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show perhaps one reason for which of the navajo code talkers were filled with colorful and one reason for which the institution of code talking with readily acceptable by extension the fact that in traditional navajo culture to three hundred years ago the navajos were raiders and when they went on the warpath according to legend they use the special warriors language in order to prevent enemy spies from understanding how they get give according to legend they did it in the fifties it is
it is those about thirty eight years ago the memos from the country are recruited two and the band that was being waged in the pacific is in the navy and to the secret court and messages on the farmland back to the headquarters so they can direct fire to the enemy's plan nasa will and
won't happen in portland followed an owl but witnesses who might trade system among the phantom pain that i want you know me powers that only kept the ford store paupers in the marine corps and more internet platform for the heat to get ruined the only recommended that i the lineup quote romeo whom are more poem long period before the fight in the end
the one around one out on the eu the third round known for the fact that his voice and earlier the only one that will have ample time in the follow up that haven't given me that he thought they were trailers the long parable of the interview though of the alabama engage with thirty five years ago when i was fifteen years of age which is about fifty miles north of here to urge on the united states there will be a patriotic during the day and
a few years ago and they were ahead of time in yemen the bus you know and having the whole life and glorious time and leave an electoral map that they have and the way we got to the gate barely got out of boston and board the cargo and then the people with al qaeda on the nine the marine corps and now the factory know that mark enough to where we were on a gay bar here are holding them being like this mandate and if they know that that and no dominant for the lady and kind that made that are made there we were kind of hair daily show and only for not believing the feeding the rough in the marine corps
they weren't to make it a uniform thank all of them what there they are only use the fuel that they were going to use the navajo named as the crow because the yacht captain me were mimi martino they meet workers that frankly at the american that call is right and let them know how they thought that they thrive in that i'll use a new angle pending called playing call them that how they employ or they got the government to gather and to the marine corp through it in their language he was raised on the navajo reservation and he very good you know
and so it is one of the areas that i know a lot of art why why i know you've been all that with your little more that has been has and then fall the court also have come of all that he was not released until about ten years ago to be very public guy never really allowed to write or tell about their war experience and had no idea who men doing it but i'm thinking that the film even though that's
you know a big part of my life my love the area the very man i never again and him and roll i got all these parents have a little time and wrote the only wanna what happened all are just like they've disappeared are free europe nobody knows whether at what they do and what with so and so against his parents when he wrote this really chilled butter specifically spelling out that a decision all top secret don't let up and just for your information and a sense of what happened to the guy they're all played with the top secret mission so you're a fan
as a result got court martialed and center the less you felt that they had buried in the archives some places only pilfered all of the records that they were highly a confidential secret we were a bit in the key language that if that there were punished quite often by they were told not to be coleman would have the code talkers were important they're certainly not that my father had i think it maybe they could be a lift that he kidnapped and who now
a train ride well right at the point where we were all its yard and they were actually got through without can they were really they were really proud of us they are i think only in writing than they live here at the nineteen eighty four the two men back that earl people thought oh i rather novel of twenty nine years ago in luanda fire that order commanded for a time and boy was like good an old afterward life are not that oh my they were shooting to convene their companies to whom live on bartman shale oil dropping on from there they won't get really good at
i remember one there the thief a drunk on one of it up when did you the end of the work week got like right and he is coming over i thank you one apparently even to contemplate one kid and that's the way go into a delayed got me well i got her vamp like an amount of evacuated from right and we marched on mango very very very bad for you i a pear without martin wall wald was very very true ripped out that there's a role for that
they really are the marines and board the ship and they don't need the vote vote that they leap to the family lived near the marine who we have had an in kenya on time i have one of the core problem with me in twenty ten a lawyer i
mean i we operate at him and that here in manhattan he and went on throughout you again which was bad combat and they were there at the hotel were important i think in the view again my baby bottle and the bottom line or if they quote offers were right in there and that fight ended a baby if i hadn't been a night at a parade the radio as bell
right thank you oh yeah it is
