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as and the memories of a multitude of puts it in the written word and the dissenters to you may remember that the republican rules and systems but i believe that the world assumes must be consistent with what it means they must be inconsistent with any other things that the chilean miners but when two men communicate with each other tuvalu has it that communication thursday the man whose vote might not have expressed themselves clearly and may not have said exactly what was in his mind secondly even if he didn't really the men who are growing up with a different interpretation of the words and that the man was spoken the chairman's reminded why salmon i would recommend them a little respect mr chairman that sound
principle to be known reserve and low in december of nineteen seventy two generations of victory i was the mayor about the recall the particular meetings presentations revive the watergate or related matters until february six and that day i attended a meeting in this development position with respect to the proposed resolution creating this selective it except for the discussion at this meeting i knew of no other animal population of these hearings within the white house this may explain why i was called california ten eleven
i go home with the flu for two days of planning to take the weekend off of reservations that my wife and family of that revival well but late in the afternoon there were nine of the gold medal to say that we were making the stolen cell sentiment and discuss the forthcoming senator i therefore took my family and for the violence to stop that could be denied that on saturday february three at san clemente with that was haldeman and results from eleven the morning until three or forty of the mail on sunday we went into the little cottage at what cost
forty five difficult with none of the participants adhering to any agenda in addition win anything that was set during the sessions were hurt but at eleven two four people that was huge bison with a different background or degree of knowledge or quantity of it was that well a situation where our law apply in the fourth hour without value of that you know i'll give you my best recollection of what at the outset was the taliban or is to hold onto the i sometimes find the particle which was with esther as mr dean and me what we had been doing for the americans this was not the
focus of both of these images that would be the activities of the committee to re elect the president it would be the primary responsibility for the facts i mean these discussions or any influence the answer was no either the war or the centrality of villain and other things we discussed here and get less financial activity is the only one it really does have to the people at the event it all raises that is that the b the white house and i owe myself available to advise him i suggested that the white house have a writer's religious decrees are going to reflect that greeted testimony a commentary that was wrong
just about but in the internal discussion of our relationship with the members of the committee let's point out that in an ordinary very open relationship between the white house and the leadership the same party and the white house have the proper role of jews to the member's affiliated when this particular tavern was appropriate but the general says this was in effect an investigation of demonstrations the militia might not apply like approach even the republican members at any event it was agreed that one thousand and the white house congressional relations that would be made available for whatever it is i would think it might be appropriate earlier in the discussions must obey made clear that the president one opposition in to be one of the full
cooperation subject going for the doctrine of separation about it was it really important to work out a statement executive privilege the president's recently promised the press he would do this a statement that would enable us to cooperate and supplying information that fits like that the committee wanted this my recollection at this time the question was the president's advisors would be but it would be permitted to appear with still unresolved although the consensus was that appearances should be permitted by the subject matter that relate to and definitely some of the bad of the distressed it really would not relate to official buildings there was i had said no i didn't
in advance of the hearing is set for the window to what it was also agreed that what made the committee to re elect the president and researchers to review this was among the items i would discuss with us the magic mr dean testified about a discussion about his recollection that this memo and again the principle which apple pencil the brief mention of money they may have varied the reason that agents to a person with vested these knowledge of the circumstances that to a person with my walk about my recollection of that subject is as follows that the subject came up i believe a second day at the hotel the context of the discussion of the litigation with emily was a lot of fun being in a
sort of by the way reference said he had been told by the loans and i think that was really good but i cannot be precise but they may be getting some more money someone's is not something that john mitchell might have that would reach your friends it was suggested that says i would be meeting an affinity i should mention this song and i said i was thank you this to the list of these reference to a new come on my question is i'm melissa block but i think that at that point and nothing about any prior offense and defense and no one else at the meeting went into any details of these tomatoes well i served four year a special assistant in the estimation of the public justice and i know him
well i was certain that he was about to be programmed into becoming a fund raiser and has to haul them in an unanticipated be no as it turned out to be we discussed several other members of that i recall as a reporter asking me about my that the state department indicated that you like they lived in puerto rico and played for review by the president on the flight we've alleged that sometimes i call my secretary of worship and because of changes in the state to be clear that among those in washington a conversation with it
