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Hi I'm re if I can on location for NPT celebrating Preakness week and with the Potomac hunt races it's a little bit quiet now because they haven't started but soon this field will be filled with all kinds of people families picnics A lot will be going on. This is Skip Crawford and he's joint master of the hunt. Skip how many people do you expect. We're hoping for ten to fifteen thousand people to a nice day like today we're sure they'll be here because they look out this morning and see the sunshine and they'll be on their way. Tell us a little bit about these kind of races these races are more of a community of countryside type race than you're used to at the racetrack where the horses are designed to run over courses that simulate the countryside timber which is indigenous to Maryland which is just what looks like a fence line or brush which is an international type of events and do these people who the riders go from one event to another media they travel around the country doing this. Many of these riders will have race yesterday and Iroquois race in Kentucky or North Carolina and they'll fly up here for our races today.
Well it sounds very exciting I hope you'll be with us the rest of the day give us some more information I'd love to. It's a beautiful day come on out of you have nothing better to do or you might want to think about that Mother's Day Fair which is being held in Annapolis they're going to have crafts and pottery and it's going to run until 2:00 p.m. So if you haven't gotten your Mother's Day gift you might want to go down and do that. If not come on out here we're going to be here all day long and maybe will tell you a little bit more about the kind of races you're going to see and the kind of riders it's going to be a great day.
Hi I'm reify can on location for MP T at the Potomac hunt races and we are celebrating Preakness week. I have the Conway family with me including some of the Conway ponies right now. Let's start with you. How long you've been riding for years and do you do this as a whole family. Yeah everybody in your family right. Well let me ask you Sammy Do you have to take care of the ponies. Yeah you do. What do you have to do. We have to feed our pennies. And just take care of them. Let me ask you something what happens when your kids are riding when you're standing there and one of them gets thrown. What do you feel like. Well that comes with the territory they've all been ride since they were young. But the biggest thing is if I ride a lot also but it's tougher being on the ground watching them ride it is being up on top of the horse yourself. How many times are you going to be racing today. Twice twice Well good luck to you all and will be catching a little bit later on NPT.
Hi I'm re if I can on location for NPT celebrating Preakness week here at the Potomac hunt races and with me is Tom Moffatt now Tom. You look splendid in that red coat. Now you are not just a writer you are a very special person. A patrol Judge what do you do. That's right well patrol judges kind of keep an eye on the course they want what our job is today is to keep an eye on the crowd to make sure the crowd is free of the race track when the race is on. And if there happens to be a fall that one of the races or one of the jumps. What our job is is to go in and close off that particular jump and route the horses. They're in route to the jump around it so that the rider who's on the ground would be safe to do the riders and the horses both get nervous before the race. Oh absolutely they sure do. Their horses get extremely nervous some of them some of whom will stand here and kick and kick and then I just got out and ride you know it's going onto just like the riders Well it's a wonderful day here we're going to be here all day long but don't you forget the Maryland Preakness
celebrations summer concert this evening with the Baltimore Symphony at Harbor place it's going to be wonderful. And it's open to the public. Enjoy it and stay with us today. Ears are. Ears. Hi I'm Ray if I can on location for NPT and with the Potomac hunt races
celebrating Preakness week and I have with me Allison and Nancy buck and Allison you are going to be running racing this first race today. Yes I am what your pony's name raining diamonds she is six years on she's a cross between thoroughbred house and how long have you been racing. I've been racing I guess for a year. How do you feel about the race today you nervous now. Not at all really. You're supposed to be all butterfly. I don't know. What about Mom are you nervous about it. I'm the nervous one for everyone but I know they all do a great job and I wish all of them lots a lot is it easier for you to watch her in a show or in a ring in the show. Yeah I would. You can find it and you feel a little more comfortable that way. And you go along with her all the way to groom whatever. So your mom gets nervous and you don't. Great. Well lots of luck you know reading one day I hope you have a big win and we're going to be back with you in just a little while Stay with us on AM Peetie.
Hi I am we if I can on location for NPT celebrating Preakness week here at the wonderful Potomac hunt races then it is a gorgeous day. I'm just sitting down to rest a little bit and have a cup of coffee and to join you for just a few minutes and remind you that you might want to include the open air concert at Duvall field in College Park today on your agenda for Mother's Day. It starts at 7:30. It's going to have big cam and A-listers and it's a free concert I know you would enjoy it so you might want to go down there but stay with us for the rest of the afternoon and enjoy the Potomac hunt races here on empty too.
Hi Henri if I can on location for NPT at the Potomac hunt races and we're here to celebrate this week it's very exciting here as you can see people are milling around there's a picnic going on and the next race is getting ready to start. Don't you forget that Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. there's the Pee Wee Preakness children's race on hobbyhorses in Baltimore at Rasch field it's going to be a wonderful event. Enjoy Preakness week it's a great week for everybody. And please stay with us today right here on NPT.
