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You You You Do you get anything?
What? Stupid! Won't you wait? That's mostly panic. Your dad's the only thing for twenty-three cents? What are you doing? What can I get? I want purple. Okay. Two grids. Those are your friends. Have you heard from your school yet? Um, not until next month.
And what will you do next month? Not yet. English, Papa Sign, English. Papa Sign. You still don't know the difference between Japanese and Korean? You confused me. My son is waiting to hear from a few scholarships. Oh, tuition. Well, Mrs. Lee, you and your husband are welcome to crash at my apartment for as long as you need. Even if I get a dad, it won't pay for everything. It better. Otherwise, you'll be getting a full-time job and go to school. Just work at your daddy's store this summer. Or make some savings. Now, if you want to get a visa, you have to call me tomorrow morning. It's okay.
Then you can just get one. What's your name? You don't know your name. This tells everybody who walked by that your father left a family behind. Just joking, Alex. Korean Filipino tomato tomato. Grace is going to start piano instruction this summer at conservatory. It's so pretty. We're going to perform at my birthday party. It's a big festival. There's an agency. What's going on? It's so pretty. Why are you eating alone?
You're just better, mom. Why are you eating alone? What's up? You're going to get that scholarship. Make some money in your daddy's store. And then you're going to be able to buy those books and take out pretty young college girls every Friday night. It's already spending too much time with girls. How long we know each other now? How long? I'll talk to you about that later. But you're right. A long time. Since then, what's been happening with Uncle Day? You're right. Get an old. Say it with me, Papa. Old.
Old. L. B. L. B. L. B. L. B. L. B. L. B. L. B. L. B.
Hey! You want no more? All right, all right, all right. What's up, man? Hey, hey, hey, man. Come on, man. Yeah. It's like when she backs up. When she backs up. Oh, when she backs up, you hear that noise, like big trucks. It's working here for his dad to fall. Joey's got a security full time. And the girl says he's got the thing, right? So don't just see after this week. Everything as we remember it, gone. For what it's worth, you know? Well, great nights Friday. Oh, what the hell, man? It's going to be warm up. Fucking mirror balls. Some jackass playing one slow song too fast. One slow, too fast. What's going on? What's going on?
What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? What's going on? Mom, I don't want to date a grad night. What about Alex? Well, my grads have less body. No, thank you. How's Terry? He's going to go live with their dad. So what about San Fran? You're going to come up and join us? Maybe. I don't know. I mean, don't you think I got enough to worry about on my own? You worried? This is when you got something to worry about. Man, you got this all-in-reverse. She should be worried. In a couple of months, you and me are going to be residential advisors in every sorority house in the Bay Area. Yeah. R.A., so little sisters. That's a big fucking responsibility. Got that? You know, such a pretty girl.
She model for sister Poutine. One day, rich Korean doctor, went to come and marry her, and buy her Gucci and Chanel. And then fuck her brains out. Gracie, you're disgusting. Nervous tick? Hennies. Change, baby. That was change. She's cleaned something, do you? You're 18. She's 21. Three years, man. What's her dog years, dude? Right. Come on, take that, man. Work with that. Fucking years. Man. You know everything. Why is that? Man, I need my ass. Oh, I'm serious. You know what I know? Life is a two-faced fuck. Until you turn around. Yeah. Yeah.
Fifty. Sixty-five. Okay. Can we get some small bags, please? We need the big bag, too, because we got to carry it away. Which one do you want? Small bag or big bag? Look, can you just throw in a few small bags? See if you don't care if you have an open can as long as it's in a bag. Five cents each. What? You want big bags, small bag. I can't give you everything for free. This is business. Five cents each. We get it. Okay? Let's go. You want to give the whole bag? You want to give the whole store away? Your father pays money for everything in here.
You want to give them for free? Why don't you give them the paper cups, too? You think I run my business like that and still have this store and can provide for my family? How are you going to survive? Hello, Mr. Lee. No smoking, please. It's out, Mr. Lee. Your sidewalk. Oh, I'm sorry. My hands are dirty. Finishing up? Just give 30 minutes of my existence to this fucking floor. It's only temporary. Ah! Ah, but what is it? My what happened?
Thank you. Thank you, I love you. Oh, it's a huge one. You're all with it. Thank you. It's not a mouse. It's a rat. I was standing there watching you. I looked out the mirror. I looked out the window. Moving in. I look out the window. Coming closer, coming right at me. Oh, there it is. From outside, never around here. No, it's not my building. Sometimes small, meaner. Never round. You come. Straight at me. So, I scream. Oh, no. Where is it? Give me the broomstick. They don't shoot. Come on, too much. It's OK. Just stay away. No. Don't do it. Dad, dad, it's dead.
It's dead. It's terrible. Oh, thank you. Thank you. No, no, no, no, no, no, James, I'll clean it. Don't touch it. It's already dirty. This paper. Ah, it's a nut. Everybody go away. Too many people in here. It's a nut. It's a nut, it's a nut. Here.
