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good evening and thanks for joining us and ed sharp and welcome to a very special edition of the aware show we're glad to have you with us as you know no way we would be out about covering this seafood festival here in pensacola going on tonight and the rest of the weekend live bringing it to you right into your living room but this evening we are beginning the aware program we're on a somber note as we should be celebrating our eleventh year we're actually ended somewhat of a somber note here and be aware program because we're looking back at september eleventh two thousand line and millions of people all over the world were stunned and shocked that day in disbelief as they witnessed the terrorists' attack on the world trade center and the pentagon and it was captured live on american television as you will know september eleven two thousand won the day america stood still september eleventh two thousand won a national tragedy of global tragedy september eleventh two
thousand won an assault on humanity democracy and stability you saying the headlines using the horrific tragedy you've even heard the compelling stories up a relic attempts of rescue and survival and on this special edition of the way or will ask some very hard questions to which people are on their minds and why did it happen and can it happen again joining me in my studio to talk about this and many other issues surrounding september eleventh two thousand won i'm i guess will begin with mr michael and gilbert assistant professor of political science and international relations for the department of history languages and philosophy at pensacola junior college is a much sought after public speaker and guest lecturer in politics and international ferris he's served as the first director of the co worker institute a student forum for political discussion he has also served as a political analyst and consultant from any
television stations and provided technical expertise during the presidential election and the florida ballot controversy now israel but it's also a veteran who served in the us marines during the viet nam next we have dr joseph mitchell is currently a state representative for the alabama house of representatives representing know beal out dr mitchell has also served as an elected official of the mobile county school board is a behavioral scientists and has served as assistant professor of behavioral studies and educational technology at the university of south alabama and as a research he and lecturer for texas a and m university most important for tonight's program michel has served for eight years as an independent consultant to the kingdom of saudi arabia and petro chemical engineering and international labor law he was responsible for the assessment of industrial security management systems based on koranic law and islamic customs last but not least our final guest dr richard harper
he's the director of the heart center for business and research at the university was florida he is an economist and has served as a guest lecturer and technical expert answering the world markets and the economic state of america and through the grace of god dr harper is safe and sound with this tonight may not know this you know where we have an eyewitness to the tragedy at the world trade center he was attending a business meeting there when it was attacked jonah thank you so much for joining us as those who're looking on and listened to what were saying they can see the wide variety of expertise that we have gathered here tonight for this particular discussion and this is looking back at september eleventh they're looking ahead to what this will mean for us all we'll begin with you because dr harper as we mentioned thank god you're here with us here tonight as a survivor of what happened at the world trade center tell us from your perspective through your eyes would think you do
it as you've mentioned i was attending a conference in new york city of the world trade center was really a wonderful location to hold the national association for business economics conference so i'm a member of that in when the final day of our three day conference on tuesday morning i we just actually sat down for the first speaker of the day and it was of course about ten than i know that speaker was talking about global financial markets and that's about a hundred fifty people in the ballroom of the marriott hotel there that connects the two world former world trade towers how when we we've heard of an impact the flood that filled the building shake the chandelier rattling end up with in a few seconds we're up and running for the door and so we we exited the hotel out the south sea i rescue personnel the police were already there in the streets directing us to safety and we of course were that the very lucky ones our conference was on the ground floor nobody was
trapped there were having to come down a darkened stairwell or iowa we were directed to the west toward the hudson river and we just go across west street and watched in in horrified disbelief as all those events unfolded and so we talk about the first plane that way in our talk about the second winner do you know well we had just sat down for the first lecture when the first plane hit and when we left the building now we heard there was a plane that it hit me at the tower but of course i know we could imagine that was a passenger jet we thought that perhaps some private pilot had made a very very bad mistake yeah we could see the top of the north tower was some on fire the initial fireball had had burned out that by the time we got outside and dumb without one oh a horrible horrible tragedy that is there are people out there who have died and it's a thousand feet above the ground what can the fire department possibly do we waited for the helicopters to come in that state people off the roofs and we i were watching those those
