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it's b that said the state at this report i'm david greene mr jt all right the report
mr jay z's litany and what they do it was nice it was a pleasure there's no question welcome to you with
fifty nine at that time you didn't have all the facts is the reason you say which fundamentally well actually what i said was that under the sea festival was this a serious allegation of dealing with how it hadn't heard about them an injury then things one important
is understood you'd say you stated you didn't have that for a fact that time and since that time you've been trying to defend actresses date i was a newspaper story with reporter was fundamentally an enemy that he respects what we had testimony now is that a statement of october fifteenth was actually renewed and i said it was enacted in baseball history very serious allegations so that's to deal with the problem i think it was a short
statement but just baited breath in the memorandum comebacks they made several payments to survey most of them and get these payments made and the period in september nineteen seventy one august nineteen seventy two the total not represent both sell an expensive claim that important found out the memorandum of juice and there's more information in more detail i just wanted to stay connected to that that president mahmoud on one of the occasion of the previous day and a lot of things but understanding is
concealing things that make the case of what a complete set of facts they do discuss his innocence about the substance of this investigation that is that we have much more to conflicting versions of the show called me an investigation into the school that usually called watergate in nineteen hundred and seventy two was an asset investigate there was no color
you think it is that was not invested about this now as almost mean testified in february a review in hebrew songs of san clemente that were nineteen and seventy three san clemente california and at that meeting i believe mr erlichman suggest the parasite is present here in the publicly analyzed this is that the kenyans in the waste of time i thought of music that's a big of their summer and the policies that the public play the white house to give the impression of cooperation with the comedian privately that was the political
situation patients the apology there's no meetings you see mr michel in new york as opposed to make sure to raise more haunting in the people it had been indicted that's
right as for the mansion so what is it with that well the role that he had committee for the reelection the president's those instances we'll have to play it in responding to preparing for these hearings now and the second day and that was really what is in the second day and violently records when i was there seventy seven mr dean just a fad
i think about that place i certainly have a sense that there's a chance that the other big reasons that become law you didn't live on that poem is an attorney at law in any particular and making a pilgrimage to the city of new york cuomo attorney general of the united states to raise money you know fish fish an arousing new law
is welcome if it doesn't know it but when there was there was i mean it does it's been in the past do you anticipate that i guess it's about a certain responsibilities you have immediate access to
zappos those are you did not it did happen if you want to see the president having to go you add the rest of the scene seventies seventies download and try to do something to one up as a threat that probably will work when you saw the stamina of the united states is a new world of his most trusted confidential advisors like that you walked in the office and sam as president is something rotten piano do it that you've done was it we're skeptical clear yet what i was dealing with until that criminal actions that
black people and is that a goddess i like that really interesting oh yeah since the main demand of your bike
around televisions education experience that or in the position of trust from work they really need beauty that you didn't inform some wake of them found a cinema pilgrim battle opinions are right there a telephone i think somehow one cent i mean what is it i don't know maybe six weeks that conference senate plants and khamenei february and
march twenty four hour news and omissions <unk> cover up on a new set shot sir it was the women's teams that's right it is
with that discussions many companies there was a memorandum so i think some of the tension in that there were a lot more about that the incentives to do you know that was where you could go and so when i was a babysitter the president that the specific
so by now i was talking about what was that thank you must more i have no further question and gemini gemini have no further question i gather when you stated here that that it was only in the latter days of march
nineteen seventy three you see there remains very seriously wrong both within the white house and the president which matters were not coming to the attention of the president is is that a correct when it comes to the committee i think that most of the meetings i think what concerns me because in your statement yesterday when the statement reads really easy thank you
as hugh johnson were you serious the protection committee with integrating into play a question that i think goes to the senate for a shot at that and i get a lot of no one thought that this was a
small car even even back in nineteen seventy two things like mike not quite rewrite my first inkling that that this was a matter of me that had some connection with the religious people they are now well the whole relationship with mr zip you work with him in a pressed capacity many officials sense that occasionally because we knew it was an opinion on the question that is going to have to discuss everything used to be rare did you work with him are
on his denial of the newspaper stories road to sobriety injury issue in what capacity were and those not buying believe believe and factories that was on october fifteenth nineteen seventy two you did get involved in many aspects of the situation in france is you see i just remember one thing so do you do that
rather than responsibilities i know i don't think i did this is the next day we had the story monday mornings to be