this fund raising committee i have absolutely no recollection of any such conversation and i am convinced that a lot i returned to my office and watching on february thirteen and telephone mr mitchell to inquire whether he had any immediate plans of it was you said he did not and i said i needed to have a film about the meetings and telephone you suggest like a mini art and we can think of those times we were fifteen i took a morning show really are what the mazda mitchell's office this is really before live at the ones who had a discussion about the california meetings and the upcoming year a little aside that i felt there were several points where the viewers as the program by the white house for president obama and i like to get those out of the way it was thought that the beginning of our discussion i said something like it's well
known that the group that sentiment if you should be taking more active interest in the open air and i had a somewhat blunt replies thirteenth thank you and as you know i am really interested in identity is that what i tell them it was also suggested that it would be most helpful with because of the way that chilly climate that he would come to washington and i said something to the effect that i didn't know what this was about that that had been suggested that the committee lawyers might add more money and that is why has france and nominate him for the idea of being punished i don't remember his exact words that i believe he says something like tell them to get lost i began my reporting of the rings we had a wide ranging discussion on a pleasant visit
lasted most of the afternoon i left his office and about four o'clock and took the shuttlecock or early march nineteen seventy three i was not asked to participate in any follow up with a lot of the sentiment discussions about preparing for these years except that continuum of the visitation and the preparation of the statement on executive privilege by the beginning of my grade nomination hearings have become a major preoccupation the best of being during the watergate investigation became a subject of a lot of it the judiciary committee's imitation yesterday testifying for what the question of executive privilege in the political focus and i should say there that also make that the president's statement issued on march twelve the
presidential press conference was scheduled to like fifty and to be back at the president's briefing book a list of more than twenty possible questions on the subject all of that than usual practice sessions before it's usually chosen to sell a visitation and so began a series of meetings about which have to do you know i would discuss with the president many subjects related to what is a first meeting and my fourteen was in progress when i was called the president's office and the gop isis and the war already where we went over the questions than answers with considerable discussion and eight for being with us that there weren't
solo with the chairmen at no time during this week ordering the succeeding meetings on march fifteen nineteen twenties nineteen seventy three all were attended only by the president mr dean and myself that anyone say anything in my presence was related to what suggests the existence of a cover up or any knowledge or involvement by anyone in the white house and they want to get there including the governor late in the afternoon of march fifteen and the president concluded his press conference raised the locals we had relaxed and informal session in which we discuss the press conference and the president's view of the doctrine of separation of power at
the top it was the president devoted most attention and emphasis was the separation of powers he made the point that the term executive privilege doesn't properly expressed the principal the us has to be to me to invite others who would deliver the senate to use that to a separation fee a professor at the president has the constitutional responsibility to preserve the separation of powers a responsibility you cannot disregard the president made the point that he cannot come and any member of congress to come see him at the white house but usually they come uninvited just as people fill up to the hill what about it he said i can't beat people seem to be up there testifying voluntarily actually everyday but the policies that one wins and not as a matter of right from in the other to appear that he said would destroy the separation and watch
it now withholding with the president invested in the president's executive office building office the president reiterated his desire to get out of general statement in advance of the americans ask us to be thinking about the ways that this could be done this when food that included issuing a full statement or white paper it was also interesting thoughts about ways to present us stories for the senate in terms of possible depositions activities or possible conferences a big summit on the information of wished that which would that cut across the separation of hearts he asked even me because there are ways to do this late on march nineteen nineteen seventy three and what twenty two before we met later that they must have even told me
that holland what the man that allow someone to get rid of him before his sentencing on march twenty three and it won the money by wednesday the twenty first but the payments were not made to say things that would be very serious about what i reply to blackmail the injured trying to do i couldn't imagine that but anything i would say would be to go into a blackmailer it i don't recall these exact words but he expressed this revelation was the culmination of several months and immediately preceded that he had said that he had been present to meetings attended by isis mitchell magruder and libya
before the arrest during which libby had proposed while skiing for that turned out specifically as electronic surveillance and even good he says location advantage i have no knowledge of the watergate in addition he said that libya that testified during this testimony was that the estimate is based approaches that he would take others with mr dean listened to me in these data mining activities of that is not directly related to it could be seriously embarrassment to the administration that they have a candlelight it also climbing the new payments a major dependence
