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as day says sensors that are sitting on the stand in libya states including the present is just the simple issue or based on mccain's relation was committing violence and seventy threes states accept that that might be necessary to present the nation
i'm thinking well no mm hmm listen to conduct an investigation in the presidential election
senior correspondent new cd john erlichman weathered his third day of senate interrogation without making any admission of complicity in the watergate cover up one of the few new facts we permitted to escape as well organized month was his wife's observation that he looked on television as though they were scowling too much the committee again spend a great deal of time exploring runs relations with the white house farmers group a year before watergate this finally brought from senator baker what amounted to a demand for more information from the white house if president nixon's use of national security concerns to explain much of watergate and the cover up was to be credible mr nixon wrote to senator allen today refusing to comply with the committee's subpoenas to produce white house tapes the committee then voted unanimously to take the president to court over the issue mr nixon also the punchline of this agreement the special prosecutor archibald cox federal judge johnson represent august the seventh or hearing the
white house said the president would accept an ultimate decision by the supreme court throughout these difficult negotiations between the senate committee in the white house really an optimist as ben howard baker that to the committee voted to go to court on his motion it was a subdued senator baker who expressed his personal failings that impacts peter carey regret has arrived at that point i mean i guess because i've got to be the one who suggested middle course is unwise man an alternative possibilities that oh i guess that played some part in that decision of what my promotion and suggest we do if there is an intent to persevere and we tend to be fairly gentle litigate the matter in an orderly way and the courts but the rest of the idea that there's division within the committee there is not division within the community and the necessity for a good solid what's important can impart from eye fatigue and disappointment that we've reached this place my continuing
small flicker of hope the tourism throughout the rubble some weeks now that i've done my communicating as i'm doing now by television and newspapers senator baker had several other comments on the progress of the hearings thus far and at the end of our videotape play that tonight will present the rest of his interview with peter carey right before your very eyes as the saying goes years and i'm going to see a committee of the united states senate vote and affect as the president of the united states' jack murphy of the georgetown university law center here in washington as well as jackhammers the senate action early to the actions involving special prosecutor archibald cox unsure what i'm asking you to sort it all out force a privilege only white house this morning parties who have served it with the subpoenas in the case of the congress of
course the refusal to cooperate for reasons they didn't they produce letter of july sixteen twenty thirteen the case of mr cox as you mentioned the movie direction of the district court i love it the president apparently feels he can submit to the jurisdiction of the united states courts this is a very interesting question which will have to wait about the point is that mr cox quickly resumed the mission by filing a petition with the court asking for a show cause her as to why these documents should not be brought for some cause or less simon johnson certainly will be doing that congress will have to follow to get answers to cost will have the first crack at the merits of a cause to some position taken by the president or summertime which appears might be consulted for real purpose it's ok thank you is that they will be back at the close of the live broadcast to share some more of his legal wisdom with us
washington and author of the book government by investigation once again today erlichman was the sole witness and he began his testimony as soon as the questions about the white house tapes were dealt with here is our nightly specific schedule of coming attractions jonathan begins the session by reading a letter from president nixon who says the most respectfully refuses the committee's request for the tapes unfortunately named himself yesterday making it necessary that he be directly involved in the forthcoming legal action then ehrlichman resumes his testimony saying that there was pressure to get information and daniel ellsberg because the president was keeping the pressure on the response to the pentagon papers case in the second hour and says the reasoning for the plumbers in the ellsberg case because the fbi probe was inadequate and later he says president nixon got drawn been on the job after learning of his cover up involvement because henry peterson of the justice department wanted being to stay while the department's probe continue erlichman speaks in the next
hour of why marie stearns was allowed to give up the position rather than appear personally before the grand jury asked whether this was done to avoid difficult questions from viewers eloquence as the sole reason was to protect the campaign finance chairman from the gauntlet of news and outside the grand jury room and here a reckoning begins his debate about national security which they keep insisting that we're not playing games during the fourth and final hour and says he didn't know about the demon combat roles in the cover up because he was not a mission and he says watergate was a manageable political liability because it involved only the committee to realize but not the white house now senator is about to begin today fb has been
the political questions we are with this vote the committee is going to have to give it serious consideration for the question obviously writing from all the nurses who are already expressed that trove of disapproval of an arsenal in a question and i hope that now because of requests is be being committed
