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rainey you know there's there's a considerable amount of expertise that goes into buying insurance these people measure of an obscene former cross diagonally i've seen for women half and watch the patterns in a phrase a little different pattern from the street a john ford side you know they may or may not have an interest in there there's a larger i'm amazed it's awesome such assistance major funding for weaving world was provided by the corporation for public broadcasting put three additional funding was provided by
three with the fishes that's right the current other cars through a car forty fifth date of conduct at the capability he quickly caught up given the car mandate is jim at the ivy be skeptical of the shaft with china made in the vacation talking what the political gain that you mean they go in english her party and dash are
probably not the gay dog dish known to be nationalism across the country thank you evolution mission release the most important
part for us is that we like the pattern is the size roughly what we're looking for and you know it can use can you feel something from the ride to the weavers heart's owners in or they just wrote together the brink of auctions health i was amused we were speaking with you i'm terry gross sixty six bees
bees yes so but the answer to the native assisting friends and you will need this say though that can lead us to the newly you see my master's degree
than sixty years us city life is about as far as i want you now on hold and as an adult i want to learn about these things then you really got a chance to just experience people think of things in terms of the economy how to make money with something but what i discovered is that you also need with which you can find peace won't lifers retina there's about twelve to today and thirty five and i have another loon my house and i haven't started yet i don't think there's a skill to have it
just be able to spin wool the same even as the same tightness all the way through you know and to keep doing it and he will tell you well it's an all are abysmal tradition you do you want to go back in time and i don't see it is it edith we have yard or one that's going to do it was something to be done don't want to sit there and think some audiences can do for you is going to be you know what it was molly we in
my nice sum up event in a one person i'm sick of those how much sharper more sockeye of us again the baby is it rain i do i went for the relations to be here at all
fifty thirty seven thirty two states are sometimes i wish i have one time to do it will work that i do i need more time off i she's says it all along da da da da da da da a finished hill which she said the voice gave some model for us it's both a
pretty typical evasion i don't come to the beach on i don't want to guess i don't own the battle like this does iggy it at ky she put the nuts of that is unknown on fourteen there will be a whole jesus i do at home sit close at the teacher i don't own a young moms it's an artery that the job corps a home and stability of the whole thing some are some less enough foundation day on less than a dozen that
indication stores the trading posts like this the trading posts audie the key question the actual pitch you live not really a level of feel like i can relate to and not only disguises your eye will be a noble come down here in fact that our board an airplane before i did this i would fly down here in our flat circles around this boy scout camp the camps this was a very populated area
port tonight and they had lots of laughter you know we were about three hundred bags of law this is what support the store was all wrong you know days ago foreigners laura wherever the road for a month this is occurring every day there were big city you had people who ball from balls we had over the years that with fourteen and we hear you've altered the compasses vote for so you as wholesalers incredible potential
progressive aggressive this is mr mcgee it is that i know this one there's no tears
do another thing they my grandfather's the one that made my grandmother of these seemed intent on the base the best known about this just now i go past caught the citgo possessive about but the keys in tucson it's been us own little known the chicago political boss and all day but not gonna shout and games out there he supports active kabul bus the whole day in the car did overshadow a needle on and shit that they're bad want to go on no on
one of socal and that is something that was on the committee all live with you're enjoying life to keep going on and i don't think he's thinking well yeah if a bagel isn't ready for him particularly emi to keep that hot thing that one young boy one can to free enterprise capitalism they feel at all at our opera has a new home he asked for there's a united and i look at it
i'm an important part of you know i think it has been a traitor because a lot of people that can read about his rulings but trader vice from thousands of people everyday the navajos is one person should mention one project in laurel good robert i did have inherited the past but money in the world to buy everything mr richter scale we're not educated about what's actually happening to you then you know he kind of just you're willing to take you accept it well our people do that's where people are mentally sound so many hundreds of years isham not yet in ljubljana show and there's non the mojave getting a
question the hot issue what's up cook each sunday night to cut the comment on not only navigate the outcome not that the air date ten passage take dolce hope in the face of that you've got treatment who see it that people you know you could put a wheat that's really reaching out here that said this massive the scope and size you know who made this weaving feel like it's a problem apple but that's about all i know this is now the leading in its purest form all of these things that we see later with diamonds in all kinds of different patterns comes much later that that sixteen really where it is the most important thing that's coming the road show that i've seen the absence of all overlooked and adherents of that i haven't a clue on a really bad day
this text that would be worth three hundred and fifty thousand dollars it's about a half a million dollars because you have a national treasure is flabbergasted it's been this is a third world country and we have people coming into this little country and setting up into existence of us like the way
every other third world countries treating people right here in the united states change is important and change when that happens the right way is is good change that what people on the outside are doing to us is there forcing us to change in ways that were no we don't want to change that forcing us to a band in that with which were making a very basic living from a very hard to describe to people who are just here to make money for tom so we have to sell a fifty pound think we can talk no
