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major corporation for public broadcasting yes anyone care and eighties all over america for five hundred years people have struggled to protect their sacred races her ancestors days sanctuaries for medicinal plants landscapes source of americans are still a narrative a minute a day one
of the first americans the indigenous peoples who have lived in occupied this land where he answered me on sometime are being deprived of the central principle on which the united states of america was established that of religious freedom that these people are true believers who were walking geisha a religious practice problem is this for the way this is like you're the white people in church and going and revell they have a right to come up here and worship him or it doing anything anybody else does on the public lands but so do we have a right to my irony of the situation is that you can go on public land to ski plans to strip of mountain leave aside it cannot go on public land to pray for your spinach continued for target
eight listen with her saliva it's a very the spirit into it in the books mentioned time to care we do chicken for most americans the holy land insists on another continent and native americans native americans
this is the story of three communities and when to places they threatened by mineral extraction recreational uses bursts places seem to have power and we don't know what kind of powered mission should you have a different feel you feel calmer trash june june these religions you continue to revelations revelations telling you how you and your community at this time and
life just to the rest of the world we designate the caddies is not to pretend all that are not exploited with respect and trying to get the vaccine that's a dimension of religion to really difficult any question the schoenberg of life jewish starving crisp orange blue and his body and he went into a box hill the next spring it would come in action
and help his life and body would be reviewed sure to our grandfathers but the truth was he shunned or apply in all those in you can shoot she could were cut in line a rubber stamp and ninety eight columbus circle the light years five hundred miles the runners follow the course of the mythic foot race between two legged and four legged animals to determine who would be the strongest allies now humans who want to renew their spiritual plane
one of the most important sites is to say there are going to be not as like a beacon in the ocean the lighthouse and one of the things that really inspire me is quiet serenity of that area i think my grandmother said this is where they had the vision in and month of june and she said everything comes back to life in a month or two and this is where we should all get together and we knew our own life for the lakota the tower was created to save a group of children fleeing an angry bear for most people it was created by hollywood after the tower was
popularized as a magnet for space aliens and their human followers the number of annual visitors double then the sport of climbing experienced a population explosion the national park service confronting the issue of crowds of rock climbers on a place considered sacred to plains indians in nineteen ninety five the park service asked climbers to voluntarily stay off devil's tower during the month of june and tried to ban climbing with hired guides commercial died and the peak fish represented by the mountain states legal foundation sued the park service challenging the proposed ban this is not privately this is federal land it is set aside by congress for them for the enjoyment of the american people and people go there for that reason and now the park service comes in and says well it's not totally open
up a whole part of the reason for its establishment is closed off to people because it was it practices are fake and and i think that's a very dangerous precedent three continents with the interactive displays an iconic tower on top there you know fully engaged with nature and i'm actually feeling in and touching even in a wedge in my body into it i receive the criticism i am climbing on someone's church to i don't mean to offend anybody but there's a climbing a band that's put an effect than i am being locked out of my church the church of the open we
do every indian people feel that anyone on the tower anyone's counting volts in the tower is acting in a disrespectful man to they believe that that's disrespectful act is actually interfering with the advocacy of their ceremonies it's two different belief system does in conflict as shirey the color imparted to me a feeling of slavishly gentrification creation
in court martial law according to english every respect for anything when the land based lives practitioner walks it to me tells me stick my roll my column she's my rack in my pack and yet the road and get the hell out of devil's tower and never come back which is what they're advocating now not advocating stricklin want you to talk to him they don't want congress year period well a handful of climbers sued the park service is doing climbing a devil's tower has dropped off by eighty five percent these rock walls are at mount rushmore national memorial in the black hills eighty miles from power i live and stay in wyoming because i love my favorite spot on the planet is still stop it keeps me in a lot of places during the month of june because i choose to respect native american beliefs
