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it says confidential was only german forger <unk> from fred melamed subject court meeting functions for the campaign organization stayed for bernanke's nineteen seventy two i've given further thought to our conversation last night into your fairways seven memorandum to the attorney general since i did not yet have an intense knowledge of the campaign operation is difficult for my observations to be precise nevertheless i do have some reservations about the recommendations contained in that memorandum which can best expressed in writing planning my reservations and that's your recommendations came mainly to suggest a planning process but also responsibility for education especially when the entire perimeter just you into the substance an entire river and this is this is planning process as you know the attorney general was asked to devise a major audit system but which you can track overall progress that the five major powers for corrective action better than ever a part of such a system is established
the benchmark by which congress has to be judged or ensure deployment this development are thinking and there's a tented concluded the planning system should incorporate falling characteristics principal focal point for planning should be the states with the emphasis given to key states rather than the functional areas such as sort of like activities telephone directory and second by investing more help to highlight direct mention attention to progress on building voter supporter kerry individual states a key to victory so activities within a state should be based on properly defined strategy for obtaining the needed vote for karen that state spelling out for example the need a vote margin by distinctive geographical areas where organizing persuasion technique which will be utilized as is implicit in the above two points the planted sugar about issa provide some basis for tracking progress identifying problem areas for corrective action aline officials will be held accountable for results principle of the
state chairman to feel as though they have the lead in developing the plan's effect and there's responsibility naturally exercising quality control national campaign organization must ensure the plans that the overall reelection strategy and campbell a pot capitalize on polling information from our conversation i would say generally agree with this however from reading your memorandum your position on these principles is not clear i believe they should clarify private proceeding with the thought that a planning system responsibility for implementation i believe there's a strong argument for having bob meara perform his function in view of the sound out of the campaign operations and has access to research information however it is important for the comptroller to be inevitably involve since these plans will provide the basis for tracking progress find problems do this effectively the controller must ensure that the plans provide some basis for monitoring campaign effectiveness also he was doing also you must be fairly familiar with your content perhaps we can make the nascent capitalize on the straits of both individuals bouts of giving the comptroller of definite on this
responsibility formal decision making progress process i really wonder whether this sort of staff secretary and operation which is just as necessary since procedures about it have been helpful to now says attorney general's not yet president in his responsibilities have been shifting with the growth of this organization however with attorney general coming on board full time soon with him taking a more direct supervisor rollover the field operations and with the division responsibilities between the principals been clarified a question the need for a staff secretary system in fact it may be counterproductive subsystems are inevitably convert cumbersome and therefore not conducive to the need for fast decisions as the campaign heats up also due to the sensitivity of the information the need for speedy action and the decisions will undoubtedly help verbal a particular toward the end of the campaign this one undermine a staff secretary to political coup i recognize the business can be perpetrated without such a system however given the
nature of the campaign manager of the answer lies in appointing company with his managers making sure they have a clear understanding of their respective responsible is rather than printed cumbersome staff secretary system of course the attorney general should well should and will decide this matter i believe would be a disservice to try to persuade and really noticed that secretariat system rather than bringing animals company managers possible you're laying out the responsibilities and then holding a fully accountable for results he's of course my initial reaction based on quote limited knowledge is not amnesty how she'd begun revealing of possible problems that need to be addressed before we get locked in because of the above reservations i recommend you either pull back the memorandum or asked attorney general to electing an impending for the corporation me another option would be for me to inform the changeover my reservations and s and defer the decision however i do not think this is desirable for the july work out a spirit of cooperation has become a trademark i think there was taken by surprise last night after discussed on friday about the need for
teamwork and discussing my role i was surprising to unilaterally submitted to the attorney general recommendations having a profound impact on my area of responsibility and my working relationships within this was the reason for morale a vigorous reaction in any case we cover that ground for terror last night and i am confident and i'm confident that we can work together narrative that the sort of resolve or spotted differences listening recommendations i was just doing it for the question of memorandums total it was no memorandum but it just put to you on the question of the time memorandum to come from the white house and the format and that memorandum the senate and identified as an exhibit now to avoid
this question for you do you think that was you have before you about this have you seen this sample memorandum prior to us that yes this is a year since we had eight of the committee a staff to staff emanuel and to talk about everything from dawn of the coffee to write memos to how to use telephones in watts lives things like that is right now others the senate this week
