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fb fb tax break anything special i always felt inferior to society i recall a living washing dc northwest my father tells work at a supermarket my mother she was doing the jobs odds and ends and we'll walk to the monument which was like a fifteen thousand and it was shot ten also last summer so not afraid because that household al gore interest and to get a hamburger because it
the hep members because people pictures you know they would visit in museums or what have you so there were no famous hamburger and i knew that and i'll get in iraq the primary social but that bothered me for a long time because i knew that we didn't have anything although my mother father make sure we had something to be at school the same thing i would not go to screw because we have the attrition i could afford the boy scouts i think there was an omission is that and having my full uniform and i never justified so loud bangs as a youngster that became motivation to me once i know became older because i have three older brothers and three sisters were usually families competition
will competition the us understate we yeah we stay together we stuck together through any circumstances but it is a thing was that my brother tj they were evidently incline i was not a sports guy i was more so you with my my sisters and my brothers they will bring trophy zone basketball trophies track trophies and they would teach me at times because i was like mom as a little boy my sisters they were involved in singing what have you i try that but i don't see any future but we were at a family grew a big box of the camera the surprise because my name is rachel heiman the rituals the center and i sang for him and church but once we move tomorrow
my brother roger bolton for the raw gm with her boss who goes around the name hood and he would it does involve in fisticuffs and so popular now than he took a step further he went to ali done that who at the time was the director of recreation center and there as well because it's thought of boston attainment and that took place and i got bar because only that my big brother so boxer me change something and this was also notable instance well they didn't feel good but it also because this but as individuals or an event in which alas it's up to you to make it happen and boxing for me it was a way of making a statement a profound statement and i want to change that
now that goes in on the encouragement i did what i want to do i think that even as a teenager i can't outlast of the kidnappings inside me and i'm always thinking i somewhat have a passive attitude a lot of things and i just continued because every every fight and about the way it was like another step towards getting a confidence and sustainable something that was making me was given a minute identity was given the personalities making somebody the political class i don't know that i never
nothing could discourage nine they were always turn factories but i would i juggle those obstacles and them i just thought that it again amal i could be on top and down alice time when r and i saw things that michael ramble us apart ago but not mine i just saw something big happens that iran has how significant human tricks could be to be entertaining and i was like he's only two hours too young but a lot of my age that are qualified and i guess since then and i knew that to keep this up something could happen you describe yourself one says fire workers mr gilford yeah you in that i was joe frasier notes on effectively was with this
particular stop and i in it i want to be like you know a fight like kamau was successful and i went for much of the bloggers out that way and then i saw ali and us a lock in what the solo fighters are bahraini and had to say well i'll use a tacit it is ridiculous and tissues all their gear educate them to use and to make sure you know arlette was not as bracket doses of me but i felt that the psychological standpoint the fica when the psychological warfare with an opponent it's to my advantage sauce are talking but not to rob a tour with joe frazier i had that drive with jonah i never gave up and down with durang there is a difference in a mentality but i go ahead is is this as far as the firm is that
brian's desire to win they concerns of course there are humans how did you what was the road to it and or when you know you have a chance to be honest one i attempt to make the nineties and the two became a lost in the quarterfinals back into a great will consist in ohio i went and depression and them some guys it surely could have made the olympics that they did on me that i've missed out soccer it was interesting the locker room as sergeant thomas johnson who won forty plus wind at the anchorage he told me back then he's a showman he said my case and six is your year you believe in and i wouldn't let anything stop there i'm i had numerous injections turn fights because to look
at the pain and i went through a lot on a payment do is i was a very interesting thing in some sixty villages so was that people talked about it being an especially close when the team actually for the beauty was it to say that i'm a consumer to during the tournaments who have gotten loves the western trials each of drought you saw what was happening it was inevitable that certain doesn't make us banks when it was used devastatingly and how davis was moose be all the way you saw that he's on the team for me and we knew it would be one one to getting what it was even talk because we have to again competing in south the gas we defeat in the finals and we were a family a baby
wheeze we spoke for so many of the fighters and don't represent our country and we represent our sales i was a captain of the team and which was a a great honor but it also was a it was a job because it turns out they would say ravings ten one out get all the guys that run and the us things have a habit of skull over sleeping areas not what we asked listeners to run and our tap more sure i stand back a silly and you feel like running fully i was a it was a good two he was a good person and we had a special team from lottery mean we we were a part of each other communication the all oppression from the yoke she retained that i knew was
tearful stevens and i recall it was maybe thirty five thousand to sometimes endemic await the next they saw was a sauna and also this big causes huge image walk in another bit of his faith because people such a summit it would always based facial characteristics are so so close the war dead and i said on a number of us on the air and sahara contests to stare at him and then he said was tell my show does i got to say the yuan you press out of illinois say you know where he's often can you win this
