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To be sure. And I wonder why your. A.
One way not just stands. Ah how are you this afternoon. That's fine. Would you like to talk about invertebrates today that's a pretty fancy word isn't that. And I bet you really know it means animals that don't have any backbone. And you know a lot of animals like that. In fact I have a nice new story about an invertebrate jellyfish that uses a jellyfish of the beach this summer. I hope you just saw that I didn't get touched by them. Alan and Elizabeth are here again and I have a new visitor. Charles hankie who came all the way from little town has a baby and that's a long ways away from my dad's lot in the car. I'm glad you could make it. And Charles brought a friend of his with him the we'll see him later. Are you kids
all ready to hear this news story. Have you ever had any experiences with jellyfish. Never. Oh you're lucky. How about you Elizabeth. Well I found a piece of land that I live with my trying to cancel the fucking guy I mean I could go right in there and I actually yes I mean look like you know I have my own little rock right there best to look at when they're in the water and they're not wanted him. Well let's hear what happened to trust the lonely jellyfish guy Tristram was running away from home because he was a jellyfish. He didn't need to pack a suitcase or buy a ticket all Tristen had to do was fill his body cavity with ocean water and squeeze him self together in and out in and out. Soon his pale orange body was far from the jellyfish community and Tristram could float with the tide as he thought about the day just passed and about why he
ran away. It started in the spring with all the excited jellyfish gossip about going to the beach once summer came. The excursion should have been fun but it wasn't. Not at all. The very first time Tristram wrapped his tiny goes playfully around the boy's leg the boy thrashed and yelled until Tristram had to let go. After that whenever he swam toward a group of children they screamed and ran off. Justin was puzzled why did the children want to play with him. Then he remembered the Stingers and he's kind of girls he knew they must have hurt the children. He felt ashamed because the jellyfish game was a bad game. The other jellyfish didn't seem to care. They rushed gleefully unsuspecting swimmers while Tristram swam to one side. Later they bragged about the people they'd stung just imploded on the fringes of the group until Marmaduke The leader asked. And how many did you sting Trustram Justin bobbed up and down away. He turned bright orange in embarrassment. One he mumbled
I don't like stinging things doesn't want to staring. The shocked whisper rippled through the crowd. Marmaduke bubbled impatiently. Spineless. That's the only word for you. Where is your back up. The other jellyfish took up the thought. Tristram swam away with a cry of spineless vibrating the water around him. On the second day of his running away Tristram stretched his bell shaped body until the tips of his tentacles tangled. He tried to decide where he should go. Suddenly the ocean shook with a strange sound. You know he you know. Oh he Tristram quivered in excitement as a mysterious bell shaped shell shaped ship with a thousand dialling tentacles appeared. He'd heard the other jellyfish talk about Portuguese man of war but this was the first one he'd ever been near. Tristram swam toward the man of war.
Perhaps the crew would take him on board but the captain had no place for an ordinary jellyfish. Your air stifles though. We recruit only five cilia. The captain explained. He took Tristram on a tour of the ship and showed him how every crew member had a special chore Some gather food some Protect of the ship. Each member had a body particularly shaped for his job. You just wouldn't fit in the Captain said kindly trust him looked at his own transparent body with a small mouth and it's laced like oral arms. The captain was right. He looked like every other jellyfish. When the captain signal to the crew the sea chant began you know he the man of war sailed serenely on trust and was alone in the wide ocean. He sighed emptying the water from his body and floating toward the ocean floor. He guessed he would have to get used to being alone.
Just as he was feeling most sorry for himself. A strange thing happened. A small silver fish flashed by with a great great fish in pursuit before Tristram could warn him about the stayers. The small fish had zipped into the web of his tentacles Tristram held very still as the great fish circled him hungrily then flipped his tail in Hardly and swam away. The small fish tried to thank Kristen. You are very brave to help me. Tristram thought for a moment. If I'd been brave then the other jellyfish from wrong to call me spineless weren't they. You're not a coward but you are spineless. All jellyfish are. You are invertebrates. Perhaps the others were only teasing you. Tristram colored bright orange maybe at all been a joke and he could return to his jellyfish home. But did he want to. He thought of their games at the beach at the way they made fun of him. No he couldn't go back. I'm different he said.