showing hey how would be fair to say that this was a part of the statement that many on a sample of directing a memorandum for mr haldeman how one would director of practice persist just showing of one of the committee were going to write or an industry home or someone else at the white house to submit a formal news and that a copy will be also sentenced weller doesn't only big only is it only as a sample small number of mississippi no it wouldn't have been that all americans will indicate that there are a lot of aid that memorandum from the committee were elected president of the white house at least work the web insufficient number that we require dna sample the form to use so that they would have a routine that yes we did want to have a routine of the end because of all the new secretaries who are coming and jordan all of the various do people on the campaign staff we did want to have some sort of
standard memorandum format which everyone used why would you pick up the whole question as i understand the significance of this first memorandum that were no memorandum first of all as a memorandum which came from the one after the committee audit system at a time when you know there were the knife as i understand it was on march the first attorney general and it does reflect those three separate yes sir i would seem to be momentum this and it's interesting in the memorandum was not on the substance of the memorandum the fact that went back and forth which is a perfectly natural thing so russell porter chairman is chairman i have no further questions resist the
temptation to say to mr o'toole it has been a very good witness he's been very forthcoming and just about at great length in it was brought to my attention a few minutes ago that when his testimony was interrupted for us to go to lunch that one of the networks like to tell for a year completely i'd be committing perjury to use is it good will well i can give you one reason it's probably not that important but i move mr libby's office at one point from the
fourth floor debate forum mr levy very vigorously objected to that and try to get me to change it nice that i'm just not going to do that i can't i need the space and you feel that was to record or just to regroup i said i don't want to get involved in office space for local control says about office space is what i would do and they had a number of serious battles about the location of mr libby's officer i don't i mean there's just one example i think that is true that he was a little bit older than most magruder and possibly didn't like working for younger man but that speculation and much more i do these are not meant that my works in such a way that like they may be put together again so yesterday's and the issue is called this lawyer says that this is also uses thought that was so
all of them well i would go sell it which is primarily during the campaign so that people wouldn't come into our offices and the people walking through you know that happened in sixty eight campaign to get to the nixon campaign that very same building a columnist in washington kamin talking people into we would let us and and so that was one way of saying that that comes to get our waste if anyone might be interested i would think that would be first and especially of those people who were at the time we were running against how long
i would suppose and making a record well sir i don't know that there was i would think that the basic purposes of the training mission we were talking about was to pick up the waste paper in the evening in the documents you know let me just say one thing we we drive from the beginning to say that it was because we thought that this campaign what was the spike in these other situations was it was a fairly organized will run for an efficient campaign like this is fine and we want to say one hundred years and the people i think that tension
and in light of recent events that they appeared funny but but but i think the point of making of you'll find interesting so we did save documents and we saved was in any of them and you know right now there are fifteen hundred cubic feet of committee documents that have been available at various times to be state's attorney the fbi grand jury common cause of the democratic national committee and the senate select committee can't work we've been working with families and so on you know the thing that did not happen after the election was we took we took a month ago they're in our house in one location right down pretty much and and they're there and they were the only one in history well i i don't know that that i could agree
with that idea for example let's say i was preparing a document for the budget committees reveal analysis and in the course of her during that vacuum and it had made a lot of notes in them those notes one and the thing i threw the notes away center in the middle of that campaign i would want would not have wanted that those notes on the front page of the washington post was that would've given away some of our campaign strategy wastepaper you could i'm melissa block these were know i was talking about a case where might have or might be the writing a memorandum or making up a something that i would be sending to the budget committee and i would be having all these notes in taking things from the nose and twenty minutes really knows what i'm talking about now about the wastepaper the basic purpose of the
of the shredder senator with what was not disclosed documents or record it was to destroy this was wasted right yes maybe a set on the seventeenth birthday katie gordon liddy came in the offices of the committee to reelect president and i asked whether that was rather yes yes that's where the larger image was he the man on american beauty of goes both ways baby nasr now yes it is it is rated i don't mean you're
absolutely right that is what interested me you think you've raised the words related in of those activities i do now sir today i did not then at that time lots of the original oh i don't think anybody's there within the paper so after that threatened them i don't i didn't see any shooting and besides that it's the subsequent was strapless r o mr levy was in california i believe you you know a thing about
