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But the writer of the Activision we agree with that I think enough of you that are national might be matters of the kind of regional theatre plays the commercial television commercial radio doesn't usually deal direct reports. The sea fishing in the neighboring city might white a little bit on the 6 o'clock news in the commercial radio or TV but which might have an audience and there's issues here. Here are some value to the broadcaster it is my right as long as building device a lot of people who are interested in the political process you will see your couldn't get to see the sea of English record. The only coverage of it was from very rich by most commercial stations yet with what's happening in New York New Jersey Connecticut area this is a vital for us. What happens in the area that I get from you're going to get from. By what story and interest as it is in the political process involved process and you're right
there are relatively few of those of this in the reach of radio sufficiency that you can pick up radio stations or resources away. I don't know how many people either you're really interested in getting out there. There were sure of their own problems. He surely has been crying. You cannot get the right signal left out of. Well coming up here you can't get it right here. Sit over here. Well as of yet it was about the availability of information is there isn't there enough in this area I think we would be groping here. We still go for the esoteric crumbs and try for the other it was yesterday. This structural network which has lots of problems to maintain this kind of a large adjusting is the use of the Activision or should be best for our letters and trying to gain from the school at reading as to what we feel in total. The concept of life as well as yours. Consideration only of the
subject material merits and so far in your best. You live here just doing right by me because I must. Your educational program program that you are currently distributing bifurcate my who continue well but yet expect considerably less expense. This is the reason they are there. Well yeah it was a low life jerk. She was out there. These are photographs which have been made by their value. You would like to see them why we
first wrote that there is no Santa Fe. Later this year we're talking about news gun your progress the recently signed with the BBC in other words yet you decide to educational radio crouches stay away from the time that they're certainly there because she made you for having me as you see here the satellite place here with the
vice say on her then change show. Why were there tracks they lost. I don't know. Worst weather for my life when I was over there with you as you were. Oh you're going to hand you your reward where they can that they're still very young in your daily is already quite possible in the distant future. Rather they will know that life will automatically
provide us with trivia where we cannot now afford it and evidently are not ready for whatever. So I would like to hear a very sad life holds on one hand very well with all the shows that it has this thing as I read on here. He actually was saying this has not shown that lives here that are seen in red this is one of the goals. Another goal is a national production center. The worst questions he answered in that
in the minds of many hours. Well of course I'm here to hear that at all not as you know it was yesterday you know the problem over the years was a little problem with the sideline simultaneous transmission your time differential you still got to be delayed things because what's on in Europe at 7:00 in the evening of course is a protest we differ here. In fact you're in New York inch and look and the West Coast you get better three are differential So if you live networks there is no such thing as a live network it's all been delayed it was like networks now and in all transmission Solzhenitsyn. It was a matter of hours versus a matter of days or weeks. Well there are certain members of the law right the connection right now with one education station of the year. Oh yes we need to leave because they never were
young that is this is just there. There's your general on the base here. Oh you can win this with the things you did over the German elections. But here are your more just in the other. Then my phone line. You know except in some of these areas where the about we handle we enter here your area so long to get back to the question. Yes we don't really feel like that word either. Yes me with a small
bit of it was weird then. What do you hear me. Do you mean by the right people and all the rest for us. Oh but if there were a consensus that this is vital for us then you know that some advice on what we do know that is the one great war we say with us this is Tell you what your group sees as the advantages of that. There are several advantages to some of
that that fall into the. Finally yes they are there to give you one example of these photos during your write a long letter and I O. We're very up and down and discussed with the background of the whole thing and kept it up to date with with you. Well I met my wife got were worth my not this kind of thing. ISIS's us yes. Merkel were worried with something I actually feel and this is the kind of thing the radio was far more far more formal then
there was on the radio. There are some but not necessarily always the right way in your analysis of what's going on. If you know are you certain you are yes and two other newsrooms that I know were of WNYC who will do which you wait if you keep abreast of what was happening by listening to we need you this education program is being fed up and they were so far in hitting back or derivative you're going to go to your tapes. You probably voted more like the Warriors rose in life so that as with most love than any other single use or so they know this act is getting back to the terminal. Look alike we were the only ones that were
doing you know the actual of this just right straight from the computer box and I grant you these are incidental things they don't offer right where we can see interesting situation that really add to the information of the world but let me just go on to another there is there is another aspect of working which is to be able transmit programs but when pressed by say they could be sent over and delayed by the same time and we say reminders of not just in terms of cost of my life as opposed to yes I mean I like I don't want to go I can't give you dollars. That's right you say. Were rumors you have only related you're going
to a great deal more with you than even the same program that all of our posts are the basis of the. OK take me there. We're not original to the feast of the problem that I have. You were there to do that because of the obsolescence the jury rather. I think they're probably at this stage of their historical development better off leasing lines which represents a shorter term of love investment than they are going into the heavy and that's what we're seeing asking your buns of to replace his art was also helpful minus for her by the full range of stations of the universe so you know you do. You can do then. Each of the individual stations for me is there over at the interconnecting when he simply has to respond to any
below zero as your question of economics. This is not this is a debatable subject if you can. He began using the lower the cost of what you're now doing great in life if you're going to get worse there's no arguing that this is this this again we're left with the the absence of facts on which the record either decision or well recommendation of a good point there. Costs goes from 1 percent which is someone to make a study of this to find out if educational that were alive would be cheaper is that the promise of a Federal Communications Commission houses are a year or less like Julie Rovner who is it who does it. I don't take on too much time but I believe it will let me say that easy yes right here. By the way you're here now to
play this. This sort of arose out of the radio that were true but a connection for all kinds of Earth we had then worse it got white where now I was a radio that were very small part of this eventually completed. I hear that you need to be limited in some way here for providing you have part of this radio that radio broadcasters about computer
and the like. So we're trying to let everyone lose either. We're interested in the value of any connection really well and who will be the real world is still separate unlike the other. I never thought that with Leave the way I did it we can you say you have the solution we want for a mission one of these houses. I suppose what Yeah we get recommended in these city economic situation be investigated. Have you done any cost analysis. Yes I think so. I think our survey really face up to this.
