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it's b the committee the entire nation thank you thank you as gemma
big asian matters have been brought to our attention which reflect on supporters of both major change is certain other matters have been brought to our attention which indicate that both parties were subjected to improper activities by persons act individually or in combination with others all in some instances the perpetrators of these activities are not wrong some of the actions or take the form of violence against campaign headquarters some have taken the form of violent demonstrations which in some instances women and others from exercising their constitutional right to assemble and express their political beliefs is not on a course to imply i mentioned these activities and any candidate on campaign worker in a flattened out america's the conclusion on season is four now two primary considerations first to make sure that the investigations for the records complete with regard to this type of activity and secondly that we move a second viciously as possible as
you know spending several nation calling names here the committee's permission it would've taken many days to present information which our latest one last one which have been placed in the record information cover several categories of years ago i will begin with information relating to the fbi just about in this country with the finest law enforcement agency in the world for many years before testimony her investigation information his company which raises some questions regarding a pianist who was a table now and
this information has to do with the use of the fbi in ways possibly other than that ms jann wenner obvious jurisdictional problems we would have been pursuing these matters and possibly claims of national security say nothing of the impact that might have on that i'm a law enforcement agency which is the beer business as it has been and still a trespass of time level of esprit de corps that what i suggest as chairman that matters in that category instead of being a part of this record be referred to the appropriate jurisdictional committee in the senate for their determination according to their jurisdiction or in the standing rules of the senate so we've heard testimony concerning the use of spies or operatives who placed in the opposing parties camp during the night in place tonight that during nineteen seventy campaign
of concern to this committee is not only the nature of this activity but the extent out including the extent to which is acceptable in a political campaign it seems that hadn't bought them for last minute veto last senator george mcgovern the democratic nominee for the presidency such an operative might have been placed aboard vice president is in place lined by mcgovern campaign officials and it did not occur in charge we know it was suggested in the affidavit of mr richard cohen mr van dyke suggested the project and that is how it was established and that mr stewart mott was approached and agreed to finance jobs sen mcgovern to veto the plan was not carried into effect there a factory became
part of political consideration in a presidential campaign bears are two important issues one the question of how often does a person to what extent and to how things in this ordinarily occur without raising the attention of the candidate to bridge the managers of the camp and in this case it did in other cases a suspected mine and alcohol we receive the affidavit of gen rodriquez relating events concerning a november third demonstration tolls during which the president was shouted down so that it was unable to continue to speak the affidavit relates that the mcgovern coordinator who was the leader of the demonstration toll rodrigues that the orbiter the president will speak two additional affidavits related events surrounding the government there are demonstrations that govern supporters activities and ripping down signs and cars and various destruction we also like this
demonstration was highly organized and planned well in france with the demonstrators like professionally light side i'm eyeing the affidavit alexander c way describes the april twenty eight nineteen seventy two demonstration of the vice president's appearance and our customer the demonstration featured shouted obscenities and throwing a plastic bags filled with the majors in the physical attack which was described in the press says one of the vice president joseph kalt says for strategic alliances can share in europe five or more demonstrations occurred during the presidential campaign these demonstrators were demonstrations remarkable tournament play a mix of volunteers the dumping of a bite of cockroaches an election headquarters in west virginia and you're not to work twenty four demonstration morgantown the demonstrators attempted to shut down the speech of tricia
nixon cox in ohio several demonstrations appear in columbus near the ohio state campus during one of the demonstrations iraq was for a way out and struck the back window of lifeboats and it is drier and guests fundraising under which the vice president spoke were spied upon him subjected to shouted obscenities according to the affidavit i'm as tony between wood on october twelfth nineteen seventy two when she was office manager for the washington office art democrats for election seventy five hundred people in the office took over the office and proceed to tear down the nixon campaign posters nixon campaign material was destroyed typewriters and other office equipment were damaged in office supplies were taken demonstrators also made a number of long distance telephone calls charge to those numbers she stays she found travel vouchers which indicated that buses are reimbursement for gasoline had been provided to transport some demonstrators from far as