how certain that i have read in the newspapers you have that he had one other individual hundred papers i had no knowledge of that did not see the trip takers and the recent something called a difference a housecleaning if that existed it gets to know you know whether that's exactly correct you know mr pollan and no sir i don't i assume the finance committee people whose costs job was to keep records kept records i was not involved in an area and you found in your search as an assistant fbi underestimate as you mentioned that you found in the papers that though with libby
the survey said the only one worried the new ophthalmologists phone call it quite some like this morning with a one to a question like i'm referring to the phone call nuanced views who initiated the phone call and i don't know i can have it could have been it wasn't an issue i guess just to discuss the state of the state of the situation at that points or in maine to discuss to the watergate break in to scientists and the fact that our
security officer was a ball the phone call was made it's about twenty three how was it that you and mysteries may happen to be together at the time of the phone calls sir i can't reconstruct that it certainly wasn't unusual for its history shows us just to readers of the area all was very very unusual phone call of course it is the most important piece of testimony yes i know those sentiments and be helpful and but you know today to reconstruct events that didn't seem at that point that important the most important concern
was what are we going to do about this guard forcing do we have them coming out in the morning and what we need to do to replace this report those are my concerns that that's that was my problem at that point that was what seemed very significant to me i suddenly found myself very personally in charge of something i didn't know a great deal about why you closed the group to discuss those matters when we discussed that i think i said tomorrow i think i'll have to hire somebody and he said yes you will you say the ongoing late in the afternoon i believe some had missed a recent interview on npr when i saw him for the first time did he come to see you and you don't see him sir assets were just in an area is also stable or you didn't discussing the
mothers wear them until late in the afternoon i was them out of the church arm about late in the afternoon unless a microphone columnist wrote it it some point it seemed appropriate because riders can't reconstruct senator technical work that as i understand it is the reason why you and most recently got together late in the afternoon well i just said that we decided in advance of that we must get together the culture magruder and i just i mean the scale of important thing is that it was pretty low and i just i can see in retrospect which are driving and i do appreciate the importance of that how long was a phone call well it was a shock phone call ten minutes and the discussion initiated was a recount to most magruder about the watergate break in and mr mccollum all the events the june with it
you probably read in the wires jars possibly it might have been one thing would've happened how did the discussion about the files come up who brought up the phone i can't remember but i assume it would probably have to if i was out of the office for a time and then came back in to meet you out of the office during the time the phone call i was arrested before us you were not on the phone all the time that's correct and you feel its after you came back into the office to fall to mention i don't know when the files mentioned the message i got from phone call was as i said that that that one thousand to be removed and that the advertising you've you receive that information you and mysteries and
your listening mozart then what happened was an immediate surge made the finals no i don't think so i think that probably what happened was as juries mere who was the morphine were familiar with the way in which mr groos just was organized would've taken the file individually really something well now is it your testimony that after a relative or wacko for how did mr magruder pose this question about the file there seem to be a matter of urgency are routine matter out of the interview he was concerned about it and i was thinking that he was concerned about it because of the security he said you know people are people one working for the committee to re elect the president was the song feeling of apprehension to more of your people would rage on fire
i was concerned about retribution i was just concerned about regional security we had nobody any longer to handle it for us i guess his feeling was that it would be best to file was out of the office until he returned the law that was some reason for concern that i mean you know five i took my first ever budget thousand over the weekend was any mention a harness and router about perhaps the issuance of such want my mother in fact i recall came to these files now and files have been taking home before we always used to take some thousand workers talking answer is no well the phone phone conversations finish an
important says the sox's security on a sliver in portland ore what happened well i assume that either <unk> game in the fall or put it on my desk or something like that on all the air you are you've got a phone reasons your phone you put them down and something happens what happened senator i am trying to get these problems i can't say that i wanted to try to re invent something what was the surge made for the fascinating i don't think a surge that was necessary <unk> pretty familiar with dozens organized world and he go to the decimal senator if i knew i would if i could tell you it's very hard to reconstruct a day that that's a last year ago i've told you that you know everything i can think of that relates to that activity
you have more information have no recollection of that time i didn't go through his desk researchers found that are un and how long did you stay in one of the phone call well a few things you come back later and there's a reason that possibility is that the reason of going to my office we're all possible well i just you know can't quite exactly recollect how it happened i think that
he interested in very good something like a recession is it your testimony though you had left the office from groups turn your own phone call and the fall is brought to you as the reason i'm not sure senator i'm just not sure when the genome i'm going to with my life that didn't know the phone calls the one about the size of two for one that you took a long history is that right now i believe he took more than one i think he took a number of advertising thousand i
