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it pieces it is i know i'm a sea kaminski today regarded think san juan mountains in colorado
another they're going to colorado i have it's a beautiful state i hope when this painting to capture all the duty of that beautiful countryside well let's get started because we have a lot to do and i wonder like a couple points about snow on the mountains again the first thing we do and if you can but i went through with this series you will have seen many many fantasies david fathi the faith about that or going and it must be done and i keep saying if they even telling every benefit of concerning your children you will have to say the same thing every never again like the kind that for twenty years of death barry on swipe at all of of repetitions the way larry and said don't be afraid to do it over and over again
now open and drying grapes the corps is first because i think that way you keep the trouble they were in the lines like this i'm so thrilled i can tell of course immediately forgot them in the wrong place or that this tool messenger right now then again i'm going to say allison landscapes or c skates or whatever you find the horizon first in this case the horizon is quite low in the sky and mountains are very dominant
you're going through your eyes the light immediately very important to do that first they know how to build the rest of your thinking make this an airbus we have nots and we had green rolling hills next let's play in are green rolling hills matt leinart because vietnam's and we didn't want to obscure the sky what's the voice now let's not have an actual green rolling hills and not pointed toe heels like this and one listener laura will hire its own very end i'll even for a moment that sketch the mountains all us how the point of irrespective right over the other one and that ann hammond
just little smaller down here loops that's changed as we bit because i had to i don't want them going this way you know again we have a very simple drawing thank goodness spent hours on the drying fussing with it and you can enjoy your writing and they're now don't want a straight line at the horizon that's various a little so the hills look like they're going back and back and back and we do that when a simple expedience of getting rid a straight line this way like this feeling of going all you back there and went in and which they have as beautiful and there's lots of wild rabbits and tumble wade and all of that now we have trainers and
shrubs and what have you i do not want to drop the ball you join the trees because we'll only have to pay them out however if you want to you can paint them in and then get rid of them as the best way to do that we'll do that anyway is i think it's best for you now the trees are quite tall on the right hand side because they're quite close to is another reason i want to do this because i want to show you the structure of the tree i don't think i'd done that or not and i want to show you that tree is rather like this and have braces he bought one from the other like that name trunks remain drug like that and then they go out that way jews are very beautiful and really quite simple complicate everything and we don't have to get too small trees right here it is of course major not the same countries that you have these deprive united states we're very like trunks
and the top to quite large is a little different in the west it this for the moment i just like the branches note though it's for now it so your quite small cars and much further away the train mr to stealing a distance in this painting which we haven't done always read may not do with some of the others and its perspective in color which is very important indeed warm tones going oriental court and just creates a modest feeling of perspective in color we do have perspective and color as well is in line more so in painting them with the wine's enduring they're using very small these trees here by his leaders for the moment don't fuss with them we also have it in front of a canvass which is a marvelous a gimmick which again creates a feeling of distance some shrubs an old no bushes and weeds
of all of that it would just throw those in very simply that like there are several of them right you're very small very much in the distance and we were just like oh that's it that's the driest very simple but it's all they're not always we decide where is the light coming from in this case the light is coming from the right or take our crotch a little lumber with our watch the police do not have a gripping because you will lose your play you're drawing this way are going to play out the trees don't fret you can get them back again like this the plans below none thought the word we have better healthcare we are the hills also
to worry that tuesday even though you've pointed out they've done it once and if in your mind you will remember best interesting part of this no but that this has been a savior i don't see detainees in a very beautiful it's a monochromatic they would use all the terms of the one color there's also a very interesting technique perhaps one day we will do it i want to show you that also i want to bring everything to you so that you will you enjoy it or face of the things i think that's about it and that's i'm drawing for to date now on his upon part are going to paint very very wet from the bag out the sky first we start with a light
along the horizon i would like to make another point here were paid for als we start from the dark turn and working to light when i paint the sky rework from the light tone practically always at the top either the other horizon or in this case a top announced like this to try and go around the ship that doesn't carefully but i do not want you to a million dollars and help and save yourself a little workshop will learn to pay you'll find it can painting pretty interesting thing about noise like if prince
gao movement i like the idea of the sky not routine strategy of having some something going on there right now let's get the middle like this our goats only start up in the corner like that work out towards announced this way of place do not lose your total that is us why he makes them in the first place you see we do everything and fried it was like meeting and dark the pope we've had students that have a raging storms by adding little too much ari is this guy town we know that in painting the wind council cool old dre the cool towns and the cool towns will who engraved the one thousand that's the way it gets in this case when we mix a spy tale we usually use our english without blues and greens
to create a cooler affect the sport och television not quite interesting enough very lightly please how would your knife likely do not know it with pain is that you cannot control it hold it very lightly flatten life like this now we've got this guy and leave alone afford in our mountains there again we had the three towns start with a dog town on the right the strokes go towards the left like this first then retake the lighter town and rework it this way in the opposite direction to create a feeling of death on this and want to learn the pattern in nature of that on all the outfit you'd think it's amazing want how much is here it is