events unfold when a few minutes later the second plane hit as we were watching it and they are a fire ball erupted from the building and it was clear at that point just what was happening and then we were in stunned disbelief what a horrific memory to have to carry around with you to see the second airline go into it the second plane go into the world trade but it is worth because but as i think back on it i think really the most horrible memories must be for those people who work unfortunately course too well lucky enough to get out of the building but imagine trying to climb down fifty ad flights of stairs in the darkness in the sprinklers on in the smoked in the stampede of people really up some of my colleagues from the conference two actually exited the building to the south that were caught up in the big dust cloud out my own group was lucky we're off to the weston and were not of course the wind was blowing to the south and we weren't in it and after time we walked towards the north of the police directed every winter to walk towards the time which we did what was
what was the reaction of folks a wound you what what would seem to be echoed out you know what i think disbelief people would talk to their friends in and say you know that was a commercial jet airliner that that hit the tower and then there would say how can that be this has to be a this has to be so and so in the end of course the staff from that the towers and the staff are motels in their uniforms were hysterical they obviously had friends that were there in the end and the conference attendees who were out of towners and probably did know people or powers we simply watched mute awestruck jaws hanging down wondering how could this possibly happen in how are we there after that obviously you know everything was well it took about three hours actually to walk to midtown manhattan which is about three miles away i guess and from their eyes able to phone home and so i actually was able to leave new york but the following morning on the train to washington and then went into corn came home look i understand many people forced
were were in new york city for a number of days afterwards okay we're good on thank you for sharing that with us on you know it's hard to believe that them that this has happened and certainly from your point view actually being there and having so that i think it's hard for everybody who can have a context to put an at an atrocity like this in to eat you can see that happen and if it looks like something off the big screen know it's so surreal and in it's it's not to be believed and that's that's why her eco it was it was like a scene from one of these terse movies you use can imagine that it actually happened and that brings me to my next question which was going to be overridden and dr mitchell into this what motivated this light if this happened this act of terrorism why that someone hate us so much they would go to this extreme of putting suicidal hijackers on american airplanes and flying them into buildings for of
civilians why who was nominated this until i'm going to take a cost of positions one is that people motivated to follow a belief system that they're that belief system is not in effect a religion necessarily but what do we do to get our political point across and that these persons also happen to have had a particular religious ideology that's important a suicide bomb allow an old recruits because pilgrims traveling to go ah and when the river ice where you know country with iceland terms of thing could happen how we've been desensitized to all of these types of things so we look at this belief imagine a person who has never seen a goat slaughtered seeing it for the first time this is this is terrible we're seeing things that we've seen on television over and over and in
buildings on fire what do we say are the mechanics behind this from all the middle east one of the week we turn to you for international affairs what what is going on over here we are we hearing about the taliban were hearing about and this being our community of the leaks going on it can you doing this now for a layman someone may mean i understand the dynamics here so it's a very complex subject outsiders singles some philanthropies who have different perspectives and there are a lot of different factors that play here are as far as why are they hated so much there's religious aspect of this of the the the extremist faction here the taliban and not representing have a fairly extremist fundamentalist wash off shoot them is on itself hardly represents the the general mindset of someone who has palos is love but today there are there some are tomorrow night
a stream listen and saying i say its christian identity movement or something they have to have their own very narrow worldview so this is land that is christianity and when i bake it it stems from their initially going back to the crusades and all of that but i think in more modern times so they see united states as the personification of everything that they think is wrong with the world in their viewpoint on it's not so much that we're or religious is far stretching out is about a religious so what we see is an absence of religion but with reckoning to the point where they're acting out with terrorism but i think when they see the united states i see the west in general and you know i said when you talk about the worst williams and everything else is all from us and so honestly when their objections of the west as we represent all the things that threaten their their worldwide that means the idea of american the liberal democracy which which promotes the idea of individual choice individual freedom because of economic freedom of
choice there we are so those ideas soar music center or music of the movies we've we represent the idea of tolerance and diversity trust as a as a civilization a western civilization versus something to be celebrated and partisan goal op for the strangest you of any particular region i believe in as a jamison christianity i hate to say with it with the idea that you and jay follows response to this being a punishment from god because of our liberal ways he was not very far probably been lobbed would agree with most of his assessment on that extremist tattoos at any time we have a culture that celebrates tolerance and diversity that's a threat to their idea that you must believe this way you must have a particular order of the world with a particular concept of god if you can follow that than you are wrong and even now let's zoom in and focus on what happened with