believe that they can ricochet also on why did he have these files in his hands and family of the fallen no i think that what happens you mentioned are one point that his briefcase was full of these files this is when he was in euro or when i was an industrial polluters office with a worm when you're listening you could have the problem was that the case and what now i think his invocation was that i was asked to take another phone because his files are filling up his briefcase discussion earlier yes and i think that that's the reason because when he had these advertising files they were filling up his
briefcase was it your understanding of the phone call that you were going to take all the files too oh i think they've been discussing there and that when you all yeah that's simple even competitive really was a matter of waterfalls and one reason is it was a matter of gold and you can follow this but i think that perhaps the reason for that was that he had all the carrier he felt it could carry what did he say to you when a habit too far on the recalls now god this cavalier or don't have a recollection of that would you understand that you are an important final karen
lewis monday morning mr mcgregor was their idea is to recruit at least moods were why didn't ms jane readers our listeners first thing monday morning i don't know some time and i don't know that he was but first thing in the morning but it was sometime monday morning sometime monday laura moye the circumstances surrounding raton far has fallen for protecting all we can because this is important monday morning it seems to me that you agree
alleviate inequality how would you have it in your office and did not return to his office until he asked for better and i believe that what happened what did he say today as usual fought defined call you know for having that suggest that he go to your office really fixing a couple other people before you see me that's at the camera can you tell us anything further about one out handed over before you make any common law now and it would sell related depressed i don't recollect that i think he thought it was a you
know i mean i think he felt a serious pileup really looking for you know put it on the desk and i suppose you know you mentioned that you were a consultant now the committee to reelect what what is that i'm working on the winding down of committee office is working on some of the bills that are dictating selling furniture that sort of thing seventy one as i say you know the various committees looking into these matters and providing documents things does your job consalvo me mention a longer paid employee earns our daily basis you as one of the questions
that you have a winning cash payments at all or committed or electricity yes at one point in time during the time of my members and i follow the campaign committee was organizing in support of that activity or totally incidentally i received two three four thousand dollars from a reporter who which the money then i transferred to a couple of people who was paul jones director of what television i think i one of the problems during the huy fong thing was that we were spending money for things like buses and boxed lunches and other things like that says the buses were being used to bring people to washington supporters to rally in support of the president which is you know the major issue and there was a rally on the capitol steps and there were some other
activities in the metropolitan area there was a couple other was a vigil i remember at the capitol building in support of that and who was an ah well everybody was working answer at the entire campaign apparatus that we wanted went to work in support of what would have happened that it was a very crucial time in the campaign and how awesome is a very important proof of possible and everybody was working with wrongdoing off on people oh yes you're absolutely right that it publicly you know i don't think that that is as one thing or that there's there's been some suggestion that that the plot was done there in support of the president's my iphone was a security tracker is something we tried to hide or just something like watergate certainly seen that with us in that it openly publicly with so the most of the staff we call people on the telephone and ask them if they felt the way we
did to send a telegram in order i'm going to do it or i don't think it was anything because anything out but he eventually kind of came to believe that we will be able to return we didn't have that many presidential primaries and we didn't have that much of an opportunity to test tested organization feel that kevin durant no other at the campaign committee i'm sorry i will say that since the entire campaign was involved with with this activity that the campaign director mr christian a job with the local charter jet magruder course is working out i work full time thank
you meetings on organized a different things around different people to check out and see how they were doing i helped write a report on what we're doing something well you mean you mention one catch them and was married to paul jewell understand that was an connections high poverty as well as the other guys well there could have been other cash payments in other words it could have been the best job i can or any other body also actually gave that actually talking about three four thousand now and i know i know but i believe i could be you know getting mr jones served as it could've been somebody else like he has to check that would have obtained from the finance committee but my best recollection of the negative
events and passions that as job losses the few years before you are i never sign checks the finance committee was dispersing office they did they sign the checks and they can't present we have a power authorization you an authorized payments this you actually did not make a rare and you can't you cannot remember to know who might have made a cash and that's you know called this morning juan you never heard of
this i was nineteen yes sir we were asked about that and we checked and found that it was no you're an awful relationship with a i've never seen him at a taco at any other kind of conversations you never know ms vivian okay i i'm not aware that that has been reported but that's not true says there was a story in the polls for a long time ago on a secretary who worked for mr libby and lester hunt conversations between the white house and in between and i think she may have mentioned
