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or a hanging does luke here my mentality for a long time she writes my name is lorenzo da i am a now a few years ago a man showed up with old pictures of my family pictures or from the movie that we had never seen i never thought that it just the changing in one's life but that was before the return of the now boy yeah
yeah i had no way of knowing where the road was going to take us all was doing was taking this guy to different places different beats on the show in the movie but the noun and this kid nation as andy has been at the helm of the nation will set piece of the market and homes kristian thomas kyd and the con is at a clinic the poem is not quite the neck on both the bottom and the politics the clientele kennedy this is jimmy <unk>
father do a movie of you when you were young boy called navajo point i'm just never going to see that movie at that about twenty nine minutes the movie there's no sound to it it's a silent movie my father would do narrated we would show the people explain what was happening we asked him to give me all of the information about this movie he never died and he died suddenly i didn't understand anything about it but i wanted to learn from your voice she don't have honed their lead down a chemical there in the end and they
say me they don't tend to make the movie a year at the time with what discretion like to us can keep going back to affect only about twenty five cents to see and then you find out that the us only relatives or ill you get on a little girl right to the medicine in the government's man back to hear hold on and they perform a ritual hello mo
the plane you can go over to see a folded us all on the same hall on growing he says since the number one hope you ever staying here year is still winter life we're used to him oh it's dollars out the case we said when the hero on morning karen up and running to the store as he
can so when the hippo gets stronger tone in political editor she wealth oh they haven't worked in new orleans more to the nineties taking the students sit here taking kids see chris christie it the old dyer some other committees who want to snip off to work as a uranium mine were
color until the lawsuit was fifteen years old he was only fourteen to start working there for two months and then as a day he bought his clothes on a suitcase and he took us to school after leading jamie's house it builds me mom mom mom also listen for the children and i will she remembers the most whereas bill kennedy out in medical isolation at some times in our duty or magi or quasi ally there in the renewal of movie you'll see in this was the first time anyone brought reaches back to the family we discuss using all footage to make a different kind of film our own dog meant to abandon that king
mostly much cheaper other the ballots into a person will say something then more i don't know they say that the basin fund at this month long line when it's in my hand and that you choose any other cities not them lies call one man put my hair that they have is the faith that if we are long hair that's how the rain comes out right now and to date they cut their hair mean that's why we know hammering
he didn't last long long vessel enough at what russia is the main family and tried he was curious though when they either sam now seeing that is news channel a channeling caucus you know i give a kid and you know that old film brought back memories we weren't so many pitchers in the nineteen twenties white men came here and began training with the navajos to build his business and to attract tourists harried who began taking pictures of my great grandparents happening will reply
oh yeah all right john ford the director who made all the famous questions with john wayne you know the nose didn't trust building it was my family my family how can learn to learn which of the culture are grouping called this client he was just trying to satan's claw our family name which means less than an owl call him but then they have the remnants and he got a lot of shade and he's a
tall man and i'm now a warning sign some crochet they gave some shade to a hair goes in that's how many she means about five thousand head every gay perry going to come to our home and ringtones and knowing do some more even pardons and more than ground corn one and two some fun authentic and take the seat of their ten percent to an arraignment on the water
well we do on most and maybe some chinese cities to have come from california and there are only one time i was reading a horse on the sand dunes the movie and then all the boys a novel mike leigh isn't the movie's team didn't tell anyone i would change our lives for the navajo love the soil from which they earn their livelihood and the various animals the horses sheep and goats they raised on the line their hearts are as big as the area in which they live
recently vast deposits of uranium have been discovered in the navajo hills this rare natural resources becoming increasingly important in the development of atomic pile oman man you're missing out on balance out up about finian and donohue one the tories seen the debris thats the key source except that cannot assure isis dina money on louie hitchens in portugal out on the city of it and so the free concerts at the whole question is at the canal
harry houdini teaches you about them than the opt out on tv on monday what's up social scientists say is that though chris today's people are living on ground that hallowed by their ancestors looking forward to the future of many really of tomorrow when nobody could take carrots and channeling sly white missionaries took him away from long long has sole way of funding was about maybe a truly are so white man came in to him a coma they can take away the baby
that is going to be bad and to show that they do need each one of the six years old age they too can think and bring back one was six years old to me it has a moon is of my great grandma happy client we're taking every day in the nineteen forties and fifties one magazine called happy client the most photographed women in america but in most pitches she's only about quite as the navajo woman they
