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the power is is knowing at least sir what i know now and knowing that so that in the service of my country i was two hours and hours of kept charging shelling and bombing but i never expected to run into a lot of me in the service of the president in the united states and i ran into a buzz saw obvious an investigation stepping into
hearings he's a senior correspondent l patrick gray told the senate committee today that watergate drove him out of his post as acting fbi director proudly live with a broken heart only insisted that the bureau conducted a vigorous aggressive investigation of watergate he conceded that he and his colleagues have been babies in the woods over some matters ray a career naval officer before he came to the nixon administration said he felt he had adequately alerted president nixon three weeks after watergate that some of his staff were behaving illegally but when the president has been no questions and it was no follow up he concluded he had been an alarmist at no time to late spring they said that i consider i was being swept into the very conspiracy i was trying to investigate that's a madman's heart lay said he tried twice to expand the watergate investigation into political matters but was turned off by assistant attorney general peterson
later peterson told him i'm scared about you and i are expendable was haldeman ehrlichman are not senator and dismissed they were allowing from the sun's blazing heat who swears to his own heart attorneys for president nixon are scheduled to appear in federal district court tomorrow they'll have a statement just define the president's refusal to turn over tape recordings of white house conversations to the government's special prosecutor so far the urban committee has not followed up on mr nixon's refusal to comply with a subpoena is it easy for the same traits but the uk reports that legal action isn't members of the senate select watergate committee now have a draft a lawsuit seeking presidential documents and tapes after viewing of an executive session discussing it tomorrow morning the committee is expected to give the green light to chief counsel scientists to take the case to federal district court here possibly as early as tomorrow afternoon there's no indication at this time that the case would be combined with the summit's summer proceeding
by federal prosecutor archibald cox taxes complaint will be heard by a federal judge answered tomorrow morning the historic senate committee action may suffer the first time the historic doctrine of separation of powers never challenged in the history of the republic is expected to go quickly to the supreme court but maybe only by senator sam irvin himself commuters at work round the clock on the complaint and they've called an outside constitutional experts to help the surgeons alexander buckle of yale from a prominent chicago jerome kern of george washington university and sherman kahn of georgetown the case is expected to be about five pages long or have the test documents and exhibits committee lawyers say will be about this thick l patrick gray's testimony has several very important threats to jacques marquis one of our regular legal eagles from a diverse and interesting law center washington watched it all with us today jack what would you want to have some of the most important things also was a rich day gemini i
hesitate to work to try and portray was coming the need for some detail with three things very quickly juan the meeting of april twenty six between mr peterson the findings of the great which was to grateful than lieberman files during that meeting our spending bill but in that information the president asked him by telephone from the findings to stay on as acting director of the fbi but that's i mean i think of the fact that mr peterson i write a mysteriously the fear that he was expendable as was gray wall halderman ehrlichman were not meeting expendable remains to be seen on april thirtieth the president we now told the country that he backed on march twenty first discovered newport information about this investigation said he personally ordered all those and costly investigation the report to him personally disagree will tell us that in the ensuing period after march twenty first at the president never contacted pick it jack girl must market will be back at the gaza cannot broadcast to talk about this and the oleo things in more detail they'll be joined at that time
by david was a washed and they stood journalist and author of the new book the politics of law now to help you plan your evenings during here's an hour by our rundown of the testimony in the first r l patrick gray is examined closely by assistant committee counsel ruthless at this point as to why he agreed to turn fbi files ordered a presidential council john d apparently without question and lancers allegations of top level fbi officials prevented an fbi interview with james mccaughan and the second i write tells of reaching his decision to quit his acting head of the fbi following a meeting with attorney general findings and assistant attorney general peterson at that meeting peterson told it was scary but both he and they were considered expendable by the white house may also describes his state of mind when he finally bring the hunt and indeed had given him the third hour sees committee chairman urban exploring why gray primitive john dean decision on fbi interviews of people connected with the watergate tapes and senator why cruz interrogation reveals a
conflict between graham president nixon about the watergate case leading higher and a fourth argument and tries to clarify some of those statements in a taped conversation of john ehrlichman there explains he wanted john dean to shut up regarding distinctions team is making between animal the files from the fbi director and an fbi agents they also portrays himself as leading the job of acting director of the fbi with a broken heart and in the final hour would just played tells about the great respect for the people he was dealing with the white house he says he had no idea that they would lead him into the conspiracy he was investigating this he said would be a mad men star and ray concludes by defending the investigations the fbi made into the watergate break in a lot of hearings and senator fb
