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the reelection committee to the best of my recollection it was the spring of nineteen seventy one mr hall and disgust with me what my office should do during the forthcoming campaign year he told me that we should take maximum advantage of the president's incumbency and the focus of everyone in the white house for the unrelenting applause there was a side of the concern for my office should be keeping the white house in compliance with election laws and improving our intelligence regarding demonstrations but also told i should provide lethal assistance in establishing the reelection committee ensuring that their own capacity to deal with a potential threats of demonstrations during the campaign in particular the convention security plan i would sing together
the inter agency a violation committee working on the potential for demonstrations during the campaign suddenly called mr gary wells the head of the iaea see my office and told them of the concern of the white house for good intelligence during the coming campaign during the months that followed had voted most of my time director office functioned keeping abreast of the new campaign legislation from aig myself an existing election laws the hatch act related laws was not until after the proposed operation sandwich had been shelved and mcgruder had left the white house before the re election committee and i began receiving calls from strong and mcgruder that was expected on several occasions the group told me that he would like to have a system that got the united states rejected it for several reasons he was aware of the fact that i was considering leaving the white house at that time
i was actually interviewing for jobs outside the government and he knew that i would recommend that he succeed me as counsel secondly if i stayed i would the businesses says during the coming months i might add parenthetically that if i had accepted this job i was interviewing for that time i would not be sitting here today fbi informant better in this revealing was not available he requests and i suggest someone else because he was desperately needed in house lawyer accordingly imax when mr crow mass calamity young might be available not just to meet the young was very much involved in the classification public and could not be spared and with him in mid october interviewing prospective candidates for the nomination to the supreme court together
mr young to write an extremely capable iran would make an excellent general counsel and that handles security administration follows the campaign during my conversation with mr young he suggested mr gordon liddy might be available and that he just about completed his work highly of libby's legal ability and said that his fbi background a demonstration intelligence and security operation for the reelection committee i did not know this trinity that i respected or judgment though those two judgment of other lawyers is not have long portrayed by that dealt with a demonstration column for the white house before i joined that i ask to find out if he was interested in for me than that he was interested and asked me to come to his office oval office and the committee and if god that i get this comity that the primary responsibility for the job with the
service a lawyer for the reelection committee responsibilities beekeeping about a potential demonstrations that might affect the campaign but he said he was interested he will be making decisions and it had to be interviewed by the commission mr mitchell right and i arranged for me to meet mitchell on november twenty four nineteen seventy one after mr koppell met with mr mitchell i am meeting with micheletti for many the moment well a copy of an agenda <unk> prepared for the interview session
already discussed it will call it was a very gentle job interview mitchell realized that he was not familiar with the election laws and asked if i would assist him anyway i couldn't get himself from iowa those loans i agree there's virtually no discussion of intelligence planned other than that he would drop some sort of plan most of the conversation centered around title in compensation mr mitchell agreed that he would be general counsel i do not recall it was compensation i also recall the lady asked mr mitchell knew that a joint campaign committee said he did not know at this meeting if you want an interview with the demand i survived a non december eighth nineteen seventy one the
real question i bring it over to his office for an interview immediately and point two is that the paper's person contain the problems that he was concerned about there's a brief discussion of libya's responsibilities for demonstrations be severe campaign committee said that we get acclimated to the committee's columns and me you drop a plan what i believe afterward he was hired at the reelection committee and for my feeling better david wilson but they should assess the team come from a with election laws i made my election law while available to it and believe that he used them yet and that with my staff and myself election law matters i can recall i had several discussions with libby about his responsibilities with the committee the reelection committee and comply with election laws he
told me he had more than a more hours in the day to complete irish volunteer lawyers to assist him as a gifted seven names of lawyers who might assist him several weeks ago when he left the white house and in his white house perhaps they came to me and asked me intervene in his behalf so i might so you might retain his past and avoid the cumbersome procedures opponents every time he was you know the white house i thought that while i have a good deal of contact with it so iraq requested lieberman to keep his pass this request was turned down however because they decided to have it fixed number of passes for people at the reelection committee and decide that the passengers i sold for many never knew more about the murder the next time i recall leading her mindset before this a player i didn't have a great occasion to to see him in early