litigation expenses and hans explicit the man race in his presence in my mind as to the purpose of these parents this brings me to the afternoon was one of this debate and i met with the president in the oval office the meeting lasted about half an hour the president in the status quo that we could put out of their civilians and again expressing desire but we would be forthcoming i think that he made some comparisons and the attitude of previous administrations and he wanted us to make sure that we were the most forthcoming novel oh as i sat through the meeting with the president in the oval office i came to believe in my own mind that the president could not be aware of the things that gene was worried about what the
committee level i was indeed as the president as he had it seemed crystal clear that he knew about that was inconsistent with the previous extension but that was before as we close the door at the oval office and turned into the hole i decided to raise the issue directly with this today i said that i had the feeling the president of the things that we're leaving i ask eleven and the toll the president about he replied that he had now i asked whether anyone else
he said he didn't think so i said in it was quote a few blocks and you gave it you're going to have to make decisions it simply has to go along with that it usually going you it would be right for him and it will be good for the country i do not recall petition to have the impression that he was receptive in any event the question was resolved that when i was typical sentiment and it was this ditty the president says this was the moment to speak up you said that all the things a lot of the president should
know abu the museum will help but the following morning i congratulate the city the next day it wants twenty one yesterday that he had indeed met with the president at ten o'clock it's fun to work with them for two hours and had in his words little i said did you tell about the whole entire business and legal president and he said yes i think he said yes in terms of his response close the show was that yes as exact word but a front of state
i had visited as well as the president which list of the dead that i've been in meetings between us to do so the moral i had no direct knowledge of what transpired investigation substantive meeting with the press but nothing said in my meetings are conversations with us today or my meetings with the president and suggestions anyway but before march twenty one the president and oh oh that means to being alleviated any involvement of the wife of white house personnel in the voting on the cover in the midst of these old account that he and i agree that the apartment's
persuaded the president to make a promise the president has learned it totally compatible with a gleeful mr greenspun at the president himself and all the critical facts all and what the president said he had kept asking himself over having any sign of who we shouldn't let it discover the truth actually i told him that i wish i had been more skeptical as solar could've said the president's event it is my conviction over the years but the critical facts that reads the president until the events that began jumping that within a much twenty one
it has questions seventeen nineteen seventy two politicians
less than two years but mr mitchell has been that's employment the nineteen seventy two in the morning also attended by mr finance minister michel but what that means every fourteen nineteen seventy two it would help define win them the findings nomination would present or the future or at specific recollection now recalling interview on june seventh at mr miller's office
he recalls are discussing this with you the full results of our nose indicated you said that those meetings were related to decline his confirmation hearing a lot about that thank you and that was in the nomination that's right mr mitchell mr martin on march ten nineteen seventy two beginning apartment and thirty am in the morning that independently but i'm not thank you the upcoming confirmation hearings
for them and obviously that's been given were you doing that you said plenty of it mr michel du plenty of others and to discuss the hearing the steps and that should be taken to support the definition of the nomination it is but i don't know maybe it was at a meeting of march tenth seventy two i could check the caucus that that's what these meetings with him and i was morally hazardous those hearings an issue of
it into a separate and you have any involvement in the question of it to be as effective mr clements it's a confirmation yes i was a white house is up a lot support for gays in favor of the population you know civic duties and assisting in that ever fallen thirty one don't think we should talk about the biggest victory and divestitures of details are coming out on television i was invited into the main issue election receiving information concerning and white house investigation related to the it into the matter it's even informational hearing conversations or cinema and they're reflecting a white
house investigation involving it got into the issue anyway it would mean that information concerning the investigation as bell you know that's right
that's right that is right isn't that it's b
well richard moore takes a manager refreshes memory we're going to take every poll public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this fall for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service the
it's been
crazy and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as we go back assistant chief counsel to airlines are still asking richard moore about his role in the itt investigation it's been the point in the pipe professor you have no independent recollection out a bit of a white house investigation involving it in two separate better now than at you a question that i hope will refresh your collection well information you want right in the midst of this epidemic during the