and to have terribly effective it is very exciting thing to watch it grow in just a few strokes into something very very true to what you're trying to do just by a few strokes the wrights strokes back and look at it now because they have the fine it's you might've been working to hard thing to pilfer the pleasant guy with it you know you hear he's said it a million times like it's just an art of making plans based tell me that was my theme song and this is like and then later on i'm a youth coach arrive at an instructor at the ymca in round three said i
sound like a coach at halftime with my students i scream at them to leave their your brain healthy we have to get them are dealing here with a very dark green hills and so on i think that before i do that will put the little green valley never a lovely little green fertile valley right before these mounds of steel at first time and collective effort is gorgeous you can see how lovely that pale green is without purple it's a fantastic contrast but then no one can suppress or anything surprised the beauty of nature and the color of nature and while those colors like django
who dared to paint purple trees if barrios be now let's go back to our dark green hills there again the dark side on the right or trees have had a bygone have lost them altogether now those hills had vegetation on them so lets not make into smoothest create a feeling of vegetation without please adding lots of little things we'll add a little lighter town right here like this to create a difference in the hills like that colors absolutely fascinating to work i'd been painting for thirty years it still the most exciting thing everything i do is the first one or two young people who are thinking about i don't think
about it and do it is when you're right especially the women rewrite a journeyman applause and by golly and be in very good shape your husband will be great too so your children i know here we are again the plot if you have go on over the area that you have painted out rather sketched in down here don't let it were you weighed when the yellow grass as we go up into the hills and create the space between civil us well i think this one was beautiful things by the way i didn't put the snow in this meeting has snow so i'm going to do that and i would say that when we pay the snow pleaser not to look like ice cream cones don't tell
of white on the site lets do that across on the mountain ranges like this very lightly like this like a retake the white town like this you see activists feeling of crevices which it has by simply writing a night very lightly over the amounts of pain underneath i when i was learning to play i would have paid just know there is an added the mountain collar around it and i would never have gotten this effect and pulling the white snow over the former paint or the pain underneath that created a feeling of it going into the crevices of the mountain which it would naturally anyway it also it's starting to melt and spots which a dozen the west versus switzerland of the problem i want a softness wee bit like that
in some markets they make sense pick it up again in the area now we've done that have been snowing a range of mountains don't go back to it that that's one thing that you can run very easy is just no i do think that we should have another one right here to create a feeling that there's been a one in front and now let's go to the foreground the light town is coming from the lab so we start with the dark tone on the right there again i started terribly important it's across and down like this a news
middletown alternately to create the feeling of some of the grasses catching the light and some in shadow because it it shades itself it's very tall and i'm going to add a little purple at the bottom on the right side a feeling of being taught in the light coming from the left like this i'm going up into the mountains because of that off that i don't like the straight line should try to split them and then i bring this down a little bit like that so that creates a feeling of being an underling line and going up into the hills like that
hello scott you are like to leave after the mammoth this gets a light town of this beautiful beautiful morning alice that dark lovely green it's a painting will always enjoy the people never get tired again it's very restful and i travel quite a bit but i have yet to see some of the countries are fearful of the west but i get to see anything as lovely as colorado keep this like very light crude omar was stealing the contrasts between the
parallels become trees now that we've painted out don't wear will find them and we're going to change that just a little bit like this little more exciting than this area that they don't have the right tree and very tall lion with cargo planes now brown trees no telephone calls is it's a better life download or with paint and do this please that fast i would suggest that before you do trees or anything like this practice on paper first with your knife and get the feeling that of
strokes who find it would be a great help we hear that there's this more the long campaign there were just cause no trouble then right all places that's what the shorter trees across us that this that there's quite a distance here betrayal very useful i think going to be the same size me that this all taller let your little shadows
in place right away say don't lose them find now that are photogenic but waves across the trains across the tree like this aereo does that's also a fantastic stroke i do not want to say a drawing little johnny leaves the parents both the thing about painting is that they are a changing and please i think it's a
wonderful idea if you would simply take a couple and as two year like this actor get your values and they diffused jokes like that of terrible for the brand for more branches that makes it the mom much more natural light on the left and using midi in town because the dark hills ordinary i would use dark turn so as i don't know as admiral extreme yellow on here for answers and for a light to create mr was feeling of lights on and little extras and yellow and that's bipartisan colors down for you to ten it's less expensive and you're in color that way by doing your own
i can remember going to the store and you were talking to about twenty calories i can tell not know what to do with those strikes down here they're very dark because the front like there's a light rain talent on the left you can add a little purple on the bottom like this and we have a bit of this and tumble we did a center like this they
dry in the fall they dry out and then they move and they go across the whole countryside hope for is fantastic they get huge and every soccer all dried raises a very interesting thing to watch them blowing and lots of wild rabbits in this country say that you didn't know or getting a travel film again i think we have the one more little tiny ones that they would like this very very far away the edges shadows like that i'm not going to do what i tell you not to do play with that someone stop right now they're we are well that's it for the day
now we must sign always on your savings i can't tell you it's been on the rise nice nice it is lee
there's bees knees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies do know only noon news
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