you know our secretary of state colin powell walking out of the race as incumbents because you mentioned are fear dr mitchell that we are our know how would you put it the enemy of my enemy is my friend and in this particular robbery we saw the united states and the uk walk out of a campus designed to point the finger at dallas's it isn't racism and a population of people who have been fighting for thousands of years with this population in the united states at least by not attacking them as viciously as i think they should receive in the well we also they're in and all the symbols associated with ol western civilization is decidedly north currently are and in those at all that interesting a parent and an untouched by the interview and are targets in the united states of course and the new york which is a big apple and the statue of liberty and these two towers
are such easy targets an environment where people have become complacent and are comfortable and they have reasons to believe that what happens in the rest of the world are all things that to which they're impervious as a symbol of the economic civilization and western concept of the portraits of those two towers of of a perfect symbol for that in the reviews and all the things they really don't like and we're going to get to the economics part of that that in just moment not my first question in leading to that is we keep saying wait for but we certainly not at the war that americans think that when we say we're awarding we think of our car military might going over their intent and being in fighting basically this is what we think about when we think of war but we're hearing the president of minority and saying that we are at war basically the most visitors that what was going on here it's one where it was of the war but it was sort of a distance when you see foreclosure jettison season one was you
mentioned in and they would see him in the current environment that is how do you disable all your image and the environment right now isn't used every modern means to disable uss of rocketry we have the banking carting away monies are we have to also be verve records of what we do to our intimate and because we've been so into law as a single interlocking conglomerates with soap and a lot of the banking cartel world that a ripple effect and have also joined us economy also threats else to think of a y think we are going to see this in or locking in fact around it it's clear that down many muslim nations are going to suffer greatly of that that the people of those countries you can think how malaysia is a country that as a larger muslim population it's very exposed a world trade they're very open economy they sell things in the rest of the world that's a nation it's going be affected profoundly by a slowdown certainly that the world's
developed economies were already a poised on the brink of a recession before the events of september eleventh but sir the slowdown in in consumer spending a lack of confidence by business and enjoy spending is going to slow the world's economies even more in the i think one of the tremendous ironies here is that it is some of the very poorest nations in the world that depend on selling their goods their products into the developed countries through this inner locking network of the global trade those people are going to be harmed all walk quite a lot so that makes it an economic war and it is an economic more i think and i believe that it's correct the point out that though much of these are many of these efforts are going to be economic in nature clearly we're going after the finances of these groups although it was perhaps a low budget operation to mount this horrible terrorist atrocity that happened on the eleventh i think got the money trail eventually going to be one of the things that that leads us
to these terrorists and that i think is the fundamental problems that the bush administration is going to face because family the first day we were using to the language of war and you start talking about more for the public consumption where there's a certain in our minds we know what war has to go for it's attacking someone as one something allies killing people are an end to sell the idea of a vengeance rather make them pay that they really built up the expectations and the country that the public his writing was were waiting for something to has asked to be dramatic but in reality of this war is not going to be over very quickly it is an economic nature much of what happens is going to be behind the scenes most those will never ever know what actually then the problem which ministrations trying to do is going to be to define this war in terms of the public will accept without blaming him for not doing anything now because it's really of the other day the eu
the soundbites are good that day the moments of actual dramatic action of the very few and far between and much of the public's prepared to wait that our troops to a deal with a constituent ever they began to churn it would also go into the difficulties who are they would talk about anything like that so we can buy some guy running around in the heels okay i'll sell multimillionaire running around to deal with it but what typically happens out of frustration source of being able to do what we are customary believe we can do you can from outer space and you would say with the new hamas become all gone so that's not going to happen authenticity is an issue is what do we do in the meantime as individuals personally do we look at a neighbor who happened to have facial hair is and who has a valid poll and which of the four men differ from our own as being the intimate loss or say within the damage is going to be done the
war becomes to fall it becomes a war of ideas about what's going to happen over there but the war between neighbors oceans let's talk about them don't get too far away from the economics it's come back to that because we didn't get a chance to talk with them and poses with ag edwards and we talked so the economics of all of this is why we can stay with this for just a moment because what is going on right now is there is a real fear and will talk about the fear of how we may be discriminating now we know out with folks that looked like some of the people that were now getting pictures of as being these nineteen terrorists win on the suicidal a mission but for right now let's talk about the fear of economics because we got is talking once again with been posing with ag edwards and we talk to him about what all of this is as it is doing for people's fear with the stock market and in the end this sort of thing and he also talk with us about what this
