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by Welcome to the sweetest show on Earth.
It's dessert circus with Jacques Torres. Dessert circus with Jacques Torres is made possible by the Grand Marche Foundation and Michelle Roo Chairman. The Grand Marche Foundation is proud to support the arts and public television and by Calibou, the Belgian eating and cooking chocolate. Calibou chocolate is now available across the United States in fine food stores and gourmet catalogs. And by King Arthur Flower, Norwich, Vermont, providing natural, unbleached flowers to America's home and professional bakers in 1790. And by dessert circus with Jacques Torres. Thank you.
First is a lot of the show going to be what I call a fondant chocolat and I'm using a very good chocolat here. Belgium chocolat. First things to do that is to melt the butter and it's already melt, almost. And I'm going to cut a piece of chocolat. So something to show you here when you cut your chocolat is to always cut the angle and not trying to cut the big pieces. Otherwise, it's too difficult and lazy like I am. I'd like to do the difficult things. OK. So remember, always the angle. OK, so I'm just done one more piece.
So you just wait until the butter starts to boil. Then we're going to add the chocolat in it. Try to dump everything on the floor. OK, that work. Now, just going to melt everything together. And I'm going to start the egg white like that. OK, let's go. I have here a little bit of cocoa powder and a little bit of salt to make the chocolat a little bit stronger.
That accentuated the taste of the chocolat to put a little bit of salt. In the front of mine, who is in the audience today, tell me some days ago, I tell him, you know, we're going to do that piece we show. And I'm pretty interested in front of an audience. And you tell me, say, what you have to think about is when you look at the audience, think they're all in the pajama. So what I have to tell you is, you really look good in your pajama. You really look good in your pajama. OK, so that's completely melt now. Actually, that's something pretty easy to do. It's pretty fast. You can put that together in 15, 20 minutes. And it's a great dessert.
When you have a crowd at home, you do that. You do a double batch. You put the leftover in the freezer. The next Sunday, you don't have to work. It's already done. So here, I'm going to add the cocoa and the salt. Mix everything very well, no lamps. OK, it's ready. And the egg white almost ready now. Just check the oven. It's good too. OK, one more minute, and it's ready to go. So you see when I put the egg white and the sugar, I put everything together.
So like that, I'm sure the egg white don't go into crumble. If you don't do that, if you put the sugar too late, the egg white come too late. It's no enough dry inside, and it starts to separate. So remember, put the sugar at the beginning. You really look good in your pajama, you know? OK, now I'm going to mix all that together. So you see they're really creamy, you know? Actually, I can put everything together like that. And use a rubber spatula when you mix it, because there's only things that really go on the bottom of the pan and on the bottom of the bowl, and bring the sugar late up
and really mix everything together. Or you can put your hands also, you know? So if you don't want to have a mix that, otherwise all the air go out of the desert, then when you bite on it, it's not enough air going to be like a bowl, you know, you're going to come back. So be careful when you mix that. OK, now that's a piping bag, and instead of holding the piping bag in my hand and just put everything in it, I think it's a little bit more easy to put that in a bowl and just use my two hands to pour the sugar late in it. That's the easy way. And now we're going to have a sheet pan here.
Can you say sheet pan? It's A-stage E-E-T, OK? That's an amp from Brooklyn. Have a small accent. So don't make fun of me. Actually, you know what, what's going to be fun here is, are going to pipe two of them, are going to put them in the oven, and you're going to come and pipe the other one. So you see what I do, I'm going to help you for the first one. Yeah, we have about five minutes now. Oh! I'll tell you the way for you. Thank you.
Thank you. You know, I hate to be doing a little bit. OK, we start again, huh? You give a twist to the bag. Of course, I make it. I don't mean to say the bag, you know what you mean. You like it? OK, you're eating off now. OK, look what you do. Two thirds of them all, no more than that, OK? You're right. No, no, no, no, no, no. Like that, one minute. Put your hands in here. OK, you get it. OK, I think you're not going to be orange when you finish that. You're going to be chocolate color. Put your bag in a bit lower. You want to try it? So tell me a little bit, what is your job?
Look out, I guess. Your body dancer, OK. Your body dancer. Ready? So, you know what we're going to do? We're going to finish that. Then you're going to jump on the table. LAUGHTER Then you're going to show you what you can do, OK? No, I'll show you what I can do in best ways. Are you ready for that? No, you have to buy a ticket. LAUGHTER You're not going to win now. No, you have to buy a ticket. You see that? No, I have to call it all over my hands and now he's winping. Please, no, no, I'm not going to do it. You know, don't stay there. No, no. No, I don't trust you to do that, so that's why I'm doing it, but... LAUGHTER No, like that. You're good. Ready?
LAUGHTER A little bit less than the other one. Top. Perfect. OK. That's great. Nice with a little breath. OK, now what? Don't start to change my relationship. I have to share. Come back. I am the one who say what we put on the recipe, OK? That orange sauce on actually. That's the idea. Chef, a very susceptible that one. Can we put a little bit more here? How much? A little bit, you know. A little tiny bit. LAUGHTER It's a bit more. LAUGHTER The show is one and a half hour. You have to walk a little bit faster. Can I sit down now? Yes, go ahead. Thank you.