and for the majority of the climbers have large respected car which we ought to recognize yeah so most people reached the wheel of life for them economically have more spiritual connections to the south when we hear about people olney when the territory was penetrated by the americans and other bands fought to defend it and they won it was the first military conflict ever lost by the united states by treaty mike kills devil's tower along this week an eighteen seventy four an expedition led by general george armstrong custer enjoyed the
black hills gold rush since then the sioux have battled to regain title it is the longest standing legal battle in us history far from reservations far they're safe places mr hammer out an e mail and racetracks around the black hills disagreeing of red rock staying with the blood of the animals make and respect human rights and caught a ride and buffalo and the finish line was unsigned letter bird flew ahead us humans won the right to hunt
buffalo and accepted the responsibility of doing that sure that fish that way maybe the poorest people and shannon conley but we're rich in our culture prayers are important because that's the backbone of our nation we pray wherever we go everyday we don't need a church to say we love one another because we do recreation is one of the top five i think of generators in every western state fair for poor a will we also see is appointed show mining activity or with gas activity or timber harvesting or rage he
nor water development of these other activities other very important politically can also be stopped as a result of well somebody thinks sacred in bessemer for us it's not that indians should have exclusive rights there is a stick that location is sacred and should have time of it all and that once you pass time of its own then the people who are not reduced ceremony should come and minister to it seems so hard to get across to people in the corner of the mind of many judges is the idea that these just can't be real religions religion is something you do in a church real religion isn't something you do
in nature the category for that his recreation and the idea that religion could be try to a particular place is not part of the life experience of these judges wyoming judge issued a preliminary injunction against the park service's ban on commercial climbing ruling it was a government endorsement of native spirituality in violation of the first amendment the park service dropped the climbers went further they challenge the remaining park service policies that asks visitors to change their behavior in deference to native american beliefs the basic issue here isn't legal the basic issue here is respect for other human beings that somehow we must co inhabit this planet and we do that by making accommodations for each other
throughout the national park system we have religious structures and religious features we have quaker churches we have baptist churches we have spanish missions and talking about religion you're talking about cultural beliefs is not cross the great fear answer his prayers little older of all the room to where it is now the day eight hundred and sixty five feet in vero eighties it says our culture's this week
it's being invaded many indians don't think hewett wyoming is the town closest to devil's tower locals involved with wise use of property rights movement were plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the park service this tactic of claiming religious areas is all happening all over the medicine wheel of the big ones is just not used to stop firing at you to stop all kinds of activities that i think just being used as a land grab verses and he really was that's true we always been there but they would not see us because we didn't go there to be seen really in eighteen hundreds we were prohibited from practicing our own religious way of life
our vision quests were stopped now we can go back again and that's when we started going back to the sick expect but you don't see an indian visibly going to a place to pray i went up there and pray and so as lot of people they walked into the hills and pray the law that after four days to leave we was always been so i think that's a quarter you have to build a quarter to identify which you see and if you don't know the culture you don't see now and we don't want to hang our dirty laundry out and all the problems that they will start to me is the sense that i must say that they have all arrested and states and it's now you know in the shrewd
sixteen awesome sides understand that islam as a us senator since his central problem is that western leaders basically and the truest thing and i think that's because western tradition god works in history which is to say in advance but not in people in places so what you end up with then this capability of establishing literature find anyplace it's convenient to people know it's not a strain earth as an object in the images or wave at an object and then they say one thousand years of experience and it's a great story gupta gathered at mott the cheap
enough for ascendance a mysterious woman that gave the local played and taught them how to use it in there and she had to since then he is remembered as the place they're like there's the talk or pulling out of the vermont public needed to know when you got your work or you have to be a gospel you
this is the way of saying we respect our ancestors we love our ancestors and this house to call on to the next generation because someday we're not going to be there and they will have to continue its antique state television events the protests are expected to pick up in the us as it gets what is behind it