january i believe about the ninth through the fourteenth or fifteenth when he attended a general conference in san diego on the entire scope of the convention and the security problems are going to confront the convention in san diego that was january twenty seven nineteen seventy two this week to attend the meeting i met mcgregor enmity of mitchell's our courts but he had a series of charts with iran's which he plays an easel and the presentation but it began i didn't fully understand everything that he was recommending the time because some of the concepts or mind boggling on the charts when code names that attempt to reconstruct the plot points that i remember as best i can
libby was in fact making a sales pitch he said that the operation he had developed would be totally removed from the campaign and the opposition explain for example demonstrators there were causing problems the kidnapping teams could remove demonstration leaders had taken below the mexican border be the ability of demonstrators because say oh convention the process could be used to the democratic convention to get information as well as a compromise version of all an apology saying that the girls be high class in the best in the business when discussing the electronic surveillance he said that you consult him when the authorities in the country and its planned invasion far more than biden and once he said that an
innovations between brown facilities i know description of intercepting burris microwaves to travel around the country through various communication facilities and i cannot explain that many what that was to this day i don't understand ej but when the nominations with each other's names this was necessary and he suggested that this meeting our second meeting he suggested
one million dollars i don't have a car reader's reaction during the presentation plan because he is to decide and reaction to the mission impossible time he was amazed at one point i gave him a look of a woman anyway knowing that but tell him that he was out of his mind really what i expected and the presentation was completed he took a few long pass on his pipe and comity with a plan to develop was not quite what he had in mind in the past was not a question he said he suggested a lady he was interested in the demonstration without a question
i can be destroyed mr liddy said that he would revise the planet submit a new proposal at that point i thought the plan was dead because i got it michel would reconsider the matter i wrote becky miles to libyan ruler but there's no further discussion the plan the next time i became aware of any discussions such plans have heard i believe on that went for in nineteen seventy two mm hmm that he was presenting a scaled down version of an earlier plan i listen for a few minutes they decided it had to inject myself and discussions mr mitchell i thought would be put on the spot in the continental united states and the meeting
at this point i did not know to this day that pushing for these plants whether that he was pushing for women that was pushing whether someone was pushing religion i did not know i do know in hindsight that i should not in a polite as i was merely suggesting of the destroyer charge that first meeting forget the plan after it ended the second meeting i told it that i would never again discuss this matter when i told him that if any such plan work crew i did not want to know one thing was certainly my man was someone in this operation i don't want any part of you know what i have any part of it and as i said paula i went
into it i said at the reelection committee will need an ability to deal with demonstrations but it did not need the money on prostitutes and kidnappers solomon agreed and told me that no further dealings on the matter it would never be a colony he's done it he's not talking about a business i thought that the sequence of events and try to determine if i mean way intelligence committee and intelligence plans i'm certain of this i did not encourage him to develop a legal techniques because i was unaware it was developing such plants
between a meeting in mitchell's wasn't that way before nineteen seventy two and june nineteen nineteen seventy two i had no knowledge of what had become a political post or i did receive a memorandum from magruder on march twenty six nineteen seventy two and again that he was doing during the first week of march nineteen seventy two larry higby collins assistant called media request for parliament any information because we will come up with regarding the founding of the democratic convention in miami on march fifteenth nineteen seventy two i thought a newspaper article the couple had discovered on the subject later that day magruder gotten me a copy of the memorandum family to mitchell without an investigation libya and they're using our land in florida and he said the
information to be honest i think i've submitted to the committee i should not turn to the events following the water begins end of june seventeen nineteen seventy two and began by telling the committee how i first learned of the incident i would skip you explain how it ended up out of the country and the decision was made in late may and returned on may eighteenth june from the far east i would turn on my four legged making when i met and seven says bill after twenty hours of flying i
called my sister and appealing washington was it this time the feeling of a break in at the dnc headquarters feeling told me that he thought i should return home immediately as there might be a problem and he would throw me a lot about home not explicitly in conversations to fill in an informative yet learn from jack cocktail must report from the reelection committee was among those arrested in the democratic national committee headquarters on saturday and also that one of the cubans that had been arrested at a check that was made out of our time to some country club i call it my immediate reaction was that chuck colson was probably involved with this plant
