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or a hanging it really is alma plays with or four ladies wild horses really are a big black stirred loops and wooden poles of books
are mountaineers it's been a trail of tears for those that had to tame one takes a lot of force for a minute record under a blazing sun scientists have came up i hadn't met him before it's broken telephone so i met him and i just had come up to write my story is just sit there because i'm really scared of horses actually say i wasn't eager to do worse than at all but when i saw it the first woman at our clinic when did her thing with her of course i just was so moved that this woman and have a connection with a force like that and now i'm so i will i said to stan oh my god i wanna i wanna wanna do this and he said pick a horse so i did it was utterly terrifying and then something happened i just sort of trust as trusted stan enough to just keep delay said
and then i'm not sure what really happened in that moment that it really didn't change everything those are playing of liver failure can break in or from a rope and throws what they know new career as a snack when the sage is tied mostly like what that try to sell its unguarded show lives are going to go into food around i'm at stanford to my wife was on health nurse and she thought women stanford made his living by breaking horses and i had to say it because most will affirm both of horses to recommend its source for opening throw him that one full and blame of that and selling census i love you know the old one for him working out the week with what they spent christmas and
the horse gets inspired his and divorce going anywhere for modern brought thorson <unk> which impressed me using force to break will only make the man learned to respond to force a dirty party we regard you take the spirit from a horse lim was young manhood is a lot different than the chairman has changed and i'm incredibly challenging situations a lot of people kind of a royal caribbean wide and he's made his life itself so yeah this is a spiritual leader in a great listener and in the same way that he
links courses feel comfortable in their fear it's just a way to express it father figures since it won father my real father the story of john snow was only a month old in and right here with stanford is a good example of some of the restraints of our family and we need to have my own mistakes that we have in this nation the unsung stories elsewhere in courses are really just places it
says nurses so ago and the people and eighties yeah yeah early on it facing strife return his life around his thoughts came clear or sister in every thought was around it is your second win over to him talk and so serious and so catchy and let three days without one
you know i miss this routine i am so it is quote we are forced to say what the world will want these newer talk of war which the walk but i know one that
chose before nice nice boy that's relatable and your legs to live here does get right in there a warrior out there and you want to get rich you won't ever for promotion no direction or lotions no don't take any harder just to think it you can't go out like recover with your own again you can tell for smart you really trying to outsmart
and that's all these authentic search to analysis and moral are trying to shoot him strong will discourage you it worked for her yesterday to get away but today when we don't pay attention to it and kept on doing it she accepted you're going to like but actually it would be good to get her to stand or steel until you're set up now safely looking for another way to get to our eye that i don't think i don't think about iraq russia has been relaxed you know you know where will you know more more time in a maker do you couple more steps in and
will unsettle her three eighth ok go out loud laugh because bleak now we are six this first force we just kind of this way and that same course it's
fascinating to church faithful inn morning edition welcome i know sir those during an and the jacket the trial because they kept workers your own porsche out the trick he says
this year he still is all
right nice horses stanford medicine was the chosen one weekend they were or so is that going to find its face missing forces its own goals clear there's magic here and so or scroll from a rod gets me into a peaceful serene wrong
becomes about you know a lot of them understand forces can remember that and i call it had a lot of it's like i feel i'm sometimes you know just like her on our languages hughes you know you can interpret them with and so will spill into the courses they can like be interpreted me that he learned from that and how this one of course ms macguineas that's able to communicate not the way that humans talk to each other but on spiritual karla can
get comfortable with what he's able to understand what the horse's sane and forced to understand what you say and he has a real powerful and that's why he's here to train these horses wild horses and use that help heal intimate relationship between the human and of course and that makes the person to ron sowles mosul mix of course no close to that person so i think he's got i will trust me that were the innocent men and i think he connects incredibly well with people an incredibly loved horses obviously you tell us why you want out i'm all over when you're in their body size probably some surprises women are not too afraid it all at her school they give him
because each one very soon the way the way you communicate with that or personality or personality there's a lot of horse hooves phones less to leave your emotions in the reactor but you know that you in order to peek at it avoid and you were on your way out there you go yeah this is the first murder then within fifty feet of a screen since yesterday at noon she's interested right from the start button a little while to get close to her but she was never really a common all about letting you if you reached out to touch it and you jump away
walk up slowly nature but he couldn't richard dicker true if your eye this is from the same kinds of sweet because he can or do i not like the important thing i feel pretty good as gone through quite a few are ranges of emotion today in yesterday's pretty frustrated furlough without really get the first i was able to walk up to your own kind of ever touch me here we are really through it's been strengthening when those wrongs throngs than i need you to go up and even understand what is in it through a long story in
lahore says it does commissioner kroes for so long i can throw a little nervous does that then when he's around and if the accident and do not get close to the ocean as sark understandable on the forces to sometimes immense value its northeastern not racist in the accident don't be afraid because the porcelain but they're more secure less than we are we turn to june in the ruins that hamburg says to look
at the moon in the grill but you do not stop because they were worried about humans is that one uses can work but they don't want to admit it is like the hidden truth and the poorest countries about and chose to even if they don't come away while the horse or improvement in their report when they get the horse riding the cod or tuna that and that all the other doubts that they had out there far more serious as well you serious
children's show to people that you know or role because we know we understand one was no there's no indication no barriers it was nine interview james no not when you ask people in the united states which will work i mean west their lives unless quote comes from reporters there at the whole nation reservation is where he teaches courses imam of the gentle hand and horse ranches or so men claim they can do the same that contained a wheelchair
you can't the region the past poverty
that's too strong six minutes you know year to year in order to better decision making skills yeah our
math now news i'm trying to calm the depression and alcoholism and all the poverty and everything creates family large dysfunctional family relationships and thats exactly opposite from what our culture is that people do there is magic character in gaza spoke
former brokers plan with a gentle hand that runs the silent thunder no matter what situation you're in a teacher to you know regardless of what you're going through and you know do something that part of your own system agency the solutions
the magnetic personality and his unit are too and he's got his dedication would be something so gentle about him with forces with kids says that explains so our prayers were answered
Silent Thunder
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A heartwarming story of Stanford Addison: a Native American Elder, Spiritual Leader, Horse Tamer, and Quadriplegic. Through his unique method of gentling wild horses, Stanford delivers an inspiring and timely message of universal peace and cultural tolerance by sharing the experiences of his own life.
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