we discuss both those things i do the firefly century role of hired to help people to pick up with that was wrong but we did not be closer it wasn't a residency requirement that it was a political story but the political season requiring of course this is a remake but also one thinks that because the race in that so when we met and anne discuss out on the facts it's
true specifically about diaz dishonesty he's operations and you do the final comments stories based on his a character says making an overview of association the white house position doesn't take very long to record and so discussions and again i compliment you you're going to try to be
insensitive in some cases the conversation as bishop so that conversation islanders did it matter that we believe that one of the washington post of them are going to have the fifth testimony in nineteen seventy two think
about it my question is he says so you know nothing's wrong but it isn't says the group that the white house to continue and get more his words to quote will do nothing and generally that would be arrested for what they do comment on the best recollections of that
i don't think it will but i haven't done the status of a million dollars over their that one and don't think about so don't sound too much and nobody got in trouble by their agenda but that was it it's possible you mind reading i think that i think is related to
the west is up for consideration a package that most of the japanese it was a vision of the world and it had some pose that may be the best a chicken aside a deposition or and again i wasn't mr chabon and the beginning said what i did issue a statement saying it will have a prankster decided to have a child and the financing it about the wonder of the first day out and that wasn't so late december just came back up there that meeting with professionals to be some deals artists and then and so
was brief and the question as champions levels has raised more questions the day after that that statement would put out and i think that the race that unless i don't know that the resolution of that it was something that we could justify putting out a lot of the jobs that show the first that i think that was to being athletic would brief and that that i thought oh that's it that the average minutes for the december nineteen seventy and i sort of refer your statement is comedian and seventy page for first question mike reckon
assuming that in the nineteen seventy one and nineteen seventy two is that if you're a typographical errors in chad reed nineteen seventy two oh yeah i think that i have then by reading happy actually said this sense that left in this that violence that the exception before that i realize that in early december we had businesses so i have that not my reading copy of latter december nineteen seventy two album but in reading it that was december
allen disagrees there is no decision december nineteen seventy two and he's going to join the fbi to learn the chicken
complex connection now a us citizen is obviously raising rates because the reviews the mile now being confronted with a great testimony and more critically the trio to file which isn't hearing from his first cousins that was on vasectomies how did you how does it appears possible it's emanating from the great years i was meeting witnesses and just being i think that's s and as i was there was nothing i don't recall with an interview with politico that are thrilled to have it in your report mr dean education
what this was i think it was a matter of raw files i think that that is the availability and the american civil liberties union had that effect and certainly civil liberties union these things anything else this just in they joke and rebar because with that we used to be allies of the americans of a
butt the fact is the post this used to be suggested that that at this point the subject up and that that might be one of the key way out some factors into this equation the blunder and that that was the suggestion is made in this visit to my presence there's this saying that in addition to the us and the rate information but they are referred to because of that i don't know
it depends on the state well combat roles the combat or even publicized i fully with records the government sources about the payments and i don't i can't remember this point like it when they decide what march that needs to know one of the things that i want to know some of the immediate comment because they function coming up almost daily so i can't really respond to
what the previous day stranded in previous reviews they use referring to you there's a solution well i think with respect to the state but i do wonder service whether weeks responses but there's this bigger questions about just how well that that event instead of research thank you you were
it's been marginally there wasn't dumont so there's that big fulsome a story to be the publisher that's what my memorandum was the starting point for a may twenty second ad second when you say that you really wanted i understand that that sense that one is and they build all the illegal or improper activities that might've gotten any one in terms of the president's knowledge of what really
i think that becomes they knew that that was for civilian speak of the burglary the break in socal at that there are you are other than a very clear statement that i said i didn't know what even though that was not incriminating a possibly can to get into what i was talking about the president's knowledge of the subject of the break in and i didn't know anything at that subject for political cover awards and the cover up of security well sir i don't think that their lives in the same sense i'm talking about what was a conspiracy to alleged conspiracy to
obstruct justice but payments to the fence thank you robert there were many years that the only relate to war and the break in at watergate and nothing else and other words molecules come up and other matters are not all so yes the statement about i came here i mean just about i understood that we live in vegas that security disability that was not to be part of these this is another parent would come later but the staff what happens in a lot of i think i think it was the path said
he wasn't planning to be a lot of voters and it really relates to what i thought was the essential question with that defense of life i suppose the impressionist now well
