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major funding for ingenuity was provided by the corporation for public broadcasting in any city dan matt i am a ge know this on bedside exam email or aren't they named lee and you
need a psalm need ya yemen louis fb jews
an hour this is the language the use of media because her time before the time before talks existence it says for centuries it's morning edition
it seems to me singing oh because it's our students
globalization now boarding school year and generation laughter and only five hundred years there's been so much
destruction to our environment and that's because if that orientation towards value orientation towards some i intended to listen as opposed to relationships and community there was such a diversity of life and to our understanding of our impact on the environment and also our understanding of our intact seven generations out there was no way we were going to evolve into a culture that was clear for us so that we're stripping mountains of gold using arsenic to get into this vein of a mountain we do practice different types of stewardship and it's sort of built in and i don't think i realized that that practice less defined in a certain way it had political terms like environmentalism
until i moved away from home they met and their students and other individuals who were considerate activists and different things that type of environmentalism is different from mine simply because it's political preserving and environmental life system that continues to sustain people as a native nations are taking place of leadership and the same conditions are coming together and talking about the holiday to help college
are also scared teenagers laughter responsibility is going to lead us in that direction he says is this organizing our james bond they're already
there san jose one of the largest area on any team so it was a huge honor as it is viewed as a sanctuary for an id twenty sixteen aimee sunseri
thousands of years sure sure thom tillis it was so crazy like he looked at our dollars just let people die over this over this little piece of paper people die over this stuff you know to people go through just to get this economy and so that this it's like something and on
the job at the same time by the panel jesus appearing to do it i know it's not true they really have like paper money i mean they traded and things like that on the dollar was unimportant was a significant pawn if he has that in the plaza de bruin to do that so it's different issues around diversity and that's because to do
that to make them i know we need gas so i look to find somebody that has a lower risk of take that just like the day when there are settlers in those coherent let's go get those people heroes your mouth and you know it's a lot when it comes the money from aliens and focuses and as the army because my socks no bipartisan bill by house or go buy that really does lusaka by land bank a lot of people here it's been yes i did and then i just do not mom just threw me off the plates on
and feeling feeling to yale at pretoria their man on the ones was beyond the boma my mom's been on the bottles hold simon and they more than i could give the artist crawled off the program was really man not common shamed denied die they gave birth those puppies behind uncle billy's else isn't even slash the healthy semi of crying should be a shame but only for not taken backwards yours men this is what's wrong with us as a people sars was going to just off back then still do you know ahmed mr bollinger could copy of popping bottle this is about our team but the still poison the body coursing through your veins men make new almost of the tv when they end of what factors you and what factors look at him cable as a duel and eight ma ying with the enemy that
is seen as blind in our kids i would say oh i'll leave the pop behind as excuse me mrs turtles saw here we go with this average french gave our mouth remember me by yesterday took my food in and i remember you and yesterday he took my food i have puppies the feed ok that's why you got slapped that doesn't give you the right to take food from in demand what is your little baby back of body armor sometimes when the last i mean when you had a bad feeling dirty last week but that's not the point on an unlikely to best i can smell that or i can smell you use michael mullen line peed on you oh no you didn't you mustn't
fight amongst each other way are all related to hear you humans you'll mostly learned to respect the animal nation and new mrs jones look at the example is setting for this next generation of puppies i expected more from a turtle's ft derek take this tobacco and maybe peace between our two nations or had you too i have spoken way you boys when you use dogs we are not merely three years dogs are i heard a story about a total
eclipse at the time of its creation and that time if a person was killed by someone in another klan are in another nation and you're bound to go and killed or capture at least one person from that by law those losers do speaker speech writer song and he met up with some people say he was just over read it uses in one version believe they joined forces to try to enunciate a great little dru significant and
on development american government by iroquois dinner showing people the direct influences the idea of separation of powers and sovereignty and the people we the people also of course so the notion of federalism great loft peace maintained peace within the six nations but also developed a model for a defense of the six nations from external powers and that of course was very interesting to the thirteen colonies benjamin franklin's published a book called indian treaties in durham word speech use by shawnee and other native american
leaders about peace of our governments and so in one instance trudy in pennsylvania she's being along the lines like the us i'm seventeen he says there's a model of the union she's sold off actually on the second floor john hancock has presided over
the iroquois have been invited earlier to come down to this new congress and after looking for several weeks they then mate john hancock great tree and seventeen eighty five when there's a great frustration with the government and with the article three guys say we need to go jefferson
alice rose just a bit ride all right intense
period it felt more natural to me the surface with some income so if wang was working for compensation is this practice of passing on you know stories that i'm allowed for people to learn about each other and you appreciate each other and she lives in a way that everyone felt like they were safe and the law for me personally i wasn't really allowed was very subdued about it and never really came out and tell that left two city away came back in town i'm ok with myself at one point and lesbians were in our culture and christianity really skewed view of sexuality
as a sacredness of more schools can it is intellectual dishonesty young people who are just exploring who they i remember that there's some tribes out there that can even call you a specific gender until you decide what that is singing this train
this is in this world it's all about getting and i think in the whole world that way then i was told by others is that it's all about giving how much people how generous can you be hey laura major thank you
most american system and i made an enemy we need to feed our families we didn't believe it existed in believe the turtle in the private and the things that we see with other societies a lot of latin america wants us to do is to do not live inside of ourselves and not be truly i said that i'm going to start and really focus the airways and allies inside of us and a couple that was all we know about the true history of to us but i think that will actually there's two different surveys a lot of movement change transformation revolutions will
happen to be in a good way with everything and everything you need will be provided at the moment i'm not getting back to taken without ceremony and without a clear and that all students in the americas illinois is going to change and so people can say it's time to time to see that the ways of the names of
these sit ins at this is if you listen to say the dc it's either or for more
information about ingenuity and other ideas programs visit it vs it de estado orgy oh oh oh or are
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9 Interstitials: Anthem (2:39); Tongues (4:43); Turtle Island (3:48); Buried (3:27); Wampum (3.02); Rez Babiez (4:30); The Great Law (5:49); Two Spirits (4:16); Injunuity (4:56). Closed Captioned.
Program Description
Injunuity is an eye-popping, mind-jolting mix of animation, music and real voices collected from interviews with Native Americans across the country to create a distinct view of modern America from a uniquely contemporary Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim; every thought and opinion is real. Told through nine short films that cover such topics as language preservation, sacred site degradation, consumerism and the environment, Injunuity is a thought-provoking collage of reflections on the Native American world, our shared past, our turbulent present and our undiscovered future.
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