is going to mean what has mitt for tracing some of these dollars back to folks who may have invested war as we know did invest in this tragedy and we'll come back when you talk that newly to some of these other issues but going out throughout imposing an ag edwards and now listen what he has to say and the question that you should we keep our money invested in the stock market even sure we shifted over to bond should we put in cash or just completely get out of all financial institutions was whoever it is is a very common question being asked daylight of the natural disaster that we've experienced with the world trade center it's a good opportunity to really sit back and review our particular plans that we do have in place but more importantly we need to ask ourselves that what locally want to experience risk realize that yes we are going to have very volatile periods in the market but more importantly we need to ask you to follow our asset allocation world's how much do we have in cash you what's our time horizon
you should we keep everything in equities if you find it that there are parts of the market there aren't comfortable it's not unpatriotic to move out of individual stocks mutual funds and in seeking a more on security even keep in mind that we have a strong market system yet though woodward book investing in equities are actually investing in the future growth of this nation and those that feel very comfortable and confident with the future in this nation that is very invested in equities but it is an opportunity to make adjustments navy knew some over into cash if that's appropriate for the individual some stocks quality stocks drop down there in this time period and for the investor that it does have cash on the sidelines it is an actual opportunity to get into some aquatic copies are quite often will say the term fallen angels drop down in the marketplace so and also it's an opportunity if you've had some stocks of many were
performing to your expectations to some makes adjustments into more quality companies dr berry puts an insurer in the market isn't it is a method that they're quite often as you start to take advantage of a decline in the real market or and jordan staal evidence talks themselves the question is is irvin and said dad the individuals responsible for the world trade center disaster take advantage of for knowledge we have seen some indication that the earliest there were pre pre did turman puts and calls and place on particular copies that would go down as a result of the year you know aircraft flying into the world trade center a nerd in there was sir i think the appropriate people the agencies are former opponent to find out more information on them and the
investigation is leading them to begin to look at some of all of this and also tell us from an economic standpoint what would you see as happening right now an internationally in terms of trying to stop the flow of money in and tried to hold up well one thing that struck me about what is because he said its clear that there was a market activity that anticipated this event he talking about puts in the market where an investor purchases the right to deliver a stock at a certain price in the future with the hope that when they go out a few weeks and from now when when it's time to exercise that put optional be able by the stuttgart cheap and then sell it at the higher price of a pre contracted for to me it's just unimaginably atrocious that said there is that type of behavior that actually been observed as i understand it the year the volume of those short sales as they're called in the market in any airline stocks was so about ten eleven times the normal volume i mean often people are as short sales i think the market's going down to see that level of activity
indicates that clearly a some people had for knowledge that something horrible was going to happen that was going to drive who knows if they knew exactly what it was because it's just so she could send a signal to to folks watching the market that that this is not unusual activity well hindsight is perfect of coral young to ratchet it should have i'm not sure how far in advance so that activity was apparent or if it was only in retrospect that they look back i guess i could do this all night long election we have no nation in that you know they look at the abortion we have had this there are no jen we're tight knit security should we have had more play and marshall's on the airplane and we can all it saved all look back now what has happened and look at how we could have done things different and what we can do i think is the most important thing when you lose you or cure the golf state laws down here in particular we make certain about a price gouge issue of the big events of course and apply west of the
poor people cannot afford and that's going to go for know that's coming with this type of thing we have not kept to this point you expected or anticipated rv would you ever try to pull the world just a little while little bit and to be able to see that their structure for security apple to create for example is a great deal are more tenacious in terms of what they look for how to organize it and have no fear showing sidearm david so we're so vulnerable that scientists exploited that we were a common way that that yes we can robert and assassination or you could wear it for two years is set up it's extremely difficult not impossible to plan for rebuilding certain types of conflicts appears barefoot to do what awesome that we should maybe have i can see now that we need to ask you this and i have to say that
evidence of the problem and have to deal with this kind of war because it changes the way we see ourselves in our country as well emma react by demanding stronger security measures are a lot of different areas whenever there's always a struggling democracy between liberty and security and how much security you want and how much liberty you willing to give up in order to be a whole nother is there's hardly going to be a unity of purpose and the mission we start debating those issues will get back to you need to talk to and just a note we got a couple called alignment interview those calls and connect our discussion here high car went into the aware show hello you are on the air comes to we have another caller thinks the neck all i ga learned welcome to be aware show push the button that gives the button and going to try once again i call you're on the year oh yeah well anyway yes we can you walk on here where shell live your question for you well yes my ammo warned of
