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or a hanging thank you next month he and the family has lived in north dakota but a battle over controversial crop of cooing who wants what happens when a sovereign rights and federal law collide standing silent nation only on
piano following this program to hear from the filmmakers and to find out how you can share your point of the major funding for purely has been provided by the john d and catherine to macarthur foundation the national endowment for the arts which believes that a great nation deserves greater than by contributions to a pbs station but the point is because bill clinton pearce more of the couple's i think both will build global oilfield hall
and i had this is macon m healthy and release in a skinny bought one of her daughters not happy and because a little chatty boise just you know stick together as both of the quiet walks by everybody gets out of the pool this is what you go through who appeared to where a group of film beautiful tight to signal could tear peaceful feeling that i get
our philosophy is to take care of that are we subscribe to move forward to because we don't we borrow my children receives injuries and the political system of existence were all things that are living things that call or the two legged or we nation these are all our room is as low as the seneca nation the standings and the nation better description of all the grasses the different plans that rule this week this is lakota have grown by the white family this is what we're talking about
the analysts say just saying that they want to threaten the wife and family three dozen senior is fundamentally minimums just because they were useless to make bracelets paper things like that that would make them the most important they may have dozens of agents raided the proper traumatized family communication gets flak jackets and helicopters and things like that is not the next year seemed about as a little bit of overkill since they came into the consensual washing their gear bring this action to try to prevent it explain to people of that was necessary to make people believe that because the seals that were rigged or not and thats on were trying to change that we want to get into that have been slipped the economic development for ourselves for you really can't you can't get high off that
as a country to the other my best course is the biggest source which is louis and i would view of the big differences and nine brothers and sisters we were being cool healthy family and one morning we woke up ourselves wouldn't last eight years i've raised my family here and this is total allotment that my grandparents that we see were trying to figure out a way that we can sustain itself economically
luke you know the movie we're trying to you know let the federal government or by paying more you put us in this prison and you can listen to the paperless as we can do in court to hear and see we tried going alfalfa will largely on the cake too much new trees are grown are they going to go on up to five years we raise horses raced off last week planted corn at one time have many new ventures one but none of all really make enough money to support we have over sixteen thousand able
bodied people in the workforce and we have less than three thousand jobs so that leaves thirteen fourteen thousand of us and can work without a place to work it just came to the consensus that were tired of living this way were tired of being dependent on the us government for food stamps and commodity to use a new looking for handouts to pay our whitetail and glowing couple months without electricity you know that we just what can we do will we can grow the federal government was paint for this gentleman david marley to go monks various indian tribes bring hemp seeds and teach them how to grow hemp in how to process that there's actual evidence of correspondence saying if the tribes on the plane to give up their nomadic laundering they have to have a
fiber and i believe actually beat him is it a problem if you have a crop that you can grow on indian reservations or any other part of the rule of north america in which people can make hundreds of dollars in a bipartisan chain shoe very substantially employment protections it's a cash crop and fantasy island twenty days later you take your seeds and so when we like it because as earth friendly doesn't have new chemicals doesn't have no danger we can make closing can make the lipstick you can make her feel so we saw somebody said well this is for
us recorded june fourth nineteen forty two you know drones and have been so you more or anti iran it's classified together with marijuana under the controlled substances act because it is a cannabis
city that it doesn't need to be one of the greatest nightmares of marijuana growers would be to have industrial hemp anywhere near their marijuana plants if the industrial hemp as less than half a percent of tac in the marijuana plant as twenty percent then the next generation of marijuana plants are going to be about ten percent say it's bleak as bleak look like it's only twelve reasons one of the worst mistake and seventeen they'd be asian to do differently this is bonkers and we get serious problems in this country both the drugs and so absent on policies toward the incident on video that industrial hemp is
it's really cool the street is a lawless as long as the rehearsals and the us has brought that use of the law of reporting on hold an essay or the reviews and they are very good thank you you know it is fourth of july weekend and maybe some people wanna celebrate america's independence for me it's a day of mourning today of sadness because i know that another nation came here and declared their independence on our land so when people
do come and ask us what is sovereignty will be able to let him know that our people did make this to the government sovereignty is ours here on the local the nation enacts treaties with america and we retained our sovereignty gotham america gave us sovereignty can ever be given to anyone would use a tribal sovereignty means in the twenty first century of trouble so every means that song you're a puree even give us army and your duty as a sovereign entity and therefore the relationship between the federal government and dr is one between says sovereign entities i think that one of the most promising areas of volunteers to help with economic development we're not coming from washington to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it we're coming from washington to ask you what you want to do and
tell you we will give you the tools and the support to get done what you want to do for your children and up is our elders support it is our families support at this that your space across reservation support if there's a tribal government supported this we have all the authority we need it it was all called clear crisp morning and we all went out there and raise the home who recently a beautiful to tougher still need plenty of losing the a powerful feeling