it is you are one of these calls only to punish those recommended recordings of bombing all the reasons stated you i'm out of the united states and cuba when i must respectfully refused to use these recordings you know this really calls on me to fight all records of any kind of a direct mail and directed to the activist because patients off of those on low of one of our name individuals in la's criminal acts related to the presidential election in nineteen seventy two some of the records that are with it with him as being on a presidential papers
that must be kept confidential to resist a good amount of your mouth sex it is quite possible that there are a variety of the markets that there would be within a hamburger thats being and that that could be consistent with the public interest and not prosecute responsibilities about the select committee also questions like committee will be careful because the announcement that we have done in the bank will cooperate with the select committee about making available information and the tempo would be huge you understand how well i'm sure that it would simply not be feasible or must i had made from two thousand to decide with who and western art pepper than a sweeping vague terms of the subpoena it continues to be true as it was a young man sits at mass graves and instructions to call up cooperate with yours and pungent information aren't
new employer i didn't recognize it i am way that the atlantic top of a lot of waffle house in my body is that cooperation with like to mate as anyone extensive cooperation will continue executive has been involved not only with our documents are things that cannot be made public and says the company's about the essential to the parking lot that i cannot and will not extend to get an investment of presidential papers to the extent that i have custody of about the sort of the racial element to the work of the select
committee and that i probably made public i will be glad to make these available in response to this if the west sincerely richard nixon and the president expects this committed unspecified it's not true and he says all of these though one of the subpoenas is a very surprising finding we are not loyal says we have now one thing about those women photo the way to carry out gruesome this about president flatly refuses to give us the page that will be not
as though the current conversations between president amin and while he lays down for a second that this is about the battles with impossible for the committee that would be oh yeah you see them with cooperation council president in these mountains this is iran's activities are some of these recordings i'm rachel martin
and then he goes it's like a new building respect and that the prosecution with an all but the committee might be at a time when the truth of all those waiters chairman as you those of us who are large enough so that would be a term ruler than disapprove for those of us who are lawyers i think the best way to summarize the present situation is to say does the issue of jobs
it is important to note that this committee got to subpoenas issued rather than war smells really really particular and the conversations that vacation the criticisms that we want access to any allegation also that such conversations might be all concerned with alleged illegal or criminal activity the second city that dealt with a rather more general demand for the chairman that we chose to do if you're a subpoena departure other than war this particular it were easy if we don't know what the documents are
rich very easy to specify that portion dictates that we see and then we place now where it would appear that the issues are in fact dealing and the ranks of the government and the judiciary mm hmm i think as an all litigation in this country it is our desire all us to proceed if we choose to proceed to promote or to my call unlike chile educationally sound judgment on the appropriateness of the requests to this committee together with all of the several fundamental and significant constitutional questions of a percent
i am only one remaining notwithstanding that the issues are joined i would still there is some way to ameliorate situation there've been a number of suggestions in the best i meant many suggestions for publicly an end in the privacy of our executive proceedings certain suggestions of invest now or formally but notwithstanding that we have reached the point where the issues are joined by litigation i am fat and senate so we can find a way to prevent this committee to have access to the relevant portion for the evidence that we require quickly and stealing and without a prejudicial effect on our mandate and investigate or on the appropriate functioning of the presidency as an institution i've
suggested for instance that an informal panel of distinguished americans not now building a position in my review these tapes at the request of both the executive and the legislative department and recommend people the president and the congress what portions are relevant and what portions are not well i'm going to go even further and chairman i have not discussed this with you on the committee say that it's an extension and elaboration up that suggestion i would be willing one or two or three or a small group of his family non governmental officials reviewed the tapes and the ducks and recommend to the president or the congress certain documents or things are on a relative the same bar after so intermixed with other
conversation or only lend themselves to more than one interpretation give us a line the net effect of that information may not end the controversy it may be necessary for the committee then to pursue the matter rather it may be necessary for the president to disagree but at least it was once baseball it is not idle optimism that the rebels need to once again urge that we find a way around ms joyner vision of the founders of the presidency of the president or the benefit of the coral so they may be spared the business of defying two hundred
years after rejecting with her and overlapping so no matter how small sliver of the plank of optimism idea in two years that we have been accommodating spirit that we continue in this way he has been you know the colony
we really do but the committee oh no on the acclaimed diaz president of everything interim president for everything what i recall that bill a visitor may have taken a very potent even though they
believe in the idea that the stonewall tying him how he lets go one of his playing this week i think that
