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Man a vertebrate mammal of the primate order from the family home and being a homo sapiens he has a large brain. Opposable thumb and 32 teeth to help satisfy is on numberous appetite for maybe agress Galapagos the Native American Turkey domesticated originally by the Aztecs the turkey was taken to Europe by the Spaniards in the 16th century and brought back to North America a hundred years later by the Pilgrims when it was not necessary for the New World had plenty of its own wild turkeys from the first man has looked at this turkey in one way as a girl and gander truculent him to Hades chestnut or oyster stuffing presumably meaning agress galop abroad does not view a homosapien with equal gustatory reverence. The man is a once or twice every. Where do the little consequence to the term. We remind in
November and not live by bread alone. When we think of that first new world Thanksgiving re pictures solemn pilgrims in black clothes neighborly Indians and plenty of food for everyone it was always the guy with the Belmont blunderbuss on a turkey slung over his shoulder. And the most accurate aspect of the romantic imagery is the turkey.
Bill Graham's not only found the implant of her but considerably easier to kill than the deer and wild boar. Other than that something is obviously lost in the translation. The Pilgrims held a hive as best all right but it was anything that was brought in an overflow of dawn. Line made from grapes. It lasted three days. Further the blunderbuss had not been invented in 16 21 and the Indians were never invited. So it is obvious that when Chief Massasoit and his 90 Braves crashed the party no one pointed this out and finally the program Thanksgiving was not really the first one the first Thanksgiving was held in the Virginia colonies. Thirty six years before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Thanksgiving is one of the few national holiday that does not have its origins in politics or religion or birth of a national hero. Secrecy is about the only magic by those with a burden to consume on that day.
The wild turkey that the Pilgrims found was a rather noble bird with iridescent plumage good and bright rattles from red to purple and when the bird became excited could fly but preferred to walk on my grave. Heard anything on the fruit of the forest floor. At night they would roost in the top most branches of trees clinging to their bridge area approaches like overripe fruit. At least one of those early American Turkey has something other than of course. After Benjamin Franklin it was Franklin who proposed the turkey as our national emblem. After all it was a Native American bird. It was courageous as the prey of other birds. Furthermore it was a superior choice.
But despite the impassioned plea by Franklin with the American eagle lost by one vote another way away from the prospect of joy. George Washington began the Thanksgiving Merry go round with a presidential proclamation 170 years after the first celebration of 130 years proclamations that the holiday different. Thomas Jefferson obviously a strict constructionist preferred to ignore Thanksgiving altogether because of its religious overtones. President Madison took a fancy to the holiday and proclaimed to thank them one in September. Two years later he moved to January
15 Madison declared and. Andrew Jackson left the whole thing in the laps of the governors. And it was not until Abraham Lincoln's administration that Thanksgiving was fixed on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving underwent one more day. Following Lincoln's assassination John holiday into December which would mark the last major date next year it was moved back to Nov. 19 while President Theodore Roosevelt dined on here traditional Rhode Island the residents of Joplin Missouri faced a natural gas main had broken on Thanksgiving Day in 99 and not as a stranger to opulent with a compliment you know. It was apparently not too keen on Thanksgiving during his administration
for government employees. In 1990 welcome dropped into bed for Thanksgiving and immediately got into Lake Michigan. President Warren Harding Thanksgiving turkeys truck train. He too was treated to a pastry abberation a pumpkin pie. Thanks Frank turned a boston. Resident of George Washington's original proclamation was found and placed in the Congress hundred thirty one thousand thirty nine Franklin Roosevelt. Christmastime urchins Thanksgiving from the November 23 governor's.
Thanksgiving 24th Thanksgiving. To a joint session of Congress Thanksgiving a national holiday and on the 4th of November. Following portfolio darlings Thanksgiving hard to portray not only the political views but the times in which you live and the cartoon titled there's a recurring theme. Isolationism. Thank you.