there are many or is right they're here for the long haul and they know the sacred sites are central to the perpetuation of their culture and one of our jobs here a devil's tower is to protect our courts have agreed the park service's attempt to discourage climbing in june is that accommodation is not an endorsement of indian
religion those who choose to climb are still out on the indian sacred monument without penalty it is a federal crime to pieces of mount rushmore luke is is fizz oh is he is very the fourth world to the emergence of place in the grand canyon we encountered nasa spear guardian we made a covenant with moscow promised to be good stewards of the air
migrating through the land to find our home and hoping the sense we left behind evidence of our spiritual stewardship petroglyphs villages and shrines through the use of these sacred places we still maintain a clean area we're going to get the arab prayer that's vanity ceremony that's how it gets as an imbalance where people understand this kind of detail in the money and job a good time then don't care but let their one is so why and destroy everything i didn't realize it is destroying anything but a big ugly pilar roxana beginning middle of nowhere when the native americans come with their concerns i had to take a step back and i tried to put myself a nurse physician and realizing that i
can't totally agree with some of my own religious reasons and beliefs but i was willing to make a compromise it's pretty hard to really describe how i felt because we are all well it's something i've seen it was destroyed and what can i do that already been pushed no way i can say stop it no one is going to listen to me as a hopi dalton taylor's most important obligation is to maintain a ring of shrines around the vast landscape of his ancestors mining has altered the path of his pilgrimage hundreds of thousands of archaeological sites blanket the southwest this is the landscape for which the hopi clean spiritual responsibility long ago they marked the heart of their homeland with a ring of shrines essential to their religion reservation boundaries left many
shrines and pilgrim trails outside now some stand in the way of mineral extraction black mesa the san francisco peaks to the hopi peaks represent the genus parents bring years of rain clouds form here and travel a trail in the sky to the hopi vases the base of the archaeological sites have been destroyed by thomas extraction and hobbes have fought the expansion there are some vision for its sites are as suspicious lived there before so you don't make it may like an like i thought therefore this contribution to sites are our history book on the land on the left
this is for service land this is not in iowa so called a better but the last war and the report on reservations as far as sacred ground is this ground is really sacred to me and other moms you can't single this one out if you go to a building a house look at the forest made a concrete concrete is walk sand people are and i come from a mom can make road you can make anything without tearing into mouth is just impossibly that's how we make things that circle to where we started out we started our strictly doing like an easy can i took off what sparked it was a strong was doing which is to produce market has been we did between two and three million dollars worth of business last year and
within that they're concerned about is the money and i don't know it's a stamp dollar signs in their eyes and it's hard to tell people that that that are just making money off of something that's not supposed to be sold pressured by tribes and the sierra club the clinton administration solve the conflict at the san francisco peaks with money for one million dollars the owners agreed to shut down the month spider woman watches the disputes between the takers and the character each time that people lose their way she leads into a hidden doorway to a new
three time us previous rules were destroyed this is the fourth and final in the previous world cup people living there to protect the technology to the point where they begin to use the order wrong reasons accumulating wealth power and the dignity of the same things with technology to the point where they felt that god was no longer a creator or whatever you call it was no longer needed that we have become gods we're not letting technology out of control and giving it a life of its own repeating the mistake we haven't learned our lesson or
the whole beach name dispute after nation and the hopi call it to mourn soul in a gym when we didn't or woodruff butte is private property early settlers renamed the butte after a profit of the mormon church wilford woodruff ancestors of the hopi is camped here and left rock writing that can still be read until nineteen ninety four who's on pilgrimage visited their shrines here without interference there are places on earth where we set up shrines to their neighbor or offerings our prayers those riots icon alike doorway to a spiritual war of the shrine is where it needed to prevent new paper really
churlish is pretty important new not just medicine for people to come in trade to the nineteen nineties bids were opened for re paving interstate forty despite the protests a gravel mining quarry was opened to supply the rock of our nineteen ninety one that people thought was informed of those local residents were very friendly because he had to very personal association with the eu is that they're important landmark for many mormons but for the whole peace it is not just a landmark is the place of at least people pee religious shrines there's nothing out there on this piece of rock bands tended to me and after lot
