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many scientists call global warming the most daunting challenge of our time and yet because greenhouse gases come from the energy we use and the products we consume there's a lot you and i can do indeed about a third of all greenhouse gases in the us come from sources directly under our control our homes and our cars we needed to do it for her own contribution that's matt peterson ceo of global green usa he's just woken up and he's standing in the kitchen of his santa monica home sipping hot coffee out of the global warming mug it shows much of the planet's coastal land including malibu submerged under seawater peterson offers some tips for curbing our emissions rather commissioners often the most energy intensive usual all right so the refrigerator the average france draws down so much power that it puts two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide into the air each year an energy
star fridge cut that in half and alienated his turnovers than your average reader peterson so another energy star appliances they recycle diligently that saves energy to and planned to add the solar panels and insulation and we put all over her tv or dvd player cable box there on am arthur and so when we made the house for a couple days i could turn off the part of very easily as all the singers for the most part drain power and we can slip on energy and their only crime on a standby note all the time he was in an blog says white's cell phone charger that's another energy vampire even when there's no phone connected to them they're going to be drawn energy it isn't says goodbye to his young son writer and slips into a toyota prius it's a great car lot drive that i think it's fun when you're really
conscientious about driving fifty miles through the only emissions collider tailpipe are going to be greatly diminished ninety percent lower than other person across town martin shell auditor finishes his work at the coalition for clean air in downtown la and takes the red line subway to the goal line and hops abbas to his home in eagle rock third of our greenhouse gases come from a transportation for londoners house is surrounded by fragrance ages and other drought tolerant plants in saving water we are out actually saving a lot of carbon emissions because of the energy it takes to move water from out of state are here in los angeles the insider points out compact fluorescent light bulbs that illuminate the living room this fall that we have in this land without the same amount of energy it's enormous sixty watt bulb uses a fourth of the energy save me about thirty dollars over its lifetime show monitor shows off other energy saving features including solar panels and an outdoor clotheslines
Climate Change in California. Part 7
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If left unchecked, global warming could threaten California's environment and economy. Some of the scenarios are scary and overwhelming. But as KPCC's Ilsa Setziol reports, the good news is we can all do something about it.
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climate change
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