recession and it was just it was this investigation that's the secretary's the end was that an individual who is an employee of internal security division of the problem just that john martin could've been leveled and you attended a meeting that he was he was actually conduct an investigation yes what you call telling us i'm concerned that it was a meeting with general gonzales when history calls johnson we are so surprised that interview people about their relationship the bearded antagonisms that the fact that the
president of the medicines and yet that sounds like you you know you're welcome david thank you and writing who were you new information or lead to serve all you call it was only who was a person who spoke at
all that you recall that you receive information as to have a memorandum was so far it's mr paulson as part of your dissertation in preparation for the ikea i think i was right the fbi and justice as for the white house someone in the white house and then was given an independent examination by commercial special episodes information is the white house or government employee
thank you you're going to have to pay them we'll be in the meeting mr mitchell delivered well i remember what was discussed on
that they had an opportunity to refresh recollection you recall now works of that meeting was not of the president on june thirtieth nineteen seventy two which causes shortly after the outbreak in the democratic national committee you recall the subjects discussed this with the president on june thirtieth nineteen seventy two thousand on june thirty five incidents the thing about that i think the white house as babies boys which is
but for twenty ten pm to four twenty nine pm president that means more of the year ago i had a date i just don't know twenty eight i do believe that one it indicates on june twenty two in june twenty seven she met with the president and top corporate tax incentives so i think that that was just between you and the president yes as with a lot of what you're calling to discuss the events of june seventeen watergate break in with the president on that day
where you're at all but that's the moment i know that they can pack for me this was the day that mr john mitchell had met with the president when they had reached a conclusion and if he was going to resign as chairman of the campaign for reasons which above all that respect to automate a fan of the president for me and as the taliban's as to how the announcement should be made or we spoke briefly about that was this evidence well should the president make that chavez permits to make that one out in the second year more witcher principal role is to assist the president in communicating their positions in a mosque in the most convincing that general pablo now it's clear on june thirtieth was not a minister mitchell
resigned from the campaign press might imply that was related directly or indirectly through the events of june seventeenth was that it really wasn't oh you're working on an issue for the president that we are concerned about the myth that it's an issue of how the white house the president to negate your compositions and i want to sleep with this little eleven am in the morning eleven twenty two in the morning eight nineteen seventy two you recall of a sudden that wasn't your campaign event on august eight nineteen seventy two
an order that sent at and you met again it wasn't one it indicates to meetings i reject that before nineteen seventy two the white house indicates that the five hundred and twenty two o'hare airport in illinois and the one time flying on air force one to ten to self brigitte was based michigan every thirty five the san diego california on august twenty four that you discuss anything with the president
no you know on september eighth nineteen seventy two you met with that mr michel roux mr miller i think that clip miller is the dean martin is powered six six pm est one pm you call it the sudden that's gotten worse in the nineteen seventies to the natives
you mr president that was the first one series of meetings over a period of two or three weeks than the ascent of september in this campaign year of seventy to one out of the sky mr stanton the finance committee to re elect we're going to have to take luke's long series arrived of decisions everyday on issues that were coming up in checks the lawsuits that report came out of the staff at the question of why not disclose
critical sometimes voluntarily the kind of thing that just stands with his interview is finance committee had any information will press all what they felt they weren't getting enough attention for help from the committee for the reelection of the president spoke with the side of john mitchell and his stance requested and the palestinians and these issues which had cost effective so i attended whether the sexy attending the government withdrew it period that that that but it's vividly was jeff miller
who is a professional of that olive oil has very government and myself that wasn't your ordinary meetings that those meetings were concerning the strangeness that on september thirty nineteen seventy two in their stand robinson room is timothy mr martin mr miller minister michel was there any discussions on that day about these relationships with judge richard jurek i really don't no no that was today would invite on september fifteen nineteen seventy two was the
impending and i don't know i don't know that we will not return i think there's a true some of these meetings and you were going over the weekend which means i think that the one that the series how i met you know the series of meetings for example dealing with has declined his nomination at that when during this period of declining so mr michel and others but it was really dealing with the subject of extermination of the nation i'd outline the series about
living and as emily had given the basement that than the makeup of the subcommittee apple true that those meetings that with those subjects i think we probably fine oh you were assisting in the preparation of the committee to relax press releases and statements in response to news is coming out of the newspapers are railing we do with you know now in your statement today you say that you are primarily talked with the normal matter in december nineteen seventy one and january nineteen seventy three