far away as philadelphia and baltimore possibly six hours later most of the demonstrators party office leaving pro government or the headquarters at all and police arrested twenty twenty demonstrators remain in wyoming the november second speech the vice president un chien was continually interrupted the demonstrators shouting obscenities drowning out of the president's speech abuse of whistles in atlanta to reactivate let's just grab a larger organized demonstration that occurred the president's appearance at the regency hiatus at this demonstration the president's plans were disrupted and he was forced to cancel his plans to make a brief address the nineteen seventy two presidential campaigns want to massive demonstrations in the city of san francisco first appeared on may twelve twelfth nineteen seventy two outside the st francis hotel or governors reagan and rockefeller were
addressing the victory seventy two leading the california republican central committee this demonstration featured antiwar and anti nixon rhetoric property damage including the burning of police motorcycle violent police confrontation widespread property damage to local stores as outlined in the statement of what this fire and james in october nine nineteen seventy three in a copy of the may twelfth nineteen seventy two edition of the san francisco examiner both of which are offered as part of the precipitation today for the record a second massive separatist go demonstration took place on the occasion of the president's campaign visit to the sheraton hotel on september twenty seven nineteen seventy two previous testimony before this committee does grab the sheraton palestine as being in a state of siege like interviews and evidence a series of photographs of the september twelve demonstrates demonstration as identifiable mr paul
told the first committee vote as a mining corp counsel that they had been included in the package of maternal submitted them all here in this group the open market report thank you for themselves and show the sheer palace ring with the cordon of helmeted policeman full ride attack some instances the photographs show about tremendous proportions and members of the crowd stopping traffic and hurling rocks like layers lot of you know a california back the september twenty seven nineteen seventy two demonstration was promoted by various legal issues which are included in the package was chairman attention the affidavit mr duhigg follow these leaflets were reportedly disseminated government reporters a nurse a protest march
on the sheer house mr mankiewicz senator government governs campaign manager mr barnhart senator muskie's campaign manager in nineteen seventy two presidential campaign testified certain there in proper tactics were employed against their campaigns some of the perpetrators of these activities were never done hauling in that same general category of improper activities carried out in the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign with a violent demonstrations and incidents of destruction which were directed against the president's various campaign headquarters throughout the country well those responsible for these actions also cannot be identified in most instances we are submitting to the committee sworn affidavits attached photographs and newspaper articles which accurately describe and portray these acts we selected representative events related in these affidavits to discuss here today to you see at the headquarters in phoenix arizona and austin texas were
completely destroyed by arsonists in addition those attempted arson perpetrated against the crp in albuquerque new mexico also in albuquerque new mexico vulgar in some slogans were splayed across europe the campaign headquarters with the use of blacks record in addition the persistent disruptions across police to be cancelled on the syrup the headquarters building forcing the crp to move its headquarters in the midst of the campaign in answer the affidavit of lieutenant dylan discuss the bombing of the manchester police department one hollywood the bombers was injured in the explosion and an accomplice was found in possession of a press release which ragged nomad bomb election headquarters that's i mean only the barclays apprehension the bombers in the confiscation of destruction of three additional sophisticated bombs from their possessions preventing them from election headquarters
in addition to perpetrators of the bombing were depicted in the newspaper photographs as being in the forefront of the anti vaccine demonstrations which heard the manchester crp headquarters only a few days before the bomb of interviews and photographs and use various which depict the bombs used in damage done to the manchester police department's exhibits to that you know have a date in headquarters effort to break ins which damaged equipment and records during a second bike and mcgovern slogans were paraded on a lot of windows of the headquarters crp headquarters in baltimore city now one twice experienced its plate glass windows being spies on the location of a funeral site headquarters through a broken window also definition and minnesota an affidavit is god's way canada
crp headquarters during which motorola was poured over boxes containing about six thousand pieces of may linger gun and rifle shots nice to the wonders of the crp headquarters in springfield massachusetts and cruise down pennsylvania and paul reyburn springfield massachusetts the respective syrup the headquarters for played by individuals who broke the windows of their orders and pasted them fought storefront window stickers on election night several young female volunteers are subject to rock throwing demonstrators requiring police vehicle and dispersed should be noted also that are about september twenty first nineteen seventy two the office of president nixon's personal physician dr john c lundgren of long beach california was broken into we have an affidavit from the conundrum which states that during his break in a lot pause was broken into the president's file to remove from us at the president's records were discovered on the office