deputy counsel i like to stay with family admission that before the sabbath and against that as we approach the recess period i like to say that the hearings into it and sighs what inspires their secretaries city council allstate members around the clock but this isn't getting to the committee and viruses deputy counsel has really assist the us and having the kind of success we are educating as chief counsel i will make that public statement concerning the day that been given by the deputy counsel today
since he's standing nineteen forty but senate races than rice institute nineteen thirty two to nineteen thirty six and used in taxes and then entered the naval academy graduated in nineteen forty george washington university last two seater jedi degree in nineteen forty nine as i was selected to attend law school under the navy's post graduate law program nineteen sixty that is an unsettling truth
then engaged in the practice of law and uncertain business endeavors in connecticut from nineteen sixty one to nineteen sixty nine and then you came onboard as an executive assistant to mr robert a teacup doesn't want to be down there as the us defenses executive assistant i help him in the transition the nixon administration came and then i guess you would say i was his man friday i work from six thirty in the morning from nine to ten o'clock in the evening sound work standup that's right being assistant secretaries the other puzzles that members of the secretary and in general only the operation of the office of the
secretary was pretty much it and my son is a first my recollection is that it goes back to when i was a freshman and lost to land president was a freshman congressman and it was at a party out of the year jj spoken which i had been invited by that got through that really saved my life during the war now i understand that you serve on this next thursday june thirty nineteen sixty until the election in sixty eight then you serve in nineteen sixty eight that you have a close personal relationship with the president what is your relationship is threatened stern i served
from june thirty when i read that in the navy and went over the room three sixty one senate office building and still shortly after january of nineteen sixty one i am during the campaign it had a lot to do with the paintings base i put together an organization known as retired foreign service and then the next until i put together a group of lawyers and that a volunteer organization set up the solar building basement and what financial male is that i think that was that was and i did not serve in the campaign of nineteen sixty eight the only thing i did in the campaign of nineteen sixty eight as for the president's signature going to the national association of small business investment companies regarding the president's
position with reference to that but i was not active in the campaign of nineteen sixty eight and all other than doing that paper at the request as i remember that the levels you're saying that that was part of the press to a casual glance over the relationship has been more motivational impersonal and i don't think the president would consider rational and it would be presumptuous of me to say yeah that's a lot of people like to bask in the glory of the president at an imminent up the one who had to but the facts are says he would probably say in so that our relationship is broad fashion than a century into the center of it was that kind of thing ms dreher new service of education government backed wal marts and then i noticed in your biographical sketch that you were a special consultant to the president's cabinet committee on education what was that
i was asked education set in the segregated school system the president's cabinet committee on educating education one the citizens state advisory committee set up i was asked to go in the mississippi first amendment georgia and working with leading citizens of those two states black and white were not really actively engaged in politics this was that this is an upward and i went in the mississippi or six weeks and then i went over and enjoyed a nice set of both of those two state advisory committees and another people take up the work their application on the work that had been done in those times that countless railcar just briefly state
assistant attorney general civil division and you confront the senate then in february nineteen seventy two you are not making the deputy attorney general and i noticed the record that you never became deputy attorney general what happened i was deputy attorney general has a fine line and there's i mean i think that my name was reported out of committee on you to hear it what a newspaper article or columnists mr anderson scholars i recall came out in this decline means houses here in the reopened a column have to do certain charges made in connection with the i think the sudden right i just want to say to the reopening of the findings any further action in regard to my
nomination i continued as assistant attorney general civil division and deputy attorney general designate as a cyclist brave the exception of a couple and over the years private practice law during hour ago i voted to government service were going another this eleven years you've already in american history and is that i noticed in the very site devoted to a substantial part of your recollections and those of general walter conversations he had with you with others and with the president and i do not intend to question that area and ask questions and i'm i don't want you to infer any way to browbeat your biggest areas i think the questions have to be asked about in other places that were not mentioned very substantial interstate and his statement to say that when the watergate break in occurred on the