However I'm really if I can on location for NPT at the Potomac not racist and we are celebrating or next week it's a wonderful day out here and I had the pleasure of having Mr. all think you linger here who owns the farm where these races are taking place today on a gorgeous day. It's a beautiful day and we're glad you're here. How many years have you had the races here this is the fourth race. We started in 88 So even though this is the fourth running on this site. You know it's really interesting but there are so many wonderful horses and riders here legally all this the quality of the air out of the riders and probably the horses escalation of the war it's better every year and I think this is without question the best level we've ever had you know a lot of the folks at home are watching us are probably wondering is this a very expensive sport. Well extending your hand I'm sure that some of our friends who run horses in the Kentucky Derby will tell you it is but we're all amateurs that is those of us who put on these races and we ride for fun. And I keep my horses here on the
farm right on the property and my neighbors and my friends keep some horses there and it doesn't have to be expensive. Well it looks like everybody old and young who are out here are having a wonderful day and it's so nice of you to lend your farm to Certainly the young I think the young are the best of the breed and they're there escalating getting better every year. Thank you so much Mr Kiplinger and we hope that you will stay tuned with us and don't forget the Preakness celebration waiters race Harbor place Thursday at noon the best waiters in town are going to be in that race. A very different kind of race than the one we're watching today. Stay with us here on MTV. How I am reify going on location for NPT at the Potomac hunt races and we are celebrating freedom this week is really exciting out here you can see the races going on. And don't
forget the 18th green schooner race at the Inner Harbor on Wednesday 3 p.m. It's free and you'll see the Clippers compete against each other. Have a good time with us today. Hi I'm going on location for MDT at the Potomac hunt races run are celebrating Preakness week it's a very exciting day years can see the race in back of me and don't forget another race the Maryland Preakness celebration frog. It's going to take place at Phil's point on Wednesday at noon. Certainly a different race from the one you're watching today. We hope will be able to bring you a lot of other races and a lot of other interviews from the Potomac hot races this afternoon. Join us. Stay with us on empty. We'll be with you again in just a little while.
Hi I'm Ray if I can on location for NPT at the Potomac hunt races and we are celebrating Preakness week and this is Steve Williams who's going to be riding in a race very very soon on his horse. A risk to skip. Now I understand if you win this race you win something big. It was the horse of the year right. So then because it's such a big race how you feeling about AC nervous. Extremely nervous and if you were real nervous does your horse feel nervous too. Thank God as a campaigner I mean he takes care of me to how long you've been riding him since he was five years so it is really a big day for you how do you think the Course is going to be today. It's really hard. The last race I just heard was extremely fast. So you've already ridden once on this course is that it helped them. Yes it is I feel a lot better now you know where everything is that right. Did you walk so of course before you know it. And get a feel for it that way. I look burning around homes anything to anyone trying to help you get out you know Steve is from Monkton Maryland so we really want to wish you a lot of luck I know there are a lot of riders from out of state so we
feel very protective of you and we all wish you a lot of good luck today Floyd thank you very much and thank you very much for talking to us. And don't you forget that we're going to be with you all afternoon. We'll let you know how Steve does in the race how his horse does. And don't forget lunch time with the Orioles at the Harbor Place amphitheater at noon on Friday it's free. The Orioles are going to be there to autograph things for you so please get down there have a good time and stay with us today on NPT. Hi everybody I'm reify can on location for NPT at the Potomac hunt races and we are celebrating Preakness week. The folks out here are dressed in everything from long dresses and straw hats to shorts and halters and the food ranges from Kentucky Fried Chicken to agree on hard French bread it's very very diverse and a lot of fun. Don't forget the Marilyn prettiness celebration. But
now a split steak Monday at noon because the wild and wacky ice cream eating contest is going to take place at the Harbor Place amphitheater. Take your ice cream cone and go. Why am reify kit on location for MP T at the Potomac hunt races and we are celebrating Christmas week now this is one of the most beautiful tailgate banquets I have ever seen and I understand you orchestrated this. Well I tried but mostly I imposed upon all my dear friends here. I never make the mistake of trying to do everything myself I just sort of decide on a menu and ask all my friends what to bring. Well there is Tara Gunn chicken pâté Brie ham what's best thing on the table. First thing on the table I think the black bean salad. Are you liking what Mein salad. And I were you only holds up under the heat put in a plug for Lee Davis's wonder.
