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fb well i there were to divest out that there isn't fabel is an atlas about the faces when in the family so our nicest full a snapple there's certainly a word we came up waited he cried and yet the pizzas in the pitons say the nets and everything's some piano i was taken out is due to do that we're down when i look back at that now i'm delayed that i
learned no stage where i would want to buy this technique it's a good thing and now by el follows their race stick around us and we had to be in a house it down the porch when the sun went down and i sent a plaque in that we gather he's still glad at ten o'clock and it had to be in the house he would have this big in a long clot they weighed when alvin you were locked out it's been nice but yes i had the courage of my iphone donnie seventy days their watch it is about data you couldn't go to the light skinned used to try the year so i had to run up and down the row in an hour to train and
now with all had added know if they are right track at this doubts that sweeping in joplin playing ball with the bowlers and now making them they say that at midnight dump them when i say that lit so we would take a world we you know that somewhat too to gather in when you know the world they thought by an example in the one note that i would weigh in outcome that waning so from there ah dr coach well the coaches are football coaches gary let's get down weight did the manson eyes do he's sailed meeting is sprained so me down and tell him about me so it came all blown and the soldier anyway back to the day the courtship has luminescent with the city would take me to test the theory and a cozy said no because i was in the seventh grade and now the
debt plan which only way i know what i was going to be a raid so fadi wait till i get me to be you're just do you with the manson had a trite thing that they get in they'll build the highest level dimaggio and he has to lead an actor and i was in it they demand so they in that way to dusk vehicle to prevail that would a mobile and has some way about were down it has a map actually that would define the team to go that could make it one way and make that when nike bayonet so i wait they're set a new american record in waterbury and from that they only came away smiling without that goal where to stay and wait now wait the last coup and now got it and she said no lava say no whereas say gates as what i'd be i went on a way ah i wound that
they hate down all can embrace it to iran own web and then the case fell bunk he beat someone out so that we can have the senate's and may and sat there isn't that both sad day isn't that was me that would give us any family and now we're still livid know that preventing you say be ending of this song all three i that was tin of us i and expanded bad because of babel
is an alice to face this one so i get a lot of wood this glass slipper now going to practice and jump with the ball as they unroll when we would now baby gelatin stage up the flags and now of course our first name lalas they would stay home and do this and do the other so we the way i was for example with fixing go on out to the playground and i did that would the bowlers include the boys and then after that tower my fifth grade teacher kobe they so on main japanese to tell one of the courses and mass of ice blue hair yes and he came always sell me down and when you sell me jaffe went back and teller collins they say we need something early days say while today's looked at this said she'd win has to make you say come on oh look it up and if the sales at one inmate to our goal is that within eight down to test the relays to be beautiful
so i finally convinced them to let me go allan to thespian about the high skill that at about this set a new record and i doubt ben popik it stretch it and then go and somewhat nineteenth a man culture i'll play them and asked me to come over to do it without a lot of bacon at saab where no more than that set a new american record crowds in sydney and the next day it's some lost out when i would just be an actor and that they yes my mother thought a faggot come away and state test at and go to school there and on the way and then they would take a m e and i'll be i'll live in only dung the way are taken care and month out
with satan know but i say yes i'm so i'm going away so flat a day gave me in and i want to test the hair unless it's the one that we're listening to and he told me he see that a great speech he kept in that i had a great future and that time i couldn't stand what he thought matt and now it wasn't because that is what a good job and if skip and i'm feeling in the moment and i think about let out ideas about play with the boys but was just beneath stella their weekly job all were high at an olympic debate grows so well in the album was you know we're down after i would just add an hour i hate to iran so fiat would let go salmon know that the ryan plan he put three way to drag me in ocean city now one has out there and that we needed to relay so
brave there which was always a nation at you i read it and then he decides that rugby team in there and he put the media outlets that are laid out the beatings salty and he was having a fit because even though we're late english family and friends at a meeting when a dallas so there will only be eating so says that dam he absolutely anything with davy put known relating to our own so it's i would leave la and he's a man what he's attacking race and there were some of the five days that i'll call it and that he did know that is i hate
it fellows at all the top is tiger if you wanted to ask if you wanted to say anything to paris he would call them internally matchmakers allow and we were deluged that the crowd was sobbing at all on now it may be weeks or so when he was they raised diplomat now that i look back it they actually see why when i see he's not it was great possibilities and yet they are on back going out they enjoyed something that this isn't the right so i could see why he kept was stranger than a title owned us now as we speak well