Are we going to form a chain and march to the cafeteria? Just relax, all right? Everybody wants to do something fun. I haven't been in your golfing in years. I'm up for whatever. You guys are graduating with your night. I'll tell you what. Well, lady, would they call you an old lady? Uh, she changed the battery in your hearing aid. Hey, what's up? Hey, look, Matt, it is finally coming together. We're going to pick up Joe and the girls are going to meet us after. Guys, you know Terry, right? Terry? Yeah, I think. Hey. I need to go. What are you going to pick me up? I got a few good things I got to do here. Yeah, I figured this grad night thing is going to be happening. After a while, we thought we should all get together, maybe stop off at eddies. What? I'll call you later, all right? But you know, we would think it would be great if you could score some beers for us for the get-together, you know?
And maybe that gets us a couple of twels. Ellie, sometimes you'll, you piss me off. What? When? When? Like now? Well, come on. Just tell your dad it's grad night. No. We'll pay for it, even. Yeah, see you, yo, yo, pay. Who you, the Pope? Well, your dad ain't got a freak too hard. But take a chance, just just once. I was in burger free through the day. The lines worked out. You know, an aisle like Zigzaggy, just way than that. But there was only one other guy in the line. Hey, yo, yo, what? I jumped over to Zigzaggy and saved a lot of time. See what you can do. OK? OK. Well, we're going to get Joey. All right, let's go, yo. So we got Joey, Joey, actual house. Oh, I'm gonna buy more of the art piece, the art piece.
It wasn't for you, genius, and you might have half a decent shot here. Well, that's one of you's, OK? Just get like this weird-looking your eyes. Can you see that? I mean, this doesn't look anything like your brother now. That was his hippie steak. Cut his hair and you do a gut. Hope I don't grow good. Not me, man. It's still a little challenging. Hey, Alex, Joey's known me since I had no pubic hair. Right. Yeah, I remember when he just had a little patch there. No, I got it. No all over. And when I see it, I'm gonna see it. Percy. Percy, dude. Yeah, lucky, ladies, I was seeing one. Look it. Come on, where's the license? Look it. This is looking nasty. Look at it. Would you keep it in my way? Oh! Ah! Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Sorry.
Sin, what kind of work is this? I'm not done. I told that girl no smoking in my store. She wasn't smoking, Dad. She just threw this on my floor? What the hell kind of place does this thing this is? This? What kind of friend do you have? Throwing garbage in your store. You want to sweep somebody else's garbage? Only Chuseok. Oh, I brought gifts for the girls. Gracie. Thank you. Suzy. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Rosie. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Rosie. Oh. Oh. Oh.
Here. What's that? Let's set the body here. What? Shima ga chamiye poyo. Rosie, look at what your antie brought. Rosie, complain with me. Come play with me. Come play with me. I'm stuck along in this little box and I can't breathe. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Go upstairs. Go upstairs. Ah. Ah. Mom, I have to get ready. Go upstairs. Go upstairs. Go upstairs. Go upstairs. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Okay. Ah. Ah. Ah. Oh. There's a little more space. That's the noise. I'm not quite ready.
I'm not ready. Oh. I'm not ready. Oh. I'm not ready. I'm not ready. Okay. Hey, sin, it's me, man. Oh, Peter. What's up? And not much. How's everybody at school? Good. I guess I'll be seeing some old faces, and I'm taking Teresa to grad now. Oh, I'd love to talk, man, but I got my car running, so. So what are you up to, though? Studying philosophy. Oh my god, it's just great. Change my life. I'm moving to NYU. Next fall, I found a sweet single over on the east side. You graduated in this year, aren't you? Oh, yeah. It's the only way out of here, man. So you're taking off, huh? Your parents are going to have to find a replacement. Yeah, I got to be old, so. So what school are you going to? Well, a lot of it depends on what scholarships I get. Good luck, man.
Hey, could I get a pack of lights? Oh, yeah. Oh, I'd prefer a hard pack if you got that. Sure. Think of tickets around here? Hey. Don't worry about it. Take care. I got to move my car, all right? See you. Can I see some ID? Can I see some ID? Can you take that out, please? This is your ID.
What do you mean? This is that you. I don't understand. It doesn't look like you. What? The picture. Your photo? It's not you. I don't believe this. This is my photo. What are you trying to say here? Are you trying to say you can't tell us apart? Yeah, I thought I heard it all before, man. Look at my friends here. Do I look the same to you? Even if this was my ID, what the hell am I doing by any kind of beer? I should be buying a bag of rice or one of those computer magazines for my night's reading and some diapers for my little yellow baby. And Twinkies. That's right. Twinkies. I can never wear something like this.
What is it weird? You know what? This one narrows my hips. Everybody in my family, especially my mom and sister. Yep, your apples. Apples are better chance to do organ diseases. Okay. We're going to grandma's now. Remember the trash cans? Well, I have to close. It's Friday. What do we do every Friday? I'm supposed to meet my fish now. What do you want me to do? Close the store early. If you're hungry, heat up the brush. It's fresh.