I don't want to hurt anybody with my stingers. You can't hurt me and fish like me the silver fish said. He told trust of how frightening the great sea was boring and his family the big fish are afraid of you. But we could be your friends. We could keep you company and you could protect us. Preston thought it was a fine idea. We might all be very happy he said enthusiastically. And they were was not a good jellyfish story. Yeah I don't think I've ever heard a jellyfish story before and most people don't think there's anything nice to say about jellyfish they just get mad at them when they get stung at the ocean. But it was a story a true story or a pretend story wasn't there. It was sort of a fairy tale right but it was a fun story. I don't you know I find I think. Thank you Jack. Thank you sir no jumper occur to me.
Well that's a good way to avoid them. Well what what kind of animals are jellyfish these in Bernard Brad and Charles grown invertebrate with him. Let's take a look at your friend Charles and tell us. Tell us the story. First of all what's his name and what kind of animal is it. His name is Herman Herman. And what is it. He's a hermit crab hermit crab. Why is it called a hermit crabs and he lives on my own right and does he have his own show. Now take snail shells. He uses old snail shells at the snails died there. I don't need any more. And here he is and isn't there a very interesting story about how you happened to get Herman on your vacation and you tell that story to Mystic Seaport one time it was.
We went to this one store I think I forget the name of it. We were going to do it and Graham's mom said would you want one. I think about it in some way you can see the line a couple increase in stuff and then we came back in and said I why do they all look alike. You know you're picking out specially. What did you like about him specially his red feet. But they all had different they all had rugby where they all about the same size. Oh he's waking up. And is this that this is what kind of cage would you say this was his traveling cage is this what you're going by from Connecticut. Isn't that neat it has a little rubber band you can hold it by. And finding these made out of copy out of a plastic lid right while Charles at a very important thing just ended Yury him say that he had to think about taking on the responsibility for a new pet. Yes and
that's a good thing isn't it because if you just go around collecting animals and you don't you. Like I'm right or how you know you're going to want like taking care of everything I do think about getting my fish tank in my own right. I think I'm going to sponsor you can feel good from my viewpoint at least do it. Can't sleep without the noise if you like. Well it's easier to have a pet that you can keep inside and take care of in your room isn't that than having something like a horse or something you have to go out in the snow in the rain I think there oh do you know any other Prince Charles you know I got a bird. Can't a dog oh what kind of bird do you have a parakeet. Right doesn't talk and snoring because missiles have a don't we says you don't comes in the dummy it's me and I welcome you take Herman out and we'll get his place his playpen sort of his other cage. I guess it's hard to get him loose from the wire without hurting his feet isn't it.
You call so soon as he finds out you get out. Maybe he could we could put him over here on the table and get a close look at him before we check him out and he was OK. I thought you were your own good. There in her boots too aren't I. Well soon as we take a good look at her man. Well take a look at your snails. I'm glad you remembered. You think you'll come down off the cage before you spend a lot of time playing with him every day. Musicians meant to much time with you you didn't say oh well maybe you did you told you I do not get mad. Well he's just like you just exploring and he's never been a hodgepodge lodge before. And you want to look around I mean teach people Melissa loses his cage that he was cooking. Isn't that the fanciest that cage ever saw wall to wall carpeting and Iran.
Maybe if I poke him on the toes hillock go long enough to get there right. I mean I don't hope not. He just did what he does when he's out on the table. He's traveling even though he's not he's traveling. We won't let it fall off. Can you see his eyes now and everywhere else. Oh I didn't mean cannons when I said that is not funny the way he travels sort of pushing himself on his toes. He's a side that's not a very safe place to go yes you put your hand up but we don't have a full floor in my down. OK let's try Manny's big cage now and see if he'll do any tricks. Stealing that way implants. He goes out and that's when we like that ramp and there certainly is a beautiful ramp. Oh do you know how you made that he's going bashful now. Oh no I know how you've made it pulled in all these feet. What's your theory Elizabeth on the way there he needs that
kind of pops a good eat. You can paint you see for me I never saw popsicles was there. Is that really true. Am I going to let you go look Charles knows his pet Very well he is going to take a walk up the ramp but he's stopping to think it is and have me out I go out through the bars to see Man look not as I was walking as he walking in front words. I think he used to turn around my tongue is going sideways is not the way most bribes travel he sort of sideways you know that sometimes he does the swing around in circles and usually you know he certainly isn't a cute little animal does he eat very much. You don't need all the time then I want you to do you just as you think is hungry now. Think we can drive. I think you brought a few crumbs A. Few crumbs of cake.