sato mr feely i couldn't i couldn't do anything at that time i went to bed with a anything on monday morning june nineteen miles above nine fifteen my normal arrival time at the office and reading them is on sunday you've received information from the secret service and that's received a call from mr mcgregor and that's michael mccall ritter said something and if that is my cause and he volunteered to do it i also recall ever mentioning something about how the committee was going to handle the matter publicly but i cannot remember specifically what the state regarding this nominee the facts were i mean some people would look into it
he agreed they told me to find out what paulson's involvement was in the matter and also suggested i speak with mr klein jeans to see what the justice department knew about i told him i would report back to him after i talked with and that was that he wanted me and for men that would not be able to meet with him until early afternoon he said a mile and i thought i asked him what he knew about the incident and he vehemently protest of the new nothing in the matter whatsoever with him earlier regarding mr hohn well earlier during that
weekend and wholesome said that we should get together with them as soon as possible i recall asking for some it can still work for him and again he became very defensive and say that he was merely on his payroll as a consultant development and so requested yes we did say several weeks later who is representing the reelection committee that he had learned from mr hans attorney william bratton spoke on the telephone over the weekend of june seventeen eighteen and so obviously mr hugh sloan called me to tell me he was working at that time i knew no reason why mr sloan for the words a lot of them not to worry he told me he would like immediately like poem about trying to find out what happened and request we meet a few
days and another calling recite they tweeted me an expert on that committee i asked him to meet with me if it would come the miles became the office i was on my way out i suggested would take a walk or shortly before noon we walk down seventeen straight and the corcoran gallery i will try to reconstruct the conversation to the best of my memory while i cannot recall every detail i do indeed recall a major items we discussed mr liddy told me that the man who had been arrested in the dnc or his men expressed concern about that i asked him why men in the ncaa told me that really pushed human ago and he told me that he had not want to do it but never a complaint about the fact that they were not getting good information from about their place in the dnc some time earlier he can
explain something about the steel structure of the watergate office building isn't getting transmission of the budget and if they had gone into the building to correct this problem he said that he had reported magruder that during the earlier and three of the dnc we are government documents and a group of them to make copies of those documents but he was very apologetic for the fact that they had been caught and this record was a ball he told me that he accused mccormack only because the rate cut its budget so that i asked him well one of the men had a check for mr howard hunt they told me that these men were friends of mine and one and put him in touch with them discussing any further involvement of one of them and supporting him and that the cubans i ask them if anyone from the white house the world and he told me no as the conversation then that he again expressed his apology and his concern about the men in jail
i told him like that and how many said he understood he also told me that he was a soldier would never part he said that if anyone would shoot him on the street he was ready as we thought when i said i'd be unable to discuss this with him further and he said he understood and i returned to my office after returning to my office i arranged a meeting with him in his office for a midafternoon or <unk> my office shortly i met with liddy as john told me that he had been instructed by parliament to go through all of mr collins files over the weekend remove and destroy any materials acknowledge the materials included such matters of memorandum from the reelection committee documents relating to wiretap information from the dnc notes of meetings with parliament and documents which reflected that parliament had instructed magruder
transfer its intelligence gathering and senator must be the senator mcgovern strong homing of our completely clean i spoke with mr klein jeans and he told me that both the fbi and the dc metropolitan police were investigating any assumed that the fbi would take for her affection or a short time dr leahey unfortunately no i didn't have a record of when i met with this decline means for the leader on monday the nineteenth or the next day i'll just that that meeting showed amendment in mid afternoon and reported in for my conversation with that i also call upon the people in your meetings that occurred in mitchell's office in late january and early february and my subjects in conversation with paul he told me he wanted to meet later with olson and told me to attend and also requested i keep
him advice to find out and the best to justify what was going on i could not imagine my conversation with john because i assumed things were this recall himself i can understand it well as i said i have no idea and calls made some mistake at that point before the meeting started when instructed me to call it tell him to tell me get out of the country i did this morning shortly after i made the call however i realized that no one in the white house figures so as a result there were as i recall and said that he did not think was a fugitive from justice so i know i said i did not think it was at this point in time
again that he also thought out on wires and angry i mean they call it again with that request informing the message you might be too late with that following this greek telephones comments regarding comes about when plants and the status of the white house i learned from that feeling like i have to check on a campaign they're drawn from his white house so since late march of nineteen seventy two the records indicated and was still a white house consultant calls him an active discussions discussions of this by paulson who at that point was designing and a member of his staff if i'm saying without getting specific