and i stand there are some days by myself and try to understand what you're telling me there's nothing i can see it so i can perceive it be an important to this degree it's not a burial site there's not artifacts scattered over this is not what i consider a beautiful piece of property with birds trees and a creek running through this is their own piece of rock sticking up in a barren piece of land and i just can't it went to federal funds are used to develop a site that might one day be eligible for the national register of historic places cultural an environmental impacts must be considered even on private property the hopi sued to stop the mine and would refute demanding that the federal highway administration comply with the law the operator was there really any old building
you could talk with the owners of youth youth we literally saw one hope you try and build those four hour our prisons they're what incentives are there for me to work around some eye can see and why shouldn't we all visited the property i was told if they showed me specifically where it was on the property that would not have religious night in other words they couldn't show so i guess i did bulldozer i couldn't see it i didn't know what the workaround it's been five centuries ago the indian world to an anglo world who clashed and were never reconciled and five centuries later
still our records and it's not some kind of romanticism the indian world few indian spirituality really does have a connection with the land that were missing in the larger society the sense that the land can provide huling a sense of obligation to the one a sense of permanence for a thousand years the hopi have formed in the desert culture is based on corn water and ritual throughout the year hope these journey to hundreds of remote places to pray for the well being of the entire world here the shrine is a spring cornmeal and an eagle feather are offered to invite the spirits of the ancestors to visit the cornfields as a rain cloud is have annoyed by my mama lion with a role model
it's a sacred sight <unk> ancestors in for care and that marek is ann lamoureux i'm terry there weren't there that somebody had been here a long time ago in the secretive healthy society traditional law forbids identifying certain places to the uninitiated when places are known they're more vulnerable what i found being an archaeologist is that the wealth that information about a location off a leader that locations discovery destruction a tribal side they can't share too much as they've been burned alive the past but sharing too much we are not allowed to fill the outside world they live in a lot of it has life bobby's never fought a war with the united states and they never signed a treaty giving up land during the reservation push copies hold on to their homes on the mesas dry rocky
ground was not that valuable to sessions little round it was up for grabs if you're an indian you're locked out if you were a minor or a homesteader you could claim land for two dollars and fifty cents an hour and some government control since nineteen seventy four hundred dollars in nineteen ninety one the mckinnon family paid a hundred thousand dollars for five years later they offered it to the hope these three ms it was more than that in nineteen ninety six the hopi tribe received a videotape in the mail from residents for the first time and bulldozers were taking the tough woodruff and
by the time the hopi reached the summit with it the pilgrimage shrine dalton delivered his prayers what can i do to replace it because that's ryan has finished that wished there are thousands of years ago when an art right within the staging area one they hope the shrine that we have previously identified and b sort of mocked us was saying that all hope issue of all one remaining shrine here so what's the big deal to those who can contribute and prayed for the pianist right that we have this private property and that's huge minute tele forcibly remove me from it and i think the trial or intimidation in every other tactical of the sun to get legal and i'm not going to because i believe is
about my right at the base of a butte dalton taylor discovered hopi petroglyphs have been damaged by gunfire the smarties tells the water plant has been settled here before clinton who believes in church or do you know of their wealth in there for an employee to use to prove the baby like you can a commission if this mr hughes characters usually rifle and cannot or should be missing reagan people claimed it because you're jewish in the use of federal funds for woodruff you'd was stopped but not before hundreds of thousands of dollars to extract gravel it
ended up on the interstate county state and private construction projects keep up demand for rock mining contains thing that's the whole puke when you look out into the landscape you always have to remind yourself that way too culture going wrong are people that endure hardship elements of the environment that they have to survive on this hardship to be worshipped it to go back to dr center which is today people can basis the
wade there is now the mining operation that is using up thousands of gallons of water a minute and we're very concerned with seeing impacts local around the hopi villages were springs are no longer producing and we have seen springs where there have died off completely out in this landscape or water is life the impact of one mind dwarfs all the rest black mesa is not on public or private property but on reservations here in hopes of economic prosperity oh please themselves into neighboring navajo tribe signed away minerals and water rights to peabody coal company the largest open pit coal mines in the united states a call from black mesa is