ge honestly they can march my own world my and that can make a long will report from larry taunton that one may get on well maryanne garry and on every day they are a new york in romeo and then there's me in
that even the park in the kit that gmail why you know i've known people tried to have then i am an overhaul but they don't know they don't know and to take me to not to come to the conclusion that the interpreter told me you can hack it is that decode your hair and it would come to you he is tokyo that made you cry when our an eye on i know
that whole heart that will unearth he rip the understanding of the word yeah and the van ninety than they're worth that image and they're worried that their regular worry that i had made them but that doesn't mean a painter them if in the code didn't i don't know the whole baby via i can't carefully being in the right the right word what it may back and laying the bare they gave me out to get fit ivan that has been going on for five
five months and four before they let me out a mat in a wunderkind and forty four in november they let me out and parade around with voters than not they're one whole hour because i can can't see the cold never broken or quo in america the beginning of world war two navajo that we go to movies and they would levy the newsreel and in it they would lean fellini speaking and then the adolf hitler picking so it means to the people and they frequently do to other people those are great for making of making a very right hitler had this little of the fares right under his
nose and they dubbed him the life he meaning that one who smelt are not that normal through its long years of association with the pueblo's later with spanish speaking people and finally with english speaking people over the cards for centuries ortho has borrowed a very very small number of terms from both languages primarily because of the difficulty attendant upon taking a word especially over from somebody else's language incorporating it into a novel and he's using it in a meaningful form one cannot in flight that an english verb if the item is really incorporated into navajo culture navajos much more likely to develop a term of the song the winds old appeared on the navajo thing they were called
fire inside the middle aged the corner when railroad locomotives appeared they were they were called quote not wanted which means fire make it will abolish or a fire may know the airplanes were called the children a high which means that you do that car or vehicle and not mean it flies whole or the flying vehicle and i literally would evolve and tonight as part of the outcry at this robbery because you knew underneath the water down the bottom full of these other ways in which navajo has expanded vocabulary to incorporate new cultural concept without borrowing the terms from other languages and develop them on its own or if he needs to use them then
it's rarely uses them in the form of places and the light within the conflict with that and now that's the way we operated but we don't mind that their return from big loan the court lawyer nullification the mythology or follow the story of the returned from the case though in my case in the early years before a viable one and less than a year the pheromone and be up reform and that way then your life that there will be input on me what they fear in all bain on the court probably about being there yeah i'm
all people don't always they will hear about syria than non union you know one of the top complimentary eight and he'd been in that complement probably fifteen twenty years now where my weight community family guy died from drinking after the war mines they're going to tell me what your vote with your wallet they should provide you a political junkie the land and forth that didn't come about any event that they would both get in
or from ahead and the action in my faith i know the most i'm a lawyer recall that if every year old daughter was going to be perfect did they have ordered to shoot the coat pocket so that our code would not get into the hands of the enemy that it's a good thing whenever learned about it the navajo nation and the movie and made a tremendous contribution to the country and coal america but also made tremendous contribution to this
mission one of the best things about this job it's being able to wander individuals with her of the united states with his fiction i know i think the author the fight for the nation the gratitude to americans navajo sounds that they're dedicated and highly effective service during the war and i'd like to add my particular admiration for these men who almost four years ago volunteered for duty with the marine corps in defense of their country and appreciation for their bravery and for their service of the code talkers it is my pleasure to present a presidential certificate of recognition for their role in winning world war two i'm told there's a navajo term that means with a courageous hard ufo well i know all the american people will join me in saying to the navajo code talkers were the courageous fight you have for
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Navajo Code Talkers
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A documentary film using interviews and archival footage to show the vital role a small group of Navajo Marines played in the Pacific during World War II. Includes 1940s archival footage of Navajo life as well as scenes of World War II. Featured are interviews with Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald, artist and scholar Carl Gorman, and Taos artist R.C. Gorman. Received a special Presidential commendation by Ronald Reagan.
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Host: MacDonald, Peter, 1928-
Producer: McCarthy, Tom
Speaker: Reagan, Ronald
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