well the vehicles that allow middle of rubble of the recession leave that they communicate that the world will not ms jenkins reporting the sensors are sitting on video projections are scientists just fishing village to do the work this committee that might be necessary to prevent that good
morning the challenge is that well there's no question that all litigation has made prison with no to end litigation and i think this litigation is essential if we are well the president is of all the wall in madison wisconsin ms jan and i have received information overnight that the tomato it's that possesses at least one document innovations
in nineteen seventy one which was i do only god might think that question yesterday and have to manage it as you were there any further thoughts on the wiz there was one sequence is about making statements about it thank you
and i'm renee montagne that's why what is david this bill has said that he would say to a full scale investigation the pentagon papers it is the one that says that they were given at an fbi special agent and we have to moderate proposed it was great a sense of what they would be hearing resumes tomorrow he that's a wider plans to show that this one remarks industry who have promised a full investigation and during the euro had interviewed as the marxist why is that an iconic the
report of the other document that you have just as rapidly and the patient now we don't know that was clarified woman's that sounds like a brilliant want documents shows are opposed to mr marx as white or as
its minister david young and which over operation undertaken it includes a list of the justices made a final decision wow the rover maybe half well there's both
and i'm and he said what they want to do is the center's exhibit yes i have that i think of longing that the
loan would set that they were going to press the fbi some subjects and six that's right it's bleak on the planet i would like to stay on and god
it's absolutely essential that the legislation mr waddington new one that's a reason he had to give the audio of that committee on his education question i am thank you apparently the order of the new york times so there's other ideas to the surface and the white polish way to be good
how do you raise a point that the wilson center is about an outstanding that you've not receive when in fact he received the plans that was the only point that's been made here is you've got that in your hands for the information but usa today during in prison you might say that this time were no interrogation go if you haven't used at
all is it a question no question that there is a relationship and it wasn't until after september of nineteen seventy one with the fbi i don't think i said after pfizer that person sent by senator and the reason that i think that debate is that are about that they there was a meeting which the attorney general met with the president where he gave opposing progress report on this matter and that was just the bee's report that time now when that when that commands
i don't need to testify to because that's not something that i know my way you're welcome in june nineteen seventy one before mozart wrote a memorandum to you rich memorandum of the thirty years' war and before the september third nineteen seventy one you know i don't i don't recall it the reason or the failure of
the fbi that information from move marks says the reason for setting up this unit and fairness or more specifically about the union investigate elders they do want to like tap into fast fighting was the report that i have had from two people who were intimately familiar with the progress of his face one was mr crowe and the other was to mention they both reported to me when i had to testify here now it maybe i don't know the survivors speculating in the sense that maybe even that explanation is that that interview was either and satisfactory or perfunctory or did not amused that the information that was a desire or that that interview is what resulted in those disciplinary action that mr hoover well i just don't know when they say that the oil well you
know the european union oh geez thank you mitt romney is in position i'm sorry that's right
you got it ms jiang yu recently you're finding very strict rather than as a witness to be relieved of the obligation which mentioned that time for my part i'm going to have a committee at the rally that obligation so we can show that information with a scalpel the commitment that we've made things happen
the media committee i don't question mark that some information but he can't be exactly as david all right that's for us you say that we will and we don't follow the lead in a
while sometimes for olivia records email along to identify persons who would be at a to b songs they interviewed witnesses also the levels of music and they did not release these are immediate uproar after the attorney general release from that commitment to secrecy so to copy of the steps and we can be given in their eyes members of the committee on the staff either some or a lot of the heavy eye on the so called
interview with is that once you have made us have knowledge of the contents of this doesn't want that and we don't have it as journalist the piece of legislative the junior senator from connecticut an investigation
one of the investigations take life so i can confirm to crumble the fbi will be investigating the department was investigating the investigation took place in june nineteen seventy one and the chairman you have agreements with the attorney general the united states and i have never seen any well i'm going to be oh yeah
we don't know that's right thank you this isn't right i don't really know
i think well all of that doesn't say about the fbi interviewing her that says they have not made a final decision but is considering something in ranger i don't see anything
i'm saying here today you raise and yet yah on the fact that there was a relationship between the director and lose more which made it necessary for you to go outside the normal important chance and we will establish that was interviewed in june of nineteen seventy one you ask any member of the fbi interviewed june nineteen seventy one associate your question what i objected to testify for the committee was at the polls mr crow came to make an internal recommendation was made