And a little bit of green stuff or a month old here. Let's see if you would know them. Funny that crap that a crime should like cake. How about that. No I guess he's just not used to eating and such strange strange surroundings over the phone tapping against me for an hour and they don't happen to learn he's drinking why isn't that neat. What happened so he's still growing as me Charles. Thinks I what happens when he gets too big to fit in the shelf. You'd think that when you get enough so you have to be sure to have a bigger show waiting because to be terrible for him to get stuck. Most crabs have a shell all the way over them. I have a hard body don't they have an outside skeleton. He's got a harmonica. Well only part of it was
soft his claws certainly are softening his tummy is soft and that's why he has to protect them by sticking it in the shell. Now he always wants to go in that direction. He's a one way crab. OK well I'm never going to see really get I do mean we are going to gallop off to SIDNEY JONES I said we need to look that way. You certainly see something you think that's the way to the ocean or to a beach where maybe the lighter you can get water. Oh he's one of those trainer what grabs you think think you came from Florida you know where they don't know where it came from where it came from originally. Well we let him rest in his cage and take a look at a couple other invertebrates. Let's put him in there maybe we'll have some more exercises on his ranch. I mean now you need a necklace. Oh beautiful. Elizabeth is not the one you star the last time you were here and you really finished it up nicely. So straight so we can see. So your necklace of your own neck was I
don't like that Charles. Oh I thought leave it on it looks so pretty. I think that's very nice to see. It looks sort of happy. You have to be really strong to wear and I close I've got peanuts and acorns and just look. It's medium so it looks fabulous but you brought something else beside your necklace didn't you you want to tell us here's a shell that I've. Heard one would like. She has to take it home why do you have to take it home Elizabeth. Because we can't like what right we can and what is that. Because that's kind of like a snail. Well Sam in this medium well for us cargo is just the frightening word first nail and that's where they like to you know a lot of snails in France s cargo you know that word girls and now you do thank you like I was there was overnight not.
You don't pay for goods right. Well I think it's so taste you have to get used to that a lot of things that you don't eat when you're children but with time you got to be grown up you think they're Yes and I bet you know a cold soup. I only make one. Oh I've had some when I'm cold so green and it's tomatoes and cucumbers and stuff all mixed up together. My God look at all salad there that has a funny name to spot shows look something like that. That's enough to tell you the soup I think. So you your mother. Takes a snails that are there and they come from France and she puts them in the shells and cooks on an island with a little butter and salt and maybe garlic. You know she cooks something you know. Cut cut cut cut so much she procures me when she put them in and get lazy right when they treat me. Well I'm glad you brought them the hodgepodge like today when we were talking about invertebrates because they certainly
don't have any backbone. They're really saw we have another live. You're assuming you're right. I know that we have another I don't know. I mean for many things. FEINSTEIN Oh you're ahead of me Elizabeth. This is what is this. Al I see your beautiful seahorse our friend Mr. perch at the what pet center. Let me borrow for your visit because he's interested in seeing that children get to know about all kinds of animals and says What do you think about a sea horse you think that's a burger but aren't invertebrate going to bring you. I think you have your back. Oh I think it does too I was confused to Alan but it's nice to have a vertebra when we're talking about in a bar of it so we can make sure we know which is which. The reason some people think that. You are some sort of look like an environment is because they have a sort of skin like a like a starfish and a starfish is an invertebrate. So
you are sort of like a seahorse might not even know they have skin that looks a little bit alike. The Seahorse as a fish and he has a backbone. But the starfish. Set yourself like a fish but it doesn't it doesn't have a backload a starfish is an invertebrate. But the sea horse has a back. What did you say you were swimming around there are those of us brine shrimp. That's his food but he doesn't seem to be interested in eating right this minute. I'm not going to rinse repeat right. Sometimes he hangs up in that tree there. Thanks and thanks but I guess he's I guess he's exploring all the same thing get a better look at it here. Yeah he sees maybe he sees his face in the glass that's down right now. You want him to live in a bubble thinking right.