for outside because of that dr london on the morning september twenty percent said at that time dr london observer the president's final had been removed from the manila folder in which it was kept and the records are no longer in chronological order which they were maintaining reading dr leonard spector press records had been tampered with describe the chairman was at work remains unsolved first time that i would introduce in the committee has now received the affidavit along with three border hatch which are attached to these photographs picked the scene discovered that dr london on september twenty first nineteen seventy two the damage to walls of the war and the president's records alongside the boulders in which they were normally carry the overview with regard to violence perpetrated against the crp is providing an affidavit roberts ceo chet he states that follow i roberts ceo jr do hereby swear to pose
that i'm employed as an executive assistant to the assistant secretary for housing management or housing or long hours i had actually oh nine or a saint as a straight alexandria virginia during the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign held position of director administration for the committee for the reelection of the president during the campaign the crp was greatly concerned visitors national headquarters seventy no one in seventeen thirty pennsylvania avenue in washington dc this concern was due to acts of violence and destruction which were more threatened perpetrated against the headquarters the crp throughout the country my position as director of administration often receive information regarding these threats and acts of violence destruction wrought first memorandum to be aired by me and receive miami from other sects these memoranda detail the measures which are contemplated elections throughout the country to protect themselves against violence against demonstrations which might become during the nineteen seventy
two campaign the national crp headquarters on pennsylvania avenue was the object and was walters in fact on at least one occasion we were forced evacuation for several hours into our headquarters building was evacuated because of a bomb threat in addition we received reports almost on a daily basis from crp headquarters across the country that had received bomb threats directed against their buildings more overt least one crp office was completely destroyed an arsonist and a bomb also exploded and the alameda county republican headquarters in oakland calif causing considerable damage these bomb threats and actual bombing was just intense concern necessitated distribution memorandum to all our state chairman recommending procedures to be employed in the event of a bomb threat or the destructive or dangerous incidents or threats there are attached to this affidavit mr owen continues a copy of that memorandum dated september twenty fifth nineteen seventy two the affidavit another possible
that concern during the nineteen seventy two campaign working with demonstrations which heard throughout the country including the district of columbia or in nineteen seventy two campaign many demonstrations for and under the national security headquarters on pennsylvania avenue on one occasion for example a group of demonstrators chained themselves to the door of the building at seventeen thirty pennsylvania avenue for approximately twenty four hours during this demonstration blood was thrown the demonstrators built on the buildings and on nixon campaign workers headquarters was forcibly shut down for an entire day finally nbc at the headquarters he had many threats against the life of the president and the vice present the campaign director of the white paper that's the main concern which the crp after the security of its staff and actually orders a series of death threats bomb threats threats of demonstrations demonstrations there is a violent sexual violence both in washington and its ear of the offices across them as a kind of political
leaders unparalleled in american political history ending the epidemic as mr alan wang to read to the demonstrations and violence directed the republican party at the miami beach convention we secured the florida department of military failure a copy of their action after action report on the republican national convention has done interviews and the record a cover letter from a formal point of military affairs and party the after action report which is the committee will no complaints extracts from a revised manual for the republican national convention well the source of this man was not going to suffice it to say that these are non delegate publication which i will show a moment was distributed among those that elements of their political menlo park staging area alissa is not an affidavit chairman it as this amazing grace department role as medical coverage without this manual were
covered his playing the president and cartoon with thanks to a handbook for civil disobedience and what's state eighty one thirty three that will be a living breathing community of revolutionary people dedicated to confront the real enemy richard nixon polls they age she won forty five report of the report of the trial richard nixon on the streets of miami beach by the people in general only the radical tone of publication speaks for itself oh like national committee's attention to a letter dated october twenty fourth nineteen seventy three from rocky calm calmer chief of police of mind before slaughter certifies that an attack chronological long pants as compiled from official miami beach police department records and accurate reflection of events described i wouldn't chairman offer that letter on that log of chronological advances applied by the miami beach police department