seventeenth you're in california return whoa whoa and you stayed on june twenty one received a telephone call mr john ehrlichman and white house informed you john green the beginning white house investigation of the watergate affair and i think he also told you that john mccain would be the only one an investigation at this point how well did you know john ehrlichman how well you know and now i think that during the campaign of nineteen sixty if i remember correctly mr haldeman is she the advance man or mr erlichman was an advance man then in that campaign and i knew them only in that capacity i had no no personal relationship or no close contact with them at all coming back and the government here in the nixon administration as executive
assistant to secretary kerry my relations with most professional and that sort of thing it's not a social relationship never have and i've never been in the spirit realm and he's never been in my whole lives have been truly a good working professional relationship in the respective positions in which we have found themselves john dean and that must've been for the first time at the time of the nineteen seventy one demonstrations when he was at a meeting the attorney general's conference room and i asked some people later on that particular individual was and i was totally was that's when i first met me ms vivian did you meet with mr john thain in an area around your heart on the
first two sundays and in july i think maybe and one of the interview she thought it was the first and huge at that meeting this episode three months of reconstruction and working over no this memorandum records laws with my wife up i didn't have a meeting with just a day monday through sunday twentieth of june on sunday the second of july what were the circumstances that this game would be if your arms are on a sunday morning on it he stated that this would not be practical because of the fact that there are not many people present a fog on a sunday
out that it would be easily notice that he would be coming in the process the summer with the anomaly and i suggested in law so so overwhelmingly this is so much of an event in pieces if you're going to record your officer you know i didn't take into that to be saying that at least and i think in the same that there would be another northern league team have been seen entering the department of justice that i've been honestly taken
us mr is deciding to turn over any fbi documents relating lobbying investigation to be absolutely certain i know that one of those remarks he made was that this is a president of the void beats we couldn't visit us on that particular sunday afternoon the various theories of the case that the fbi and considering it and i had already discussed we discuss the league first two week period and it is entirely possible that he could have raised with me the question of making available to him the fbi materials available to me for his use in december i cannot have that kind of certainty that i can say that is entirely possible my recollection is
in my remembrances of that subject was raised in ads on the follow that somebody so that the first ban on the first occasion when mr dean when you turn over any kind of fbi documents that must have been was when first day any got the best of my recollection following this this meeting on the events there at the harvard square requirements that phone call us to find that terribly and it was in that phone call it was again raise a question of making available to the materials the fbi file materials that were available to me head around while the night for something i would say that that that i believe it to be in the lead in the week of july ninth now the first thing than if you turned over in the state where the fbi says that through
a desert that is directly asked me if i would like available to him fbi file through a variety of options for the types of party or raisins directions is huge interview by fbi had ordered by navy acting director and they can be reports of some of these investigations conducted in the field their brief brief summaries three or four lines of each facet they could be any number of other things they could consistently so that's quite true strivers row at the answers i never really understood what royalty on through i think there's a lot of confusion generated about the fbi serves a while everything goes valuations
the reports of interview of the trio to say that could be a visitor and evaluated that type of thing this is material that eventually found itself in the fbi watergate investigating far but now that i understand that on july seventeenth just being requested that you give him some of the various events that transpired mentioned the investigation of your commentator's reports us really asked me if i could get there was to be prepared a summary of the status of the investigation and i discussed with him in the form of a letter for a rapidly used in preparing some summaries and i told him that i thought that this should be addressed to the attorney general as was the case in set before
then i know i had a telephone conversation with his to fill and sending that this is the type of thing that was regularly done according to the fbi standard operating procedure in fact that have been proposed as a nineteen ten i stopped at a time hi kathy opinion from our office of legal counsel and i don't think my instructions to mr fowler's i remember just have the assistant director in charge of the office of legal counsel the caribbean and having to do with this is something that you're on such an opinion wasn't the perry however at the time i had the telephone conversations that felt like poland and i thought this was that even as senator mcgovern the president was a mindset where it's just thought i thought it was probably what i was trying to do with this memorandum was set some standards and preceded the deliveries of fbi material