Especially adding up a salt water aquarium is going to last a long time is a little tricky. My dad tank my fish tanks were clean which is why it's unclear you can claim we got to cure on Johnny that once. Gary I hope you don't know I hope of I just collapse and you have a flood what we got and you. You know interesting Sunny being cast down my kissing going at me and he was young my senior year like I almost took him out of the wagon and he confronted him like he just I think I just want to go back to the invertebrates I see a couple invertebrates flying right around here on the Discovery table and flies along what what's the name of the group that flies
past but is a sex god Charles and insects are just millions and millions of insects and they're all invertebrates and flies might be we think of flies as pests as specially when they come into our house but here's a beautiful insect that I don't think that you can call the best hopes he saw in the ring a premium on a plane ride. Oh I guess it's a relative OK dead but it's an insight that you usually hear singing at night. I don't like tree it's a tree you see tree cricket and sentence almost What color is it. Almost me now it's very pale green but almost white. It's called snowy tree cricket. There are some that are sort of brown. I've never seen one or heard one like girls who differ it's heard so I think you know what happened to me I think I just think because I find I can't watch noise I can't go away. Funny I thought nice to like. Now I can see where I don't want my girlfriend CD
I can't see my grandmother she needs in this city and I'll tell her this think of the guys you know we get used to different kinds of noises don't I got I think I'd rather listen to tree crickets when I'm going to sleep than cars. But he's got even though he doesn't have a backbone He's got beautiful green wings green wings and Hani. And how many legs to insects have six legs right. So we don't have one. Well we have two insects we have the flies that we didn't invite and we have the snowy tree cricket so maybe while the weather is still good you'll find a snowy tree cricket. On some I could see them sleeping on trees or leaves during the day. I guess I'm not gonna make any singing for us because the only thing that night. I think I might put in my two rarity the number one movie if you're trying to hide tried to lie because you might in fact and I
don't think I want people home and your life and I mean something that fools them. Charles I think we could get Herman out and let him walk around the table again because I think we did. That's really pretty welcome news a fast warm room but I think we've got enough. I'm not crab chasers here to keep up with you know putting back there and then you'll have a longer distance to travel. Does he drink water. How does he do that just with his cause that cool the air. Yeah it sticks in the larger dish and then it was like an ice cube in the scripts from drinks. Oh he certainly is an interesting kind of pet you think you'd like to have one. And when I'm out for the moment I do let him appear just one raise your right wing happens if you're all in that here one time zone me don't you pinch me. OK you want to hand him over to her. You can because if you don't often get a chance
you don't often get a chance to hold a hermit crab unless you happen if I want to at the beach when I don't have a time to Elizabeth. Holding over the table now we don't want to losing and I'm prolonging the time I want to go. Frankly I completely will probably see maybe it is and even though he doesn't live in the water I suspect he lives maybe in some trees that are close to the water. You probably see something away from my time on Saturday night and he likes cake and he likes a lot of us. Anything else. Dry bread cookies and cookies my goodness I don't know what do other kinds of crabs eat meat. And they had a lot of dead things they find on the bottom you know haven't you. They're scavengers right that's a good word little one. When and when he's in danger when you think something terrible's going to happen I want to turn it upside down he pulled all the speedo and that gives us a better chance to see his
one he has one great big law and that sort of purple is not one that is beautiful. Have police and that's the one. You know it was a male or female. I'm sort of thinking he might be a male because he has such a big file claw. They used to fight with. And you know what happens when a crab. They can grow another one. Is there anything else you think we should know about crabs crab shell then another crab crammed full of one way to get a new house. Have you got plenty of shells spare shells for him in case he gets bigger. Going to try to make a trip to the ocean. He just wants traveling. He's a loner that that's why it was usual he went on eating
and crabs and always have to catch him. Right right. Tried to get him back. But you know. I don't want to get in you know it's very hard to catch crabs unless you have some bait on the line and they're very still I think. I'm sure well that's their way of defending themselves right. Well I hope you have a chance to look for some animals with that back. Today I want to go out right now and take a nature walk and see if you can find some insects or worms or other interesting little creatures with Outback and I hope you've enjoyed meeting Herman the hermit crab. Thank you for coming very much Charles. And you come back soon I guess. Goodbye.
Woo. Were.
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