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Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah a little. Welcome to Brandeis and retailing never feeling I think you're really happy here and it's probably well I'm definitely one of the most
exciting time you're telling me like you're home if you're having a party at your home or if someone was stopping over maybe you didn't know them. Say is there something you're looking for. OK. You wouldn't do that. First of all you smile friendly and say hello or how are you. Whatever. OK you can do that and you can. Retail is not one of those places we just stand in the corner wait for the customer to cut you. Down A. Bit. The to. The to. Eat right.
To eat what. Coming out the same day I hope you just felt what you're going to comment on what do you think you're going to greet them. Smile friendly smile and you're going to make a comment about merchandise or look it might be what the home is looking time for tropical vacation they might look you know where. Make a statement that these clothes will coordinate well with a lot of different things a lot of different climates. OK you've made a statement. They can't say no thanks to that Candy. Fuck. Eat eat eat eat eat
eat eat eat eat eat. There will be days when you might have outside things but on some houses maybe at school or whole the gym is really hard to come to work but we kind of like to think of this place as a little world away from the rest of the world. I don't think about the rest of your problems but here you can't do anything about that term paper the news writing. You can't do anything about your realism as evil by your work. So don't even think about it. And. Eat the to.
The Tuttles. Hot and a little. More you know to put on a
face to fall off. Bending rather. Than. Anything you can get. All K. You don't even know what this smells like unfortunately. Well I don't know that he says Oh you don't. You want me to pick something really like. Does it all have. The. Same sand to. That package over here. Maybe I. Didn't. Mean all of the. Above. Good business there.
Well these are. Not the package you want to have for free. One. Yeah thank you. Yes. I was anything in particular you're looking for you don't have have and that's.
Why I yell rather than the old of. The Artist. You know now. And I couple people asked me about that. Or and. Their. Plight. I don't care. To be able to help them or a friend of the like you served under the next administration. OK why don't we try I'll read it around they all ask me why. They. Think. They were right.
USA. OK. Erica as. That's a big one. Just kind of. Got to. Take it. I just. Had a hard time getting this thing open and got it. Thank you. I can get it back in the. Camera.
And. You know I want to. Thank you. You're. Kidding. You know that. Great band. You. Know. Well you know there.
Are some over here you know. Why. Would. I. Get. It. Without you. But. This. Christmas. Should get my fingerstyle. Yeah. Oh.
Yeah. Thank you.
Friday great to. Bring them all you know I have a crazy man you know. And right now it's time. For Christmas morning. Right now is the time to buy. Now's the time to buy and have. Them on one side they want to gather. When you want to make. My.
Day. Very.
Hard look at the difference. These are here. We have ANY age. I think. The Hot Wheels we have are the things they're made by Mattel. 0. 0.
0 0. Oh.
Sure do remember all the things that you wanted a question for you. Been a good boy during the year. Here. Try to get your brother going to get all. Your.
Goodness for Christmas. Would you like to have all.
What's your name. OK here's your Sam. OK there we go. To different things. Sam. For sure. Have you been a good girl.
OK you're there. You're. Here. Sam down here here. OK. Down here honey. Here we go. Something here for you to before you go. OK. Thank you very much are you the honey in this
picture. When. I am. And.
If. I am. I and.
Miracle on 35th Street - Master
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Iowa Public Television
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Iowa Public Television (Johnston, Iowa)
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Master, 30 min. tape. Humorous look at holiday shopping on 35th Street in Des Moines.
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Associate Producer: Jordan, Jeanne
Director: Beyer, John
Director: Photography: Burnell, Ron
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Producer: Beyer, John
Producing Organization: Iowa Public Television
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