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Yes the project. Part of the question and answer session. History at university. But. Perhaps the most significant American foreign policy is the part which intellectual action and its formulation of its effects. This act.
Of tension and. A. Rush. For one of the founders certainly album. Talents of lesser degree. And he studied economics and straight cuts for foreign policy American-Russian relations. The Shaping of American diplomacy. Seven point fifty one of the most widely read college campuses today. The tragedy of. The. Decision. State University in the US and is currently a professor of history at Oregon State University
on behalf of my coach and my parents. Richard. It is my pleasure to introduce you now with us. Thank you. Come back. We had a good year. We are in fact. Following here it's not.
All the mornings. I would like to do my offering. What. Response. And. Come. On. What can you not be satisfied with.
Scrupulous for. And. The same. For one thing. Start now. Improper.
So his father took a stroll in the can. It's the first store. Well here. Compare market cap offer there by west.
Responsible system. Answer the critique. Right. In modern western capitalism fallen. Once. Generates a special. Opportunity.
Competition. Superior. It's. Fine. That's why.
They're. There right. Now. It's a logic. For all.
It's all. Right. Just difficult so much more. What's happening. Now. In. The commonwealth.
Yeah. Mind you not about. That side. If so it's a good start. I'm fine. If you need a chronology. Right.
Why. Which is the line. The truck. That's. A. Well. From the right there. In fact it's.
Mark. He asked. Because. You do. This is constant and the like.
Well it's. Not working. See American response. Mark Cuban. Well that was the first one there
or famous. How much is thought. Back to helping China. So it's like Mark. It's different. Depression.
Yes. Which is. Hard. Line. We have a. Response to this. This is domestic. And. This is not serious.
You know and perhaps it's logical. And it's psychological. How. Are. You. Thanks.
I tried it once. You're a fool. That's. Right. I was struck. There is a final act. The consequences. Problem with it.
If it's a failure. You start. I have not. They have been my. Market. And you.
I would like. To create a question this week. That's my question. All right. I advocate for. Our. System. For keeping. The peace for working.
People on the. Line.
Just. Watch. Yes that's. Right. Just. Like old people. Smith Smith. Yes. I think he's right.
I think that. Say that. Again. When. I think. That.
I think we lost. Sight. Why. Not. What are. You.
Going to get him. Perfect. Yes. Which is worse. On. Its. Own. Right.
It. Had. Just struck. What's next. I go. In. There is it. That's right. Let's say it's. Modern modern. What's your. Inability to muster the strength to do. I suppose that's the black side. Of.
That. I think. It's. Just. Going to. Say don't. You. Think that's. Smart. I don't think. So.
I think it's not too bad. Did. You get the. Text. Yeah yeah. I. Make a list.
You know. What. I would like to know. Here. You are. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that's right. Thank you.
It took. On a race that directly. The. Right. Thing. Yes. I would. Have. As you know it's a limit. I don't
know. As to the second. It's. A. I can. That. She. Was. Don't.
You. Know that. That's not what was so great that. Reality with that. The sense that you.
Are sad. It's hard. To. See them. That's. Right. Since the fall. Of. 0 9 it's sort
of like that. Oh. Yeah. I think. It's simply that. It's.
Just once. It's a bit different here. This was a West Side Story. I don't know what the
price of the war. As for. Me. Yes. With It. I don't understand
it. Lord you work. So hard. I don't. Know. Well you know that's not
what it's saying. It's not. Yeah. Yeah that's it. Let's let's go let's go.
This is what's your. Question. It's it's it's one has a domestic it. If you still have it and it's it's it's are you sorry. Yeah it's it's you know it's you know it's not right. Yes yes yes yes. General I see the open door policy. So that's right. Yeah that's what I did.
That's how much it was. I. Think you missed it. And I think it's a safe place. And so what you're so right.
He says. Oh I see. That's a strong one. If you think she looks like you. So what are they. This is like. What. I have a prize. I
can feel it. Yeah I think it was. You have to do two things. Must have missed the thing. Let's just say it. That's why they don't. Many political events which were in the post it states and an interest in the business as a couple. It's not some sort of determine what kind of cooperation you see between the business
and its states. A lot of the development of other nations as opposed to states that's an imperialist. All of your clocks we. Combine can dish it out. So the story is just. Except mine. People may not like what they try.
Well I think it's weird. That this is a public educated understand that is a nice life. You export a lot. Now there you go. I did this for a. Fact. Hearts
was in it and the entrepreneur. This is the most you know finding yet. So. How did this training. You know the point that the front line. I think that's why it's it's it's right it's within the IRA and west. There are plenty of young racists
in the situation which though you might decide you know what I think. Yes she said. I think that's a big net gain. But on that you're. Pretty good. This is it. They just heard you say you want to quit while you are in Iraq so you can get this right. Yes or no answer. Do you think that you are that American society capable restruck without a violent level. That is that I've never known
any society without. I. I it may be possible for me. I think. What about my own way anymore. How do you control the way things are the way I'm from. Just sit there and listen. Let's see that ad hoc I said.
That is that look at American society. I don't think history is even if it was just don't seem. To get it. So I think it's a certain respect for oneself. It's not so. So I think it's just look serious dreamy. If that's your thing. If it's your effort now that
I don't it's it's going to stay. Race. I don't think that's a good thing. You get to get different hours to go and live in the house. Why that. I. Mean I for one missed all of your guesses. Granted. We have.
Until his address questions for the full session and top the answer that's along the lines of Oh are you. It's your address that was once lost. Seems to me that the almost. But it's not become a major part as subsistence levels in the country. Well it was fun. When I was telling the American people. It's sad that the quest for the general purpose. I've not been. To China. Listen. For once in
his inside his. If you take killings. Let's see. So this was a long tradition of resisting. One that the system once it's in the West is like. That's what you want. Next week. Assistant Secretary of State for new
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