But you know too much which is the wrong we should be all jurors I wish vehicle which is the local you know presidential for us. A lot of trouble except with air exchange does it where they have where they have significance nationally speaking and they are exchanging their purely love nature. They said you could still use the felines to exchange those that are applicable elsewhere and cheaper ways of feed the world except Sinjar you know for the uses of to justify the cost of the network to have it just a year or bigger typically But we don't want her. I wonder I think questions cynically as to how topical You have to be on European politics for example is something. Wait let's say 36 hours to be broadcast because it's updated. I say to myself that it isn't important that the 36 hour White what rush of a bit of work for six
hours when I LOVE 30 hours later it will be important to me anyway. If you can't act on it it's a curiosity value. How many people are keeping up with the suspense of German politics or if we get into the who is the next shot of the random it how topical is that and this bothers me. There are problems. You know people are going to be the ones who are going to be pressing the guns on both of those things. Somebody's going to see the case but to me you see this seems to be a reason why there's me the young and I don't that I don't think you want to use the radio network at those stores. Well this is all of the information flow here which I guess are you there.
Get them off the air. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. The rockers who hears we either never heard of that one or two of the right here and we're right there where all of you really see that exactly the only reason they brought and I guess they'll let somebody else step it up surely you're going to love the privilege of coming in the other place like a you know they go you know yeah yeah well that's the thing with the other at our station
area was lifting up here I feel the pressure if there is any way to get it you say so it is an ice jam. My boy as you know wrote this The question is we put that on for 20 years and we see you know I see that your mother was getting Who was I think I think one I think we covered. He really does. I don't see any advantage as you are discussing. He said the Russians are really because he knew that relates to so much the question of national that were Russian satellite buses the first program for you that you feel strongly about the passing of the waters is very revealing. I
view that as you know that history says rather than one which a sense of the right good effect you have reserved for you know we have again here in the off ramp. It was just word for this right now. You want farming them out you are right now we are a much stronger term for kinds of fires and just if they have water majors and all three little
west coast service here in these centers with their people and hate for long and that they become a part. I love the list but I think this while you're right you're wrong. Are we really.
You're matching that's for sure. Will you give us a record I'm sure you know I think I think you're OK. But what is the oh that was one of what is an alternative. Is there outer edges to this or is this the best. Well you know now we're getting down to the rhythmic program are you saying you're going to originate from the major member stations of your network for that matter. I don't think well that's a problem for the problem for me. Here's how good it is you're going to get something done by going to one or two or
three. Anyway those institutions can't afford that. Back again where you started. Lewis was there she said with you this is risible. I think it would have to usually hear their side. For some life you want or another girl I really like his horses with those words often stands for years of mercy. Sure I can be there for you but I remember visiting what has been the view
he and I think we live in the south. Yes even here when they are why we came here like you know them as one of the last of your life. Never a police station you know. Please wish me to wish to see visitors letters last fall and it was the hugest Bill Russell getting literally hundreds of buttons and wondrous light colors that I like the engineering. This is he says the whole thing does. He says he has ribbons on the right road network in regular work up to never again chimes. Yes well it's your wish. We want to get for the broadcast pioneers using as was the last pieces got only three buttons were all doing all he ever needed to do was sit there and you know I read never call interview were played and leaked and did I get a little nervous about because
any washee the evolution into the modern form of the listening is only as he she might get very nervous because the entire basis of the recent FCC says the recent FCC intended use the pressures of this use of jurors has been to stress the fact that the flu this this media to essentially has a local role play a little service a little you know if you get to the voice of those you get a lever. So I suppose you know why it was you has an individual license he may have to do a road and fill out the determination of community. You're going to get You've also got a very sophisticated white Racine to it if you maintain a degree of licensee role that you don't get in the situation that he liked or the old works of art and that you know
all that we have a pattern of ready in route to blue and blue our first there was. And I think it would be very tempting enough certainly for a city like yours but I can see stations all over the country or even looking in for the free right at that point the educational facility on campus doesn't breathe it doesn't eat anymore it becomes a satellite really of stuff to somebody up there who is doing over there. Surely the networking Yeah I'm not sure that other nations reactions are what a Russian setter I'm sure will ultimately lead to in networking. Sometimes you just do you have to prepare for giving my word I know the right word right through this very.