the respectful complement all of you look great great environment and one to forty people are doing all four be there tonight but i want to know that on orson welles narrator the whole entire series on obama and they fear that the two brothers will fall on the new thievery the year two thousand when myth about one year no one planned has been one fun that china accountable compound and walked right john f kennedy and rather and permanent for years so he missed about a one year low i'll get killed or leave town on china ok get a question of is it bring that that is a spring which couldn't you to the test on the international front here we were we think about that well i'm not sure i think that at this point were still fairly comfortably it is
probably still somewhere in afghanistan mcchrystal says the safest place for him is what us how our friends in chinese it would also make it difficult for that that old looks like that the women and in southwestern china there are you know there are islamic groups there and that has cast a single man trouble for them the forecast calls for more from i don't think you use it is on a move i think he's still within afghanistan now denmark says laws like anyone else until proven otherwise be aware show holding iranian ok i have a question about the borders of our show and landmark robin i have about abortion mexico up a couple out of mexico and then and that not only mexican people pumped up american although the country to comment and one of the comments one of our better luck tomorrow
to get back over the border into we are treating people there a break in our laws are coming into the country illegally would indicate continue having illegal alien and we don't know that they're it they are from mexico's about the miracle i weigh in the ap and we don't know where that come a common up that little bit down american political ad so do you get across the borders and we need you know no one ever even said anything about closing the borders than to make it tougher to get into the united states thank you colleen we had an acting like by the way he won its share our views as far as though the border's united states yeah we've we've been trying to do a problem asked to cooperate ever between us and mexican government to try and alleviate their economic harms as well but i don't think there's any indications that in the people who are involved in this event got here illegally and many of them already are on their visas and knowing where we're overly on legal matters setting out of war of the difficult for those borders and we cannot stop the drug traffic
she declined the question is how if you cannot stop their anonymity problem solved with us a rigid dishes that how you go perfect closing borders to people i want them to be aware show to crack and its link to the whole bit longer than expected one get back to a couple of other issues that we talked about before and one i think very pressing one is when it's the behavior right now in the aftermath of all of this there are some folks never were not the only way someone who looks like me or even remotely from the middle east i mean we are and are there people who have been hurt their businesses destroyed many people are looking for a target and someone that they can take their frustration their pain they're suffering from what happened on september eleventh hour or one you know people who look like they might be gone from the middle east in and talk
to us a little bit about the behavior right here we are i should also say with fear and fear and those responses changes are we have issues of grief and we're going through all of that as a nation as individuals and the fact you or no one for remembered back to a period of old it's possible this could have happened in grief and their anger and in the same environment with whom do you get angry and then typically what happened or you strike out at the first you looked strange to be spitting this different and often strike out our own opinion on someone to talk about now they are yes it is possible in this country to say they are paid off and it's as we know the gamut would probably increase at the art islamic persons that is the gamut of race and gender ok these are not just because of the first in a box is not just males are not just female so you can't identify who they are which makes
it even more frustrating because now you can't pick a target i think the frustration part is is important to me because as i say we were expect as a nation we expect something to happen a long we go when nothing does happen in our frustrations many felt internally and there's only the pressure to strike out at somebody and whoever you see is to strike out at and let's face it we have people in this country were quite willing to attack other because are different before any of this have a lot of an end for some of them this becomes earl open season there were wearing a flag now if there were united to you know and you know we are or where we're coming together how long this lasts you're listening to take unit in a crisis is at such a temporary thing was know as a natural beauty but they'll be the these adverse as a negative thing has called for the governor it would you again was to get more holistically as something positive that the oldest together and what positive all the same magnitude as that which is vinegar can rely upon scene says this is why
becomes of river individual matter is a religious or spiritual patriotic geographical all of those things and none of those things you an inclusive there was an aggregate and won't necessarily approaches to make some peace with themselves so that they do not destroy themselves and ethnicities as unpleasantly to maintain is going to write or has something positive happen something and something has to happen period need to maintain that and the danger is again the frustration building up and something doesn't happen and all the things that divided us three weeks ago still they're gone away and there is a danger of becoming more cynical as we come down off of this those unified harwell who all altercations there's an aftermath they still suffer the aftermath of vietnam what did not happen to veterans who came home from vietnam versus what to you in korean veteran and this deal that feeling among generations of individuals we