APPLAUSE Great job. So now. Oh, yeah, yeah. What a mess. Look at that. LAUGHTER It's almost ready. So I'm going to prep the plate and I'm going to be able to take that out of the oven. So that's some candy orange. No. A little bit of cream. No raspberry. A little bit of orange sauce. APPLAUSE Wait, wait, wait. I have to put the sauce down your cloud, you know.
Wait. I'll tell you for the question and for the audio. I'll tell you for the question and for the audio. Ready? Ready? APPLAUSE APPLAUSE Thank you. So this evening we're going to play with egg white sugar. We're going to do some protein island. That's on good, not protein island. Island. Caribbean. Yeah. So. LAUGHTER OK.
Flirting island. The traditional way of doing that is to make a drink with egg white and sugar, then we have some milk, almost boiling. Then we take those egg white, that meringue with a spoon and we spoon that on the milk. Then we purge them, we turn them. Then after that we take them out, put them on the towel. Then with the milk, we do a common glass. We add some yolks and some sugar. But that's really the long way to do it. And a island, you know. I'm pretty lazy. So I do something a little bit faster. So the first thing is with the egg white. Add a little bit of sugar at the beginning. Like that egg white will be no crumbly. And what I have here is some raspberry jam. And I will add that in the egg white to give a little bit more flavor to that. And I will after that type the egg white and side that mold and put that in the oven.
Instead of force them in milk on the stove, I'm going to put that in a double burner in the oven for about three to four minutes. Take them out and decorate them. So I will show you that later when I go with that. So you add the sugar gradually to the egg white. So usually you put two-third of the weight of the egg white in sugar. So let's see, nine months of egg white. Six is afternoon I can't end up in the afternoon. Are you? Yes. Are you seeing? That was good. Thank you. Good. No, no, yeah.
It's not good yet. It's not good yet. Good. Good. Good. Does that mean you don't have that? Yes. Yes. So I add a little bit of raspberry jam. So don't ask me how much I put. I'll just look at the color here. More? Yes. Okay. Good everything. Did you make that jam? Yes. It's homemade. Can you smell it? No, I don't.
So that's the way to fill the piping bag. It's not liquid, so nothing on your shoes when you do it, but sometimes, you know. So now just, I spread them all the mold. Yes. We have a little bit of pam. I keep the rest for you for after. Okay. I put it on the back and put a note on it, reserve, and I'm going to make that flat. And put them in the oven in a double boiler.
Let's keep that here for about three to four minutes. Three to four minutes. You're responsible for that. You tell me. Don't forget, huh? So that's some chocolate and a little bit of oil. If I put on this chocolate and I covered the egg white with that floating island with that, I will have a crust extremely hard, and you don't want that. You want something pretty soft. So I put a little bit of oil, and that will make the cocoa butter softer. So the chocolate is going to add in, but not too much. And I also have here some caramel. It's pretty dark, huh? So in a little while I will turn that on to make the caramel little bit liquid, and we will be able to drink that caramel on top of the floating island. The functionality of the oven is 400 degrees, and the water was in the oven about 15 minutes before. Yes, the water was warm, and that helped to cook them a little bit faster.
So it's important to put hot water in it. So let's see if they come out of the mold now. Be very careful when you take something like that out of the oven, because that's really something great to burn yourself. Okay. I don't want to do it in the tradition, you know that. Okay, let's see if that will work. So you have to do a little bit of air between the mold and the white, and then just come out, you know that's great.
And put a little bit of chocolate on top of them. And let's do a chocolate drip like that. Okay, one more. We'll be better to let it cool down so that the chocolate will come out a little bit faster. The show has to be 30 minutes. Okay, so I have to keep going. So stop interrupting me, okay? So I have here some common glaze. You can do better, come on. Great.
Uh-huh. To cool them down because it's hot. Otherwise they don't come out, you know. You see, and if you blow it a bit, they come out of the mold. So we're going to put them, the chocolate one. That should fit, yes. Oh, I see, I'll have one of them. Uh-huh. That one was supposed to have, and you should call it, and you need to know. Uh-huh. One the paper. Now, when the caramel is soft enough, I'm going to drip a little bit of caramel on the one
with no chocolate. Let's see. That one has no chocolate. Okay, it's an accident. Yeah, I know. I have a funny, funny, funny way to say chocolate now. How do you say chocolate? Go ahead. Shit, she don't say it. Let me deal with the chocolate. One. Look better now. So let's do a little bit of something like that here, a little bit of chocolate around. Okay.
And we can play with a knife and do some little things like that. Yeah. Okay, and you can add some fruits around. That's enough, no? And that's the footing item. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Bring dessert circus right into your kitchen for extraordinary desserts that you can make at home. Call 1-800-235-3000. This 352-page companion cookbook from William Morrowind Company includes more than 100 photographs of delectable desserts, as well as Jacques's own step-by-step techniques.
The price is $28 plus shipping and handling. Please have your credit card ready when you call 1-800-235-3000. Dessert circus with Jacques Torres is made possible by the Grand Marnier Foundation and Michelle Roo Chairman. The Grand Marnier Foundation is proud to support the arts and public television. And by Calibote, the Belgian eating and cooking chocolate. Calibote chocolate is now available across the United States in fine food stores and gourmet catalogs. And by King Arthur Flowers Baker's catalog offering tools, tools, bakeware and specialty flowers and ingredients to the Cerning Baker's nationwide. Thank you very much. Thank you.
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