that a special unit inaugurate investigation mr oliver and his associates including italian journalist information to us with regard to the investigation and specifically mr louis marx but that was not the only route it was a general problem with regard to the fbi's approach to this whole place that was awakened reported that us it was corroborated by the attorney general and it did not rest solely on the interview of any one witness mr martin this is march or any one individual what's so i had no occasion philip what i inquire of anyone at the fbi or for that matter anywhere else about the specific interview anyone what's already any particular what this is in certain circumstances did not
then recommend to the president that mr grosz battle suggested the end up i thought of it turns out it's our attorney general problem with the description of the fbi's general approach to the case he was having as well and so in general the attorney general cited this one instance as exemplary of the pop and at a particular problem at the time remember it and so then the recommendations made that these two men drove was working with the designated as investigators to go and do this fall this was very reluctantly entered into this was not something severe that the white house and one of the new orleans that i personally want to see the white house unless we had an
order to move this law president was really keeping the pressure to get results and that was really the senate did the attorney general know you are going to get into the covert plumber reasons attorney general attorney general knew and the director of the fbi knew that the white house was going to send investigators yes it is let me read you from the transcript yesterday so right there in other words what i gather you're saying he was that in his duties then passes over you would not agree to a break in of daniel ellsberg's psychiatrist office mr borsuk overstates it dramatically so that when he would not agree with investigation mr marks and others close to the dry
drop back into time four enjoy were you aware of it in july separately on july twenty nineteen seventy one that the fbi had attempted to interview you i don't vote i sure i wasn't i was aware that some time and i don't remember when i do recall fact they unsuccessfully to the interview there i know
animal and senator weicker will continue his line of questioning but for now we're going to pause briefly public television's coverage of the senate hearings we'll continue after a break for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting service it's by the
pope the pen
and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert macneil as we go back to the hearing senator workers going over the issue of fbi interviews with john ehrlichman economists but those bills june nineteen seventy one body and you say that you have no knowledge of and it has surveyed don't recall my mike pence is going to be the director discipline or threaten to discipline people in the fbi for proposing that interview i was aware that the interview had gone through the the sanctions as i understand the
proposal because of the fact that it had been in fact the interview did take place in july of nineteen seventy one the fbi interview field as you say as you turn the unsuccessful what is correct but they're not available you know that we have received a letter from director written for the overgrazing way to be on a bureau special places now
in light of all which france prior prior to the writing in to doctor feelings no you maintain or any other rather than to syrian doctor over or certainly isn't that it's a highly selective assemblage of evidence on me respectfully case incidentally might white sided deal that last night because i first tell you when i'm answering your questions the fact is you are your head to the brightest lights i've ever encountered and i'm afraid i'm sorry
in addition to that i did not know that he asks and i'm perfectly willing to do that too speaking portuguese on the one hand the president's states is pressing for results on the other hand mr otis reporting to us from within the way is that he can get the fbi and the attorney general is probably true as directly what mr colbert report now it can only testify of my own knowledge
hear what people reportedly because i might go into an object is and it was mike clear election that up until this meeting of the president with the attorney general the twentieth of september i had the continuing employers because it's been ten years that the fbi was not yet moving satisfactory announcing this information it was a lot of memorandums that the basis of well eleven memorandum is not a description of what was really going on it was a bit in the sense of it was a description of what had been designated the fbi has said it took three months for the fbi to get around to putting that special place last a designation on this case was and i think the fact that there are some sixty nine
days passed before the euro would put that designation on the biggest raven top secret documents in the history of the country as to indicate a certain the last incident on the part of the fbi at that point there was a continuing skepticism on the grove park about the bureaucratic paper that was coming over from the fbi justification in that sense like the revolution yesterday he continued to express its depths and the attorney general continue to collaborate then right up until this meeting and i can't fix it precisely why at my best recollection isn't it was in september the attorney general vouch for the fact that things were moving satisfactory or i'm sorry that i can't give you direct personal information as i can only give you a feel for what it was that the president had before him and i have before me from others on this side
you have seen it's bizarre a file in connection with these united is important to point out that the recent article ellsberg's lawyer who then we have already started on a negative press it the developers use congressional investigation there's the situation in pakistan