says that the committee's attention to the destructive scope of vandalism delegate harassment and violent destruction perpetrated on august twentieth and twenty third nineteen seventy two and i know i'm a republican convention hall in miami beach for example this report details the building of delegates with eggs and what's stopping traffic slashing tires attempts at bus is on fire stuff and potatoes and exhaust pipes smashing reports treasury securities writing off its wonders showing it ignited a paper mache a bombs and the convention and jim circulation reporter sites incident report recite incidents where policemen were still trying to rescue an eighty delegates to the estimates were thrown by demonstrators shots were fired at police
officers who were trying to maintain order demonstrators marched on convention hall a tie with homans yes masse and nightsticks the revised emanuel was distributed in flamingo park the report indicates the arrest of over twelve hundred demonstrators on august twenty second and twenty three of the law as chairman i might supplement congressman tim leaders testimony by reducing and the record was one statement while loesser e tailing extreme violence directed toward the republican national committee pressed vehicle he was writing but also like to read a portion of a letter from the south carolina delegate the only thing then concerning the difficulties that he and his wife kate in the convention hall rather than lead it was chairman of recent years there was not time to receive no sign that they were promised generous are he gave this statement to mr howard lieberman good assistant minority council would talk to him on yesterday by telephone mr
lieberman has offered his affidavit effect there mr dresser and what's so testified rather than offer that as an affidavit this point and asked permission that statement might be included in the record and we can supply store version of laughter please my sketchy delineation of the matter so forth and the collection of a bit like these are important significant in terms of the valuation of the estate in which politics of scale by at least some elements of our society important consideration committee to relocate the head of state in italy i'm not by implication or other lives trying to achieve that this conduct of anyone unless the affidavit so stage and that i have occasionally otherwise trying to involve war in virginia canada report i'm
simply offering these are the record was that was the political climate which i think much of the change that this country is going to survive i know and i'll record it and an awesome random from ed failor that fail are two jet is good or it's confidential eyes only and in the lead ahead of the committee for the reelection of the president dated september twenty third nineteen seventy two that like to eat it because number and all no i didn't i will
an investigation work with that which would be required to these witnesses to come home are these are the same time the chairman and i was driving from the memorandums on friday september fifteenth nineteen seventy two you assign the responsibility for the project the subject is the mcgovern schreiber confrontations the taxes can reduces report arabia both subject matter of the past week in addition to the items in the attacks i have personally endeavored to create an encounter between driver and a blessing opponent on the bus unusual for today in las vegas anti busing people of the euros in this encounter and no republicans will be serviced
excellent television radio and print coverage of some of these events has resulted during the past week definite plus is for our campaign have resulted from the media coverage it should be pointed out that other republican tide is undoubtedly will be copying this week's activities on their own in their lookout we have no control over the activities we do not go where we haven't learned the mcgovern organization and a lot of the secret service has reacted to our activities the sun than a minnow festival in greenwich village in new york saturday night was originally planned as a walking tour of a few blocks long ago however as a result of the events in flushing new york on thursday september twenty four as the street walk was canceled an unbalanced spoke in an area of barricaded all i haven't lamontagne continuing supervision over this project and smith
is the key guy from why bp and i will contact other resorts is if you have any questions or suggestions on the above project please advise from september fifteen to twenty data the twenty second preparation for our activities in providing sanctuary is an effect is was made in milwaukee chicago bergen county new jersey alonzo ohio detroit lansing and flushing new york chicago and landing would not because of the closed nature of the candidates hedged bustling ports were disfigured in detroit outside actually mean that was the only activity there were their due to the lack of public appearances we began work on literature hand lettered on wednesday after conferring with canned chicken the following is a city by city report september nineteenth know wore a dozen young people carrying signs questioning the candidates' stands and criticizing his remarks about young people which end is up and dances
were at the moon downtown up on the press coverage was generated we do know we upset the candidate with families owning zooming and he asked one of our girls wearing out why indeed be a button you don't really support nixon who you heard by with plastic yes sir i've had my head examined and the next and now more than that of photos of the event attacked september twentieth the reception for the candidate at the factory nixon buttons hats and the debaters came about much the same way as in bergen county revamp our people were alerted to check into the schedule and the assist of the senior command a dispiriting the nixon materials however as we know the navy news and wanting at one newspaper coverage it did the job september twentieth twenty first detroit as noted previously many