And milk too. Don't forget the trash cans. You're up all you want. Don't. Hey. You got an innocent? What? An innocent. You got an innocent? What? An innocent. An innocent. Speak English. I just didn't understand you. Both 50? Four 50 for this bottle? You bet that surprise. That surprise, all right? We're not a supermarket, so we don't sell that in volume.
Are you? It was a smart grocery boy, ain't you? Just fancy words to charge more money. My neighbor's gold. Six blocks further. Down there to buy groceries, because they say everything in this store is too damn expensive. My prices aren't the same. Not these prices. Shit. Look, if we charge supermarket prices, we wouldn't be able to stay in business. You sell just like your dad. You keep your body. And I'll keep my money. They go ahead and run your business. You can stand there and wait for the rest of your life. I ain't never gonna make you rich. You can stand there forever. Excuse me, I'm trying to close up here. Excuse me.
Hello? Senn? Senn? Hello? Senn? Is that it? That judge? One minute. What about your dad's 38? Yeah, right. I couldn't just... Where should I pop their ass? Shit. All right.
How much they take? Well, are you gonna count or something? Who gives a shit? At least he walked out of there. How much was it? It is registered. Plus to say, it was about 1,500 dollars. What did your parents say? They don't know. They don't know. Send. I close today, all right? My mom sees my grandmother's on Fridays. Oh, man, that's fucked. What about, what about please? Do you didn't call the cops? And, send. Better look out on dominoes. At least they'd show. Oh, yeah, just kill myself. Well, at least she got school. So I won't have to worry about school once my parents get into this. I'm gonna be working to soar the rest of my life just to pay this back. Damn, shit. No, you're gonna have to tell them sooner or later, okay? Like what? The money's gone. Fuck.
No, no, man, come on, come on. I'm... I'm fucked. Joey, how much you got saved from the security job? Terry? Come on, go. How much you got in the bank? Bank? What bank? I'm gonna listen to you all. I know it's grad and I, but what? We're just gonna ditch sin. Oh, I guess the rest of you just want to, just want to get up and walk away from this. Man, what about sin here? Fucking squeaky mama's voice. The one who's gonna end up stuck selling blowpops. What? What? For one year? Two years? It turns to three? Four years while you fuck these run off to college? Need I say more? Do I need this anymore? And we're not gonna let this happen. None of you is.
Look, I'm good for 80, maybe a hundred. We're gonna raise $1,500. I have a little money. Yo, yo, you just got a credit card, right? We can cash advance. Yeah, but it's coastline. It's half my brothers in. I promise I'll be 50. So it's half yours. Janet? I don't have a credit card, but Nina does. Everybody's got to put in. We're together on this. I see. I'd like to know what sin has to say. Guys, I just can't take it. It'll work. I don't think any of this matters to me. Wait a minute. I have a name. Congratulations. Now, look, Alex. I just don't know about your idea, right? Just let me handle it. I just don't think it's the right thing to do.
I don't have it. No. No, sir. Let me tell you guys about something. All right, about somebody. A young guy. Like Sin, you know. A peasant. All right, there's this kid growing up in this small sleepy town. One day, one year, his birthday was coming up. I have one this year, too. Shut up. So this time around, he thought his mom might not know what to get him for a present. Maybe last year she got him a bag of socks and a blue chunk. I don't know. So this year, he told me he wanted a rifle. Actually, he had his eye pretty set on his 22. So sure enough, on his birthday, with two arms, his mother handed him a wrap gift. A big one. And he opened it. But you see, it wasn't the 22 rifle he'd been hoping for. It was a guitar.
January 8, 1946, Mama said happy birthday, Elvis. Well, I didn't want to go find Elvis. I just want to hold out of your butt. Ah, Johnny, we are buying you a guitar. Oh, man. Sin, I didn't mean to give you a hard time. I just... I hope this works. You'll be okay. Western. Oh, that's OK. OK, let's go. Wilson. Uh, there's a baby. Ah, there's a baby.
There's a baby. It looks right. Where are you? What's this? Seven. Ah! Ah! You know, I was thinking about going SF State and moving in with Alex and all. Yeah? Well, I was thinking, how about instead you moving in with me? You guys aren't going up to a fall. This plenty of time to decide. Um, decides. Don't you have to do dorm housing or something the first year? And I'm still thinking about hanging out with my dad, Arizona, for a while. It's at least until spring. No, Gracie. Something wrong. What's on the rock?
Oh, don't buy the rock. You have drug problems. No, I don't have a drug problem. I'm not selling drug at school. You have a different friend. Mina, right? She smoked cocaine. Mina. Mina would never smoke, Mom. It's bad for her skin. No. I'm not giving you that money. No way. Fine. I'm going to butt the legs. That. Oh, I think it's Mina, but. I'm gonna probably knit. We're about tomediate us at acombagai. Oh, nice piece of cake. Hey! Sin, where are we going? Yeah, this way.
I'm serious. Well, I just wanted to go for a drive, you know. Pull over, Sen. This is North Hollywood. So, let's go. Yeah, what the hell? Let's just drive on through. What? You want to drive into the valley? Pull over. I can't believe you. Everybody else has just gone out there to scrape up their life savings for you. What are you doing? You got a problem, Sen. You don't want to tie your parents have been robbed. You don't want to get the money back.