well as i said yesterday so i don't have i don't have a recollection of the memo itself if you're asking me what i knew about the purposes of the investigation of daniel ellsberg i testified already my understanding of the purposes the object here was not to prosecute mr ellsberg and as far as i'm concerned was not to prosecute mr of the object here was to say much but this unit and that with regard to the strategic arms limitations talks compromise and the other security matters and that was to try and find out how it happened in a major within the government that it would not happen again now with regard to the congressional hearing as the public relations aspects of that is ellsberg case i think you you can develop additional information on that from
others i'm not sure that's what i do know that there was in the right desire to air this whole like once the facts were no and it was felt that a committee in the congress and we're exposing how sort of thing that happened they're in our governmental system today or that really was within the government if there was order for three was in in the think tank apparatus if there was a not suggesting that was with other words and who are the individuals involved were and what their motivations were and i think that there was an active consideration the possibility of fostering a congressional inquiry and the setting would've been a healthy thing but as far as the management of that
particular effort is concerned i'm not sir you know well i don't know what you mean by jc in it are certainly very very much money and that would indicate that i had read and that it and the concept of having a meeting on september ninth with martin and i think that meeting was eventually help and one of the questions raised in the memorandum that goes back eighty four at the bottom of page voices how quickly do we want to bring about a change over its image
and that's what the real wrestler base again and i think there's nothing much else i can do with the subject the us has carefully review what would occur in nineteen seventy one for a lot of evidence has been presented to leave his remarks aside as one of the reasons for entering india's covert operation like this that is more authentic as a reason to leave the side because of course but the fact is that the attorney general did call it conveys problems with regard to the march investigation and that's a matter of history a record there's no way that there's no way now you say that there was a raid well into the reasons for the break in and not the feelings are you that investigation took place you've asked if i would like to it would
draw that factors a justification for the investigation and end that if it is not something that can be withdrawn it is a it's a fact now i cannot explain for you something that is not in my knowledge which is the fact that there was a man interviewed mr marx it may have been a totally satisfactory and productive interview on the other hand it made him kind of the first interviewed by the fbi that require follow and that that was what precipitated the director's this point i don't know that i guess you know mr morris no years ago i don't wave of the horizon the chairman of nablus from the produce evidence of that so the issues
about thirty years ago as the nineteen eighties well apparently this is work when i was at the time that the director who is well known for his del mar racetrack vacations in southern california every year haven't witnessed remarks
this is a time in california eight years and we will leave this subject in july nineteen seventy one a feeling that an attempted and reviews is refusing to do any advice with his attorney on orders apparently know why he did that this is something that would have to be discussed with documents but the interviews reviews and that's a fact before the committee
by the fbi in your testimony yesterday you turn this how we finally agreed on that term it's not my characterization that was your character like eleven and his stated and this connection we would recommend a covert operation undertaken to examine will not while still a wild birds but when interior which is undergoing nelson's approved disapprove we have your initial be without your comments underneath it done under your assurance that it is not traceable forty six
as you know the president is discussed and then along the hall on september third nineteen seventy one a break in the action occurs when there's a question of a covert activities your crew three buildings for why this information voluntarily to the fbi and not as a result of a short view you sarah by way of answer your question i think we are also include the other weapons if you're interested a lot of october three word is the president i mean honestly when the president on july twenty ninth anniversary to right the director to get a lot of below i know my own knowledge that
in addition to that president in a telephone conversation with the director on the subject and of course that the other part of the memo on is eleven just two paragraphs below where i played where they reported we're continuing to press the fbi or action on which i think also be waiting along with these other conversations about that indicated this morning in my previous and i think along for this is you can find it difficult and then decision that was made in this matter what investigators interview was taken most reluctantly and for genuine purposes and the producers are simply to supplement what was considered to be an inadequate effort at the time
now in order for you to satisfy yourself on this you want to hear from mr matt you want to hear from mr crowell you want to hear from those who were on the firing line at this and i'm not simply someone like myself who's receiving these reports second hand and repeat my question should not answer the judge to raise this other issue just what you expect to do with the information so okay the outcome of the efforts the fbi did you intend to introduce those in court bp purpose of this was to correct what was obviously a very serious shark on either in the government itself or in the think tanks will get custody of the secret documents because the knee official documents system have been compromised
the review journal and no sir that was not the purpose the justice department has won the justice department had an investigation for prosecution purposes which was ongoing under mr martin this was not intended to satisfy that need this was intended to satisfy the prisoner's base lewis a habit a thing like this happen what we've done to prevent it happening again is this is this land cooperation that all these other events think tanks that are sold in those war zone defense department or as the state department are just where is the weakness of this well this understanding senator the president wanted very much to make sure that nothing like this would not happen again