will tell you will is that will that will go well is it will it will it will will is this plan is very much all of that pipeline so far this isn't all of the largest indian reservation in america period of april them almost precisely at their ancestors lived one hundred years ago because bb you can
imagine my grandfather retired senior tell us what it was like being in the movies was it hollywood way and then pavel long movie the school and be a pharmacy not they have la granted keeping the gun and not know why people and animals under the law the country only that one like that when i won't feel corn building rahman to me over the main product for the new younger generations are the knowledge that with the advent of the modern that allow billboards they need healing powers
of the region will do feel at this ceremony so also the us allies remember it was in a ring road that he had met with thin man singing i worry and then he heard it that that song side that only does one thing some money and mellow we say i'm going to wait a month now medicine man oh i think you'd like this one
and my grandma of those typical near the same league business and at in the moment and this unnamed young a choir named dan and in the hope that is i hear that what city you thought they are from low as it's been and there seems to be a makeup my hair and cooke and probably and then there are the hour of copilot here and that buzz about that wave of our mom mom still uses postcards to show our family history so if we don't see this so it yours i'm your growth rob graham long known
the family or a i'd sleep eats a visa to leave the country is what the annual rainfall in vegas and little provisions have been made for conserving the same side quarter update on liable to supply may and the capital city of kwanzaa von brunn pulled in the issue of a couple out there khan not buying cars we can do to feel it had to put a hand pie now the point am i going to
do on the va it he was lying it cuts on the event this competition the other before hamas and we instinctively at a fifth of the things not there that mom in a way and not a typical us now speaking
portuguese they all wore one feature a server that got all dolled collie all of them want a lot of falsehood they will audit cleaning know the chariots were recently in new my parents separated when i was sixteen mom raised us lawyers and when you have as a housekeeper in the summer you were peasants were very much for now she sells jewelry with us at the mall will make
your own jewelry dave you use he says that's good people from all the world come to my shop and i like to find out what they do in their country and that's the space that's planned on it a lot of them come back because of those feelings in this valley does come back year after year is lower
level so that everybody has the things the rock formation the landscape in which there's an aroma well well people call this the three sisters but now boehner has caused a level which means many rocks there i mean this is fine which was named after my grandma and now we called my nobel in cities i mean the sand dunes are all the rock formation a poor wonder what it would be like if there was no tourists around right now i feel like they're
dating i travel all over the country and now and now will and sending out on worn and any news on the anti gay and how to make it out of those our job and we ahhh i'm michael now mormon mom on his own american victim into water pump is about five miles from our moms wheelbarrow drinking water from the same place there's about two hundred people live in this area it takes about ten minutes to fill one barrel
is a puppeteer my niece or you learn to be patient killing the barrels the government came here a few years ago to check the safety of our drinking water but they never came back with the result the paintings i will seek the delay will applaud at takes a lot of time and that does take the sky and
for that he is my grandma my grandpa used to say that this is our mom here and the sundays off by this horrific me care on generation to generation are ten or are trashing the follow up on tv showing of a group of atomic bomb but these
the navajo nation museum invited my family to come to this grand old thing and showed how life support and we were side it's a similar story for the first time and bill was how to see his father's tomb was helping us do that we are ten years older and mortar father's doing really look at him as if i'm in an area by me going you know i understood a lot about my father's crime michel not get in the way being the shade and hot day of accommodation
shaker go and they'll need to deny now in the past actually taken these notable acclaimed not a kardashian on demo sees his yacht is now a crime at the lee bonham not like that they're still dipasquale on easy i mean you mention
a muscle and i mean that the house out occasionally get the us out a quick the uneven that create a handle the play does a quick they are an awesome oh no i am
ready thank you then that player played with justin the police chief at an awful awful justin oh that's incredibly lucky sally i thought we need a full orchestration one bed carry out a mouthful royalties from the uranium mines are providing much needed cash for the navajo prospector ran for the trial for many of the noble men are in lloyd of uranium mines or they are valueless conscientious work the mining
company didn't tell our followers kill them unwind babies pick a lesser issue than the mind cause this realization he is really dangerous for the people that live down below we know our family have down there and my sister elsie and corman and the horrors of our family here the coffee that wasn't all with these on the rainy minds it should come back and clean up the area doren thinking about the people the novels move my family is going through like it isn't that by avant garde take it a few minutes ago these people became the toast to do testing and radiation around