What do you want? You'd really like it up there, Terry. You want to go to San Francisco right now? Yeah. Tonight? Right now. How could you even bring up moving to college? To hell with college. What about right now, Sen? This instant. Right. To hell with it. So then let's just drive then, all right? I can't just run away from this. So your dad's going to get angry. Pell is relocating its offices to your bedroom, right? Sen, things always work out. But not if you run. You have more character than that. Hey, hey, hey. Joey. Is it okay? Uh. You moving on Mina?
What? I said, are you a wreckage? Oh, Mina? Yeah. Mina. Oh, I see. You playing innocent, right? All right. Don't let me be even trudent on your pie with the world they're doing. Come on. Don't even. Shit. Look at your suspicious ass. Let's start calling you fucking Shadow Macker. You're all hot for a church girl, dude. It means it's the big D. Virgin. Really? Are you going to do something, Sen?
Are you? Wait a minute. Just give it to me. I got it, I got it. No, no, no, just give it to me. No, no, no, come on. I said, now it's just his money. Let him do it. You know this guy did Sunday? Sunny, he was at my house. He walked straight into the screen door. Didn't stop. He looked clean off the rail. Man, you couldn't see that thing. It was like glass. You know my ass, he's going. You see that, huh? You see that? It's my little plate from the wall, okay? Hi, guys. Are you okay, Mrs. Polly? Too much soda. Ipoda. Your mother says graduation party tonight, huh? Yes. Something's wrong. No, nothing.
Tell me, something's wrong. I just asked my mother about something. Money? Yeah. I know. Graduation night, right? You have a boyfriend? You want to rent hotel by champagne? No, no, no. I know what you girls do. My time's same thing. champagne, caviar, hotel. No, no, no. More like a motel. Even Mr. Park doesn't know. My husband's best friend. This was before I was married, of course. So how much you need? Oh, Mrs. Park. I will pay you next week. I promise, you know, it's just that. I won't even ask, but this is it. I know, I know. You have to have the night, right? Right. So how much you need? A hundred? Good. Fine.
One hundred dollars. Mr. Park, you rule. One hundred dollars is a cheap hotel. Now what? I'm trying to think. Oh my god. You don't remember the pen. I never do this. It's my brother's card. He didn't tell you? Yeah, he did. Come on with you, man. All right, all right. Let's call him. No, we can't. We don't got the time. He's not home. He's at a truck invasion ladder light. Can we page him? Well, what I said is pages are the work of the devil. So what are we supposed to do then? Huh? I don't know. Just one second. Wait. So what's he going to get back? Monster truck ends at 11. Then they're going to a sports bar. Then they're going to my cousin's house to get stoned. And then they're going to Newport to eat and fucking the beach. Yeah, nice deal with trash home you got there. What's the fucking pen number?
You see, he told me the best way to remember. But I will tell you. It's four letters. Four letters. Four letters. That narrows it down. No, you know, a four letter word. But the thing is I don't remember. What is so fucking hard to remember about that? There's a lot of nasty words. Oh, fuck. No. Shit. No. Suck. No. Dick. No thanks. Cunt. No. Cock. No. Jogs. No. Come. Come is three letters. Wank. No. Balls. Ball. The knob. No. Push. Buff. Fish. Your mama. Fuck your man. Tool. No. Shit. You already said that?
I already said that. Fuck. Oh, fuck. Maybe I'll find somebody in the bank or something. Maybe it is better. Then it's on me, all right? You got to talk to your dad. I know. Look, we can leave tonight and then get there in the morning and come back soon. It'll be a trip. Terry. Terry. Look, I don't want to analyze this to death. Just can we... I just...
You have something to tell me? What? You are a daughter, right? And I am your mother. You have to talk close. Mom, if you're trying to talk about sex with me again, really. No, Grace, you're not that. Sex? No. Not that. I hear you, Grace, you're talking to Mrs. Park. Why don't you ask her and not your own mother? But I did ask.
What are you doing? Making a deposit. Deposit? I thought we were all here to get money. It's my paycheck. It's her paycheck, Alex. Where are we going next, dry cleaners? If you want me to withdraw, just let me do this. What? Um, will you lick this for me? Well, I'm not gonna lick that. It's just the bank lose so gross. It's like slugs not. You want me to do it? Oh, Christ. I'll lick it. Grace, you?
Tell me. You have a problem. No, Mom, I don't have a problem. It's a friend of mine. He's in really deep shit. We're all trying to help him. I mean, did you have friends, Mom? I mean, friends you were really close to growing up in Korea. Friends you would do anything for? Grace, you don't use wood like that. It's real work. It's not work. Charming. Charming a lady like. I am a lady. I am charming. Okay? Cool. Look what time it is. He probably went out with his friends. After all, it's Friday night. Can you call us? Why do I hurry home? His friends.