women left hand out attacking the candidates' bussing stand were distributed to labour members and drink old meets september twenty first really are questions of waste situation again we had with them over time but twenty young people turned out when nixon signs and bought some with nixon in hebrew hebrew the film coverage of this was excellent on the cbs morning news no matter where the camera turned the signs were there along with a portable chance and for years throughout the report reporter ruth ward and concluded that it was not a very good start we what we are told an ap wire story reported the presence of the young nixon supporters we have activities planned in seattle on monday los angeles on tuesday san san diego on wednesday in toledo on friday of next week specific events will of course depends on the candidates get as the end of the gemini submitted for an end to the record
as beakman about once a day five witnesses and there's details a while an anti nixon demonstrations and california miami beach in boston making up the thrust of the session as you saw the testimony day climax with a discussion of the dilemma of mass demonstrations on security calls for the place as well as for the varying terms of a democracy senator howard baker the committee's vice chairman to close the day with a summary of some other evidence is setting up a percentage are stable now and peter gator talk about all this and other things better senator i got the feeling during today's testimony that it started out as a friendly partisan show to prove the democrats to do dirty
tricks would've ended up on a on a broader level jim just mentioned that the idea of suppressing demonstrations are protesting a democracy uses a very difficult when do i read this right and i read through the committee has to go into not only those things that contribute to particular people people who planned certain disruptions are certain conduct against someone else but you also got to go into the business of disruptions that we can identify calls for because they are in fact a significant part of the difficulties of both parties with campaign the presidential election nineteen seventy two and the first part of your market started out sort of person i really don't think that i like the more remarkable thing is the committee hearings have been reports and i thought that critical mass at that maybe our
democratic colleagues on the committee have to learn the trade between republican colleagues estimate is that richard t lo something comes out that at all especially camp or maybe later thursday at it as the morning where on we resorted to a pretty high level before you went into session today the committee didn't eat for a long time an executive session and again with the problem of how to hear directly from the president perhaps to give him yet another opportunity to make his views known publicly to the committee and i know you've been looking for sort of a way out for a way to reconcile these different viewpoints you think there still time are we've gone beyond that i'm not sure there's a way that they're still time present their way we haven't so far and i mention it i guess first black and the year june there ought to be some informal conversations between the creation of the committee the court reporter pressed into the night for the public record
not on inside a precedent that president woodrow wilson established on the treaty of course i was up for consideration station foreign relations committee the senate then went down the white house that wilson's invitation for we discuss the medical environment for the poor relations committee report just a suggestion of black voters last week senator weicker i think are improperly suggested that we find a way to store that possibility and i indicated last week as an indicator that we can do that i could be a great thing that it takes to do a korean and crack at it where we can your own republican senate colleague from senator carper senator dominic are calling for her resignation calling for the president to step down your own views have been somewhat muted you haven't answered their views had been muted
as you know peter because i tried and put a blissful moments after week to express my conclusions until it finishes its work and its report that on that issue i suppose things are more current and there were strengthened and strengthened permit no i don't think the prisoners i can foresee circumstances where it could be so difficult for and far but that might be a possible solution not a sport and don't despair for instance of finding some common ground the word out to eliminate the uncertainties great burden that exists in the public and before the committee i don't say that it will be resolve to reconcile but i do say they're still cheats and you know you don't directly with the business of prisons certainly not with talk about resignations so i do not number of myself among those who are interested nation it family or colleagues on the committee senator bernie has characterized the workings of the committee is a travesty has a
republican members have not been kept informed by the democratic staff all this in a letter to the governor of new hampshire you sure these years sure yeah i think that with a few exceptions years and remarkably good step or injured missed it and with a few exceptions we have an option i think that it's been an extraordinarily unpleasant three percent return informing trump a lot of attention is not a pleasant short sincere here that sort of thing the farmer and not to do that is to climb to face up to now i think that when it's over it's police or lack of that operation they have created a separate containers comfort from and the health care
center thank you very much ken senator baker and the committee will begin its major look of campaign financing tomorrow it will be back tomorrow night with complete coverage for a deserter baker for amtrak and today angela thank you and goodnight and that has brought to washington in november six tonight videotape coverage of today's hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activity from the ford foundation washington november sixth is the production of a division of the greater washington educational telecommunications association you will in new york
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