and can recall of reckoning of consultations with regard to the watergate or related matters until february sixth i think that's the basis of this year except for seven years now but you included as a related matter the information that became public on the usual the white house a relationship develops i know political activities and they need two other questions which are in the reading that i will fail to implement my reading copy of laughter
and a particular meaningful consultation did you consider oh no that is about i think about words i get people in early december we did have discussions about civility and that's what that i may have liked to correct the record as though before december of nineteen seventy two we are not between vow disagree man on behalf of the white house what i was involved in was a response to news reports that the white chicken when his disability
in terms of the frame of reference which we thought at the time i mean you personally were involved in these activities were you involved in the white house's response to information is coming out of that yes in fact we're not requested to conduct an investigation white house involvement prepare a statement on that subject us answer that and if you interview a variety of employees of the white house to avoid that's great and you call and yes you do that gets you recall i recall that i think
on weekend update with in the early sixties late in the day calling it as a president who still insisting that everything should be out and when i think back at a outline for a report on the record the white house connection with has to secure it so that we can see what it looks like twenty seven a pigeon that had discussions in october nineteen seventy two to sign that while the first discussion about what were with mr wessel
no james at that meeting answer yes it was thank you seventeen years you receive information
and this committee this was right it was originally created you're welcome with the president the un know about other events into something far say january one in nineteen
seventy three in february nineteen seventy three no i didn't the items so the conversation now when you were discussing the watergate
committee that personal knowledge concerning the breaking and entering nineteen seventy though your color there's any discussion of the fascinating in your problems and a discussion of the democratic national committee still sue nineteen eighties boy your recording sessions the cases
i don't know if there was any discussion and you said today
the themes were discussed at that point seven was a difficult to specify which suits have been identified in that conversation and i think there was that frame of reference and the but the general discussion of the report really of various lessons of interest and i don't and you're right you know i think
mm hmm as the election but whether you remember who suggested raising a tree surgeon and i actually said that i think this situation of the place at the center of your statement you indicated that mr up and made clear the president wanted the position of the white house to be one of the full cooperation summit you know feminine
and for senator and testifies but it's been you know it's been i'm aware of the fact that it did you ever hear from president nixon that he wants people to come out for senator levin's committee and testify when his committee know if you ever become aware of whether
that was in fact the president's position but the president's position and the country are now before i might say that he let the white house know that you had an opportunity to review the law that was in that means meeting some called the president that was prepared by the white house well let me read you from the country it was seventeen which says in part president won this reflects a lesson that reflect a meeting between the president and today president hollande are open and ed talk the committee and insisted that is not an accurate statement from conversations you've had president well as well as you know
for whether he did or did not want to take on those three individuals couples or senator well appear before the committee as a distinction on that system or but i think that i think it must that might indicate the testimony before this committee which was the subject of the question of executive privilege but i was not in the discussion of negotiations with the committee but my understanding from the press in general the president wants people to cooperate at every way they could except under command appearance as an advocate for them so that are the parents of the novel the paris people here now you also said in your statement that
you have no recollection of a conversation because the dean testified about concerning the time unless the meeting with him which he alleges that less are you sure beyond any doubt about what you did not leave that meeting with being sure that you actually sure beyond any doubt that we could not have a conversation without having a i don't think that anytime soon be uncertain of the conversation well if we get a musician we didn't know what is requested
and you left whatever it was that was it if that was accepted about anything remotely resembling the words we use to this festival i think that the transitional suspected that that place where the norwegians and the question a lot of that conversation that and they put that record out you also testified on tuesday thanked her team that no prime time meetings before the march fourteenth fifteenth might be the twentieth with president putin yourself against anything involving the watergate cover up your awareness your first you want not well you weren't affected team did not testify that any discussions were held those
meetings concerning the man to do this does not have the risk of conflict in any shape or form of what this could be justified do you wear that i don't know not a bet and one fourteen fifteen like you could use that it might that it set it at but instead of the day the reason i'm not on the interviewee that's right you're right
the president but you wouldn't necessarily there was this question about women and the question to you the port and alan was published in the