oh geez the us towards those days the us government's riding his make that mistake with tear down the entire law throughout the whole of the lord jesus was those agents were standing there with their fifteen seventeenth city hall three times for a split second it will put fear and in some ways it just got angry gorgeous let go charging and others looked at nestle say what i said but you have to
shoot in the back in her to start walking that's right you told me you know you're violating the travel log isn't that our family lanza kills where you live at north and you've taken something that we planted within the cell that when the people come in to buy that you can't do this to us on tape to get done anywhere they started to machines and even taken too long as ester dean was the helicopter would who were elbow and m plentiful tall julie by composer does not lead to formal written on in a scene that those who are dividing
why the world was the show keefer news we talked about well this next year critic rob aren't people think that kirsten anderson of calgary at what we call that these events they called in pickling
one of a series of yours is a great intuitive nature late today the valley with its money lasts a response and they have enough money to pay off over twenty five hundred dollars today it was one year in
it's been it's been it's been ah we rely on the strength of family members for an overall were quote who we are as a local the people in the family big family
he says picking technique that sets high expectations really you know what it does is a loose group was lonely you'll see these economies of this as well which were really really well i would have forced kids in this whole kit that one time fixes
in our winter work of large trucks american we use in iran it's been a week we just didn't know it we have a reading above it and likes it well today could come by force are we committed cold because alex is a state he's a new job and only in england the thing that happened to them on long o o l
glad you are paula lavigne
it has been bottom line is this this i said well i will i grew up really knows who came to me in defiance of theft and you take me the jailed tunnel could do we have to do so the government that we can as indigenous people we can do something you do i talked to my sons and my daughters and i said we're going to do this and i'm going to go and you know in case i go to jail you take
one another look awful in the english language over five years are you know might be ten years businesses business as it has
these are all volunteers yeah this is alex wife on screen was more cement and i just wanted to call and that i just had to dhs just walk into my house without knocking and they walked out of twin danish with me out summons to go into court and a recent column is because an early stages before the common resignation were supposed to call me with the cheap and get a police assigned to them and they didn't all among adults thomas protocols auto sort of the guardian to tell you now on was almost a mass of people get college of the approach as a very corporate elevated lead to give reebok two or three hundred years apart who could decide the strategy held in poland due next on our daughter he and a
lot of my relatives had been calling and wondering a woman chair when i'm i'm not in jail saturday to teach ins into the house without knocking and are not in themselves and are tempted to say it was a summons there's a criminal allegations against name of the other person grow industrial hemp will never has a cash crop would be one of as an economic development we we expected to get the snow from the white flint that we take back to kentucky that's the reason why that madison of blacks getting easier for the two previous years like one family has suffered because of these commie and destroyed or crop not that good top hat not a painful hat not be have a way to a crop it's almost ready to harvest in the data and they tear it down and this year they haven't done so if this is marijuana why isn't the da destroyed and it's not what can't the white one family so that's the question that as massive as a businessman who come out here
to work with a sovereign nation free enterprise anyway what they did was they said you can possess the final product in this country you can distribute it but you just can't grow in britain france germany italy and russia china they all australia they all allow industrial hemp grow they'll have found a way to differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana poorer areas beck says that fistfight for more often with a single climate warmer world for the un
it's big well i came in with no money and i'm leaving with no money is the one good thing the bank in united states senate in china workers were silent warriors it's a dangerous come into re negotiate sellout by irvin all my assets and try to make a loan obligation i have to be charging and started then rushed all were fresh energy and then the next time may be a basic service that appears when the stock market followed a building is on the other side of their father was killed in the most visible in england idols good riddance and seagulls them mentality in this whole
region that was a baby and they don't realize that my father loved the oldest kids and saw on the city's human analog this is big is a more mean there's just about everyone in this and is double checking off oh this is terrible an agreement on the settlers as a few head to all i know that foam on sound piece yana says november twenty four cartons of
honor them apart reason why he uses on the kids sixty seven worth of cds years ago at fb
the plot is because we do things there's a little missouri where it traveled from a lot different from what did you have to kill you first to do what do you know they could you know one in two thousand they couldn't concoct them for one year isn't quite where the convicted as little bit do it for water that over lockerbie one years threading of these illegal could have no leaves on them you can hear all the seats are gone there's no seeds get the idea and you
received a restraining order on him so just left the only person or and at this moment how what a restraining order against him in this kind of crazy because they wanna live to this is to say that as from alexis phil and the drug really good seats to push it out of crap you use it you have to go through a statement today it's just me making you know how it is not because i am defying federal law or any of that wealth and convince others fierce and one loser for sea is the mood in that you know you
are trying to understand how your calculation that first year we've planted it appears to be making significant changes so from that show got seven fifth twenty five acres in two thousand and six interview with sixty nine thousand jobs in this year alone
if the government were to choose to prosecute now and claim that the crops over the last three years were in fact no one under the federal sentencing guidelines are looking at least ten years it's kind of it has no indians everyone in an integral part of these voters has been done and i really wanted to that this kind of banging miles reagan if a lot of them i have to kind of go plus non our own flow of good without ignored that good that i've been
