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There is an attitude that prevails in the small town that almost amounts to an ethic. It's not as obvious as urban visitors would have you believe but it's there. You can feel it and see it in the pace of living. It expresses itself in a sort of communal continuity that comes through even when something is tediously overdone is the bicentennial. Colfax just east of Des Moines is taking it seriously. While the oil companies are giving its bicentennial minutes the folks in Colfax are planning a real wingding. There will be a parade and historical pageant a black powder shoot and an honest to god greased pig contest. Things like this are taking place in numberless small communities. But with all of them there is something distinctive something uniquely associated with history that gives a special flavor. Oh and.
I am. Going to end. And at. The end. Through
to we. We. I'm just a trim officer. Or you people are here. Ever consider yourself capable of a 200 year history.
Just part of the country became. This near century one thing that helped get going. We had around here. Discovered 20 years before the railroads ever came through. We can't hear. What they say. Even when he was a boy and his dad worked in one of our mines. Yes.
Let me tell you what that was we had mineral water that was something a little bit on that first water down your bottom girl and from. That water it. And it. Came out it could cure everything from rheumatism and
constipation right now. We had a real water going well for all the Spring City the Carlsbad of America. A little help back and build a bigger one. Why. We had hail hail sizes. Never had a mineral spring. This was a real resort. Heck it met every single train that came down through the years trying to get business for their sale for him and for his own. We're really not doing much to your good health home honest crowns and good water and now the best hills you drink your health. Come on why are you not are you. But.
Now. Can.
Let. I am. Ill. Oh and.
You've got the scars for the mark. It was the first one for. Me. Having right behind you. The. Second one is mine for the Fray Marshall. Marshall part right there plays and because I get the high school band in their first. They go straight down here past that cement truck and head this way on this street right here. You turn here and go down and turn around. Right. He was Nowhere Boy. Girl. Boy Scout. OK 16. 16 they're going to be this is what street here I can't remember. Are the Spring Street here. Which is West Street this West. Yeah. This is west. 16 you're about right in here at the corner somewhere. Eighteen lambs are where. Supposed to be about behind those army trucks.
But that's a. Little later. But. But. But the. Eh
eh eh. Eh eh eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh but. Soon. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.
Now and. I am but. What. I am. I am. I am. I am I am I am I am. I am. I am I am I am.
Eh a. m. I am. Yeah. I am. I am I am.
I am. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because you know way before
people praise you. I will. Say. We'll.
Colfax, USA
Colfax Bicentennial
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Iowa Public Television
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Iowa Public Television (Johnston, Iowa)
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A documentary highlighting the United States' bicentenntial celebration in Colfax, Iowa, during which local residents celebrate national and local history, continuity, ancestry and legacy.
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Director of Photography: Beyer, John
Director: Photography: Brown, Neal
Musician: Nathaniel, Simon
Narrator: Frasher, Sara
Producer: Beyer, John
Producing Organization: Iowa Public Television
Production Assistant: Frasher, Sara
Production Assistant: Sparks, Terry
Production Assistant: Zell, Marty
Sound: Sparks, Terry
Writer: Beyer, John
Writer: Burnell, Ron
Writer: Brown, Neal
Writer: Zell, Marty
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Iowa Public Television
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