i take custody of the state last month on the status of their workers olson was arguing that hunt should've been removed from the white house as of march thirty one nineteen seventy two however are not so unlike a us and the committee of thirteen a memorandum that most important to me and to ninety percent of the time i didn't know that well it's safe to be here today also said it must be done immediately people i let me present when the site was open and i should
receive the contents of the safe and i said he would call me we had made the arrangements mean that the officers told me to report on the content on safe in the medium it's been years but he talked with him to say and ahmed ahmed is feeling the product and i didn't know what the title healing hurt i was aware that we're meeting with that i would receive the content say at parting the office i believe i do not recall who asked me to come in adult apartment and it may have been eating it and from a public relations
standpoint it was on june twentieth now been expanded oh i feel strongly that would hold the funds and would be accountable for them i placed a cache fifteen thousand two hundred dollars in my soul a feeling of my office of the fact that the cash was in my state and would come from but in my state dick ackerman my state untouched until october twelve nineteen seventy two when i moved the pack of bills amount of one thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars and plays like that amount we remain that a movie forty eight fifty afterlife they'll remember reagan's the paper because of the expense of my wedding and my honeymoon
i suddenly expanded cash over several months later time as my honeymoon was in the full amount is not necessarily the sight use public platform a normal daily expenditures at one point that overturned part of a bigger safer sex we took it out again when i was later making another attempt at the collection to go on honeymoon when i was making it was my pleasure he used any and all available escapade the silence of the individuals involved or be either side at the outset that i did not want the money i was going to be used for that purpose but never sought to hide this fact that i'm a personal use this money from anyone and for my lawyers
and formed the government prosecutors in april and i said at the onset of our discussions the money especially in the trustee account which was established actor and for my lawyer job of that i was hauling the funds and all the records relating to the creation of that account and overthrew the government and this committee as well i believe i met with the attorney general richard kleindienst on either monday the nineteen thirties or twenties are calling for this meeting i've been out on the talk of findings about the scope of the investigation and i had already had my meetings with the dean strong when i went the findings are really dismayed angered the gist of the thing together and told me that over the previous weekend while burning tree country club libya are more and sought him out he said he was incredulous when that he
stated that john mitchell had instructed him is that he helped linings to get the men who have been arrested out of jail i mean i did i did not have i was not involved but i was not of openness and i was fine and i certainly had not been involved in any criminal activity i told him that i had no idea but there was plenty of like him at the democratic national committee in the headquarters and i've pleaded with his continued ascension of stupidity my name's without giving specifics that i did not know what would happen if the investigation led him to the white house but that i suspected that the chances of re electing the president will be
severely damaged i mean oh henry peterson and as peterson founders of this while we're waiting for petersen planning to tell me that my superiors at the white house never understood that once an investigation begins it runs its full course he said that he was always been asked to take care of this matter of that matter as if by magic he could make something unpleasant go away i said i was well aware that attitude and i've never been able to get through to anyone in the white house and just didn't happen that way i mean he gave a special investigation my concern peterson edition with global markets and the implications of climbing together go to another meeting so peterson i i really was given in chinese authors another meeting in his office so peterson i went into climbing back office and talk further to the best of my recollection we did not discuss specifics well there was a discussion i told him i had no idea what this might
end and i told him that i didn't think that the white house can withstand a wide open investigation some such as our conversation was that i had no idea how far this thing might go but i'm even without being specific suspect the word meeting ended on that note that i hope i was wrong at another pair of reporting listening to him because he had a somewhat strained relationship with findings mining state he would take out everything i did record however i thought that peterson would handle a matter of family and not pursue a wide open inquiry into everything white house been doing for four years i made a statement not covering it isn't specifically said as much of the impression he gave me that he realized the promise of a wide open investigation of the white house we're returning to the content of this episode
it was midmorning on tuesday june twentieth when the gsa member of several miles which contain the contents of the job site i had learned earlier that morning from the feeling of the boxes had been secured and croat office overnight feeling also reported that they had found a handgun and a safe which disengaged a lot of green space containing electronic equipment later that day during the afternoon of the twentieth healing and i began going through the gardens of tons of material and then looking into the briefcase which electronic equipment you know what lewis was chopsticks or your lips with wires coming