us and that's why it's more than you would call it he just wants a more that you stated that that was i think in your words a lot of people for months now us yesterday on that occasion what was behind that and the details of what that bar no it's b so the first time you heard about what armstrong yes you could previously that meeting as to what was living at the mr dean had been voluntarily activities could be seriously investing the administration yes
and what was that first thought i can't quite place it within in this growing wheat selling period in the march as ms de veen was one point you know when did you first i don't know it was nineteen seventy three and no
know what was in the yemeni revolution whenever it was significant information was not as bit of the nation welcome to you and then i didn't that's bill i don't recall you interview with him and there's the people who might be indicted who reported the white house guests and what was that april thirteen
fourteen nineteen seventy three and indicated as travolta's drug might be indicted as olivia mr hughes the virus that you're going to date when i saw the list of pointed and i said with the government would be on the press and he said his problem maybe rebels per hour well did he say anything else that they get to pay the economical whether at that time having now about the brain and having heard about weather very
true his election well the fall of the cases was on about five ask you ask him about what rutland relationship with the problem of what was the did you know with us any questions on the subject of regulations there's another possibility
this is big about seven i was the only one with the president and with today's veteran is a conservative state the discussion this week we had a conversation that you work in you don't recall that you recall what specifically said about project yes well there's a specific
law and a one and a half seconds i told him that do you enjoy listening recall the names for memory it didn't cover them all an engine that environment and i simply said that i didn't understand that all our heart and understand them ho ho how realistic it was this doesn't investigate the mental me that apparently in his opinion the problem might be the involvement ellsberg well it by
then i knew about deals were taken and i don't think that's the right ellsworth president's reaction to that and he worked with the city when he said that us investigation and elsewhere have begun because mr hoover the unknown to be witnessed hoover was a close friend of his deliberate thought a little bit and said whoa was that what relationship that that have with mr turow an investigation conducted by this group because mr hoover could not be a lot well i think the question was that
a security operation if you investigate where its activities are in the ceiling on the pop and the president certainly will in fact that was the hoover would not undertake this investigation but what i think you know now you effectively mr richardson's confirmation hearings on may twenty second question from senator president best reasons that the president the
unspoken on sunday april twenty follow president reagan on april twenty five you where that no oh richard who were they firing a real surprise there's not much more conservative will greatly influenced the committee nor is not a witness is facing criminal indictment it still employed in the white house that which gives him a very different perspective from that of many other witnesses moore is a successful broadcast executive and a media advisor to the president and he doesn't seem at all like a super bureaucrats who've previously testified one thing you can't remember the difference between pelican and haldeman
were left to speculate how moore who reportedly advises the president on how to appear to the media especially television things he did today was it worth it has lots of memory would become painfully obvious and he was what kind of an impression doesn't think he's making an american people rahman obviously tonight's slate news is making an impression not only on the american people run the watergate committee and investigators report to president nixon will be confined at bethesda naval medical center for a week or so as activities of the presidential press secretary ron ziegler says he will be able to carry and necessary work or rusting and recuperating that means obviously that the meetings set up today with senator sam irvin will be delayed the president complained early thursday morning of chest pains and has been running a temperature a fever between eight hundred one hundred two degrees all day he was given an electrocardiogram and zynga reports results were perfectly normal this is the first major illness in office for the sixty
year old president and it comes at a point midway through the first phase of the watergate hearings what obviously there were two witnesses today that means two sets of impressions of the two men and their performances when john kramer of the georgetown university law center in washington and stephen hess former white house assistant now senior fellow at the brookings institution watch the proceedings with us yes two men both the same age fifty nine years old mr mitchell's recollections were often falsely and mr moore as memory was atrocious and one suspects that american jury would've liked <unk> more he appeared very befuddled the times till you since you're a grandfatherly perhaps there's something that we feel almost viscerally about mr moore about his memory arises that perhaps our memories might have failed us in a way that has failed them the other hand we can feel quite so certain about mr mitchell his memory one thing this year that shows them put in a position of the defendant mr moore has not been to
