conversation coming over the kentucky and then to see this so most people storm mr deak yes
were these individuals and in his position doesn't get any communication come through that walking forty percent for a house subcommittee did you hear any communication with all you need to know and also very corny
if i o r i n i u geno martini as easy oil is a gene that this in egypt we go yo r gonzalez ucla's of oh go to her door she'll why you'd be a lion mandate you indicated i believe that they were registered there at the watergate hotel under their faces i don't think all signed me i have to look back at the year that we have how many rooms of the havoc to quarantine and reporting just one more question you know what happens to the man across the street good day to you make any move toward at least not to make any move to investigate what was going on an epic the room or did you communicate any suspicion to have
the burger a staff of the police department to follow through on any it was he thought was poor are by rich one reference this man we will say no to sniff it didn't matter at that time you know we didn't meet think just the time for that in your report no sir john made a family he says in the nineteen seventies but the pain
and so after five and a half hours of testimony we know a lot about who reported to whom at the committee to re elect the president and the white house but there's a promise of more interesting answers perhaps even tomorrow as convicted conspirator james mccord takes the stand he'll be preceded by a third washington policeman who investigated the watergate break in eleven months ago so tomorrow morning we'll be going from one man who was on the inside and one from the outside despite the like of new information today probably set a pattern and told us a few times about how the hearings will go it is obvious that all senators take their roles seriously not one best up a great chance to ask a question on television republicans seem just as interested as the democrats in getting at the truth of the republicans also wanted to make it clear that the republican party and the committee to re elect the president or not to be considered in the same breath will be back tomorrow at the same time with the day's activity in fact will be here at this spot every night for the first aid days
of committee hearings and of the read the stories developing the committee may be here until halloween we're going from here isn't easy to predict but we can tell you that things will get much more complicated for the whole story comes out they're running and all each day because we think these hearings are important and because we think it's important that you get a chance to see the whole flying and make your own judgments some nights we may be in competition with a late late note we're going this is an experiment temporarily abandon our ability to edit to give you the all star however many hours it might take would like to know what you think of the idea of this complete coverage so just drop us a note telling us what's good what's bad and what could be better they addressed as post office box three hundred washington dc to roll or for or robert macneil an impact on joe moore thank you and goodnight from washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential
campaign activities a production of unpacked a division of the greater washington educational telecommunications association a new man named it is in vain the
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 6 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 1 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Robert Odle, Bruce A. Kehrli and Sgt. Paul Leeper testify.
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