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add yes it is chris b
the point is by the case it's been in the past over living in the press conferences reservation as fast to get out a wild sea the best job in the natural high rise in europe we're the worries of
orange futures and in those smaller social acupuncture a little pressure to those that we didn't think about we asked an eleven charges and speak about the revolutions on the reservation he is we're talking this morning political charges but we don't even have our desert actually binds the orange find the source of your lives the word we get the artist run some groups were getting warmer and
salt worth seven too expensive silent about our origin and we now return with a proposal to establish a copy others' on reservations around the world for me spent billions comes amid the revolution when it would be nothing to a narrow minded white mane white from where you know what when you got that horrible i went through an irs lives we never did this review and mighty no the state so much happier this time around this as a reason as in neckties know the pressure points move hi richard
welcome they had a mini dead heat would be a problem where you see my real interesting ambience was stimulated in particular one father was in the timber business please we shared numerous adventures with some of the finest native wood yes i had scotty corporate development of resources on the reservation danny studied american indian or actually literature which is a much larger skeptical doing things haven't written language oral traditions which reminds me a whole are going to make a special presentation of the board of directors made exactly that old yellow orange mint and we approve a proposal last month witt yes as the grandes committee but proposal still must be approved by the full board their recommendations early zip code
we can oh no i'm afraid not accurate presentation is discussion for weeks and it's certainly on his way by now how the orange is not his real name and that he is not yet read his unusual proposal their own sincere and see if you can believe that has the same name of the family especially the opening ceremony they are watching tv is why now we got the covenant was a van de de de this is
playing they're like and sorry to be nice to come to the sisters were to dart the ribbon cutting watch out to go into just fortunate i only felt it coming the case be you have to maybe do that and it is now in the solar know i mean yes i'll forget it ten years to get
along the shelling that resonates and it can see that four times it or i think i've been really know me love mysteries sure you didn't have a grandmother or you know we'd their relatives and tribes question when exams that was divided way he has led and state funerals than money ten thousand years thousand he said he needed to bury your grandmother or time effect what would we would end up with these people's literature was that would optimize that just for me oh oh i know it's for the traditional elders on the reservation cannot speak for themselves you will find if you gave it a good name no it was a voyage of the victims the pleas late man whenever chief people to never heard people were murdered of survivors
across the world in the middle of a black save the rest for the foundation directors listen to me now you only one thousand dollars the second term i'm on this afternoon my grandmother's grade teacher now it is my pleasure to introduce harold sincere kyle american indian from that with top white indian reservation and beautiful northern minnesota i was already known to some as harold of orange because we funded his last proposal to cultivate an orchard of miniature oranges in a secret place to avoid past and competition and today if all goes well we'll have our first taste of those oranges you harold has challenged us in the
private foundation field to hear his proposal in various places throughout the city a removal as it were from a red carpets and microphones there he will tell us his most recent economic development plans that first of all allow me to introduce its workers warriors of the orange orchards would welcome you all and we celebrate your desire to better yourselves with the miniature tube of your own on the reservation part of the point what that climate is church basements to better ourselves with heavy hearts and empty pocketbooks beaches when it was given the job has changed and so it wait so you are dressed and necktie revenue drop one hundred windows of the oranges and the pitch being but the pope but it was rejected to be
your number two hundred thousand will serve you know there's been copied in and take you get a copy of the reservation farming on the great white roaming the orange bus tours thanks bob some of it is by it the migration has been
here for years this is because it's become a piece be it's so
much about so many things it's behind you ceremony provided by the wires at large to honor the foundations and the founders of the new world and if you for example it's calm enough first the band and then in ceremony and then the notary murderous present directed major indices
like your name from a cigar box serious lead anything it is martini your name is brian eno in the boxes schantz carol for a good for one thousand dollars and at eight
pm it's been on any kind of money nice big way
european companies born seven weeks it's b my nominee i'm right behind white reborn as a panic like an interception what about makes lots of a benefit that a white neighbor thought what the levitation a sacred dance along the tree tops of other bodies up there
outside out their toes making up like mushrooms you know i would hear many rivers are good at universities there's your wife an intimate park yun use your word has fallen like a family yes pig farmer is concerned about the case could use them uncomfortable standing on the floor i was dancing idea of common both have vision goggles well it there's a pair of feel that you came into new
york insisted he's a trickster tribal traditions not to say he's really rather sincere in a city park this time and he believes that he can stop time and change the world through imagination with a foundation grant course pitches a world without a foundation in aleppo province and that's what i want an easing is in cases and here we come into cities from my past we lived ireland twenty two
indeed we ever going to be a real life to make sure that these things because there is no yes like that originally this week
i'm sixty five landing why did you remember when
why that were made up and dreams as the white men are muslim they were new ways we come for it after chapman's allegro ma dislike of unwittingly in once and brought times the winner and the reservations he made for us a place so you're going to go there ok you're welcome david on the audio of the day the guy now i can't wait to get on the hiring yeah i'm in
it the well heeled well barry now is being in the polls but as beans beans it's
been nice boy ms bee has been and excuse me thank you
first of all i'd like they remain with us about this was the usual presentation most unusual off than usual presentation but i would like to ask one last question before we adjourn your questions of their ears or the warriors' support all of you have been perfect job coll well managed well which makes my question just that much more difficult to construct without appearing racist exactly and you understand what that let me occupied by the first on races where he was your question have a thing to do with tribal people money now not at all unlike in political trouble and now i well part but not an improper manner about opening day no that's not it at all but an interesting now that you mentioned were known at the pri after much my wife what dozens of the most beautiful
objects practically nothing from an old indian woman was in the hospital i'll what i mean is that my wife was a volunteer and she was taking care of the woman no not even an indian alcoholism and my question is about indian drinking why it bothered me the word is anybody treaties with them if i was then that's what i mean my question is how did all of you overcome the need and temptation to use alcohol you're also sober your way and those are beings who live a temptation to take on a lot of those demos probably houses on reservations agent was so right
fantastic guest is fantastic you got my vote for sure that they're all we congratulate you on up i resented something personal and ceremonial so memorable bikini kill and then the next week was the envoy and no real reason why i need a thousand dollars now it only traditional grandmother died last week he lived alone employed here for me to follow him on a barrier but you don't really know you know to get into the spirit world suppose you could lend me a thousand dollars to have a barrier course commissioner
appreciate is really generous the point of this test my friends for money is supposed to keep this do so is the worry about what looks or seal thank you carol cut it in the general in about a week very well it's been because bb as
baby is born it's b this was a revolution starts on the gravel road in the brush and reintegration let's remember you agree with some of the best trickster founders of those numbers which
this arab peace and calm seas in that one state chris b the pittsburgh is back oh yeah chris
christie has been yeah yeah no no yeah
Harold of Orange
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This comedy explores the interaction of two cultural groups indigenous to Minnesota-- American Indians and philanthropic foundations. Poet Gerald Vizenor's screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Indian tribes to create a contemporary satire which dispels many Hollywood stereotypes. The story involves trickster Harold and his scheme to obtain corporate funding for a chain of coffeehouses featuring reservation-grown "pinch bean" coffee.
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Race and Ethnicity
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Actor: Hill, Charlie
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Vision Maker Media
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