How about his family? Gone. What? Is this some kind of house guest? Come and go only to his own convenience. Maybe he forgot telephone number? Just kidding. In this household, everybody comes home for dinner on time. Simple as that. My house. My room. My house, too. I keep it. Why do we give him a bed? Who is he? Damn. Who is he? What kind of family are we? Are we just going to live like animals? You don't need it. You don't have to go to your own convenience. When I was a boy, you said that to take me with your family when having dinner. Until that time, you said that to a table like civilized human beings
like a family member should. One chance, in all day, I'm going to sit together. You'll sit off it, mate. Come on, mate. Come on, mate. Come on, mate. Get the car. Come on, mate. If you can be heard in the Haunt. Sam, my big uptie.
All right, let's do it. Don't worry, Sam, you still have time. All right, man, let's see how we did. Come on, come on, money, money, money. It's 300. 40. 142. 15. Wow, Janet broke a piggy bank. That's all $497. We got 30. 30? Could you melt up at anyone? You're almost the lowest in gasoline, Sam. You barely have a third of the money. Look at your number, country. Feet down. Shut the fuck up. This is a bad idea. Like, they say, don't get discouraged. No, no, this is a bad idea.
This is enough, man. Just believe me. With this money, we can make things happen. I know this guy. He's been bugging me for months. He wants to sweep 71, cut this convertible. But I won't sell. It's not your car. No, no, no, no. Alex told me about this. Sell, sell what? Alex isn't the only thing he had. Went to his uncle's files, Moses. You gotta think about it. Alex doesn't get anything from his uncle. He's paying for college, all I said. Look, my problem's been. This guy wants too good a deal. But tonight, I think we could use some cold, hard cash. Alex, I'm not gonna let you sit. Let me tell you about this guy. He wants him bad. Sweet fucking hot wheels, man. He's been lowballing my ass from the start. And freak pisses gold. Alex, you don't have a convertible. What are you up to? Let's roll. What are you up to?
What are you up to? What are you up to? What are you up to? What are you up to? What are you up to? Oh, thank you, Vanessa. I'm sorry. Let's have refreshing drinks. And good cookies too. Oh, so nice to visit Alex. I never see you. I'm just here because I wanted to ask you. Alex felt the same way. As a matter of fact, he was talking to us about you tonight. And we just had to come. Yeah, Alex is full of so many nice things to say. I'm glad you come. Alex, friends. Nice kids. I wish you come earlier. I cook everybody dinner. Alex, so busy.
When he little boy, I see him every weekend. Church. But now, only on holiday. Well, we're, we're all narrowing graduation. So it's been really busy. Have some. How's your hip, Auntie? Feeling better? Still funny? What better? Can you still drive? Well, sometimes. When I go downtown to market, I drive. Auntie, remember when I asked you about buying your car? Will you still consider? Cha? Right. You're convertible. Yeah, are you still willing to sell it? How much you pay me? Well, you know, I know you said you've been wanting to give me a deal. Being your nephew. But I still feel like she gets something. So I brought $527.
That's why you come here? You want my convertible? That number one perfect shape. You give me $500. Come right there. I can sell 10, 20 times that amount. I've bought them all. Auntie, please. I know I promised you a good deal. $500. Nothing. I spent $500 on your goddamn mother fucker birthday present. Okay, Auntie, I'm sorry. $1,000. Tough guy. $500 now. $500 before in the year. And no two way, okay? I smack you upside your head. $1,000. Then we are talking. Okay.
Hey, hey, get it. Stop it. Come on, look at you have it. Alex, this is a bad idea. It's in chill. Aaron will pay me three times the cost. We'll have the money and then some. Just take it back, right? Take it back. Yeah. It's too late to bail, is it? Alex, you're on. You're on. I think she's giving this to me. I paid her. Man, Alex, he was such a jerk. It's not your car.
It's not my car. You mean I paid for this? Joey, yo, yo. Grace? I paid everyone back. Later. And then it's nice. You got to give me some good chance. No one else would know that. Just try and fix this. I love the technique. Come on, come on, come on. No.
No. No sense, Natalia. Don't call back. Okay? Thanks. Come on, come on, come on. What's up? Who let you in the door? Yo, where's my fucking money? Money? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Yeah, don't give me that shit. It's been two fucking months. Oh, that money. Um, that money. I invested in some technology stocks. Fucking clown. I want my fucking money. Show your ass, Mikey. I don't want nobody talking business in my place. Alex. How you been? Good. I mean, every time I come here, this place always happened.
You must know how to throw a party. No. I know. I know business. Hey, uh, I've got some new wheels. You, uh, you're still interested in that, uh, 71 convertible I showed you? Oh, dude, 71. Mr. King's come back. Hey, last time I held out at, uh, a three and a half, but I am willing to make you the better deal we talked about. That would be 30 to 50. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Three months ago. Sure. Now. I'm not so ready. Come on. She's a sweet rhyme, dude. I got, I got to write outside.