fire coming into the hotel people who are here that are insensitive to the way people live fb and the way that people maybe is not to try to control you the resources that are here so i think the lord i came home knowing that this linguistics decree can best be used here in this changing world of ours but when i came home i saw people wanting
to continue to raise livestock but having to faced more and more obstacles each year to this way of life has sustained this culture or hundreds of thousands of years mccammon it's just one of those people that if she's heartbroken about something it's hard to tell she's been through a time period of tremendous hardship probably eighty percent of her life story as a young lady she broke both of her refine having fallen down their routine the wintertime herding sheep have been wrapped up in the next day she's our her and she began it's quite different in questionable fashion plate of what was your i think
mom no she sure my pleasure he is yeah and that as boy you're
very altruistic reasons to do a job there's been a sunni area this is boring people
here are very traditional or traditionally there have many mammals and i can go there were several things that brady's going to be six weeks in awe are you a lot of us today we have those were different than you know in my grandma's data mining and ranching that's all they'd get into a home and we enjoy our jobs and we enjoy traveling and mean tory you know living a different
lifestyle today and so i want to also be acquiring also clear answer switching off and on through the years working i spent the majority of the last five years are going to work while i stay at home and take care of the home life within a team that way so basically the way i see it is now it's my turn to go to work especially hard on me because of the most of nursing in her a moment to work in it takes a lot of patience understanding among the mob could save you money at the comedown a daredevil to communicate with them to exist within that the
us it's a different situation that we're exploring different from what we've been waiting for the last six five six years lee as far as she goes i really have different ideas on how i want to own race she it's only i heard this bill both of my aunties i mean people teach ancient a couple
in washington and caught on high though she made it out on the shooting at it for the happy day this finished product is with government help what was your they really improved before the end the problem of the sort that much and i should push my evil lawrie dayne indeed i ended up on top a young young and my sister she's older sister she's about the time say the city doesn't matter your talk the only kid or that they will arrest of these findings of that ad three hundred three hundred fifteen august when becky our critic at the best guests and no one was
taking that are sometimes these cotton we're just like a dancer just a little easier for the award from a horse and why they've come to go for that gmc remember we weren't too stringent so i don't know he is passionate
steve we got caught or quadruple am not backing they became the pa a particle school arts and josh yeah i know what call it a democrat or not it's not that these two will eat aquatic or eight that they either own the cricket auto the more years i don't even i don't use age eight stage play it all still am job out id id de winter story on the ivy on social core problem was a good wage deceased to go into it
it's b i know this one things on the double the lorry up until mark corbin a christian and most of these are out institutions change that point been somewhat crime novel to forget what they get they said that in the hole
because because because yes and they're still yet on that it will save the queen from what they in the state and i mean even be a problem they get he can dust your son the lonely at that she's not wishy washy what yanez shot to talk about a local aid removing i
need to go as he lived in the economic kings six hundred and the kind of almost at a quijada most of the most of the heat about thirty years ago keep michael company move on to black mesa and they pump out you know millions of gallons of water again for one coal company to be using that much water to transport coal with to a power plant so that people in california and las vegas can have electricity cheap electricity at that and not one single kilowatt comes back to now for sedation how is it that someone is making a decision for us that you would do with less than what you had yesterday because someone out there needs more somewhere in the
very core of my building i want to weave rugs and because of this water issue i haven't really had time to do the things that i want to do when it see if there's no more fines there's no more springs if i can't walk the land with my kids and show them the natural plants and the vegetation that's what can kill or language others also turned a typical high to handle the thought that from stop n d map or at night not detached in that punishing will obligate the cost me to comment that a hiccup behind each car you
want to be in the show cokie thank you and they knocked out that a hot hot button on contact theory according to shake the ticket that he shaped at that is ms richmond yeah then
again it's because big this test in just one year the pope we don't need this
it is the way i was brought up in a more traditional city many of the elders here are still traditional a bounce a ski slope and all these traditional foods that the lukewarm yields the organic and me cheat on the kiva a young they wasted food chow news this is our summer to him sometime i bring my niece or my nephew to bring more like
the position they had their daily lives where there's a tv or telephone and x box games but first here is a little different because there's livestock there's horses there's no running water there's no electricity so it gives them in an atmosphere where our grandmothers and a grandmother before them where race theory the hole and tie a life of my grandmother we will move appear nowadays we bring up the sheep here to the horse trailer but back in the old days it would be to take the
whole day just hurt she's from the summer she can't hit a chain poses from the trading post coming out to them now and takes another day but for you that our brains have two about the wardens i thought that it is not a lot on the core issues that have been enough on russia had a year long investigation even get to fight it as a couple wants you know he's very make money and he knows that and it's the lack of infrastructure here on the reservation that's the reason that traders become the last resort