mixed with water and slurry by pipeline two hundred and seventy three miles to the power plant than provide energy to los angeles in the cities of the southwest the coaster takes three million gallons of pristine underground water each day came in nineteen sixty six when the hopi tribal council signed a mining lease with peabody the kelso was not aware of the magnitude of the mine all were lawyer explain to the council that underneath us is a huge ocean of water that the mining company would just take one cup from icy water today the mining companies are extracting four thousand per year if you take this much water among the
desert land that gets less than twelve inches a year it doesn't take a brainy person to know there's going to be serious damage and what a precocious all four ceremonies are the water on the spray their ceremony winter solstice women's ceremony it's the less throughout the year back in nineteen oh two this brain was almost up top allow the waters will real bone into a lot of our in the middle of this valley and i finally realize what people is doing sitting in the water underneath us all of proust or drive now and someone like this one is it's not what is used to be you know it used to be up on what's
up with the top we broke a covenant and i think that's what bothers all hope he's the states holding the conflicting made a terrible mistake and we have sold all were so this company under the mining lease if there's significant depletion of the underground water the secretary of the interior can shut down the storyline and forced peabody to find another way to transport the coal review of the government's own hydraulic natural resources defense council found evidence that damage to the aquifer to hopi springs for peabody coal company
and the hopi say when you know i went every living thing that they do and the clock we rise for more grapes as nice and we traveled with them on the man's we come down as rain or snow then we take our long journey back all the underground is the rest come back to him was the same version except we disconnect from the phenomena that cycle we have no part in our world view we are because we are the ring becomes an adult
this is a test of the indian broadcasting system this is only a test to anybody friends in coffee or donuts as regular listeners know that i like and you are listening to listener supported community radio for the sacramento valley at mit point one is he a fire in psycho we came back we were up there it certainly would have so many winners the kids who were going to be able when you you're the top and then she just a little plain person you know now that that not all been five in a certain way and on the stage that is just us and nature and the spirit world
we only see the good thing when we get the opponent thing for more of all evil of waiting over until when you think you only speak the right thing until help me a great year but for me about his family florence jones is the top spiritual dr of the women when to of northern california their ancestral home is the mccloud river watershed south of mount shasta healing ceremonies have been conducted here for a thousand years now florence jones is handing them down to her great niece for fifteen years they have faller propose ski resort on mount shasta and resisted new age newcomers who congregate at their sacred site this whole area is part of their religion they can have a religion without delay and it's not an assumption that you're reading a book but it's the way you walk on the
land and the way you treat your relatives all the relatives the relatives include the whole landscape animated with spirits and the animals plants the mountain itself the winter is sacred spring with always bubbling in the sand coming up why can't anybody go around and they agreed among them the bubbles go right to eat in europe except for sale or a feeling we're going to wait probably all it will be that when florence jones was born we're into shannon's determine that she was a special baby who would become a healer she made her first visit to this bring the panther meadows high on mount shasta in nineteen oh eight hours filling time's running out in and when it's gone it's gone forever and their ears and anyone
else like the language there was an arizona last two fluent speakers and when they're done the languages gun you don't get your conversation anymore when that language isn't a living language anymore then what at the time the first contact in nineteen ninety five your whole family in a local river like most of northern california is going to have no reservation during the gold rush they quickly lost their lands to minors and settlers the government a bounty hunters to kill
indians five dollars hit the population was decimated hundred and fifty years later united states still does not recognize the winter hasn't tried the religion survived government policies of extermination and assimilation the process of training the doctors starts from birth and extends to a time where they are to visit all the sacred places and all along the river and she had to go in at ten years old she had to go there alone to travel and that whole length of the river right after that she was captured when they came in the hunt for kids and was taken and the parents had no right to stop it no rights to say you know she's in trying to if you can take your shoes are next doctor in the boarding school they baptized her family started trying to reduce the church into the lives of these kids they didn't really speak your