out of an instruction sheet for walkie talkies and also some antennas america they then began sorting the documents the bottle papers were classified cables from the state department during the early years of the one vietnam these papers related accounts work at the white house also the paper's i won't attempt to the best of my recollection is that the papers and documents there were famines i must point out however that i personally did not look at all about guns or read all of the options rather was a combined effort by feeling in myself to determine what was in hindsight among its original paper copy of his submissions for thirty i'm paying as a consultant you travel vouchers an envelope containing a journalist but reports on a collective life among the papers that i
assume related to his work at the white house for numerous memoranda to chuck colson regarding hans assessment of the plumber operation and critical illness tripled among other matters a number of materials relating to mr daniel ellsberg such as news clippings and psychological study a history of bird which apparently had been prepared by someone who'd never actually medical mystery over a table that is other cables that this place together into one cable regarding the involvement of persons in the kennedy administration in the fall and the hemorrhaging vietnam a memorandum regarding some discussion about the boat with cable with colson mr wayne lambert some materials relating to an investigation conducted for colson at chappaquiddick some materials relating to the pentagon papers and people that'll continue public pentagon papers on examining the contents of the safe i recall the united states are
concerned about the impacts on the documents might happen they became public critical election year on a quest that feeling remove the politically sensitive documents from the others which he did for classified state department cables were to bargain for my own say so i called david young requested that he's done for me in his office we return to the state department i told ya we came to get the materials that come from one state and he should stop them altogether and he threw his arms the law is restored in the lock was in my office suite and the politically sensitive documents in one thousand papers were placed in a safe in my office the remaining children left in the cartoons on the farmhouse i certainly met with mr erlichman to inform him of the contents and say i gave him a description of the
electronic equipment and poll about the pope has cable the materials relating to health or any other politically sensitive documents i meant well as instructions he told me the shredded documents and deep six the prefix i asked him what he meant by the sixth inning that insurance ad you got out of the runaway home and i dont you as the years he said well new crossover the virginia where home costs crossed the briefcase and the river so i tell them in a joking manner that i would bring materials over to him and he could take care of them because he also crossed the river on his way home and nine he said no thank you and i that is awesome return to my office and i thought about what he was feeling
i expected it to be done i decided to think it over and take a briefcase out of my office because the plaza with the story was being used by the secretary's the office i did not have that they will save the whole tawdry because i was also giving serious consideration to hurricanes instructions accordingly i played every place the cup of my car were maimed and i returned to the office got that reached the decision that i could not harlequin's instructions i'll explain in a few moments minutes the sequence of events to the best of my recollection he was on the twentieth of twenty first week olson told me in a casual conversation in the hall outside his office about an incident he thought was painfully humorous he
told me that a member of his staff douglas out at an office in the same suite with and how i was talking with a wire service reporter well i was in the other arts olson said to me some of the fact you believe what a story that reporter might have had on income walking out of a lot of what however being interviewed olsen gave me the impression that this incident had occurred on june seventeenth of june nineteen and our college however it recalls and telling me that he had occurred ankles and my concern about the relationship with time that's my recollection the fbi contacted me during the morning of june twenty second request an interview with cause i saw one one calls in an interview was arranged for that day and also a lot to me immediately prior to the interview he was insistent that i be president because he was concerned the fbi reported the
interview might not be accurate and he wanted someone else to attest to this story also in the market shortly before a scheduled meeting with the fbi he said he did not wish to get an unrelated matters and said that again that he had no information regarding the watergate i kill i told them i presume that the agency shouldn't have knowledge about the watergate and his relationship with god the lady in the eighties or identify themselves and somewhat to my surprise people's annoying of rights which he waived i believe that the committee has access to mr paulson's fbi interview which was rather gory image wholesome part of information to them most of the items are i mean this was the only interview were made any noticeable i'm at the notes because wilson had expressed his concern before the interview regarding someone might have been able to address the historic i submitted to the committee exhibit number fourteen