can expect those contraceptive it used to characters with them i called one wants it they will come back and we'll talk about some of these war these other dynamics what we talk about when we come back to that just a moment i car and welcome to be aware show harmonica piano and i was doing i would want to know and i'm on with the younger crowd you know it only older people stalin in a weekend with a younger crowd in arm evidently younger person and it's actually an event that you know could that affect who work in that attack was on what happened but we do good a lawyer with a lot of people craig thank you for the question correctly answer really really thank him for listening and watching the program tonight first but i think what our commercial said while ago about who they are and we know we don't know who they are stars in in where we're looking for a car and
afghanistan now is really just the target of opportunity as well we think that line is and so we need to force them to do something odd but i really don't think at this point there's any real chance of those total mobilization of brilliant race to draft one of the fighters there with mass armies but we're hearing on the television and the media is that you know we're worried about our ships are there you know when that trump's been activated in the reserves and then all this activity that in that we were scenes going on where hearing things about wind dr land owning were faking from from what the media is telling us is that we are getting ready for a military run at the objective of all forced to believe that motion causes people to feel comfortable it's something is happening because again four common cold the wind it really institute the draft then i will much room to go but something is happening something about an
arm the toomey out into the two youngest were the ideas how do you maintain your lifestyle how to maintain you in your comfort levels in an environment where the children cost may go up the cost of cutting cds and in the musical entertainment megalopolis can become more dangerous to have public events even the perception that someone's going to attack some major art event in an interview in town but someone might and then does these failures that reduces the o m sharp that reduces the profitability of all of the the reality of who wants to get on stage when you have three thirty thousand people though it's a prime target so much younger individuals must begin to think about now is how do you maintain the senate in a conflict in fact if you give a while ago and how do they do that the world is not just got worries that these levels doubled of are
also a lot and we can accept that you can begin to go about their view of how to live in a world that is not as pretty as will work and i will be on that is for reporters there for five generations and promotes the nation as a whole that somewhat insulated from a mike trout something that dr mitchell mentioned there is that we are looking at the economics of this and in the impact it's going to have what we pay more for oil and we pay more for this week of what all is involved and we talk about about being an economic war here are hobbled i think they're strong economic impacts actually armed and we've seen them we essentially had there really are three or four days where the country to the economy as a whole just shut down and there's only fifty two weeks in the year and sales if you lose one of them that's as a substantial chunk of our our production area it certainly looks like that initial jobless claims have gone up by over a hundred thousand just in the i airline in
an aircraft producing industries that's that's big when you compare it to a normal count of say four hundred thousand new unemployment claims in any given week south so that the numbers are clearly there that suggest that one were already poised to enter recession or point that that this may put a soviet now dr mitchell mention petroleum prices in in here i think it's appropriate to talk about the dilemma that that the opec nations and in some of those middle eastern governments find themselves in if you look at that the saudi regime for example that's expressed on the one side by the the eye dr right wing fringe of islam to the go to a more armed islamic state and you look at them also is being integrated with the west and selling petroleum products and having promised to keep the price of petroleum at a reasonable level so that the western nations would not one ginger recession did a higher oil prices they're really between a rock and a hard place when they look at their domestic politics
and then their responsibility to the world community and many of those nations find themselves in that position economically no we would never have been like this is there were a jew where more people can see how connected we are yes that to ensure that they by his piece together some question the world and how does it get here would be that travels by ship or by air which is patrolling on to say here's the impact of such disaster well i hope it's going to be short lived there really and i i hope that that certainly by the second quarter of two thousand and the economy the us economy as a capitalist economy is already making strong adjustments it's flexible strong resilient and these changes that we see in prices are the natural adjustment process to a crisis and i think you know rebound right now let's get to some of them i don't want him to be where shall
i wasn't aware and my aunt yes you are actually all electric year one politically very politically that doctor that can make human any other jeweler ok so that was one here that one way you get quote your audio quality work with you to protect your borders are plenty of them are you know a period in the eighties eleven they'll about a show and the marshals to protect the borders of mexico and get their number one number two i guess the other question about the economics here in any other congressman without the energy bill that president bush wants we can go we can make clear that is going to go and kill in alaska and then we will have to be dependent so much on the opec now i know this stuff pretty interesting york i'd dabble in london