language they marched around all the time if they weren't attending to your bill in march in circles if you are her family all stayed on even after the killing innocent than smallpox or whatever else i came in the population until a champion and there are sacred places on the lake now and what will happen if they build a ski resort in the spring israel and what will happen to the people when two people think the ceremony and for
going on the cradle of the pork maybe someday will see the light well the major league and i indians and environmentalists were allies against the schemes are faced with lawsuits and protests for supervisor agreed to meet with the wind to let their summer camp below the mountain we said that we are skiing so the forest service without with what mcculloch perspectives from people selected some so we are the ones that said we think the skiers who knows stevens know and those people in fact an area
that sewage system is that everybody into restoring an area that snacking at some of the distraction from the real problems of what's going to happen to the spring we made a decision to do it we can't simply going to be spent ten years or so on this were asked to analyze some we hadn't done before were doing then in good faith in what it's an eight and her to my eye it you people allow ought come they can come into like you're asking me how could you keep the mau mau are a trick the only way i can keep people out of that spot is to say that because of the damage to the plants the damage to the rocks the damage to the water nobody goes in you would think that if i say no they did
they did emanate light i'm trying to work on this and you know that's what i think i'm trying to figure out a way that i can keep everybody else out and still allow for you for your ceremony i don't i can't break the law because it is the sacred ground and my letters that is respected and i like to see it go on i'm very loyal people don't know what wiped a great grandfather went there people down though they didn't carry it only get all day and it wirelessly of bell oh it's a wonderful area when you get up there and it's just so pristine it's so beautiful when you can ski over cheery isn't
disappearing and listen and watch and see nothing for hundreds of miles or is is nothing like it we can offer that to a lot of people think and never experience any place else you can help us financially locally for a lot of people too when you look at that land what is the first thing people see how they can make money and he so it's money or learning how to value what looks like nothing so the people came here they said look in his eight than nothing with this plan well an arab world is like that's great it looks so natural that's the way it's made in the environmental movement and whether anybody wants to see it or not is a movement of religion it's a movement of respecting mother earth as opposed to the
god of the universe who i believe created all things and how can you fight really how can you go against religion you know it's a bad thing before there was a visible spirit to choose what physical form a crater called to his home winemaking and other tunes they took root in the month neither was tired finally there being said the human genome it's a legal waters fire spirit in spades kyrgyzstan is
backed by the bible american pioneers once condemned trouble religions as paid century later they're descendents imitate indian rituals harmonic convergence in nineteen eighty seven turned mount shasta into a mecca for the new age every summer day when a moment to who are outnumbered by other celebrates truth is running as a spring that's what i'm interested in and it doesn't really matter what culture it's coming from or whether it's indigenous when people are drawn to a sacred place i feel the need to allow space for inspiration for a person coming from wherever there is a country right up to the country in an all of the the land out
there and that's where you can express your free and a lot of the new age begins to look to the traditional native with traditional indigenous peoples for some answers to their own spiritual bankruptcy to their own need for for their own self gratification in an effort to find themselves there for appropriating native belief systems to plug into it on the weekend only to get a feeling for themselves alone they feel an emptiness to me the spiritual lineage has as much importance as the blood and i feel like men native americans i feel like in black i know i've been chinese egyptian many many different things with the death of the league now the
lead out at our blog on the top double that area right there is our church this is how we behave in our church they believe that there's anybody here but if we build a building around and so this is our building and inside this building is our sacred spring and this is how you behaved and maybe they would says than they can see the boundaries of what is ours and just like we couldn't walk into the catholic church and say i think we should have a low fire right here because that's our way we need a fire that's a sacred thing that would ruin the church apart like the drums so you know this area is sacred to win to try
reveals is florence downsized amen as susanna the last native speakers of the wind to they never can tear it off they came out here for ceremonies and they've told us some of the things that they have a hard time with the mets nudity when people are in need here which is often i mean totally nude sunbathing was it the fans it's like their church so when you walk into a church knew the area means things it has a certain symbolism that it's difficult for me as a westerner to really comprehend but i think julie's description of it as her church if you think of wherever your church might hear it right here yeah if somebody desecrated that percy it is but what's to lose three attacks was a lot of analysis of