i know and we still don't know so i don't know what mr sigman flour what i do know is that this is it that report an arrest and that they really genuine and i think ok whatever the dick tuck who by the way happened to have been on the payroll of one of the other presidential candidate yesterday it's not
the bureau really your own thinking but the fact remains you participated in the flat out the night of an event where you knew the facts to be different from the state legislators that going to accept the fact that on october sixteen twenty sixteen the white house position someone that there was some basis for the charges the judges was that statement that oh
right we're going to stay with it second base but i just in case anybody i understood that something would commonly the state of the american idol is a movie that's why i go i understand we're not ready now on the bases
my statement that was very specific what was at stake santa rosa that's because that was one many of the comments but you having me
let's go with true sixty nineteen seventy this week matt discusses some extent i'm not saying they're not inclined will affect you know but that denial is very very short break and we can i ask you when a baseball knowledge which required an october fifteenth whether that the nile is correct it was a good little piece of the problem is though that they give up with a response that he did that tonight
so i don't think about anything and i think that this doesn't mean that i don't think that if you go back and read not just the ones though and this was a sequence the first was a great for them it's a big story that i say and i'm also i mean the source was a politician who told the reporter that someone told him that was that's what would have had that the last one of the names of people also with usaid he went there when stealing millions
of pretty fair statement and the way to do it was with this statement relative to the newspaper articles or was that this data in relation to the knowledge and to require painful the question before them the pittsburgh settlers this is my
position for years i don't think i would that's part of the white house point of view and that's because that is the fact that when i'm in the white house that the bright idea of trying to be what they call a couple as i said was we will find parallels the way that these was whoa but it was not a major issue in this campaign to be turned into a tremendous issue in the last debate just as they do at a practice they
just put out there want to play before this is the season when the rhythm and the activities to young man an activist said that was wrong and you know or is it you know with this issue was it ms lee yes
i don't know there are many and that we should have a cause that was right at the plant was going to say what i should have done but at the same token having done that i would have had a victory for some what i would call of these political journalism and that the nation would have been we got a sense of that we we took the view that we would
issue a statement and they don't have the perspective of circumstances was pretty fair i don't always have a continued like that when he was a bit defiant libyans situation report mark the fbi reports news and the volatile rio to
follow that was to calm and even with that even without a lot of knowledge of the nile river rock i didn't know it happened really really mr mitchell testified as follow sonny montes it was the seventies something to be helping to raise money mr mitchell
yes that were involved in the watergate johnson and he specifically mentioned support for the people involved in watergate mr mitchell well this was the general tenor of the subject matter yes you have a talk about the dimension or at least understood we talk about raising funds and this is what they were talking about it which you know has been has been well mr maher takes a moment to look over his statement will take for a short respite public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause for a station
identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting service the pope the
pay from washington and ride continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential
campaign activities here again correspondent robert macneil as we go back to the community it is senator what they're asking the questions senator no idea that this is a bit of a classic example of a twofold who people talk a good knowledge of that is not you know the city he said he was first that's what i said and he said the words that you would not be interested in help raise money connection with these activities within minutes of the opening time i did not say that i made a reference to vote so what i think that is the major activities for the payment the
payment of the support that invasion of people that were involved in that one out he didn't say that i said that he's with thousands of these tidbits became even as the more specifically mentions support of the people about a lot of it mr mitchell well this was a terrible thing i want to re emphasize this question that said that mr richard morris sometime in february comes to you you're asking you to participate to try to raise some funds legal defense of the defendants estimates of
fifteen as i recall don't want to discuss a number of items concern the forthcoming hearings of this committee i believe that my memory serves me right there was a reference book that some people thought that i might be interested in that subject matter very strong sense of a concept and that was disposed of in one or two sentences yesterday now the subject matter was seeking whether you would be interested in raising funds for the legal defense of the defendants mr mitchell that is correct that was not a crime basis a discussion of like to look at that is it strikes me that the words he said this was the kind of subject matter that she was an addict and now i did just
asking that's correct he's depicted as was visiting that is a lot of the people like you have a disability all about raising that this is what you have their cars semis but estimates two months later that when i spoke about money he thought that's what they were talking about the pope
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