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How low and how do you do. We present today the European jazz dream band. The All Stars 1961 composed of 30 musicians from 12 countries. The idea to form this unique band originated with Berent one of the outstanding European jazz experts. He heads the jazz department of the Southwest German radio network and back in Bonn. It took parent three years to put together this band. He consulted jazz experts from many European countries before the 13 artists what assembled at the bill in Congress Hall where today's music was recorded in order to give each of the 13 soloists maximum opportunity to show his artistry. Several small combos were formed. Let us start off with a bent number. Charlie Mingus Haitian fight song arranged by the Swede George riddle with one scholar Austria tenor sax and Franco
Cherry Italy ITAR as subtle ist's. Oh.
The Europeans won't stop band played the Haitian fight song in the arrangement by George riddle. He has one of the stock combos. It is composed of Ana don't they dose Sweden Otto sax Hans call Austria tennis sax. Ronnie Ross England baritone sax. They improvise on a blues by Francis bone and three times three. Oh.
That's. Good. Where.
Are. They. Going. You're.
Cool. After this improvisation of the Blues by Francis Boland we had a group
composed of the Franco Cherry quintet with Franco Cherry Italy guitar take him on to a new Spain piano and vibraphone playing hitting the road theme by Sunday. Sure. Hold.
On. To.
Get. There. Do.
You know. Her. You're listening to the European on Starz 1961 from the Congress
Hall in Berlin. The recordings by the Southwest German radio under the supervision of Joachim and spend will put the band as well as the program together. These 13 musicians from 12 different countries did not always find it easy to communicate language wise but the musical harmony is amazing as you will hear in the upcoming number played by the whole band. That old devil loved it arranged by Yogi freind for the old style as soloist Ronnie Ross England on the baritone sax and Albert monk at St.. Germany on the trombone. Thing.
With thick. And thin.
Really Are.
That was the old devil in a new arrangement played by the European on style. Now a Spanish contribution to European jazz. The blonde pianist plays Blue Monk by the lone Yes monk. Just.
For the bat was the Spanish pianist Tatum one told you playing Blue Monk by the lone U.S. monk the other pianist. The European on Styles was the Frenchmen he wrote for himself and the old stop band at little con.. LTC maw. For the.
You're listening to a program the European stocks recorded at the bill in Congress song by the South West German radio. The singer of the all stars came from Sweden. More he cut down and sings am I blue. And. You. Know.
You. Know. If you are. Why. Now.
It was.
Quite a girl this Miss Monique Gazzetta loaned from Sweden the best liked arranger the European jazz musicians is Francis bone and from Belgium he arranged for the old style as the number of high notes which features Eric Munson based from Norway and the two trumpet players Muffie followed by from Turkey and disco bitch from Yugoslavia. The thing.
Francis bone and the arrangement of high notes played by the European All-Stars 1961 the European All-Stars 1961 consisting of 13 musicians from 12 European countries were put together by Joachim span and today's concert was recorded at Berlin's Congress song by the South West German radio. The artists were drum puts my fee for Allied Turkey and disco going go which Yugoslavia trombone. But mongered still Germany alto saxophone in the dorm near us Sweden. Tenor saxophone on Scala Austria baritone saxophone Ronnie Ross England vibraphone Belgium Franco Cherry Italy P.A. Mati out so loud. France and Tatum want to add
you. Spain base once in Norway but caution. William's ship for Denmark. The singer was Morny got settled on from Sweden. This was a special program. The music from Gemini is serious. Your host was David Burga who bids you good bye with a musical help of Hunt's color. Color plays an improvised rhythmical number called racy. He superimposes three voices on the stage. You could also call the piece three times Kala.
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Music from Germany special
European All Stars
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