which aired that video that but now i have a plan that there were going to produce the energy and you see that like you know down in that go up and ask it be preaching your comments or your question time and we knew we had to go without covert operation with local monopoly okay thank you so much for calling it wasn't anywhere shout it was no i am i think like that coming on the next lap color only head on people out my commonly known that afghanistan then ott and one day lead to a fake by people only get them back it will be military and tom there's no way that it's unclear that an alert advocate here and now it did not happen i do that
all the number one thing that happened again and only only going in and that's ok right i think that beyond the earlier callers correct we are going to see more drilling in the gulf i believe as a result of this i believe we will see as he noted that more oil imports from mexico venezuela and we made him see a drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge after the last column and what does she said if we go over there and we do this are we any more or less than the folks that came over here and did what they did to a golfer's it's descended as retaliatory end until science in the big old countries united states and great britain novels of calm always pushed international
markets or will surveil parts of event that the clout to do it we talk about influence now not just money but talk about influence end of consumable paul the world is like the united states all the land someplace that they have a base of operations and warren found officer and covered the war was too use a stage using country as a staging operation across a neighbor's with that didn't work so you know we we we we help them leave the bay after two world in a sense we are isolated over you but we cant do certain things globally without endangering a certain global balance the sale with when his military action in him under echelon nations have the right to defend themselves with military action by itself is it's just action it has to have a goal that right now any military action we take gets afghanistan were not trying to deceive afghanistan and take them over and like that we want to influence a number to release or turnover
album lawton and his associates that's the sole purpose of any animal traction as too to influence their behavior and then that's okay would be limited in nature to them and that one more college building i want to be where shall i will allow human ear yes thank you you know i'm having trouble understanding how you think that are there could be some short military action is i'm sure what effect on the american economy when you deal with people it's so determined that they have been over here for over five years and that basically odd your notion of a retaliatory strike that was their idea that was retaliatory strike how you get that sort of flag waving i don't believe you could find nineteen americans was do what those people did hear at the world trade center clearly when you thought i'm a bit of retaliation like you're getting the united states' rockmore cottage obama than they did in all previous
quarter they come back on iraq in nineteen ninety one at the polls to pick up a lot of the law the fact that they use saudi arabia as they out military launching point though oddly be the idea that you know that they can go in there and wipe up this one heard in the modern became not ridiculous about it that when the organization that you've got a lot of money they excavated them about them the number of people that have been pushed to the white with a peeling at the clinton lew i think that the league the palm the idea that you're going to a militarily when something that haven't been able to militarily when a rabid up all of the cottage if you drop in previous war a growing economy and to our part but i pity back then plenty of accumulated able to knock down our financials that that hit the pentagon had no option meet you know you live in a dream world i think that they go with all the
agreement that whatever action military action taken is going to be limited in nature has have a specific goal and this isn't going to be a war that fought in the conventional manner was always about how do we craft and territory know what afghanistan but the issue that you raise is is that will end up saving a conventional war gets a conventional enemy whoever has the biggest bone wins there will be a conventional war in quite some time were walk two if it was the last one korea began to show a city could that we're on reform for renovation live there and vietnam was alicia winding down on time to rethink that caught with comments like are welcome to be aware show carr wasn't aware that we talk about that they're within
what moment on a memoir only do worse when you do it to me you know that is a new and well robert mcfadden and carrying out what he has become an image ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow of nationalism frustration in an outtake and he was given to us at some time ago but we are also disparate reviews folk we go after the results were in time our partners so what we talk about now is trying to figure how to stop an idea and the idea that we're trying to stop is it this country is the enemy but a partnership that gets fixed with finding ideas of the goal that really personified those winnie but like many this slum say many of adolf hitler to personify the idea that we object to and so in that case in that sense as far as what we want within a naturally want to take it
because i don't think you know we really want to have the spectacle of them in court lawyers defending the distances along because around a winding down here on time get your reaction dr mitchell right quick to iron you know the invitation right now to jesse jackson has gotten to go over and try to do some negotiation and trying to get inside a lot and that i mean is this something that the bush administration is saying this doesn't know why the bush administration say no to it but i would suggest that so things happen in recent history of the suggested jesse jackson i go i don't want to subject of a christian the greeks probably islamic religious is sort of habits of economic growth to the cricket but the other problem with that is that the bush administration has been talking warren saying no negotiations the negotiations that that isn't the same as a backing off and i don't think you can afford that image erica ogg we have a bulletin board where we want to sort of offer up a chance for you to help him so many times are regaining out now on the