Here is the small part right here the majority of the earth we hear your argument here that what a network service whether they live or however is the relief that will be a row over whether this is a realistic analysis. We probably have done that through the measure but I would certainly place love for this test run with you just for
fun. Certainly every year you get some roll over generations really. Our peers so through program. They said I might be there. Here is no city is where we train. You tell me. Scholarships fellowships intern programs is one station that station will air and work really has but with a very tough job then good again. Yes they should probably attract
talent also to a centralized source like you know if you get a very scenic image in New York in a studio to get a visit 50 different locations for a reason give a lecture series you know everything I ever saw was the reason for prayer and I have to say I think it is. Can we start that with a yes or say yes the transmission of this serial or another so I think you have very very very. That way if you were writing that well it was this uses you first wrote I think it just shows what can be very briefly by saying I feel just as yours. What role of an age ago was it is
wrong I miss those days. As a history teacher the people at maximum support should be developed through whatever other structures are generated by those couples or institutions are generated by a to conduct we is up with these. These are decisions that really was out of his for go solo has to be the expected answer or a lot of years from now this morning we never the size of the audience which you serve. The realist in university education that you supported you know where you really want to get all the ways they have a more a more only reach here more sets you right back promotions across the best word license for
some of its many forms. Take service stations using a recent basic question. Here's something one restaurant cautions that sort of works in that sense for great advantages to get more information. You immediately think of me always somewhere in the midst of us as usual really appropriate or rather because she drills are present but so what. Right there you know with various So many things to do so many problems with vision issues
here a little earlier you talked about essential nature being run first right. Yes yes. How easy and he says in my cereal. Well I think for me or if I would be there through broadcast television where you just distribute some cereal or receiving offerings of yours will while the other farm structures. When you call the
lawyer response from the operator or situations or you like to hear if you will on Saturday morning that you can hear civil service and then the use of force is just re-invented CBS CBS is you are there for a reason. Well he wasn't indemnify me. I want an era. No no relations to do but I think one of the areas some clothes are fish that are easy to if I will use it. He uses very fancy that this is really I figures I would be awfully careful with the legalities of the relationship between the foreign office workers issue of who it was or is in you exactly these are what are among us as far as injury or it just
hit us all. He said he said it was winter in the semi and he ends up he says except me but he doesn't he's a German locations which we do for bae was just there for I need a journal or is it yes or enough you know but we had legal advice. It's one of the Washington future lives so far. Bars like any any are in the United States. If you're the age you can just leave the leave the dock. What was uses what but what can be done sooner or later. Robert ring of RIDEA versus the refs was placed on the field the ridiculous ideas that are wondering what it was
and also I think this ties in with this is vice a reason I feel on my own. Yeah but just for me. First of all I mean should we have the radio station right. You're a sucker for sure and we can chalk verse of blue in the face. We don't get anywhere. You're trying to win the right way. We want to hire a person out. It can't be done. Love it has to be done nationally. It has to go through the NE. Yes go through some soup or a university or a beach or I
don't know how this is to be done but I think you need be done somewhere again. I think we can achieve great someone by great humility. Oh you know generally you know you're sure the truth you lash out when you know what you kids when they're high up in the first really very sad situation right. All right well
your brain has very very few. If you have a circle of productions so be publicized. The line which could offer publicized wars and which could tie in with grants for social studies creative uses of brain you could perhaps generate an interest of those who whose talents are in line with radio and are there people who work and not the most popular media take off shoes creatively he
was using Russia as the U.S. you have a lot of people who find expression with no recognition. There must be something in radio but the thing is as people or companies have said educational radio why is it where is it. Who is it wife. And it's you we get the fact that we have to take a few steps first before we can even test will you convey to the people even if you offer a big prize money word spread that there's things with us or are you here. Yes you're right because it's recognition that it isn't here. Well yes and one person hears what people write on. So that was a marvelous bit of wire humor. Why do we always have
to hear these programs. You gotta love the practical problems like that one sided. Yeah of course. Yes I love your question. Yes no doubt no doubt in the back of your TV season. Well and surprisingly they do not appear much as you might find them. I sat in the office of John. Life is for the U.S. But here can tell here is that scripts and I asked him how much do you pay and I was shocked. Oh I figure the very well they're buying TVs for soar over here and yet he gets written by Americans because the production is tough
and a writer would rather sit on his for the BBC. One of those that he would go to the university where else is he going to be produced in this. You mean the skill lies to need writers as was on the writers. This is why I don't think they were blind like what they heard a shock at the BBC to measure the number one top notch writer in the world Americans. Well you're here British so they can measure. They do seek out these people and they pay them rather well. But there is a whole other category of attracting new young writers experimental right. Well they don't pay a great deal but by God if they buy a script they'll do the very best of yours. Or something because
he she was very. Very very. See. There's that. There's. This theme I think you'll see that I've been working with this. Thing and I don't know the things in.
America with a. Woman.
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