what their condition is not to bring any children appear as they think that spring is too powerful or we get rid of the sacredness of it we wanted to do with that status and live in a ceremony away at the native americans did now there are masses of populations that are coming through with no direction mean there are there are so many churches it's like going down the cereal while the supermarket set wages and though there's only a bit and for many states that teacher only human being teenage jerry page period and i and
every august we need to return to the raids florence jones doctors the people just bring the mountain itself with prayers and so it's more a service it's probably in their own way waning program and to be out of the picture and then all of us young people but they're gonna thank you people donovan all right here you just young people you know not always know what we're gonna do it's been known to do and this alleged mass for this place this brain areas brings on this mountain why get those people go there is a lot of snow this now there's mountains was no idea that people would
need does he go there he's been in the past we believe that there is a spiritual world out there that is more knowing then we'll end has been put there mike created to help when they can it would be like if you're in trouble or some happens to a new start calling for your mom even though she's nowhere around they could hear you and you start calling for her and it had a lake in a sometimes women can actually hear that trial underway low for winston's that is our mothers if you want help you start calling for those helpers or that spring to come and help
sao paolo i know your heart and have a line change audie of bad habits to the good the owners then goes oh olea who
was in spirit that when the sea always you know i'm so really there in place where the ski area would actually being seen a ski area and even if they couldn't see a part of the proposed ski area they would know it was there they would know that it had been pinched up under special place and they were looking for a place where it would be peaceful or to be quiet when they can meditate and coming or a creator a ski area with the attendant traffic noise people et cetera i just the exact opposite of what these people were saying they needed in order to carry out their
traditional activity supervisor hayward decided against the new ski area mount shasta pretty soon we're going to be a country that fragmented by every group evidence a little set of rights the pursuit of happiness was the pursuit of private property in now that's been noted all innocents under the guise of religion the ruling did not put his ear enough there was a really this country is one of the richest countries in the world and to fight against it with nothing but a belief system i think is an amazing decision they they actually found cause or reason not to do it
cheer c tribal regions rooted in the land and denied the religious liberties guaranteed all americans but the constitution you market indian religious freedom in nineteen seventy eight was an attempt to redress old wrongs and prevent control erosion but the law has failed to save critical sites from protections to ships a religious freedom act we act it's allowed some progressive official it's not the same says that those places are the basis of the whole society and they
deserve to be protected they're worthy of protection not as a matter of discretion that is an absolute matter of right when you look at the public and how they view these places they don't necessarily recognize the significance from the american indian point of view they don't know but once they are told once that explain to them once they've been brought in to understand the significance of place that respect the attitude of our species is in this whole thing was created for us korea has no value except how we use the mission promise american society in a state right society and other responsibilities inside and what you got is each individual sane while the right to do this haven't really just places are evolving a religion around that they see are always in
contact with yours you're responsible for end to it they are many spider women to listen to they remain in the doorway between worlds days of allende on rudy at a un this is me as me
and annie they are annie they need them
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In the Light of Reverence explores American culture's relationship to nature in three places considered sacred by native peoples: the Colorado Plateau in the Southwest, Mount Shasta in California, and Devils Tower in Wyoming. Rich in minerals and timber and beloved by recreational users, these "holy lands" exert a spiritual gravity which pulls Native Americans into conflicts with mining companies, New Age practitioners, and rock climbers. Ironically, all sides see themselves as besieged. Their battles tell a new story of culture clashes in an ancient landscape.
Broadcast Date
Asset type
Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity
Public Affairs
Copyright 2001 Christopher McLeod / Earth Island Institute. All Rights Reserved.
Media type
Moving Image
Director: McLeod, Christopher
Producer: McLeod, Christopher
Producer: Maynor, Malinda
Producing Organization: Sacred Land Film Project of Earth Island Institute
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Vision Maker Media
Identifier: 2013-00301 (VMM Inventory #)
Format: Digital Betacam
Generation: Master
Duration: 0.051979167
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