through the gap through the political offices that memorandum moment so what were the circumstances surrounding turning over without that you want the organization the proper safeguards this material that could he keep it in safety in his offers to mention that here before i was interested in writing unusually good and he did have the facilities to do it and then essentially one of reasons that feeling over to pick them up and i said no i said you have to come over and pick them up here so am i right and i said no all day long there's a constant stream of people in all
there are not that many he did come over and he did receive them from dna around the government issued type of time and they are right as to the fbi that the ipo to his medicine is at reed is not an investigative report is a lot of an investigative report and it has many occasions as a true bedouin you either twenty six nineteen seventy in response to what i would characterize as a man was of them amnesty they need you gave him several fbi trio troops my best recollection this threatens than it was in that time that week the twenty six twenty
seven twenty eight that was getting caught requested that i make available to him we interviewed reports that i had available and i did and i believe my best recollection is that those were picked up once again by the twenty eight a lot of those were two groups interview reports fbi on three of the tunes that i have a group of over to meet think the first group was the letter to me on the thirtieth of june the second group deliberately and seventeenth of july you tell us to gain the he could have been given due course there were thousands of volumes of other materials that didn't come directly to you that were supposed to be you didn't get that is right for artists when you're acting director i think you mentioned one mr fell that was louis ck mr
grulke was my acting associate director federal bureau of investigation when i served as acting for those musket ball mr doughty was the assistant director in charge of the office of legal counsel and a very wise a muskrat i have a memorandum you referred to a moment ago which is dated july twenty nineteen seventy two when the subject is dissemination it's too leicester fell mr dj it all ends up its dissemination of information the white house level cases now i would appreciate it if you couldn't verify this memorandum it's sixty three in europe fall within days at the bottom of page and so many of those are your
notations on the bottom the back page each memorandum and i don't have it no sixty five sixty three seven sixty three and sixty five more than two hundred activists well what is the notation on the back page memorandum it's in your hand you say the last sentence in the memorandum is the authority and obligation to the fbi and the attorney general on the wrist i underline underline and seventies so in this particular case and in all cases and silently three seven twenty eight fifty seven pm in the uk recipes to
thank you no sir and you you have this memorandum that didn't aspire yes i asked them to be there than to undo your desire to be informal quote on the legal basis for dissemination by the fbi white house of information concerning a criminal case being investigated more specifically a case being investigated as a primal case for prosecution yes sir six mines right you asked for this memorandum in response to mr gaines demands for your fbi years you want to know what to do i asked for in connection with the preparation
of the letter that memorandum summarizing the investigation which was the best way then in the memorandum on thursday that any information provided by the fbi should be channeled through the attorney general and it's dated the requirements are going to follow the chain of command and not by passing the lake and this means that we advised the white house if at all for the attorney general are not around and then the supplemental that memorandum it's really only a certain exceptions where the white house committee informal fbi materials directly if they have to do with domestic or foreign intelligence now the back page of that supplemental memorandum also readings matters which the president necessarily act more directly on his own initiative than is the case for the war versus seems quite a
reasonable distinction between a constant flow of advice to the white house on matters of war on the one hand it all matters of domestic and foreign intelligence on the other now this ravioli might have some interpretations that are different on the legal memorandum of this nature but in that moment of real estate look when the fbi are not supposed to turn anything over to the white house unless we do it through channels to get that when you are secure your moment to mr dean through the attorney general and then is it not for mr gray that you turn around right around after you go through this memorandum internal battle realtors yesterday what's the point
anything that directors actors and though my objective here and ask them for those things minnesotans we unite we take material and sometimes in those days and i think that you will find this is a decision so
we were doing very different situation timon vision that in that manner and was trying to do was to begin this was standard procedures within the investigation that the dissemination of information that there's no doubt in my mind president of the united states well just use at the memorandum through channels through the attorney general that i mentioned that you see a real choose to recognize again how we might be using sen lott i'm psyched right now with israel to serve more important than in a memorandum of us aid they contain the raw data that fbi agents collect from all over the country innuendo of the things when mr findings came i remember first of this committee senator vincent baker admits that my room and just