my name that that was a story until she was also the secretary just before that one of my best friends who worked at the white house and perhaps that's what she's thinking of and saying certain categorically i have never talked about how bad and seen him out remember to receive a memorandum from sort of a statement now seems to talk to this day an interesting history in terms of mr lilley i met him for the first time in december the campaign committee just a few questions haitian group and find a fresh new recollections of the seventies when they say whether or not i might not do some assistance in that regard this evening
other members of the staff who were in the rivers are watching the news on television news vans or so we've got china the help was lacing the phone call is true that the phone call took place after the television news caller it could have certain place before but it could have taken place were it was present when the caller may i think his best region and so when you're watching television shows was anybody else in the room with you i think that one of the secretaries who was who was working in the us and so the calls made was with this is a little button and what you're watching television show she made it she may have been i don't believe he was
a native of the calls made there was just you and that reason arizona voters office now did you ask mr rees hear what he was doing there at that time for a late late evening i don't know i know that you don't recall a note you don't recall any i'm the referenced a gemstone but those the border the word sensitive material that ring of no sense of nonsense in the channel does not sometimes we used to the word sensitive doesn't mean sometimes you might leave the memorandum and government or the canadians post confidential senses possibly been that sensitive material of their
deadliest magruder make the request that these particular file to be searched for at the time that you were on the phone with him and i was a longtime new industries building is called witness where is that point in time i don't think there was major search for the file that the surge go on a while while mr mcgrew is on the line i don't think so no recollection could be as pretty is any recollection that you have that you indicated to most magruder during that phone conversation while she referred to the fact that we're now in hand they've been so so i don't think that they were last night i mean i think the best reason was was fairly familiar
with the way in which instrument itself was organized it think that that they were in his place for anything about that women difficult for talking to thousands referring to so you have no recollection whatsoever of searching for particular file while you're on the phone with you have no recollection as a fact there was a question term sensitive material arvin one last question also in the hiring follow personnel all who was involved clearances
could you name an example gazette with that would you know there wasn't any great strategy strategy or set of circumstances by more hard than a person you know as to how i would say for example that it was in the political division the process would be much different than it was in the similar division all they were interviewed are cleared by items to mount a strong no no not necessarily i think mr strong they've interviewed a number of them yes but i don't think that the political divisions i don't think that mr strong whiff of interview those people were prominent regional director he could have but i don't as an example most reason it yes numbers doesn't that's another area that's very
possible it's very possible at one point it's remarkable oh it's a must regret mr mitchell and announce and in many cases those people will be given his distraught and under the chain of command which you referred to before the the grid could one make the assumption that there is one of just drawn get involved with moment or was this an independence vote in the straw are i would say that mr strahm will be looking out for mr haldeman centrists and in the current prices this
year of the year just wanting to have your wisdom with respect to the meeting that you had with mysteries there to try to get the files and mr modi is a bit less reconstruct that scene again as i understand it from this morning's testimony you envisage a reason air when two <unk> his desk is that correct we were in the director's office and we were each on the telephone i i don't have a recollection of going mr gregory desk although i could have been sitting at his desk on the telephone you this morning you didn't recall who had he had or whether it was luck oh no no mysteries that would have medicaid must recruit his desk and what was that
law i don't rob martinez to reasonable i don't know and i don't know i don't know i know you had been towed during the conversation these files were very important and that yeah you should get them out of his desk is that direct no not that i should get them out of his desk that they should be taken out in the street or who knew how the desk was organized at the instructions are who work lies the expression that the files were important than they had to be taken away from their prosperity reasons mr mcgregor i suppose would've that he'd do this in the telephone conversation i suppose that if it gets to a way to engage in that telephone conversation on within it for part of the time yes what did you hear him say that i don't have a recollection of using civic would say that senator what i can remember
what he said i think that's a fair statement are now up when then you and mysteries but i decided to vi finals he decided or did you both decide that you should take the file which was style strategy that was mike's style and that was my word i don't know i assume because it was very important no sir white because something must have been set in the course of a telephone conversation that made it appear to me that was a very important strategic kind of file you'll recall was said during the conversation can lead you to believe i i don't know i'm sorry maybe he just mcgruder said it was a strategy that we did have strategy meetings at night maybe it was
a foul or contain them and strategies sir i don't know if it turned out because i never looked at it what is the expression that file and then the anticipation of the briefcase in which you transported to your home well i would say it was a year it was the beatles i was gray color red briefcase was a standard and then all you knew about this file was that then there was something strategic of strategic importance in the us are and that it was important to us are and that it had to be but i would be welcomed and not going to get a sense of what must regret was concern for the security of that and you took it home in your briefcase and has an open fire and i didn't really know i didn't even read a bunch of files that weekend are you a very curious man
