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How much it cost what his responsibilities are injured cation in terms of training our filmmakers in terms of if I get good Titian in terms of the archival interest of a motion picture you know what you are actually worth museum Our George Howell Congress or should we break this office or something oh no way but we put aside so that people understand this notion we put aside halfway dollars for shock toward the establishment of this and I think it'll be a multi multi multi before this finishes this day. I think that it would be a you know and President Park cultural fact of life that will always tend to focus public more public action more serious attention on motion pictures
with it and without the universe context. Now I'm going to do all that and I'll tell you more when you really want to know about American films. How to do it. We don't really know why I'm here. But part of the part of the establishment of this year's years in they is in the doing of the finding out and I mean by this I mean I mean they're smart. Their research on the job by putting members of the council down for the Arts onto this is one of their chief interest we have of him going on our side our Institute of Environmental Design probably beauty and I think you help design this country one day this won't be as I see a government operation all the way it might be chartered by the government but it will be probably of public really dominated organization that will continue to get support from
time to time for special things. Probably the foundation I'm a part man. Again I mention this because it's one way to go about a focusing attention on a specific concern it happens to be a motion picture. But it could just as well be educational radio. I don't say it could just as well be context down the arc but it might well be humanities and I. Horseback Yes track Yes to get national attention to this moment. Do this me out and be on that to establish something in consequence of this attention which will be of our continuing sort of a road hauling fond of interest that he has given to us that produces dung. I hear it concerns his office the standard service that the our cultural heritage just as
revealed on commercial radio and so on so I think that something of this kind might be I really this is just kind of walked out had something to hide might be managed. We have a study but it would be a study of. How to establish. Well for one play this out of the National. Non-commercial radio Institute. Which which would have some of the concerns and interests that we're discussing right now. This is one way I toss it out. We have a number of different. And. Sometimes compatible and sometimes. Ways. To approach this problem here. I would like. To. Ask the.
White House shift and again give ourselves the option coming back but might now shift to questions like What are some of the questions. And you want to play. Just one. Really. Bill suggested. Yesterday. What. Is the regulatory structure Sufis to encourage your program. Well I'm. Sure that others are question my. Target the end of this process so that every one of these ideas around or whatever MLM freaks out we're looking at. Terms. Oh.
You think you are. Wrong. Yes. Oh I think one thing they might do. Is. To select. One or more stations. The mother every six months is being standing station. And. People who are very intimate with the subject will know why you made them are standing and this will help for myself your goals. Are worth whatever somebody did that was particularly good. Will get. Credit for out the industry so that. All right. Some of these are some of our meetings some people write things. Down here. Maybe we get back. To.
Sharing. Your story or program never might be to. Be helpful. Role this is a function that is not being as far as I know there could be a writer stepping or competing with Marshall you might be. Out there already. The spammers are not. Yet or are there they say there are. Many others that I get riled up for the sake of work. But for the sake. Of all without selling wiping your landline. Oh that's right we did what I
did I left America. Oh right here. We have doing. Amazing we have. Already. Done or. For. Every. Day. Wars or for fire. That's right. They also are very good. May also be that was why I reckon said here. Well what. What about the possibility of a cooperative. Production. Center. Financed in part by by all the commercial radio stations. For the purpose
of whether it's on the air or not. Much better be helpful Were you really see what you what you're doing what you're doing. But. For the purpose of in the main trying experimental programming trying out new ways to use it as that as that. Of the flyer for you know some of this extra kind of we're talking about record and so on. Try some and I think one of the problems here here is the key. The risk of new kinds of programming is too great and. In some cases. It's not all that different from commercial broadcasting in the sense that if you you know try try something is a little bit tricky. And in terms of who might not be might not be watching something and put into this production center or whatever. Try me come home
which would serve the kind of. Given that we were talking about earlier and you know trading on many different levels feeding in and out of it persons who were highly who were identified as very very talented and creative there were then this this business for two months or for 20 years haven't come for a period of five or six months or a year and work at this specific place just as a part of earlier. Is that who I am this is a. Side bar from me. I suspect an American Film Institute will include a very very active feature film short film narrative film documentary film production center because they feel that's the guts of really what's going on. And just where they've been.
Hearing the sound of that. Really wish the worst. But it's very different. What I do I felt like I did. This. Race only. One race. Now what. Better Way. To try new ideas that are already there. I have tried to do that if I had to take the same but I rather do it in a national letter. Or I'd rather do it with your other first with your you're like you're contending that by taking that there is a first pilot not just one trial I had to raise a new one of the other day I know my first you know I could have my real life. Oh sure like priority would be heard.
Progress. During that. Last problem very well. Whatever however. Good things might happen next. Get there by Greg with very exciting fire. What's happened to warfare is already what's happening so it can happen someplace. What great you have to do is I think we'll. Get to that record fire get back to happen if you take a nationalist that rare. Why I mean your point is that you try to make this a drawing you know I guess I love everybody living right on the leading edge of just what you're saying what it would mean to have a place better ministration what you do with.