this than the question of style or attitude mr mitchell pearce of panic and biting on his dream or has only been and that's been confusing sometimes point to do you think that mr mitchell's testimony was summed up by sam actually said if we're to believe mr mitchell and we have to just the us believe are part of the testimonies of magruder month corbett resourceful own demons there is wisdom was prepared statement was valiant what you said that on march twentieth dean told him that he dean had not told the president about the watergate cover up or had anyone else and this of course isn't shop contradiction to yesterday's testimony that he felt that the president knew of the cover up for meetings september fifteen nineteen seventy two in march thirtieth nineteen seventy three mr moore as responses to cross examination did not give us a very great feeling of confidence and prepared state kerry won anderson try pinning from a recent couple of the senate work again i think
the models that was unswayed laughing doing the blessing was a union of it is major contribution is correct statement was to say that he president tommy first that the president didn't know anything before the twenty first march and that he got that impression from the very last day of the last things that came out of nowhere said before was exactly i have long since learned not to try to draw impressions from the president like that he was referring to a nominee of the president sac was canceled do with the president new deals birds the country are like intel cancelled himself that was given didn't recruit the sweatpants running and moving westward in warren or any of the finding is that workers are going to swipe right i think perhaps a significant do in public when if you successfully until then i think mr mitchell comes out of this
will you try desperately for two and half days to try to not let them know really what the situation was i think he comes out looking at least in several instances of being a pro barricade are not simply someone who in his words was not trying to volunteer information he was trying to volunteer reason that i think that it comes up and he put into perspective what i think was in fort worth because that was not what he thought the president set because after all that is just to say our supposition is what he reports the dean said to him and i think that was the part that was true rebalancing to dean who kept talking about mr moore it's almost his father confessor down that conflicts on the cost of meeting that goes to watt being said when i walked out in the end the testimony of benin course was it one more that not getting involved in anything like those of karen a message to
the mitchell the course of the eighties what you think about the year came back to mr moore former ms krammer what effect do you think that the bad memory or the confusion the us from morehead later on the questions of evolving thing almost irrelevant at the time about it see what effect you think it has on his earlier statements like that to the jury confronts lester hess is very sympathetic but just as with respect he's seen or forgotten but for fifty there is real trouble in his executive of those four months ago so i think he really probably undercut himself of the time that i was ill but the janitor for america both of you have to if i could characterize so what you said you're putting out you know in terms of his testimony you indicated very clearly that going if you think that he came off as in the public's mind at least as a liar would either one of
genuinely think of anything nice to say this stage of the game about mr mitchell's performance over a three day period says i don't think that a jail the basis of its pre war he really came across that as a person who has been shown through to contradict himself but there hasn't been anything that he has said that can be used against him in terms i think of obstructing justice or being actively involved in and discover that you would not agree that that manner his demeanor except on some specifics but his demeanor now one of canada's the continued and project that we would answer questions on a request in my mind at least he did not strike me as a sympathetic or particularly candid with as he was playing the same strategy and he had reported earlier in the summer of nineteen seventy two he was like a volunteer anything that they didn't have to
look at them and thank you very much as mr has a moment ago in a great ally ask you will you agree one man would vehemently disagree with our guest is mitchell's attorney william hundley he says that his clients reticence is justified because every word he says might be used against him in later legal action during a break today joe pickett how he thinks his client so i think is the narrow alleys answered all the questions truthfully and candidly and that they were trying like that's the case would even get to the jury that if a good answer would be it wouldn't expected to say anything very different do you think that do you think your clients position and again just before has been jeopardized by this line of questioning that has been unfair to its constitutional rights as a defendant in another case and possibly one and still another one oh no question about it that mean he's not visible sitting up in a lot these devices are tied down here donald precisely the same ground it could well be the subject of a criminal
charge he has the same rights as any other american citizen and the circumstances can just wait until then see if the government can prove those charges were then and only then does he have a high any responsibility to come forward with his own defense odd now of course the b the prosecutors were lab available to them with great wit with fatal prejudiced prejudice to him his entire defense and i think that is sort of not a legal proposition that it will prevail whether the mitchell testimony as credible as one veteran a committee will have to resolve that as he invited him to his regime has put up against all the former and subsequent witnesses but one effect of his testimony may cause some difficulties in the white house by implication mr mitchell seriously undermined the edifice mr nixon built to justify his behavior and a stipend of medford a second and that lengthy document mr nixon was at
pains to suggest that he may have contributed to the cover up and not washington has long white house activities come to light because boy
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 19 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell and Richard Moore testify.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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