Need some major work from what I recall. That trendy shot. Hey, hey, don't worry. I'll be glad to take a look. You just party up with your friends, all right? Hey, good times the only thing we serve around here. Oh, just don't tell anybody. You're still reading. Wow, thanks. Dude, you're the king. Hey, no problem. Oh, uh, honey validation. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Take care of this for you. What the fuck, man? Look, maybe it got towed. Why would they tow? This is a private life.
Hey, David, we're okay. Why don't you hit them back? Could it be park somewhere else? Don't worry, Alex. We share this lot with a lot of other establishments here. They get kind of jerky with the space sometimes. It'll probably end up at a tow yard tomorrow. How the hell could they have towed it? Your values are coming in and out of here all the time. Risky shit. Taking a shiny-ass car like that out on the town. Somebody must have jacked it for a joyride. This is no fucking way. Unless your values are fucking blind. Hey, man, read your ticket stuff. We assume no responsibility. Wait a minute. I'll give you my ticket. Chill. Who are you talking to? We call the cops. File a report. Hey!
You ain't never got a rat. And you ain't no friend of mine. Yo, don't owe me that money no more. We bet it's a bad kiss and we'll last.
Now we need everybody wanna get catched. Hey, yo. What did they say? They're gonna keep their eyes open. Fucking holding my breath. Don't worry about it. It could turn up.
They're probably just on some joyride. Nobody takes a joyride in a car like that. Dan, you see, you let your guard down these fuckers take you. Don't even hesitate. Oh, you never know. Bullshit. It's gone. It's probably on some boat right now and it's way to China. Yeah, sure. China, really? Yeah. Man, I can't believe this. I'm so fucking stupid. Oh, Alex, you're not stupid. It's cold. We should have never gone this far. Shit, how else were we gonna? Just don't worry about it, all right? Look, it's my problem. I don't need your help. Jesus, look what we're at now. Hey, sin, come on. No, no, no. Okay, I'm telling you I've had it. All right, go ahead.
Think what you want, all right? Just don't fucking help me anymore. What is his problem? Hey, sin. Hey! God, this nightmare just keeps getting worse and worse. Why don't we just all walk together into the ocean until we disappear? Let me go talk to him. Sin, you pansy, get your butt over here. You know, um, Eden forces to do this. We wanted to help you. Oh, my God. Who's that? What? Oh, my God. Who's it?
So freaky. Korean mothers are psychic, you know that. What you doing? Hey, sin! It's your mom! Hello? Hey, kid. Hello? Mom, what are you doing here? Oh, sin. You're gonna freeze to death. What are you guys doing here? I'm so cold. How did you find us? I talked to Yo-Yo on phone. I was calling home and I called since house by accident. Oh, nice. Sin, why don't you come home, huh? We worry about you. There's nothing to worry about. All right, I'm fine, okay? Just go back to the car. You're gonna freeze to death. Leslie, we've been cursed.
Cursed? Mrs. Lee, I think sin has something to tell you. No, no. What's wrong, son? What's wrong? You want me to explain? What's there to explain? Nobody listens to me and now you want me to explain. Hey, sin! He in bad mood. When he was little, always happy, always smiling. When we go to beach, he would walk around and say,
hello to all the other little babies on the beach. Sometimes we turn around and he's with another family eating their food and playing with the baby. Anybody know who's single? I have got it. So, did I want you to be an engineer? Rain surgeon, president. Him. I mean, what he was before he left Korea only better. What's with that? I mean, damn, couldn't he be like Clint Eastwood, a Michael Jordan or something?
How are you ever gonna be him? And they just give you the benefit of the doubt. World's fuck, man. Nobody does. Hey, man, show me what they took, man. Okay, these days are seats. $60,000,000. Do you see that? Registrar opens with $80 in cash and change. And the box is $1,000. So they knew you had the box? I don't want to live with you. Oh no, you know I never sleep at night. And who are the children?
Well, this is a sin friend. This is a grace. Joey. Oh, Joey, I know. Oh, sin mom getting old. Homelessly. And this is a mean. Oh, she's so beautiful. She sins girlfriend, huh? No, just friend. Oh, everybody. This is my friend, the snake Ajima. Come in. She's so lucky for that, man. Shout, slow down. But this is like some fucked up test, you know? Just when you should be out of here. Don't even bring up college right now.
What? Just... She's the last thing on my mind. How long we've been waiting? Alex. There's no way, man. What night isn't gonna fuck up the rest of your life? No. Right now to you, this just might seem like one more pain in the ass problem. But now's the time when you gotta decide if you're gonna piss it all away or what, you know? No, no, no, no. You could have told your parents what happened from the beginning. Know what ifs here. Forget it. Now's too late for all that. Hey, mate. Can I give you a bag of chips? Ah, no, no, man. Can you give me a pack of gum? Hey, mate, I can buy this down the street. Why can't you sell to me wholesale? You don't mind if I just eat it here, huh? You got some mustard in back? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know, man.
I don't know. I don't know. You got some mustard in back? You don't like it? What's the matter? You don't like standing here waiting on me all day long? I paid 50 cents for your motherfucking piece of bread. You don't like standing here waiting on me all day long? Is that what you want? Because if you do, then you just go on and you sit here on your slack ass. Because that's what you're gonna get. Day after day after day. No. You want to go win some? Some kind of troubles in.