the rough notes which have also been transcribed for mine and running notes at least to jot down during the interview fein and i really and why the statement that was made during the nomination hearings of the way for the fbi director didn't want to address the moment regarding the comment that was made during those hearings the bean probably like the fbi had an office in the white house during the interview mr colson on june twenty second the agents asked him mr hunter had an office at the white house calls responded he thought mr hunt had an office in the executive office building do not know where it was located the question came up about midway through the interview and was not as i recall pursue further at that point by the agents of the question to me as to whether it would be possible to get the real number i said yes at the end of the interview
as the new bankruptcy whether john had roller well you could see if you can solve this right then i told him i'd have to check it out and get back to those are the facts as i remember them of course i'm happiest up by my house with david gray said i asked wilson for his recollection in a matter and he stated that he remembered as i remember at that time i'd forgotten that i'd made no sprinkles his interview which really reflect the maples misstated that gurgling into the manhattan office in the white house a few days with olson's interview i call the agents and told them that i had the materials from consultants and get them to them shortly the land that made his statement during his nomination hearings that he had based the statement based its conclusion on a report written by the agents some seven months after the incident when i talked with her about the matter during his nomination hearing in for me that he did
not feel he is taking without really more problems i told him i did not think that the agents involved didn't matter because i was sure that they honestly report of the matter is they had remembered it i love the eighties and all on several occasions and i thought that they had all of the way they have remembered so another matter grew up and decided i would just have to take the rather unpleasant he'd remember that mr chairman would be a point where i could summarize in a statement at ending of the fbi interviews with the white house and its many state generally that they followed a very similar pattern of that oh really things
like that i'll summarize beginning at the bottom of page sixty three through sixty six and then a note to the committee that the planning of the fbi interviews at the white house and first establish by interview with mickelson i'd clear this procedure with mr lippman he thought was a good idea i was there i was there when he was present when he was interviewed and i think that the kosovo is jenny questions the committee might have regarding dozen of years i'm out and my first meetings with mr gray beginning on page sixty six regarding the investigation i believe it was on june twenty first met with mr gray's office late morning regarding the fbi investigation at that meeting he told me fully realize the
sensitive nature of the investigation that they were pursuing in that he had placed his most trusted senior people in charge of the investigation michael ray i'd have to keep informed about the investigation and they told me that he'd been visiting a number of regional offices will continue to do so in a future bus if i need information i should call mr mark felt in his absence i might know this point that in the gray was frequently absent from the city during a course the investigation and it's irritated lately when he asked me to get some information from gray and ray lewis of the city on several occasions and thirteen administrative me to tell later returned the city and mind the store that's his message to recall when or what prompted media so i do recall to one occasion a term related to some recently major leaked information that have come out of the fbi graham
twenty first of jenny also told me a mammogram mr bates who's heading the investigation another moment of aids and when i reported this that yes the debate was michael mcdonald writes i can recall on several occasions when asked me if i thought that they knew it is doing an investigation under control i was finally seem to be relying on an enemy and for drugs the best recollection of repealing this june twenty first meeting with great but he informed me that the fbi had uncovered a number of major banking transactions that have transpired in the town of one of the arrest of cubans mr barker in for me they had traced a twenty five thousand dollars check to a mr kenneth dollar and forty nine thousand dollars to a bank in mexico city and i learned about the overture from mr mayweather i learned about it in a leading industry mitchell's office by reason the fact that the
fbi was trying to contact mr goldberg about the matter and already called mr stands at any rate the fact that the fbi was investigating these matters was up most concerned with the stands when it landed stanford's concerned about a problem that was some form because it was in fact a contribution for mr dwayne and ears and i did not know what i was told a longtime backer senator hubert humphrey either stand for michel wanted mr andrews to be embarrassed by disclosure of the competition the concern about the mexican money was made a little less clear to me i was told it was a competition from a group of texans who had used an intermediary in mexico to make the competition oh i've not been told i assume that time that they were concerned about the sound to me as if it might have been or contribution and clearly in violation of the law mr spence also explained that he had checked this long to find out how this money to end up with her but their
bank account and slung reported that he had given a chance to do it and requested the catch them he said that he had no idea how to be a catch him at some i think it obviously you'd catch him i was also told i do not recall specific phobias that this money had actually nothing to do with a lot of it was unrelated and was merely coincidence the fact that he had to try to catch the checks and it had returned the money i was told that the investigation is matter which appeared to be connected with the watergate was an unfounded and maybe resolve and the necessary encouragement to competitors on a mental standpoint that's me to see if there's anything the white house can do i mean i'm elated on june twenty seven at the request of the sikh way that his office in the early evening disgusted over the mexican jackson determine how the fbi was proceeding with this matter but they told