finding said very specifically senator vincent abate i will not have that and spread around and just randomly and so it's been the position as an original findings that is by far the most important so i'm saying you sent a memorandum to channel that was right in spite of the name without religion and saying that you must make a distinction again i think between rock that i sent him there was no rock that these sites this was not an evaluative information this was not and as a matter fact when we were considering what type of material to be sent to the urban selects the it my position was in the inception and was throughout everything that we have because there wasn't anything in there of the type of material that is so often referred to
rock out of this anonymous innuendo and this i think that i went through was not in the fbi investigated followed watergate investigation and i think you could look at it today and go right down through well the leaders agents written remembrance of what he elicited from somewhere else that i really want levy remembers his interview with the person the most fun things about the possibility of giving it you know that because the laws are not what i didn't do it because i thought that i was the acting director of the federal bureau of investigation and i never questioned the counsel to the president united states i don't have to go to the attorney general thesis television and as the novel my hand and let me read on than making decisions i did not and i would not be mr
rapp i don't mean probably give it twenty six years of military experience to know things about the chain of command or you didn't work mostly new york curator ray supervisor and your shelves because that is incorrect and also the president united states is not poisoning the thousands of the president visited west of the west and i did well if every person in it and some agencies were all that were right i can conceive that inhabit all of these powerful person where a lot of government agencies and counterman or and other words step into the entire operation of every agency oh i don't think that that would occur i think the fbi occupies a peculiar position with reference to the president of the united states the president of united states federal bureau of investigation and a little different
but you did understand history gripping was speaking for the president of the united states he said that you have no question about it i asked him specifically on two occasions and maybe even three decades i can't be certain of the third occasion so i can testify to that underwrote that i specifically asked john are you reporting directly to the president if you ever again after mr owen ullmann star up on the first day and said mr dean will be an investigation but after that time did you ever again as mr hall is john being able to speak with the president never entered my mind and i didn't you know i didn't talk about in ordering this investigation i did not literally thought certainly never crossed my mind to ask for reassurances i asked nineteen i believe germany well i'm going to move on
to that date which had a great effect on your life i'm sure the twenty eight june early that morning and you tell him that you would like to see him that afternoon and you finding people bypassing new met mr mickens office with mr dean of what it was seeing this day on june twenty eight but that was a political will which i believe the week it was what i was taking that relates to be coming from the fbi or that was an appointment set up by his secretary dealing directly with my secretary but it was in total for the eleven seventeen am not wanting the equality council council my meeting with the director helms and deputy director well is the cia in a
statement she made reference to the fact that when you arrive at the white house and walk in certain songs you were discussing this thing that surprised me that you're surprised you had met with him first with the latest book within i think sixteen times since twenty first met with in at least one spot were you surprised to see john been in the meetings for because i believe it is my understanding that i was going to be there now as i mentioned a moment ago in this meeting in their bit of this transpired which had an unprecedented it's impact on your life and i certainly don't intend this to great to attempt anyway to browbeat your art as any constant questions but there are some questions you know that should be asked that was the day that mr erlichman industry being handed over view the contents of the safe which have not been turned over the fbi and when you reconstruct that meeting a little better than you get in a statement one where
mr dean starkman acting strangely i didn't think they were acting strangely at all no i didn't notice anything strange about the meeting i was surprised to see john being there in the woods i remember that remember john something to turn over another senior state is that there's no indication that any time you make any resistance to taking these files i ask the question whether or not to become a part of the fbi files and i was still know where the us can do isn't it i said no i don't want to keep themselves know i didn't the prime minister again at seven thousand national security implications that there are political dynamite they were absolutely not next to the watergate and i know you've asked yourself this question of dozens of times why didn't you know must've been in this verdict and
to take their own vows and destroyed i never entered my mind that these men were telling me that these were sensitive they were classified national security implications of the political ripples absolutely nothing that new watergate as i recall being said there then it was in conclusion that must've been emphasize the national security implications of the fact that there are political dynamite and clearly should not see the light i was receiving orders from the council president and one of the top assistant to the president and i was not about the question you're going for context mr weber semester helms big virtue in that meeting that sense that paper might suggest most of them turn them over to mr helms and all those i didn't think that