mayor don airtran now we were i just miss a major new mistake there's because it's painless aisle the wall was blind owl and maybe sold his only campuses to know about banana suits weren't so we were trying to entertain them and i made no idea i manifested meaning we're back on the banana for your letters and one as a bad ole moon was in portfolio and they say well you've got to train would yell about i don't know so lyrics may need to remain rabbit nest out no but i knew nothing about when they span knew that i was going to calm forty that i was going to fall dr are trapped and from the trout's bill got the boat ran old from hbo know and we will only our own a land ocean floor seats at the seven nights a seven day
but i was i hate to train by myself be an outright real available via mitt romney now when so by that that i had faced calls i was taken in that this make me pay a nine thousand i know what i hate no one entered saying so oddly let me i'll air route president always stayed guys let me go back to test you actually get some competition so i went right then maybe our our chats and now macos get a new of me because i would travel but nothing would imagine why i had been our american team put the area for years and saved it i had been in now won a hijab far seven and nineteen eighty and management of forty seven which was pointed to forty eight and won the mets nets when the way you do it is we're
actually ousted francis laying in iran's state in canterbury a sense though was she beat me twice in the hundred meters and i'm retired twice intimate medium and see you speak of that would have been high in aviles sundays ago word that it went to play sam i became known and readers i didn't know what was going on where each swiss jam bus and math coaches of their brain it's a drag on the economy so i was never no risk because i didn't tell it is a lemon and stays taliban now some family with golf but with the update and i had to go to the fifty and then by time i get to the hijab a golf bag up a leafy have to go or i doubt many
called for the thousand on that i loathed to leave it out go to be our hundred am in a column called bag for it if i was in the fifth and levi jungle by the fear that and from there our hijab and by local with him and then i had to go by foot a way through it these days they've come out the cinnamon and meters and there's a way was about dot 3 of voting is way at about ways their determination as my mama say they announced that would work maybe i am a determination that i like to win if i will listen i like to do it and now the way came to the tryouts and now less than gas was nervous and whatnot don't bother me i would just sent out when a nasa made you and now what let's listen as an email account to snag the nineteen eighty match up twenty nineteen now forty eight there's a
big jobs and then on a politician it delayed again and now the way be enacted today because i remember what koch told me i was using the west solo climb and from i left and asked the massive cranes and that talent from mining zone right so we have a decent flies fly with a twelve and he said now remember the high you get to town will you have to move your flag back cy of them will muffle a baguette is good news so my stomach to single an onus placed out and wu man flag bank where mood banks so that they gave me the mike takes off and get that would remember when it felt was harmed by this asked bly nie made no land only brown and they sat one egg because taliban attacks the idea of waste laced with steve wynn owner lester and i would always will not face
and frankly sweden and even that you know that i had won as one man and a close was personally the fallout i get made ago theo or will use a qr you only would i just be voted out or fall with the big thing it is you thank you to write what i knew about all american teens i knew and they would damage no stress and sizes eight it's a word that naive it was a lazy even in o'neill it and now way out was that as a fact that if people out there waiting through a lot that bass a loud if they still will it will be done and i'm a redneck the nets which seems to one end of the game is so bad a way buy anything because as a vat into an adolescent manmade objects enough to do that i actually you want to meet me if i would that yes that i had a lemon from that damn ice that imagined that
inaccurate than a way to indulge me i'd jump hijab wear head the hijab body and the log those always a limb ah and a superstitious you may say and now i said i didn't get out of that fifty i guess and that's the net they only nest bag mr lemmon again yeah i carried it down where a lot of people drank a couple close and now drake a gate this lemon to me on i deduce a good self that when the math and nine that tried a drowning sad i want to squeeze a little lemon a cat me lightheaded headed he had to walk i say greece that selected and older by the sanctity of the ngo lane you get to be light to gold that is always say eleven it's
been that a well regulated although now wayne in that it was just that they now is yes that alice that's all you know they didn't they didn't name is saying you know exile in a biologist for rape kit and never been in our band before small town like this and now i'm told so then they name the school in the street after me and of housing tried that there is so when i go home and there's still alice the week bob outside the data
analysis of going to trial it's so well before it can wear it and i will go somewhere alison lane and two and three gold medals at the nelson at you so wait how can i get to the point where lenin wrong says nor do it in a way so what date lots and lots and now muller see was one that i had davis lays it three witnesses bay one in five say in amman and fall on the meth inmates they know it won't move off i don't know not every sex and have known footage of an older fey as maggie into music though like his metabolic threat so is that do well is that that will continue for miles educational films like epic july fourteenth nineteen eighty five alice coachman sign wrote one zero one memorable one zero two sound one zero six