I think so. Joy, why are you not eating? No, I am. Come on, come on. Here, try some fish. It's excellent. We have to do a good ceremony. After dinner, we talk to 10,000 spirits. Hi, Mr. Lee. Sorry to drop in like this. I was just wondering if Sim was back. No. No. Sim is not here. Try a couple of days. I'm very busy now. I have to go. I'm killing spiders. Mr. Lee, are those webs really gonna bother you all the way up there? I thought spiders were good luck in Korea.
When in Rome, eat as Romans do. How long have you been in the United States, Mr. Lee? A long time. You were in Vietnam, right? Sim said you were an officer. What was it like? It's not important. I was just asking. Not important. So I guess you had no reason for coming here. You had nothing to do in Korea. You just sort of ended up here. Well, I guess that sums up my existence. Just some silly girl who's dating your son. Meaningless. Waste of time. Not important. Well, don't worry about it, Mr. Lee. I probably won't take much more of your son's time. I doubt there's any future in a relationship
if your boyfriend's parents hate you. Hold your hand out. What? This is your hand, right? This is your food. Nothing, right? This is just rice. Over there, somebody wants to shake your hand. Mr. Lee, shake my hand. But here, this is food. Feed your family for a whole summer. But go ahead. Shake your friend's hand. Say hello. Over there. Somebody ask you to come away. Go fishing with them. Here. This is your food.
This belongs to everybody in your family. Your spouse, your children. Over there. Somebody's house burning down. A giant flame go up to sky. Go stop fire. This is important thing, right? Your good citizen responsible. Nobody cares what's going to happen about food. But you did the right thing. You'll never see baby cry. Because there is no food. You'll never see starving children with no parents, no clothes. It's all right. Go. It's the fire. Go fishing. Go shake hand. This is just rice. This is not important. Get up.
Hands up. Hands up. Open the register. Come on. Go. I'm going to get you a bag. No, no, no. What's wrong? It might be a gun. Old man, move over. Move. Come on. Easy. Easy. Hands, hands, hands. Hands. Don't eat. What you got over here, huh? You got a gun, huh? Don't you, don't even, man. What the fucking door? Turn around and get all your fucking knees. No, talk. You got my money. Watch us get the hell out of you. Do it! Now! Hey, let's go, man. What the fuck are you doing?
Pumpkins. Want to be real me and I'll get a job. It's still there for motherful. Hey, shut the fuck up. Save. Pumpkins. Let me burn the stores down. Put the heads of twisted. Hurry up. Hey, man, shut the fuck up. Remember, I got a fucking gun at your brain, man. Sorry, punks. Take my money and get out. Hurry up! No! Get out of here! Come on, man. Down, down, down. Go! Get out, down, down. Come on, man. Get out. Down, down, down. Down, down. Get out, man. Thousand spirits.
The man seen of Normandy and third. Call you into her home. Spirit to see the grossest sun tonight. Spirit to see the grossest sun tonight. Guide him from his troubles tonight. Oh. Okay. Here we go. Here we go. Hello. No, no, no, spirit. Okay. Okay. Come on, spirit. It's a good call. I'm waiting.
Come on. Come on, do mama. Yeah, okay. Okay, one more time. Here we go. See that sentence, boom, over like that. What are we doing? We gotta start counting, man. So, here, man. We gotta start counting. Come on, spirit. Come on, spirit.
Come on. It's weird, huh? Here, uh. It's my pop. Mechanical pool saw. Oh. Oh. I'll check it out. Put the finishing touches on the headstone. I guess Monk was decided to keep his simple. What do you mean, you need? Your name's not on there. Oh. I think this time I thought. Yeah, okay. Come on, let's go. What's the Korean spelling? Fuck, fuck you. You are one jumpy motherfucker, you know that? You didn't hear that. I said nobody's gonna find us here.
It's night time. I'm gonna know where. This is gross or something. Jumpy! Jumpy motherfucker! Go away! See? Ain't nothing there. You got 10 minutes. Don't go pulling your puck, okay? Here you go. Look, man, we'll just call the guys later. Right now we gotta keep moving. Because all this money makes me nervous.
Shit. Hey, man. You got 10 minutes. Don't go pulling your puck, okay? Look, man. We'll just call the guys later. It's just right now we gotta keep moving. Okay. I'll tell you what. That's all yours. What? You can have the money. I need the fucking money for it. You saying I risked my ass for nothing? I'm sorry, Alex. This is not happening. I mean, who the hell were we doing this for in the first place? You wanna walk out on this now? I just give you a chance, man.
I just give you a chance, you fuck! And you wanna walk? Fuckin' congratulations. You're pansy. This is your life. This is your fucking life. Okay. Let's get out of here. So, where is he? Fuckin' don't know. Fuckin' don't know.
Fuckin'. Let me get my purse. I don't know. I don't know, child. Let's get you. Who else gonna be some ghost, some lost spirit? Well, what do you think?