would you ever think that after you took the files out to yourself my babies do not involve watergate why shouldn't i turned those old west wow i've had a great relationship with that but you know they involve cia and you know what they involve at one time in point of fact the spirit was then going back to that period those fallen out of that moment absolutely nothing and this is very you know those files for about six months and i'm not going to ask questions about the different versions of where you've got more when you look at what are your final testimony is that you took from connecticut and going with the christmas trash it i just want to know what kind of state of mind are you into all those so called explosive files that amount of time and there will be
violence in the first place and on the basis of all my background training and experience i mean you know i wasn't concerned about it and have a natural curiosity of the founders of the men and i mean you know just before turning the mice state department cables when i believe that the one of it is they did it but they weren't in that moment to me so the burning of them was on my mind every single day i would have a list of these cables at that time at with your questions running crash is also involves things are going to turkey at that moment i can give you the
state are now know that they're not in my daily life and i haven't been the recipient of holding something from my own agency why did you give the state for no i think you know the terms are no animosity honestly say that five hundred thousand times i'm in front of this committee today a fax or otherwise i care about my orders and i destroyed the fact i was ashamed of what i read in that respect the believer my government would be involved in that kind of an effort to assassinate the president of another nation mr ai who in your mind when you were burning
bright if you think where the president jonathan john wayne somebody else i really can't be sure i feel that i was taking orders and the assistant to the president but i've got to say in all honesty in ferguson recently that if i had looked at those files that evening and saw what they were innocent said that those two men are one of the more than the president if we're going to take these files i don't think i would've got more there's a couple questions about the scope of your investigation not going away in any individuality out asian not continue or not to investigate investigators and that and a recent article published in august nineteen seventy three armed forces were
bused to record set for some gaps in the fbi investigation which he considered to be fun now some of those questions raised the most important hearing they're repeating you say if you just want to suggest that it was absurd to the fbi not to have interviewed every employee of the imagery alive what about today but suffice it to say that the professionals within the fbi felt that the lead ran to sixty employees the committee to re elect the president and we have no additional leads to interview many of the people and i was like this is a general comment that was then if i may that be professionals in charge of this investigation has stated categorically that they were never respect that limited or refused and anyway with regard to running out any leads that they wish to run out with the exception of the delay in the
central intelligence agency interviews and saying i'm unaware of aerial bombardments have previously related in my state finally about the details later but the most important two sided in this article a situation involving him personally he says in this article that if he had been interviewed by a friendly fbi agent wanted me and trust that he would have been fast but that quote there is evidence that senior supervisor personnel the fbi tried to get approval to get to be seeking a confession in july seventy two but were turned down at the world or what is that i don't know what the three reporters referring to the highest levels and i can only help speculators to what he may be referring to and i can tell you and that's a long exhibits that i've already turned over to the committee i believe it was on june twenty eight at the meeting and i had two thirty in the afternoon that
must've felt in this debate in the basement and the fact that there was a special agent of the fbi knew them well but the special agent was not stationed here in the washington field of vision that was in another field division in the suggestion was made that promise of this region could go to mrs mccourt they can determine whether or not as the record was willing to talk about this moment and say that at the inception my agents tried to rigorously to interview the suspects and all of them refuse to be interviewed mr mccourt was no exception this agent was special agent that his mom talked to say no my peanuts and we got an awful lot of heat in the newspapers because of the fact that senator martinez was represented
by an attorney at that time but nevertheless the suggestion was made to me that this agent be permitted to talk witnesses record and seek to prevail upon her to determine whether or not mr mccourt would be willing to talk with us and i gave instructions to contact his agent special agent got three of the birmingham field of vision that the federal bureau of investigation and determine whether nodding to the reports how well he knew the records what it would be willing to contact this record as was suggested that he do and he was contacted by mr bates and he did say that the newport well he did say that he would be willing to do anything that would assist the fbi or the corals that reporters make it for me by mr bates i did some very very serious consideration i knew that was from a court was