The subject people want power from there to work yet. Watch the rock right whatever part you know that's what we've got. Oh I mean would it have to do that never will there are other things to excess not. Social program entirely be looking into all of the you know experiment of the arts culture generally but did what they were. There were all these minds. And that's why I said it would be better if it were on the air. You see because I think it's kind of a false set of circumstances it is just a production. I want to resist that goes along with. That especially the oil. Field. That is. Going out and some of it I don't know what happens when. Your self. Without water. When I look at it what I get a lot of stuff but. I know. That. Whatever cause of.
My fork. There are lots of ideas there that nobody can work out ideas that work or their. Lifestyle or some of it was just. If I had it sure I'd rather do what you're talking about version of. The first ones are. More. Solid or you don't want to divert into different. I don't need drugs that are already working. Sir that what is happening here that you know. What I do not have our energy toward orbit. Do you see this in your own.
That you see here. Ever Hear hear. Rory might be terminal. They're going to be there for her or her there. Well and get a national level here. Oh what happened to the seat. Really I could argue that in the end if I just. Write that. That notion of finding out what we're. Getting out of the market like there. Right. Miracle there. What happens everywhere but back to. Work or home. Make this.
Room. There for sure. I. Guess that's why. You would take one area. Hello there. Carol. Fetter.
Her over. Hello. There. Were. No. Problems. Really God said. And therefore. Everything that looks at people or a good idea. I also agree with Mark that this is not. Part. Of a process. Therefore the more you get a god or gods. All resources are limitless. It was true the guy or girl I'm going to leave with Bret saying what I said when I came here the first of five. It's your only chance and the national It may not be the right idea but if it is something that I think has one thing going for it is very important. If it's
on the scene visible Yes it's relevant. Tracking the kind of support which presumably is almost impossible to attract now up even if you did any nothing else and tours it would have to work hard to get that visibility in order to show that it wasn't just you know but it could it could be good could be the magnet for support that would then go through it and I'm talking about something that will be run by the branches This is not a national government whatever program it is certain to be run by you guys and that will be. Another you know another thing I want very much because I have three with you and I love it because our ability and. I will hear us now is having said things that people like right here. Right. We like to read that very broad. That.
Has. As expeditiously as possible. But I guess. Not as an institution. Be great to have people what they want and station managers are something special. I think we're. Back where I think we're prepared. To deal with. These things. Diversify.
All right. That they're there. And they're right. What ever. Oh already. We have. Rather.
Clear here some of the major industry. Or work here. I don't think any of you. That they have. Broke yet I am really going. On.
Right. Here get something up there for a good healthy. No. Oh thank you. Thanks Pat you're right. I just heard right. There's always what they can bring right here. Liar a lot right. The. Problem with that I think that's a good idea. Yes yes. Oh. For what. Oh
no no I think you have to think of the day. Forget a friend request. You know what this is going to carry a second threat so that yeah. That I think. Last year I think. Yeah I mean you know I don't really like to say but with the resources to get going. Well I think that we have an order every day. But the idea that you go to lay flat out for the other. Oh I think they're a very good program.
John you're a movie. Question 1. Yes you. Could probably win this. One. All right. Well I think that there is a good possibility of radio getting that you know of a. Fight at a very broad approach. It would be. A very very bad funding for a lot of telecommuting with regular park. There are. There are for men that we have talked about there. We talked about here set forth for a national telecommunications
system. And I think that there are. More very powerful for. Iraq but I do think that there is this. Real fast. Well this is going up hill. 4. 0. 1 0 0 0 I mean you know I was there I don't know whether there's any money for already overselling by the manpower the possibility of killing a new program for the Fed or has just operate. For somebody like hear more about things that are right on the brink of a program. Well it doesn't work out. And it will work. Things go where they are going to arise from time here so.
Why not talk about something other than bending toward the right. No no I get out I'm talking about a. Legislative program and I really mean it. Go in there with you know like there was a radio program don't have a left radio really profit. I think that will tell us if the existing legislation. The legislation going forward we will have our backing for a lottery. We're reading the social purpose. Game of late show on the radio as are those over who can actually play. Oh but I don't think categorically I did all that hard for me to see how you were able to
get anywhere. I think a little. Bit because I didn't do something right here without Jerry. But. Pray. Oh. Oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Grant. They. Are right. There.
For. Him. But. They're. Also I have the right. You're. Right. While I was right. Oh. Right. Think Progress. You know I was there for that. Oh oh oh. Oh I got it for five hours.
We sat there that you know. Oh. Right. That. 0. 0. 0 more of us going out. That of 0 0 0 0 homes for this White House all right. Well I think that you just I think it's. Interesting how that. Does. And here there are a lot of lessons to be learned just a very short cut a barrier that I think however that. Radio Bar this Ryder Cup productions that or many other features of activity that that it would have. It would have that experience behind it and I think that it might
turn that to it that it really most the people that were associated with center in the early days or how. There were power stations and that those people are very often also radio for oh yeah I was. And up I think that I have a common understanding of how that went. Right. It is instructive that would provide the kind of experience when establishing something of a national purpose and concern for radio you would it would it would be a positive rather than negative. Well. I don't think you would here you just couldn't get away with saying it's going to happen this way. Go to hell that states rights. Without any of them. Well you know what one thing about this
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Group Session C - Tape 3
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