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there are eighty eight he'd only move is they are so they're represented on this box and a piece on something
and i know obviously you need to look at what he truly truly accomplished on the issue at the nineteen eighty eight i was in one of the hardest decisions one of the most controversial decisions that price michael uses this city council has a place to play as it would seem to be in
nature power stations and when the stages at our mass deportations but he was very tenacious and what is wrong with being of the ship with a strong in the polls but many analysts say there's a stat man again team man and
mino statue has become a moral dilemma for me this color of resurrection of history through art history is full of all kinds of dark things that are unavoidable people it's a burden for me as an artist in a way and i think it was benign it's been
years liane this has been well i think he had that i imagine must also be necessary for sculptor to have to just kind of project fi uk television yet have a goal you have to have a determination to do it no matter what ever since
sonam and this expectations and the fact that there have been people who have devoted their lives to causes to their beliefs their living for a higher purpose and you may not agree with their best and i think those people in a sense are we can put aside the physical comfort sunday approbation year old man you put that aside and you can go your own way regardless
i think that is an aspect of the heroism it's b it is taking place so ingrained in the uk all at history of the soil it out and just you know as the bronze and create these great to walk through history it was wonderful it had to into mindless tourism and economy the cat is where the thames of course see the american hustle you go the
attractions racing economy and the level of living as one she was twelve historical figures that represent us this community and most of them now than that most of them are basically no big white men the europeans' bad answer or angles that came hand and to define what lies you would be if inflation michigan north texas so you do this everything the desert southwest character has been
dating to pass thrilled to see that el paso was trying to bring hispanic district light with its that you know we've been watching it over the years waiting to see when it's going to be finished so that we can hopefully go down and help themselves in unveiling a lot of discrimination has been sold very caring is coming over the legacy of thing to be extremely proud but unfortunately our people from history that sound the questions that you assume that they
would be the opening for most of our kids to be able to look at the history and we're more than that to our ancestors to do something to put it brought with it all the things that they brought white house or won everything to remain at that time disney fired mcdonough lowest level without releasing the cuts in the core of history and he has persuaded some of the rich people or city two to fund his multimillion dollar project chris wherever we have needed anything just start with a fact about as we can see stripes on insiders very common well it's
really feel like through the tiny north was your soil and we lived for shelter from virtually everything else on the people who were already there they have the enhanced their hands and you were right the project is being
fired it's because it's being says bailey he says are earlier this year
villages the appeal was in the population about the survivors the streets bodies and running red with ah ha this is really this is really is holy grail is spiritual work and i believe it's given people think i can imagine it really can't imagine
what took place and how the people would go with something as dramatic as the holocaust losing that much of your people i remember when i first saw those images of the stature than in the past and it was such a feeling of anger and disgust but i thought a lot of people either don't know their own history or are the scary part is they really do want to honor somebody who was early a perpetrator of genocide and that and the violence is sort of people that's a scary to sue your santa fe on talk radio central tonight have the mightiest you know
on the larger issues in our great nation i was reading a quote from mark simonson most people know for the histories he's written here in regards to the stash of unelected and he said something to the effect that it's time to let it golf i'm speaking of the native people and then how much you respond to that when these things get they continue to get funded through the racially biased councils of el paso how can we move on if the nazis or the only was to record the history i'm sure that we will have a different view of history now violence is violence genocide as genocide there has to be a recognition a book what really happens there is that maybe he
didn't know these years and then the whole thing multiple of civilization is a very nice lady and making government is examined with other assistance for rushmore and in my memories of course the cases except everything i mean the sun
does the trees away florida girl and their faces and hands think of three presidents and as villagers were going to tell them that i don't know what i want i don't want to be taken
seriously as someone swim by and then began talking about you're a christian statue of the horse itself time it finished version of the cbs cut the largest equestrian statue and the world it sounded very very exciting for el paso until we started getting e mails and send some other correspondents really realizing that wasn't what he was about so i'm wondering how the native americans were devastating who really knows history who knows the history of onions are very few people very even in the southwest
i froze in the wintertime and mexico through this now part of them to santa domingo pueblo was awaiting girls and given guarantees to distribute to be christianized it has been it's because he's
been doing those protests we decided that maybe we can do to reform to symbolize the kind of brutality
and those times i'm not trying to just raise trouble what i want to make people aware of the narrow mindedness of the people who want to push this kind of stuff that's the size of a six person and his guests in residence with evil ways we wanted to move those in bronson has this story of representational of the scale of the piece right three seconds now
the controversy is that because these companies to door is a specific person many actually live and beyond reach some while it's well he lived around him as he was not politically correct he was not political so well any sort of ravaged the countryside i mean he was not a gentle any children so he's not to be represented they realize that on the schedule was the symbolism it's called a resolution declaring that i have some