i was curious enough to relive that weekend i was reading the washington post that finding out what was going on what the committee didn't you wanna know what was in the filing view of the extreme interest manifested i don't know that the interest was extreme i did not read the final maybe i should have and you know what i can't speculate well from what i don't know that that would be a third of the people senator asked me to reading newspapers i'll withdraw the question of the fairway view of the fair with you know i say that you just first four thousand dollars in cash and there are only one of a can you can present i did my best recollection is giving
pledge mr jones i'm not i can't ever forget in two thousand and four thousand right now if i didn't have five thousand middle of the career of the three before the medical support all let the youth league hedge history a reporter and then they had to request this cash or was it given to you or a specific purpose without your requests i requested what'd you requested or to charter buses to bring people to washington to dissipate in the rally were you paying these people you know and washington i did not disperse the funds are beyond that to to the one person or two people but i don't believe the money went to the people certainly a lot of the cost of the things you're not if they were not made to come to washington to assert my knowledge they were not so therefore on the matter the iphone supporter is it worse i was not the one that
actually did the witness it also sent back as text and make it your own you know like you may have made all along cooperation you've given the committee's investigation and also meant you know testimony and to say that a lot when you are our goal now is the witness stand after telling the committee that he was unaware of any of the hanky panky that led to the arrest of five men inside democratic headquarters he also said
he had not destroyed a documents relating to those clandestine activities he was not expected to be implicated rather he was on the stand to explain how can they work next up his white house staff member bruce pearl i always was an art a playback a question for you that you were we like to know what you think about all this not only about the night's programming but about the practice of complete coverage of important events by public television writer set impact post office box three hundred washington dc too low for four and perhaps particularly areas will continue after we take a pause for a station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service the piece by it's
been crazy and pride continues its coverage of
hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer taking the stand now is bruce the white house staff who will be given us another chart topper mondello thanks witnesses and this is mr levy right there's that i was brought them to serve that is get rid of the law that says taylor's vision with a service to bruce mccarthy the
second the table as senate select committee on presidential campaign activity the whole law versus makes it a state in which only one interview yes but when you forced them for the record here and then have your address my name is bruce on i'll rely on my address and seven thirty six south on the street in alexandria and what is your present one against iraq and avoided the white house and was your position of my title is special assistant to know how long have you
i've had that title since january of this year i made my position is actually that's that secretary which i've had since january one of nineteen seventy two and to right now beach boys and have you seen before or something like that and if you are stephanie of preparation that are inside you and they know there's some common to make a statement now about the charts the organization chart was prepared by the committee and checked with me five years is accurate as far as it goes but it could be misleading in two ways
first it shows only those people about whom information was requested it does not give an idea of the many hundreds of people who worked on or around various white house that some of which like the domestic council and the nationals to the security council are themselves an administrative we separate and independent entities they're also the working relationships with members of the cabinet and with other people in the various departments and agencies of the executive branch in other words the chain of command is not nearly so small or so closely integrated as a few dozen boxes and names on this chart might indicate second they often relations within the white house staff which is in fact a fairly dynamic organization this is partly a function of the nature of the work which involves not only long range responsibilities but also literally scores of short term projects an informal relationships since many individual staff members have a
wide range of responsibilities and each area of responsibility could conceivably have a different reporting relationship some common denominator had to be chosen as the basis for the charges the criterion chosen was a formal administrative chain of command this sharp describes then the fundamental relationships which existed in the white house during the months it covers and the dates in parentheses on which the individual's left the white house payroll i shall be glad to the extent of my knowledge to answer any questions the committee may have about sort of the order the numbers to paranoia of taking your statement that into consideration at any time
in that explanation did it make you feel that it is important to describe any other function or any other roll over white house personnel please feel free to do so because the purpose of the chart is to relate to the resolution of our committee but please do not feel constrained in each articulate full explanation requires you to do a lot by now on a chart you find oh yes it's right here he's in charge of a white house operations are you noticed that in june
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1957507-1-4 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color
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