Maybe we shouldn't be going through all their stuff, huh? Come off us. She's totally cool. Nerd. Spaz. Weiner cheese. Monkey child. You are free. You have to toy the law. She's out. Oh. Stinky doll. Joey's got stinky feet. I'm not smell. You think you're funny? Neighbors. Mina. Yeah.
Mina. I wanted to tell you... I... I don't know what I'm saying. What are you saying? Yeah, I know that we've been friends. That we've always been friends. I'm glad this probably sounds really weird. I still don't know what you're saying. How can it sound weird if you haven't said anything? I'm trying to. Shut up and let me. I'm lonely. That's missing really stupid. Thanks.
Thanks. Thanks. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I'll take my uncle Dave this year. Hi. Oh, okay. Oh, yeah. Okay, you pick what you want. You got jelly doughnut. No jelly dough. Any kind of maybe lemon doughnut? Lemon? No. What's this? It's not lemon. But when are you going to have that? Tomorrow morning. Six. Six. What are you doing this summer?
Did you decide? I told you. I'll probably go live with my dad in Arizona for a while. You don't have a dad in Arizona. Terry, you told me this when we met. You don't have a dad. He's my adopted father. He lives in Arizona. I call him dad. Oh, so I'm hearing this now. What does this have to do with anything? Oh, God, I must be fucking clueless. I mean, tell me something. This thing that we're having. Like, are we having it? It's just something in my imagination. Sin, what about your dad's money? Forget about the money. All right, forget about the store. I stole the money. Yeah, I stole my dad's money. But I couldn't take the thought of being another day at the store. So I was just going to take the money, go up north to a community college or something. Oh, I thought you had scholarships.
I found out about those. Four months ago. I know you're not going to stick around. But I just thought that maybe I could convince you to come up north with me. How could you do this to Grace and Joey and them? How could you not tell anybody and just let it go on like this? College money sin? Have you lost your mind? Your parents work hard. You're lucky they pressure you. You're lucky they make you work. But instead, you just tell everybody you tell me to go to hell. I had a reason. A bit of bad reason. I had a reason. That's right. What? Stopping one? Frank! Give me a minute please!
Stopping one? Frank! Give me a minute please! Bert! Bert! Bert! Bert! Bert! Bert! all! Bert! Bert I've two dinner, come down, we two won't make pies, sure Business! Who, England? England instructions in newspaper, England explains. Australia! I keep in there. You're in the play-tower. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. No smoking at the punks. I'll smoke if I wanna smoke. I'm going to sit on this fucking nozzle. We'll fire out of my ass. You'll just duck behind that counter.
No profanity. No profanity at the punks. Yeah, why don't you come out here, huh? Yeah, come on out. Hey, fuck, come on! Please, don't let her. Fuck! It's got some more fun. OK. Mrs. Lee? I can't let this get any worse. Even those things are going to hate me. I'm going to wait here. I can tell you now it's going to be a while.
I'll be here. Thank you for, um, thank you. I can't even imagine what's going to happen once I tell my dad what I did. I feel like my whole life up to now has just been one long endless night. But somehow for the first time, I'm not afraid anymore. Guess I got nothing else to lose. All I got now is the truth.
I'm going to dance. Now, I am stronger now, but just enough to feel it
I say brother brother, I don't even know you Brother brother, I never met you brother brother I can't feel your pain Tell me no say, tell me the time Especially since I'm not all the time Just actin' down, I feel bad Watch these things on the contrary Keep the reply that they're no good Yes or why, what they do? If you say this all night, you don't know Just be me down, I'm out for some more Brother brother, I don't even know you Brother brother, I never met you Brother brother, I can't feel your pain I can't feel your pain I can't feel your pain I can't feel your pain I can't feel your pain
This song is a radio I know, but the picture said it's all You're an angel, I believe you're an angel I'm the prince, the prince, St. John This song is an ocean I could call it a stereo system Everything else goes real, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know Brother brother I see you out of focus Invisible eyes I see you everywhere in the now I said to you out of focus K-hots, music out of focus I said, all night again
K-hots, music out of focus K-hots, music out of focus K-hots, music out K-hots, music out
K-hots, music out
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Defector Films
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Center for Asian American Media (San Francisco, California)
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Program Description
Sin Lee is a Korean American teenager who gets robbed while working alone at his dad’s grocery store. Already feeling pressure to prove the worth of his general existence, he is unable to face his father about the loss. His buddies rally together and scheme to recover the money before sunrise.
Broadcast Date
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Race and Ethnicity
Robbery; Parent and teenager; Teenagers; Korean Americans
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Moving Image
Actor: Chung, Michael
Actor: Oh, Soon-Tek
Actor: Bulos, Burt
Actor: Cho, John
Actor: Suh, Mia
Director: Lee, Chris Chan
Producing Organization: Defector Films
Writer: Lee, Chris Chan
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Center for Asian American Media
Identifier: cpb-aacip-8543c02d6e9 (Filename)
Format: Digital Betacam
Generation: Master
Duration: 01:42:12
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