how one learns when girls react well as a disgruntled employee of a think tank whether he acted as a member of an international spy ring delivering secrets to foreign embassy or just what his role was where he had to be determined in the opinion of the investigators by every available means now obviously as we discussed yesterday this business of the psychiatric profile i incidentally center i'd like to refer something that came in last night as you all very familiar and the unfamiliar we hear what this year you get all sorts of suggestions like telegram and telephones and someone overnight very kindly called in to suggest that the committee staff checked the one commission report and the kerner commission report for their references to the use of psychiatric profiles in domestic criminal acts and that was something i didn't
know it apparently they felt that the use of the psychiatric profile is a very valid investigatory the violence and force a cia feels at this intersection yes we have the citations that were given us by a citizen who just wrote that wired into all the warren commission courtney just twenty six for sixty one and force and seven at one another commission report a seventy three so this is a rare a day technique of investigation which has considerable authenticity and then and that this this business of trying to get additional information to permit the cia psychiatric profile section to complete its work was the purpose of this additional tax imposed upon these vast fields cia would not be legal in the united states
that's that's a lot like answers or that's been debated back and forth on the goal and that here in the senate they've not yet issued their report evidently there's considerable opposition that year is not to be entered in the kerner commission report and the warren commission or it's one of those very areas are in the church there's your question no you just have to you got it and hadn't cancelled meetings general or president robert leagues the fbi and eighty
percent that are now very tricky in his meetings with her my concern strong concern about that meeting was that it was going to include some staff members and the fbi as i say were experiencing these legal problems and right at that time one of the people who have been included in that meeting and very strong suspicion of being a source of that leak and i think they should be realized it because at that time we were talking with mr klein about how to go about smoking out this problem around mr gray fine lose your work
and yeah yesterday an internal documents and this was the same day on the twenty two in your testimony make a statement as the reason for it seems to me like a vacation now my question is very simple on the same day he canceled a meeting with mr graham president leaves and then turn around and eighteen documents so they wouldn't believe which is wow i disagree with it
the problem was a human in the first arrangement was with a ace that person high up in the fbi archives we suspected was never established at the time we had we had a number of conversations and i had some conversations with the findings and we had conversations about how so and when i said we were around was the great it was that mr klein these unknown to mr gray so that he would not even know was being done without a plan to store oil it in such a way that the individual has ms close it was a long shot that might work no i hadn't was not integrated as as not being the source of the year link because we've had experts with us today in the justice department and at the root before that and
use it for a lot and so that was an opening bid we were talking about and the problem was it was the fbi you're welcome sometimes sometimes an end and it was this term it was just the findings serve knew that that was a way to proceed in your mind we were really into it
all right you're gone i don't recall that was his response center and i was in april of this year we had a conversation the president asked me to talk on the record it was sunday night that was the fifteenth of april about ten fifteen pm i was in the presidency of the office and he had a meeting and they wouldn't mind so these
documents came out of that meeting and the president's political grip and find out what the documents were and where they were sort of the conversation in the president's office the nationalists have you received the word from originally was on people eventually that information on one day was or he was sitting right there i just knew he was sitting with you when you make his followers this was a
criticism was any action taken by the president any action recommended by you when you received were the director of the federal bureau investigation we have in fact learned were destroyed iraq while yes sir the reaction was taken and its first action was to contact either mr klein is to rescue mission manager within the true it was and he was asked to do nothing further until i had an opportunity to check and report back to report well he asked for an investigation and an operation of this and that and the circumstances surrounding it so that you'd know how to take an elitist drawing
upon ask her you know yeah the situation that obviously is considerably more than just the employment problem here and that and the president though you see as the major heart of that they are good portion of that day with the attorney general who says the attorney general and the soul and the whole case and he was desirous of making sure that any step that he took was information with those job and he is a matter of fact for more to take a number of steps on his own mostly in order to work in concert with the attorney general he says he is still unable to speak you would have been destroyed and the reaction of the president has written a report he was obviously very concerned and upset by this and and that
well let me recount you a personal experience because i had the identical experience which you the president on april twenty fifth i was called by the director was still the acting director you know i was appalled it's because he's been very to be resident sees a point
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