analysis there was a day i had the feeling they got from poland and east german from england so i was like so called status i was well more to go middle and i read that and my sister should i call her and she was telling what the papers said how about this guy from cuba who was considered the favorite a silly she was from our hometown says yes and it's in the right as a senator this guy would you knock you out because he has no source of government aid because you not done anyone not i'm conscious of that top that supple so they had his building where we go and review some of white potato head so when all of their announcing that summit at least ten different sports so also on the table of august abramoff houses
got an upscale call and that it had no well given that you know masonry was an omission rated show is a luxury out celeste says slip out asked our devices as ready i'll be a village but i i was motivated because what motivates me when i said can't apple them all and i'm going to the fight that my fellow with their eyelids i know exactly do i know what happened i felt that this guy had not as a first round second round so he didn't have any when his gas tank was he a runaway u and i was to retire so my game plan was to get inside its cover up a lot of overbuilt fuel an idea that and he was wearing a way to
the side and it will it hurt as he got the scale is so long and the party partner did this and their families the parthenon didn't see we still there and he was tired as well for not the plunge isn't that i heard on air you sought retaliating and i this just don't know and this is a question for this obvious inference was that all we change of aw man it was you know we would just like move and cheer and to steal from each other and after each scout would win know we embrace each other and we did it because in their weapons was the
alternate and any amateur competitors dream is to win a gold medal and out of all the years that we worked and sacrificed and dedicate ourselves to that our sport if i paid off because we had accomplished the ultimate you were reported as not dangerous profession security are expected to do well because i i say that i would fulfill my dream and i want to do something and it off myself and also his way you know minus ok great a slow school and i had the universe tomorrow but now also to face reality because i thought that was one gold medal and something that's meant that you could be on a wheaties box we my chariot time i've dressed do is we caught up to people and they say well we'll get back with you
and every concert that they consider it as much i say they considered were a problem president to the first black and wheaties box which other candy so they say with all sand the reason it couldn't do it was was because i was black and i do not and i didn't take it as a derogatory statement i understood how things isis i will have you jobs were not that great are worked on reparations and made it she may well but anymore because my father was ill at the time he was killed when he went to the olympics that came up at montreal and he was in desperate need of finance our building grade to him went to university but i need something to support my family my father mort sahl and data analysis well i don't know which way to turn to aaron james morton who became
a trainer he says estimates are you know supplement name a box and i think that as a vehicle for it i think you should utilize it to add to that most he says because of all the weight the more people forget about politics and in a remarkable news out a lesson right song made the first move to a professional actors in the senate and it took him a father of medical bills and i feel great victory for mike china the first the first time that my westerner james morton and it was the rare young couple fail and set them into securing it chaos and he soon as this big desk and he saw what you wanna do assailants who goes before the senate
business because most able always a business business he said ok so and what you have to do that and so it will be solved through commercials own two films is it's not that easy and that we are we wrestle out of but they want to leave i waited and boxer was he was a boxer the most feasible adventure to get involved mike sando say oh i had a lot of blocks and what he may show that i remained for each of those people might try and james morton joins more than he leave a lot of the eu the guys come from outside trying to get in the apollo mission or in an organization and to so much that happen during the early
stages of my career and without james morton and my trainer i don't know how things would've been a formal happen but normally i know full well what the remaining free agents you won't be able to keep himself well you know the tears for anything other words we never want to some couples with that intuition we can wind got more endorsements but that meant would be at their price at amherst knew it so we sent back i just kept activists out of five of what were some awful year ahead and asked a visible i kept getting better and might feel and they start coming start coming in i would never just do i think obama's that has done to win
and if it doesn't respect me all her family so until last week yes i never i don't like the word options business of shaking word and i never really had to do except political analyst roberto duran watcher and arcane more the next one i bought an actor he typed it out the stereotype we're kicking off financially literate and that they become particularly they can't do this i can't do that now like now i don't believe in that fire is in the press they do have some opportunity we have today they had bad management what happened unfortunately i think fighters today we have so many opportunities
spit since great we discussed earlier this program that were doing this about chaplains can say i'd like to talk with you about three very significant fights for his iv talk about the individuals involved and possibly fight plan for each of the first courses how do you approach the fight against what he was undefeated a remarkable writer i think probably safe to say that some people thought this was the toughest tests of well woodley tends to jump up and they they didn't know how expresses man was this chicken was and they thought well be an easy fight for me i head enough experience to do with the champion but
it would also pay for the hot name i drive my determination not to give it has turned to a lot of fight and this fight in particular is funny because we had less i heard that we're talking about a championship fight against realtors and i was very impressed because it had so many tactical moments you could almost call or five years fighting in cities are brought together two super strategists i think that people really are boxing fans exception was something about your preparation for it and a little bit if you will about the fighters of progress are tactics we're going to have to change or what you thought you had to do was just like you the edge amateur group the ultimate is the gold medal the same thing plus with