the uranium mine to set the route radiation is too high for us to live around here so we might have to relocate what you're seeing here is the backdrop of the area where the play family lives it's now contaminated area by the tailings out of the mines and the children are still playing they're still being exposed to the sport of a horror of this whole tragedy when you're apologizing now we re mi miners and promised compensation to everyone who got lung cancer and multiple very much to make his case in person once again senator what is that product and you try to get your money there
you got any compensation money asset because of this because the cigarette is right here this is not two thousand and one man's land he says it wasn't like this tradition and it's scientifically we should be able to determine that this is not a factor in all of that but he doesn't because they won't recognize except any direct evidence from the religious right city employees
i think about this a story about the inability of aden deliver the cargo is needed it solomon is a visit is so unless you did when i was so out of it was a city of a video it has a nice as are we
and now a story about it was totally unexpected the editor of the newspaper and this is about my family e gagne ending a violent life and art to be my knees and she told me that her grandfather and down or were happy and willie mouse molly's told about them happy and we were your grandmother grandfather and when i saw them and then the music
maybe this was great to fall are an engineer with my wife and kids my name is john wayne quiet and forty two years old and i think i could give birth certificate john wayne came to our house was burning like the beans and he'll have a new name a year so they say i'll make them again and he named tommy dunne we talk so we called him we were surprised to find out that my uncle john the kinsey new mexico a four hour drive from i'm a valley or we were anxious to mean in and hear his story after his victory
in nevada in the nation aires i was taken to a mission in new mexico and can nullify those races to customers and discuss his tears customer's names ron howard stern and my best friend's name was robert gill a severe serious run into iraq as a is nine and on indian cultures because and there was introduced to a young and nobody around me doing anything about it there are people in business beginning on the speaking navajo for some customers says just talking to them it really has changed the people of this town
i could carve in montana you know and i didn't want to be in and it was really attached to him it billows treatments are small and mostly for me in the history of the wire fence at a cost to this tree the last year has been even those injuries be an obvious dreams come true to some here wonder if my family are losing ryan sweeney singing one time i wondered if they john wayne himself losing by a scene in a casket
as dave davies so that was fine because they really never showed me how i still reading this work on me here you have in this
area and you have to make plans with my life suing citibank and i think i'm too long to the ring and two two thousand and nine then again these pictures of khomeini thank you and how
many more has come and tell my case and what he said this time on a play our rock band called come home a swastika that day has come it's common that they fight all of the family come or an insane person again leaving us in a long time says he's a year older people come around town on summer break grown
hostile us my culture and my language to a life that you know people of the same gender talk to people by their grandparents sisters and brothers they all help out the purpose to pay and the missionaries and it to me from there as a nation as a nurse i've read all of the heavy coat i am sure this are so frozen river this is when i get you know i loved john nine that so we're trying to tie thank you for amy hello my level namesake i'm glad to know that he is being cared for along with other
in our children they'll be of help most of what's actually john right michelle eighties people told a lie to me and told my family you know i'm trying to drill it maybe it is and there is not the time to write because this follows last year was nothing left her look for it's been it's
been interesting me trying that for years you just needs to me at that point thank you
i could hold my sister's sister he's been cut off by now
this because it's been on the pages big the proof because the poem is bigger i love the most still missing it's bad
the prescription is b i never thought the itch to change anyone's life but there was a fifth would return of the number of cases are
few allies to do that is really nice to see all of you know i know you wanted me instead of somebody else's right on a desert they think i know why i was in this constant and in a way all this time may have been the way to get home when i needed to be my sister's the city says and in
these now as b turner and other independent shows
pbs it's funny that you say that the return of navajo called pbs one eight hundred main dish fb
The Return of Navajo Boy
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The Return of Navajo Boy, an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and PBS, is an internationally acclaimed documentary that reunited a Navajo family and triggered a federal investigation into uranium contamination. It tells the story of Elsie Mae Begay, whose history in pictures reveals an incredible and ongoing struggle for environmental justice. A powerful new epilogue (produced in 2008) shows how the film and Groundswell Educational Films? outreach campaign create news and rally supporters including Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA). The Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform mandated a clean-up plan by the five agencies that are responsible for uranium contamination.
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