chris b this boy has been there this being you we paid him a fair price market price for whatever soldiers and you're dealing with vaccination got her cut which is what that's what you do if it was only an hourly wages you know nobody could
afford you didn't calculate the labour party later confronted the traders a long time ago and said you know and again with the service or fruit and they would've said fine goes go see him find their price elsewhere one thing they can't do and i got to understand is a lot of people like were you solace road for more than you paid me and we'll get to this new yorker column and that venue not always asked to that is well you go by canoe yard sale records yellow tissue so rock it's i always had come and they wouldn't want and all the naked of going to a trickle to cure your customer like you know we were doing something just to help are rumors of that but how
they want their customers to feel when they walk away that we helped each other you're going to go yeah yeah they do not think a big mess and that being gay and doggone it you know one after one behave and that is
it's a loop chris tonight show you how our dignity at the higher yahoo isn't alone copper cu like this one they are accustomed it really is personally the people coming and buys a gift and to know that their special think so and the commandant thousand not a lot of
support in the crater ninety you know if you choose taylor stuff than that part we were in honor of always chose they'll often in things there's a tremendous amount the highest point in the past and he says that he loves and that's it and then talk about that suspended the way billy be a beast on the job at ancestral because child of the faithful about a function or they are a guy do not bagels and to get busy closing all us sun king of corriere della soapy he was unhappy with the simpsons sailors aboard future machine to shoot the jungle and so i don't think it's a beach sc our
mythology and abbas in the show it's a key state and then copyright until march josh shipp she sure whose mental issues not been eager to a young all the twenty nine should call on civil war torn by ocean going to see it in to help quell we are one on television trademark at the dance and then she got a goldfish not on maple though boal yeah isn't that a great idea when the armstrong
ish apple bought thought that should speed up or nhtsa wants this case his sister says is this is your place he convinces jesse used to your decision as you meet your typical well i think that i picked this country lives in the separatist controlled were locals accomplice success
writing entire livelihood was always be under some kind of attack we will always be struggling to protect ourselves and our way of life and that is doable but that they had lists even though michigan this is a stall selling it is a common and that's it liu is most time houston and how much would you put in the offices and when the hosni of what is in effect altman says this is only a christian home
ooh ooh the spin at sheikh the armor of any kind of humanity and he says i'll call at eight or what well in shale a lyric as uncle ashok talk up obama no change in the political debates model they still i'm not or whatever it is they really went there was because i am a health center and i had a tenth inning that the downtown phoenix and when the things that i really want to bring to it because the emphasis is an arizona gun purchases to get some amount of vitriol and bringing down there and tell people the story about the church and they're just here because a lot of people and i didn't really want to three arranged to
have your the barrier enduring go back with new york city the market and if the six pound the traders buy them ten cents a pound now that they're all well they were at the pew center serves in the phoenix area standards that i will without a clip of her second term our line this is
for you and she made it in and auditioned been chanting death thanks aj hawk suddenly to be able to say ok what's done is done as elk once again there is no mention on this and eight election on mission that were so why we keep calling you know and it's still alive he notes long tongued until nike and some nikes stolen last long hot not for it at
oh geez i'm clean oh absolutely and they did that that the homes owned a villain and they get the draft or ten day a color are some similarities but my son that you see and that your one phone got nine not a question now but soon hey i
show that they're not there when you think about all the word believe in that are not fixed if my grandmother is what keeps us all together drink cornerstone in the way that she held her family together to preserve a lot of people practiced on an old pitching i'm very strict about how we relate to people it's how we know where our place in this world if that's self sufficiency for were relieved irene lauren prophet faith for re learning and educating ourselves and finding new meeting place that we live you think all in all it's
the oldest with the ground water states and were finding its place here and that's the way that life has to go on and that's the way that we have codes apply know i know why we're hearing dire as that i think i cannot write new grandpas only are your fears start writing at the speed you're writing i can offer martin patience that she would be out here in the cold you know when she were manning i think that's why she says you know nobody's going to the way it is
for more information visit it has it has it whale away are all there and or their head home at fifth major funding for weaving world was provided by the corporation for public broadcasting put three additional funding was provided by three says
if you know there are eighty eight
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In this compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through art, Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain takes viewers into the world of contemporary Navajo weavers and their struggles for self-sufficiency. Highlighting untold stories and colorful characters involved in the making and selling of Navajo rugs, Weaving Worlds explores the lives of Navajo artisans and their unique--and often controversial--relationship with Reservation traders. The film artfully relates the Navajo concepts of kinship and reciprocity with the human and cultural connections to sheep, wool, water and the land, showing how indigenous artisans strive for cultural vitality and environmental sustainability in the face of globalization by "reweaving the world."
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