noticed or two we hire people to come no i'm thinking of to thwart kerry said at a good volume of the it's been
nice fb law i did well listen ms bishop i feel
no ya'll neil food that did i wish you'd really hard that's what
she did got a lawyer who says the day they're there's ten times it's been use of these forbid any domestic war but that rule that trump's travel to the tribes could decide to make an aside legal or not that cannabis is flat out illegal a crime rate is illegal schedule one substance with you leila one of the things left as this country is going to get an authority to administer justice or whom the president didn't this person on this show me the document only the court finds that he is in the public's interest and that is their desire to
tightly regulated called nation were appealing this right it's easier to do that in person the whole thing as chieftain illegal guns by
oh baby jean's on the large stage to look like they can walk strategizing and get people together and i'm going to pull out a psa and killing along the more drug dealing bootleg in endgame that might help with local people so all the problems were directly related to call her to be very slow would get depended on this government soldiers to the main lesson we need for databases to be
ft kris kriss kross losers cost of them on small groups it's homemade he's been able to be available off by speaking greek and like the light bulb of the moment and its a fiery foods that are meeting is like that isn't
it it's been great the piece this mamet aka that cyber is so plentiful at the early stages and what'll make from fiber paper i love the idea of the paper because it's and so really we need to do this so that when they come into therapy firing its honesty in salinas think keeps beating on the stocks that they go through to get into yet says it
probably fit in anywhere yes bees feeding him the libya it's baking company's business to pay
as beans but they may also be very conservative they may listen to us and understand that us anti drug policies law cannot be used to cap a non substantive difference between this
is because of the media companies themselves on the multi million dollar businesses farming in processing sound in court vj tries apple tree what role it not your fire while crop but his interests than in the united states where you can get permission to grow these crops among the programs that india does not issue permits without imposing the same security requirements as required for any so called drug manufacturer an extra costs about three thousand dollars an acre this is over maybe you can explain what the way to a rally with a gun so you would be and it
is i just why what stephen kern how relations permits analysts i don't know i don't really give you five minutes to work is to our knowledge judged by your no commercial hemp farming province have been issued yet seems a lesson or the canadians are used in that production is marginal farmland doesn't make a lot of sense we're talking about a situation sixty five percent were talking about people trying to grow a crop is always the flowers all around artist me how irrational and that the judge can easily festival this
is one of the most viable cross vic really grown on the pine ridge indian reservation it people artists of bikers farmers in that stage we were just asking for the right to form which we believe i can see them when times of the pritchett the time or is it low fortunately he'll celebrate over again we're going to be a key issue in china point five years and made record has been waiting for this debate comes as barnes bought find out about six weeks to hear from the witnesses and they made all the substantive cases on the side of legalizing very very low to see industry
this is one that has to take risks of escape out and the grassroots but then i think you get a movement going washington will be the last three popes to come around on this huge to these old forgotten are serious issues and serious disease well they're well contact with non indian four hundred ninety six years the senior foreign language pack our land bases impact our culture its impact local government local police force is about five ingredients any nation needs to be a soccer nation with
the old apollo occasions in which is actress as mr silva right james bond we don't take a stand on a treaty rights if we don't take a stand we risk losing that future for our children and they're coming generations this is about the fight for freedom true freedom to do what we want to do when we want to do it how we want to do it and that's going to do now hicks has been leaking secrets
mayor it's really important to me that people understand that standing silent nation is the result of a collaboration over the course of the last five years between americans and lakota ends the film is about lakota values of a car culture in native issues told through the lens of american filmmakers when they made a decision to grow hemp it wasn't something they said hey let's go have it was something that they went to and examined if we grow hemp what are all of the things that could possibly happen om what will this do for the people here what will this do for the land here what will this do for seven generations down the line what will this do for our tribe i we willing to stand behind this crop that many people feel is marijuana and i'll tell people falsely think that hampers marijuana arm it takes a lot of
got to just go out there and say you know what we're just gonna grow it and even though there's this misconception and ignorant surrounding this plant that goes wild with hardly any water are we're gonna take that chance cause we believe they can create a sustainable future for our family call two to five million here he wants to hear your point of view about this program call one eight hundred and fifty four seventy six where you know your comments to hear via pbs this liturgy of the website where you can enjoy that special level articles and interviews related to this and you can also watch videos of all this
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What does a family have to endure to create a future for itself? In April 2000, Alex White Plume and his Lakota family planted industrial hemp on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota after other crops had failed. They put their hopes for a sustainable economy in hemp's hardiness and a booming worldwide demand for its many products, from clothing to food. Although growing hemp, a relative of marijuana, was banned in the U.S., Alex believed that tribal sovereignty, along with hemp's non-psychoactive properties, would protect him. But when federal agents raided the White Plumes' fields, the Lakota Nation was swept into a Byzantine struggle over tribal sovereignty, economic rights and common sense.
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