iowans are really commemorating that one group of white people took away the homeland one of the group of brown people is that really that the great vision the great value that america's founded upon conquest and maybe a lot of people do agree maybe this nation is fond of congress maybe america he's found that agency in our city that the loser eighty percent and whites at twenty percent of the whites still have an inordinate amount of power but unfortunately it isn't really just a flight round three of his kids through completely we are the legacy also heartily live from one side and one parks management oversight that's what we are you know and so we decided to take
we don't need it i had that had inner conflicts because of the blood that runs in my veins is spanish and native american so i'm torn like most is that actually they should be really searching their inner sauls in my opinion yeah many trees
it didn't come as a copper the sentinel book around with bacillus pain all the pueblo's gathered in one spot and they made a treaty if we look at the east coast trying to find ninety in villages anywhere east of the mississippi and yet we're accused of destroying millions and they're still here and i'm grateful for it which one of us hasn't had a benefit of the things that the spanish you know and just to say you should have gotten well known but sorry to hear you will that get over rangers years and i think i think we have
a good chance that you will take the protests at this point it makes perfect sense to let the public be aware that you can say okay but we have sometime at the city council and we assume that this is this is what's going on we have to make them understand that this statute is so just maybe put a proposal right there and we stopped it right here it
does this is i think the goal is ultimately destroy the project but that's not going to
happen i remember six this discussion and action for a permanent stay on any public funding for them to want to you know i'm not a monument or under the jurisdiction of the city of el paso what i would like to remind the council out as many of my demographic family people hispanics females professional women mothers daughters that have an interest in seeing something that is tangible positive and substantial in el paso and to leave as a legacy to all of the citizens of the southwest i think it's very important our city here is thinking about putting up a statue of an individual of massacre contract to wipe us off the face of this earth i pray to my grandfather's house on the heavens if you have a horror here in the way you your mother's and your father's in your grandfather's review
to be good in to tell your grandchildren to remember nine eleven well we remember london uk send them back to hell i'd hate for instance this is el paso's history we spent a lot of money there's been a lot of work and the private sector dedicated to this project if it is going to be key fantastic monument and the us support moving the us through the rain to some sort of finality owner el paso's reputation here to see the protesters out there would be a national news all right we will be a national new it's not going to be good at one time i was very very supportive but this statue but the more i read the more i learned about this character ms tanya ott didn't see them or i was i was surprised the more i was appalled i mean i just don't think that a million dollars of
public money is appropriate not without it's gonna it's gonna create a lot of heartache for this community i wanna make a motion to reject three jack i don't know yet how many were on this but this is that this is really unraveling situation so we do have a moshe may buy river so called wilson second director solas all not to return the project to the twelfth time traveler's khamenei the motion fails five to three it's been years but attorney it's been
does this analysis relations council
the people on the streets it would spend some money on on the speculative and then there's some others and the duchess of the things that we can spend the money because the government gave us the people i mean you know his history of your comments
this is really an injustice for us that sounds resources in one area again just not enough resources in the neighborhoods where you know you saw saw the children the one apart they want the needs and unfortunately it really is sony's class did have a lot to do with the opposing views the statue it's quite obvious that supporters of the statue are predominantly west siders anglos of european descent and an end of higher wealth definitely it's been years
this is the surface i can't i can't resist listen to indian in the mason to believe levi feat this is
we held the line anybody tried fighting when people are certainly moving in london mining surrounded by good art the color their own appreciation will rise as pedro argueta the idea of conquest is one that is very much a part of who we are today by focusing completely on these notions that make a lot of sense of you know i can see the other person's point of view they
also us law says so this is souls
soldiers this week it has been
thank you you know right right thank you he's right
this is law and when i when i can say this and i can say that as a product of history course what happened with the rhythm in america is very important have a nominee here and all over and i can i don't condone that i don't i don't justify it i don't know what i deplore attacks oh no day is in the pot
it's b like what and the reason is because before you crimes against humanity this
like mike it's b it's been great they realized it used a tiny
things la point now it's too late to rectify this is suffering from a two two and to have to carry this because not what i intended people you know this work so that i think that it should have been able to anticipate i didn't sure am their
stomachs there were only two people running my opponent i i lost elections lowenstein the time to pack up and may move on a lot of the wealthy a socioeconomic class did not come out in support while a lot of the southern neighborhoods did six your peers no but i got it was in the best interest of our community especially after learning their public funding was gonna be extremely significant
it's going to have on one of a white man there is the distance between two cultures it's always been that was you use the people and is going to do and that is the city of this community images images
and historical averages are going to be postponed and it's hard to get our guests are very very hard to link other side polluted and in them when they say that we will not accept these kinds of leads called the people treat us how they treat our history and we will not accept it's going to make a difference in how we see ourselves as he did people and how our children see themselves this it's only us that spend enough against this person this obscenity
but we can carry over to other law that's why we're here this week
it's b it is
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The Last Conquistador
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This documentary covers the decade-long (1997-2007) protests by members of the Acoma tribe against the construction of a two-million dollar statue of Juan de Onate in El Paso, Texas. Onate, a Spanish explorer, was exiled from New Mexico due to his cruelty to the native peoples by the Spanish government in 1614.
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