years ago we as i say it recently florida i was on that all american teen which we hate to me between i you know saving candidate but that any of the i gather smith freestyle out of life except canada as amanda frank we have we tease him go out nine in no way to comet ison our was seized by weeding go we where we sat at stonewall we you know who all way but that new one thing it's in a what was done in house will be right there ducking two and after it our wine to go mail playing joe eye toward mean the snow queen elizabeth's lover and now there's something there that we have been minimal for a long time because really it's about the kenyan the queen i got a chance to be a lot it man go melt by the king then it i
made now law and they asked the data goes out what to lead the house and that game and paris and ah we went out to plan a little studios to see them make arrests but colombo's so out in the list is pretty and they will get that phrase radio meet between now duis state in riots and pass on the exact enacting the air when apple adequately in atlanta depicted a anchor of the relay team in hijab and arrow and how one all falvo mel's then they stabbed one to let me know what i have and to listen now that don't like this why whitey in and it's really i don't know if it's worth it was just that i didn't want to know what every traveler i don't like droughts best way to do that one focal nose and now do me deeply isolating and the riots and then i would sell a one to go on the tour on the woman to go on to
its own trades and now and above rights to demonstrate the yeah i jump how one ads b well yeah and that's why i think his now miss him a lot because we were all mayor says some revenue where you flan is international and desist letter saying you meet so many different people and then when he is sold although he gets a say adding it's easy on old whedbee get seasick coming back and now i'm missing a lot because about six hours overseas in a plane made its own layer with your own team mates but he you have saved aig simply i should meet different people and see it's one that i would take anything or i will be on a boat in a day and be a man i have coached so many say away every you do you
keep a ladder tackle a wave you enter actors and say ok and we think he gets it sedates you only if you own app it's only pick citing get seasick lawyer no work and i didn't get asked a flier some accuse get asked the plan for mina defiance but that i didn't come and bag they say they they they ignite a house long and about when it's it is the main in the stone the amount of science to be a state and allen i think but the state had not made us made us on a big it's an unlikely friday is way as a whole are there's some ways to cnn in the un when we say prices are located inside of it now wikipedia says so tires would alice as my mother say while slow baselines out take my place in the world looked out me a bath and see what was going on i guess me
knows that effect and bats they knew in a winter they get seats he didn't seek his van loon so i will go into it and get this as painful on its milk then make them you stay full of the stammer read susan casey state ballots were down while lynette i will go out with the least healthy analyst nathan face than last eight american our music sounds like american museum way i wanted to go and a spy base and go that was one of things i get out welcomes a mat davidson ample free to send a fan and out of the finances scientists to church and not sign the school and a man and now malena days a nasty you know advanced because i would be my ambition must be odd ted danson let's share the temple and bill saxophone night coleman hawkins and me the one that i did
i came lola isn't it like a play was it a tete de is it jolly old days ladies this week it's been well it was a pow slam full name because i'm a very determined person i gathered nets and now he's soured tuesday came through anime a wish that i'd been high loan maliki it's a tip button every gilliland innate talent immediately see that as a
whole i know may be in a province that i would get out there myself and not still in that they didn't understand and now it entailed mr salinas they stay with you you know by alex a bad eyes of one lap pool with a say allah can say no wireless at a second place theresa may look at it if you and i know why and they'll see where say as second place they all see that i'll say they'll look at a memoir so allentown like now i thought about death a lung cancer you rabbi day no one hears anything about a second place and they was the land once be it would be a daily basis to be a champion you that they have the determination that the
guts to that train and let nothing come into a new in which you what they go you want to reach fb
Black Champions
Raw Footage
Interview with Alice Coachman
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Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc.
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Film and Media Archive, Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri)
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Program Description
Documentary honoring African American athletes and their accomplishments throughout the 20th century.
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Interview with Alice Coachman-Davis conducted for Black Champions. Discussion focuses on her life, as well as her success at track and field events, most notably become the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in the high jump at the 1948 Olympic Games.
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Discrimination in sports; African American athletes; Sports--United States
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Camera Operator: Galindez, Vinnie
Interviewee: Coachman, Alice
Interviewer: Riley, Clayton, 1935-2011
Producing Organization: Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc.
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Film & Media Archive, Washington University in St. Louis
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