represented by an attorney i knew that we wanted to talk to us we could have made the offer himself in some way could have made it on himself in some way that you wish to talk with us i consider the case on that point and i finally decided that on the basis of ethics and what had happened to us before what we get to that special agent on his efforts to talk with senior martinez that ethics encased all prohibited maybe letting that go forward and i may be the man to just report is referring to it the highest of those who turned that down but the fact of the matter is that i turned it down at that time i was reviewing all of my notes are just recently i said if i am permitted to go forward perhaps ethics wouldn't be a consideration today because perhaps we would have broken the case but i think at the time
he needed three people point to the fact that the city's my interpretation of the supreme court's mandate in for and against arizona's created for united states reports for thirty six and that's when a man known refuses to be interviewed it is the obligation of investigators to remain in custody refuse to be energy is the obligation of investigators to seize interviews a while as the especially among other things of the renegades and furthermore the case of messiah made the messiah at the united states three seventy seven united states to a one really elaborate subordinate especially clear that where men is represented by an attorney their relationship and interviewing not just any island it's also about a series of
questionable constitutional and so i bring those two cases this german invention the committee because i think they support the judgment that that was the great made as well as canon seven of the young of the canons of ethics which i think is further support right right right that was meant to prevent abuse nothing is there it's true we get a considerable number of warrants for support with regard to his bank account import associates and quite frankly and honestly i don't
know whether we've ever asked this as the united states attorney or search warrant for his home i believe that the watergate investigating violent show that we have to mr rawlings testimony of july ten laws that we do it at some time then go up there but i can testify as to the facts on that because i simply do not know whether or not the agents a request to search more of the assistant united states attorney they did not make such a request to me i can't justify that assertion and before that new job than eighteen thousand dollars in his house was an electronic equipment in this car which would have been released you know nothing about surveillance being turned out i turned that
none none were presented to me i had no discussion about it because as i've said we subpoenaed you know according to associates we subpoenaed <unk> reports bank account we have a bank account we subpoenaed is either bank account it got some i think has dedicated friends of america but specifically no request was made directly to me and as a matter fact sent one request did not come the acting director of the leaks did not come to the acting director these were generated case agent level working directly with the assistant united states attorney there were very few requests the interview that came to me or to get once it came to make no requests for walking ms marianne
lists a number of other things that i believe that a couple infections here that are compilations we suggest be nominated initially this probably came up in the summer of nineteen seventy one all i can remember i was the assistant attorney general civil division and that was busily engaged in the various little editions were going on in the election would be injunctions involving demonstrations and a quicker action case of vietnam veterans and that sort of thank yous of the arts alive i can remember one meeting with the former attorney general mitchell in his office and i was reporting on this litigation east and he said to me is that i don't want to get in trouble but i would like to be considered for the position that the fbi director i said in general i will serve in any position in any capacity the president wishes
me sir that was the end of it and i'm david greene and i can remember sitting around in the attorney general's office but when i make a suggestion that we had considered who should be named acting director that why not considered that right well it is i went up and this great during her confirmation hearings is part of the controversy about your perhaps involvement in anti tea matter they were the interview
about watergate investigation and some time i think and david that you have a seemingly improving the way to having her so of course on the menu that same day he calls john wayne and variance in famous quote that i think we ought to let him hang there that includes slowly slowly and women confirmation hearings did you discern this and i never get first night that that was what i was shown and uses the united states attorney's office at that telephone conversation what was happening to me as far are necessary to threaten us and that calls for judgment you know that i'm not
prepared to make because i don't have all the facts on the the other side but knowing at least sir what i know now and knowing that and in the service of my country that was two hours and hours of kept charging shelling bombing but i never expected to run into a watergate in the service of a president united states and i ran into a buzz saw obvious mr craig is it scary and i'm realizing that everything that you knew well now there's no question about it in my mind because he is the original offer that i made was rescinded on march sixteenth party every senator the united states to complete it i investigated while every time senator when asked the question that i could not remember i would go to
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 1 of 6
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 36 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, L. Patrick Gray testifies.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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