me they were pursuing and by seeking to interview the persons live on objects that time i mean with mr graham a twenty second we also talk about this theory of the case it was beginning to unfold i remember well that he drew a diagram for me showing his theories at that time right at the falling thirties it was a set up job by double agents it was a cia operation because of a number of former cia people or evil or someone in the reelection committee who's responsible great it also had some other theories which he discussed i do not recall i do remember that though that i've mentioned where his possible theories before the meeting ended i recall the graying and i again had a brief discussion of the problems of the investigation into the white house they express expenses awareness of potential problems such an investigation and also told me if i need any information or more tolerant so
they also informing that he was going to meet with the cia to discuss their possible involvement that we know the outcome of that meeting on june twenty third airport my conversation with gray i've received we discuss the daughter of a mexican checks and the fact that the fbi was looking for answers regarding checks i had the impression that either when the parliament might have a conversation with somebody else this matter that this is a mere speculation among about that time within the first days of my involvement in the cover up a pattern developed wordless carry messages from actual stands and martin berkman all woman and vice versa about how he sort of was having a cover up in the relevant information as to what was occurring was also according them all the information i was receiving about the case from the justice department the fbi i check with the woman and avoid anything
on the few sets of early documents haven't seen as working relationship with all american relates to responding to mary o'brien flutter of june twenty fourth to the president requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor i have some of these documents to the committee and to the number fifteen consistent with the reporting pattern developed a reporter mitchell in a meeting also attended by mr martin mr mcgrew raise billions kinds of the case that's me and to the best of my recollection on friday afternoon june twenty third or saturday morning june twenty four during this meeting there were wide ranging discussions of the many problems and confine the reelection committee including such matters as the problem of the civil lawsuit filed by the democratic national committee
and fonseca caused the problem with already a mexican church and that's my recollection this was the first time i've heard any discussion of the need for money to take care of those who were involved in the break in on june seventeenth i think also here on page seventy one risky i wrote about my receiving reports of intel agreeable innocent terminate previously noted for the record that there's a cage at seventy one by summarizing salmon to the best of my recollection was in early july when i called ray discuss the matter receiving reports from the fbi indicated he was going to on saturday
i told them that i thought it was unwise for me to be coming in another justice department because it's more to the garden people just renewing accordingly we arranged to meet later his apartment and he said that he will discuss the matter with them her college a stroll to the side apartment building set an invention from the return from generally about the case and i raised with him the night of my receiving some of the rocky ii veteran running an investigation they said that he would have to check one in france from me that this information would be reported to the president and that he that was vital purpose of the requests i've heard him that was being reported the president you know i was not directly reporting to the president i was aware that the development and haldeman and daily discussions with the president i felt certain because all in all to make notes of my reporting that about the information i was bringing to their attention
that this information was being given to the president i do not recall when i actually received the first briton information from the fbi but the league was after the twenty prior to july when i receive a summary report that an investigation that they would also like to now summarize to the bottom of the page and indicate that when you indicate that at possession of the dog the fbi files later mr martin mr parkinson mr ryan came over my office and read the reports and money and now they always the same conclusion and i recall at my audience reaction was it the documents indicated
that the investigation is to vigorously is quite critical of gray and asked me to call lead to slow down but i never made such a call summarizing the first paragraph on page seventy three and also note that i never showed any of these reports many persons who were interviewed by the fbi and they were only given two more of the white house staff when he was working on the civility matter for mr ortman in her home john dean has been explained his role as white house counsel during the post watergate investigations annual mike sticks twine a plan to move all the central intelligence agency in the cover up and public television's coverage of the watergate hearings will continue after this pause for station identification on a great coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service fb as
be it
fb fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 6
Producing Organization
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 12 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Dean testifies.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
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Library of Congress
Identifier: 1957565-1-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
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