professional boxing as a contender the ultimate is clinically championship and i want to watch an identical moves but also knew about opposition and that was an incredible talent but i try and power pop and am i prepared myself well and it was a scary thing on them because all of sudden now i'm up against this great champion who was young but experiments he had that all to meet his advantage the fight a cellphone we have a stare and stare each other in trenton tomato that i think he wants that he was eighteen points for the poor but tom as if i went on each well is that tough now those balls an image of myself this guy was a technician i was a technician weibo cover strategic water he didn't i do the same thing there was tough and you can appreciate
that fight that issue new boxes and those over to fight a less for our not about that was deciding factor was that close chaplains don't lose close fights but sometimes they're exceptions you were you feel his career so i think they're tired the native son has a lot of problems and i think he's a possible comeback minus ten he's capable if he gets upset again and i sort of think of boxing is the place were most difficult because i think of all the sports teams you think again because if individual sport and you can't blame anyone but to sell my combat i prepare myself to scout and
cliche fantastic perfectos one forty nine times and i had all you know i knew that i would win and havel be next minute it just knew that i had no scenario of how michael we would start from that point and but so what's fresh come down on me also now of this reality of basic idea that as a test to see what nasa had it i believe us to land and that he believed the senate he headed south a concentration in every country and the same thing applies in five because by come back you have to prove something you know that they were separate nothing to prove you are extensions of you have you championed that's true but two years ago she now i am backing reagan has different bigelow also knew you were you informed turtle he you know the sort of a
sight and feel things and i just couldn't maintain and it's a scary film knows like lights camera action it's all you know ok and then don't you caught sos on your loan the other when your letter mr trudeau of course what people want are those your city that is very popular and i have to tell you i get in a couple of sports reporters be tell us a bit about the preparations for the wealthy russians were that was the first time that experience is always involving animosity somewhat a different about the peculiar persona that it was considered somewhat bizarre and it's as ever to shoot up never
experienced any one it's making statements at me they really are derogatory really know about the family or what have you certain gestures that doesn't sell and they were i couldn't come back because again because i respect myself and i respect the kids so i could retire with a certain gesture that bother me because he challenged by a man who had been sending back that fight late to my stop us to satisfy its total beginner fiscal fight and their rhetoric may end up being at the final chapters it will good fight it white male and there was the september considered retirement because i gave it all i suppose fight i thought the last couple rounds were deciding factors and i did a decision
but i thought about it but it has a lot of the time because i was tall flightless because me and mr randolph as one given up reviewing tapes and also i think it was awesome and again only championed when post decision that respect this tradition but that didn't happen i think that time because of what i've stood for hire again free agent i was boxing i was about that was into dresses all those changes for those make it more acceptable and i know i was threatened profiles faber people then later and send your november of nineteen a small fight before an
astonishing given the right person given assistance for the special five months later a different race altogether because i was very serious i want to regain my title ii didn't fall prey to his gestures i know i'm completely overseers opponent i was the fight itself i think with every scientific for our idea box on my id everything right and i was really young inspired motivated by ray charles sang the national anthem and the first time i just made this great man was under a similar motivation and what i was it due to duran because duran felt that i would fight the same way mr bloxham means different fight night and day he's gay but he was handsome to frustration and humiliation and say craps
then i say the press the critics say well you know critics we meet him the help when snow a dozen senate a manager a quick as a great congressman so how do you assess how it we think happened i saw was like soles all of that the job of a braid hair without changes to a draft was hasn't you know tony frustrated and in her last thing about lamb world and now he's a legitimate excuse using overhead i can see that says if craig what was the music something that i thought was a key statement reached an agreement with this one set before the fight i can share the rent and i think a point if it starred roy is when he's not fighting he has j and i can only i know that a change must now i felt that i was virtually nothing to adapt as delicate chat with that
he had he had the ability because you dress that fight that way the hopeful but so many years cement floors hughes is correct and i changed and i just couldn't adapt to us the iowa was forced have nostalgic look at all that shoot black sox is new socks black sox who wore socks and that that trumps that will allow that to the basics the fight that i would personally know it's the outstanding are there as well and the senate but you obviously group mean i think a lot of other people was that this is a subpoena says was that is disappearing if it really outstanding tom marriage abolish respect has to be respected as a gentleman that five there was the
fight the fight that made me except that or often and one doesn't is forcing well he's a legitimate fighter he's he's got a front carrier know i made that fight maybe except there are those a town where that town as fighting snl master will issue known to the general public that is tied into that for negative with those was a lot there was a lot of the more surreal business standpoint for both of us for centuries and justified happen to sign then again talking reality as his guests because he has a very impressive record is not allowed as an acquaintance who has that was chanted time i was notified of the pit myself i was engine in china about two weeks prior to the fight and there were discussions with my people for fools coop