Wonderful This is bourbon fruit salad All right. And notice the flowers that are wilted like the rest of us but it is beautiful out. Let's look at the salad we have this is a wonderful salad brought by Matt and Kathy ream with a dripping with French dressing and mandarin oranges. Well it all looks very elegant including the wine. It's wonderful we're all hoping that we will get invited to partake of this wonderful things. Stay with us on AM for a think tank you brought up. Hi Henri if I can on location for Maryland Public Television at the Potomac hunt races and we are enjoying Preakness week we hope you are too. It is a gorgeous day out here and everybody is having a super time. We want to remind you of that lunch time with the Orioles. That's at the Harbor Place amphitheater at noon on Friday and it's free and a lot of
Orioles are going to be on hand to sign autographs. I think you'll have a great time and next year on Mother's Day you ought to plan on coming out here it's really been so much fun. Hi guys. Eimeria if I can on location for NPT at the Potomac entre says we are enjoying Preakness weekend this is a very merry however right. Suddenly they got really quiet are you having a good time your wonderful time at the perfect day. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Let me ask you something do you think people have to know about these kind of races to come out here and enjoy a day like this. It's easy to find you just come out here and follow all the cars with food in them. All right now I get the feeling that this is a particularly happy group. Yeah I mean I could you sort of tell us why feet are moving because we just won this in the fourth race. Now not many
know that let's but I just want to ask you something. Do you ride often are you in these competitions a lot. I used to ride in the Indies competition folks on there. Aha. And so was today really exciting for you very exciting I just pulled off his second win since I boarded. So when will you be riding again. He'll run probably in two weeks. For real. All right well listen I want to thank you all very much for letting us join you having a good time. Continue to have a good time when you continue to watch us on NPT We'll bring you more from these hot races the folks are having a great time. And next year when this event comes up put it on your calendar and come on out because I can guarantee you you'll have a wonderful time. We'll be back with you in just a little while. It's always mother's good. It's always every day is Mother's Day. You write very little about a lot.
Hi I'm re if I can on location for NPT. And we're at the Potomac hunt races having a wonderful time here in Seneca Maryland for the last two days. We've been celebrating Preakness weekend as you know it's going to be going on for the rest of this week and it will end up of course next Saturday with the Preakness. We hope that you will of Vail yourself of some of the wonderful things that are going on down at the harbor rash Fielden fact all over the state during the week. For us it NPT it's been a glorious weekend as you can see the weather has cooperated and it's been just beautiful out here. Yesterday morning and we went to Pimlico Racetrack early in the morning it was marvelous because we saw all the riders out there who were exercising the horses and everybody was kind of excited. We got to the paddocks in the back where the horses are kept and it was really exciting especially for us at NPT because the fourth race was called the NPT and that was kind of fun to see that run. We talked to some horse owners we talked to a rider as we even talked to the track
trumpeter it was just a wonderful afternoon. Another great thing that happened to somebody at NPT was that one of our cameramen which is one of the most incredible that anyone has ever had in his whole life on one of the hot air balloons that is in town for Preakness week so he was up in the air and is still talking about it today it must have been a glorious time for him. After we left the racetrack we went over to Oregon Ridge and it was beautiful over there as Will was later on in the day and soundless were out. If anything they were lying around. There were older people there and younger people there and even infants and everybody seemed to be having a wonderful time. We had a lot of good country western music there and the people were enjoying the music and waiting of course for the big headliners of the evening. They were of course the Forrester sisters and they sang their hearts out.
There were so many people here today at the races at the Potomac hunt races this was the thirty ninth running of this particular race and everybody was enjoying it. It's always held on Mother's Day so you might want to put it on your calendar for next year. We've had a wonderful time being with you all day we hope you've enjoyed it as well as we.
Hi I'm re if I can on location for NPT at the Potomac hunt races we are enjoying this Preakness week celebration and it's going to go on for the whole rest of the week. We hope we've told you about some of the events that are coming up during the week a lot of them are taking place at the harbor and we hope that you'll take a chance and enjoy some of them they should be a lot of fun. We had a marvelous time being with you this weekend we started out yesterday at the Pimlico Racetrack and it was fun being there early in the morning when just the exercise riders were out with the horses. Then the place got all filled up and we were particularly excited because we had the running up. The NPT special that happened about the fourth place of the day and it was lots of fun we talked a racetrack owners we talked to riders we talked even to the track trumpeter which is really a lot of fun the guy in the you know red coat with a long trumpet. And then this weekend our cameramen were also busy getting a lot of footage about what was happening. And Ray left which one of you can still ride in one of the beautiful hot air balloons
there in town all week for the Preakness they're up in the air and they were just beautiful. Then after we left the racetrack we went over to ARGAN Ridge because they were having an outdoor concert. People were all over the lawn they had drinks and picnics out there and the kids were running around. They had lots of bands on first and then the evening ended with the group that most of the people had come to see the Forrester sisters and they were wonderful. The crowd loved him and they just sang their hearts out.
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