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Music from Germany special. This is David Burgert. Why the great oratory Haendel have not lost any splendor and can be heard in concert halls or on recordings without much trouble. His operas with one or two exceptions have become rarities only Julius Caesar and sexes get occasional performances but some of his other operas like Lord Linda Orlando or Chino are only done on very special occasions if you months ago the West German radio network in Cologne produced handled opera Cina with the most distinguished cast. As a matter of fact the title part was interpreted by the sensational Australian Soprano Joan Sutherland whose celebrated tourist spacious American debut only this past season. The opera with a libretto by Antonio Marquis was premiered in 17
35. The story concerns the princes Cina who is endowed with magic power and rules an island somewhere in the Mediterranean. She is a passionate woman who changes lovers. She has grown tired of into stones trees or animals. Her current paramour is one Ruggiero who is also being pursued by the maiden brother Munt whom he jilted. This brother Manta has put on men's clothes in order to facilitate her pursuit and is promptly loved by a genius sister Morgana. It takes prime under some time to convince a wild lover or Gero to return to her. She does not like this at all. Here is a man she really loves. And there she is about to lose him to some ordinary human. She resolves to avenge yourself on Gero and change him into
stone. But magic does not work against true love. A month and. As a matter of fact destroys the magic power of his former lover Gina and thus wild Stone's tree use and animals change into their former human shapes and tale of their liberated Cino descends into the underworld. He has the cast for the West German radio production of Hamlet's opera Joan Sutherland sings the title pot Roggio is interrupted by fits when the leash Morgana agin assisted by Jeanette Van Dyke. Norma proctors sings the part of Brad I'm on tip on to general on agin as island is sung by an equal Amante. Millis So as servant brought up on did is interpreted by Thomas Hemsley the cologne Radio Choir is directed by bad not some among
the orchestra is that of the Cappella going on young CS and the musical director for this West German radio production. Is Ferdinand like. The it with. It with. The old with. The old. When.
In the. News. Unit in the. Player. When you. Win. The. Land. Man. And.
Then. The Bay. Area. M..
M.. Your.
Honor. I and. Cheney. To his. Name. Change. Hands. When Or. And. When. I am. In it.
New. It.
Was. It. Would. Around the. World. This. Just. In.
You know.
Yeah uh. Yeah. You know.
You. Know when. I am really well you know. What to.
Me. Yes. Oh.
Yes oh. Yes. You. Just. See. Yes.
Was. Just. Will.
You. Whoa.
Oh. Oh. Let's.
Go. He.
Was. Home alone. Come come the team comes.
Home. He. Would be going with. You.
Oh you don't.
You. Just. I. Will. Only. The One. With.
A little. Little. Clue. Little. Good. Live. The live. Live.
Live. And let. Live.
I don't know it.
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Music from Germany special
Handel (Reel 1)
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