tactically and watching or if you're tommy's career his flight i know that possess a big punch so i want to love to move around effect the first of the first round was a key route because it was like to feel the process i moved the runner an effect affecting ran around doing so he would hit me and he then a couple punches not the motel and blows so at in the first round if you're watching this at night they can tap into for you anticipating that he would hit it with the pot he did and i was more important question a canal a crumbling for bad sportsmanship know i have some as people might say
and the snow's tried to try to get him to his composure and then kept those mistakes as are also gone third fourth fifth round he was coming home he was chasing an outreach it a couple times but i still wasn't couple of or satisfy enough with his part of how to go inside for that i set down for that several arrests no federal i wrote that line ms thomas well and as senate what we're about and i would for him in a body and he he just fold over and though i was in control of the swat can last fall he cooperated to around the age well he forgot came back strong and i respected his stamp hours as opposed to
box out combat and other nights and tenth round and i was really tired and use tire fifty percent of the bulk of us and done mr ralph will be big powerful powerful you've got shots in russia's history when it was important part one since we're in trouble here what the ice is that when an arrest to answering when the referees your instructions or as alvin shell out there was a big it was tommy hearns and our savior free time he's a fickle nature not only that they are white he's an exception this as six one of the big six one because we'll go away and i wait for the sixty one point five alex what they read more definition of straw that you may see the new law to the hatchery and then in the ring the night it was oh it was inflated prices the same god oh and he looks so much bigger and shoot and
we stood in the center for instructions i was you know i was part of and i'm going to see how tall outs hope it is on zillow he says he watches her heart around every time they will come back strong and knew that things like one unless they are endowed by the top rock anointed we were once and trump one was when i was able to hurt him or as about a much hotter than tommy hearns and that time i like it there is something that there's an ingredient pacific jet this was this i don't know the definition of a wave is but a sudden that comes up comes out of you that pushes you a step further or two steps further and that's what that would make house old timey i really was so tight that it was as though you know were going without the name of twenty which just
it is at that point where that is and then this is just too much as something to get up a scoreless go huge ourselves from he's just a strong strong and i went for lots of the top of thirty or up through so many punches i recall i couldn't believe even when wacha fight now i don't believe i was there to do that and that's a fight that in my answer i just drop and also attacked the toll of the grayson holy i'm an emotion can stay and i and i did interviews with the announcers but over a brief could stay but i want to just one because i want to show because okay i use uber you attach odyssey to a sport it respond to
people in apportion of ours is today is because it's costly and one thing that town what they're trying to do a ma and congress and i got into the band sports to raul first of all they say was a danger sport football the emmys for his danish mother has worked as a bible without that the dangerous would become a competitor uh oh will think about those things because sometimes they happen is a freak accident on his hat they may have wished to change sports and baseball were homeless taken such a horrible football face i think pale maybe sick moths in a constructive effort to better off point to we'll have a constituency will have any delegates that stand how sport like other sport because of us but we don't have anyone to spend the hundreds they've made changes with those gloves persistent effort they've yet to
perfect a glove and as well as fighters of poles using them but lots of the principals to use them when owls active before the injury because we love the conventional ways to change convention away so good and fine that twentieth or less homage to regret so much choral can to hold was because it overlooks a change in the sport but there is a beautiful sport but his name a botanist educated me i am quite actually because the way society is we all can excel academically sometimes we're not qualified to have a job on capitol hill will can do that i think for minorities black white jews whatever for minorities it gives him a chance they can keep a chance way from there they talk about crime rate you take their less realistic
alternative way to fund these people we talk and talk nba regular that you turn professional kind of you can professional duty or boxing for twelve days being a professional if i knew that i could demand a tougher miles into drama korea when iles first conceived i'm a mother of five a bottle of oil it's it's it's incredible mimic i look back on some of fighters athletes and the parents they were great incredible athlete but they didn't have that money in austin as they're here it to its it's fascinating you think it's going to mean a lot for the generation of people that some
people just didn't make a big difference in the way of the next generation of kids grow up because we now have a population of athletes who've been able to make this work plus because i think our kids weren't allowed to record themselves into had that business knowledge and they will also have the transition from sports to business and obama's apple to that last question how would you conclude this is supposed to be at it over here is your irrigation systems if you would say
well the well what's your sense her sentence to be a check and one of them even a surfboard no one else will qualify
Black Champions
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Interview with Sugar Ray Leonard
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Documentary honoring African American athletes and their accomplishments throughout the 20th century.
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Interview with Sugar Ray Leonard conducted for Black Champions. Discussion centers on his career as a boxer, including competing in the 1976 Olympic Games. Other topics include his training regimen and specific boxing matches against opponents such as Wilfredo Benítez, Roberto Durán and Thomas Hearns.
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