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on a hot august morning the air conditioning players in a computer room at the university of california davis the tangle of yellow orange and blue cables links four hundred agencies lights flashing they chatter about conflicts and three questions and the two year old wallace that's michael kleeman an environmental engineer who studies the air pollution his computers are gravitating on this question how global warming affect the region for particles such as diesel said the picture is hazy but with the pollutants that combined to create ozone he says it's pretty clear what it would just increase the rate of chemical reaction that and so that we can get an exposure to ozone can irritate the eyes throat and lungs it also exacerbates asthma clean and models project the number of days conducive to ozone formation in the city of riverside could
soar from at two hundred and fifty by the end of the century global warming might also have a direct impact on human health more heat related illness and death a state report says its greenhouse gas emissions escalate relatively unchecked by the end of the century la could experience as many as a hundred more days over ninety degrees and that could also make angelinos more vulnerable to some diseases at a lab on the outskirts of uc davis researchers eagerly awaited fedex deliveries packages of mosquitoes preserve the dry ice entomologist william reisen even testing as many as ten or fifteen different pieces sampling focuses on jewish settlers he was given and then there's other houses rise in tracks west nile virus and other infections mosquitoes transmit he also studies how variations in climate affect mosquitoes mosquitoes are at air temperature
there at ambient conditions so that rapidity with which they did yes blood and therefore the frequency at which they feed increases as a function of temperature so there's more bites per day when it's hard and the rate at which the virus grows in the mosquito is also related to temperature then when it lays it saves the mosquitoes develop more rapidly if the water's warmer rise and says global warming will lengthen the season during which mosquitoes can transmit disease in california perhaps in the south you may not have an interruption and it made all year and that warming new species of mosquitoes might move in and find california more hospitable these species could carry new diseases are very fortunate that in california at this moment we don't have the asian tiger mosquito it or eighties gently which is found in arizona these two mosquitoes can transmit dengue viruses which are
Climate Change in California. Part 5
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Projected impacts of climate change on human health
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climate change
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