last few days will find flags and we're buying t shirts trying to make donations to the relief efforts right now in trying to to begin assembling the pieces back together again with tragic world trade center and the pentagon so right now here locally were given up to be that it's just jot down how you can help your locally in contributing to that fund the september eleventh two thousand one final bring up that graf are you right now pecans that showing me let's go to their grass and give them the information that we have that american red cross i didn't call him one eight hundred to five point seven seven five seven five also you can make blood donations and if you'd like to call for information they are the number one eight hundred four forty three five or three and a few it was the volunteer local services we also have an interest for you if you want to help one eight hundred ada one a whole nine to leave that just a few seconds here that's more information also would share with
here salvation army is collecting financial contributions you can call one eight hundred thousand army victims survivors and missing persons information on this call one eight hundred three three one zero zero seven five three six or one thinks that new york city police department information the number they're one seven or six new york city firefighters one seven one five four one revelation about terrorist attacks in general call one eight hundred and forty three five point three seven airlines american airlines one eight hundred and forty five zero nine nine nine nine airlines one eight hundred nine three two eight five five five
just a couple more noticeably military personnel families and its really know what's going on in navy marines number one eight seven seven six six three three years as well as the army and finally one more we will have coming up the tony will be more about brain you've got to close our show before we close however when give each and every last one of you it isn't just cartels where we go from here from each of your perspectives and will begin with you might very quickly and telling us from the international standpoint how can we get back to where we were domestic policy and that's something that we'll ever go back to where we were cases has changed too much have to love for software to accept responsibility for policies in newton effects and we're going to change our view of who we are and the world and how we behaved in self interest was like a question of going back to anything will have redefined where we're going and that notion of the no longer kill your neighbor go and
knock on the door and introduce yourself so did not strengthen our greatest protection is going to be how we relate to each other our greatest downfall would be also how road rage and berated all types of rage we need to suppress that and get back into our neighbors as individuals human beings and finding that to be more important than trying to figure out who made it i'd like to close by saying that it's clear that the american economy is in a strong robust in and basically healthy we've had some short term setbacks that those were apparent even before september eleventh and that i believe that they're fundamentally now we can restore this economy to good health corporate profits will be restored and then people be spending again and putting people back to work now and i think that's inevitable the future and i think it's a good thing and that we need to get there as quickly as we can finally
in closing with the dutch a little hear and talk about behavior and that's one thing we've got to have this mindset that this is not going to be something quite fast get over their get out this really resent it when it happened with this movement to train generations to do things we've been talking about about the label about people would come thank you so much thank you for joining us that's all the time we have for now certainly one to take out take a timeout to thank our guest for joining us this evening for old wonderful program here and there where show on september eleventh our nation experienced the most profound shock with remembering what can you say you were fake advance have affected us know less than the nation on behalf of her producer dr gail frazier and all of this year we're going to express our condolences to all lost family or friends in the terrible tragedies that are we extend our sympathies to everyone who's grieving as cowardly attacks on civilians and the institutions that our country threat and democracy the rule of law and the tradition of free inquiry i know our
process of healing has already started and it will require as tony blair prime minister also restated this massive terrorism is the new people in our world today it's perpetuated by the attacks are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life revealed democracies of the world are going to have to come together and white so i'm confident that our great democracy and the heart will continue to provide a forum an opportunity for dialogue on important issues raised other reasons this upcoming shows leaving focus on the protection of civil rights and terrorism and where we go from here how we as a nation can fix things and in clothing to recognize the need for unity and healing and in conjunction with that whole american spirit records infiltrated the pull the reins of america that the american red
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America Under Attack!
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A special episode looking at the September 11th terrorist attacks, including an in-studio interview with an eye witness.
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AWARE! Explores the varied cultural interests of the many ethnic communities throughout Northwest Florida and parts of Alabama. Focusing on people and current issues, the series features guests who relate their encouraging, inspirational, and sometimes controversial but always entertaining stories.
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September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
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