The reasons for protection from Europe the oceans didn't help. America it was in November 19. 20 and Ryle American. Pie and preserves on the board for most of the are the right. Wing outsiders. 923 positively showing optimism fattening your commie pessimism foreshadowing a fair yet to come. America's economy is booming.
And better for everyone. Twenty nine dialing for you that. We were in the Depression the rest of the world we still have a lot to be thankful for and that I was going along with this proclamation Thanksgiving week. 1941 and we're diving so much and then it was December. And it was November 1940. I was over with concerned with
population. It is a striking example of the timelessness of the cartoonist perspective. Another one that could be a bumper sticker today it was drawn in 1922. If the American populace that has been. Recovering from an election rhetoric.
I. Am even ready to go down the dirt more often than the political. At the end of the Second World War One candidate for national and. And read him in the something just started. Today. So rather awkwardly put together target for that matter. Now it does have a large amount of meat in the breast area and the area today the processor would think a major part. In terms of the value of the turkey. For instance about 30 percent of the meat in the breast area of the turkey as far as the consumer is concerned but my the same token it is made a practice of natural made very difficult
for the turkey. Consequently producers and breeders have to resort to artificial insemination in order to achieve the fertility they're interested in. I think it's well recognized that the turkey will revert to wild confirmation that when Wild Turkey. In a relatively few generations for example in about five generations the turkey will take a line in the sand the rest will be much more meat on the turkey. Another very interesting change will occur for Turkey will increase. The domestic American Turkey has some other curious trade. Not directly associated with genetically. Penchant for destruction and then just suicidally curious about carnivores and you can even get him into trouble when he is alone. Into a small
opening and strangle him with highly susceptible to temperature extremes. It's not bad in the rain if not herded into a dam and is prone to heart attacks when excited. It dragged through the trip and through sheer stupidity grows or another we brined the turkey like humans do funny things when they get lonely. Let's remember that a turkey like the Czech and has grown in large numbers and consequently it has very little contact with a human. In contrast the Harz made a one man whores by virtue of having spent a great deal of time and we found a lot of time with the heart and training it to do certain things we want to do. In contrast we do a little of the turkey we simply want him to grow. I have a few instant Turkey. Around the farm for. Three or four years and it's amazing for the farmer.
Much of the time this time around the farm can be quite a close from time in this day and I think it's largely because he's had a chance to respond to. My Christian bad raises turkeys living just outside in Iowa has fun with it during the last year of his bad rain and found from Turkey they were replaced and a week later the turkey contracted cholera which meant catching and vaccinating them turkey. Then. On July 13 maintain six. Hundred degree rather than. A new spring suffocated. Four thousand turkeys in one afternoon. We even had dog and fire department out and sprayed water all over the turkeys but didn't help saving a turkey.
And. Out of that flock of a thousand turkeys are actually really marketed 17:00 birds. Course part of this was was covered by insurance. So little turkeys would be on the market and per the buildings. Getting ready for the next year October 16 buildings. For. Shelters. You can say that there's. Risk. Of course not nearly as risky as being a turkey. Things don't look good and we're eating more turkey all the time. It is estimated that every man woman and child in the United States needs Turkey a year. And that is one point and that's not the half of that. They have
turkey brass. Drinking on as an addition to the traditional 20 pound or that most people try to polish off at Thanksgiving which means most of us end up eating turkey not only on the fourth Thursday of November but the fourth Friday or until an infernal carcass. If your family is planning this big suggest the following leftover recipes. Thank you for Turkey has turkey hash with oysters and mushrooms. Turkey cows are nuts and Brussels sprouts avocados stuffed with turkey turkey turkey bread soup. They're drinking. Thank you Craig. You're going to
live with our green broccoli thing. But the turkey run. And the sandwich. Left over something. And now you add the chocolate.
Brown of the gruff I love her in chocolate sauce. And.
Even if you were and. And I think
it takes one to run again. And through 300.
Acres of corn and then it can rejoice over a hundred gross national product. Family day. The only question left on answered is why Turkey would. Rather. I bet you are right and want me. What are the only one and.
I mean I mean everybody. You know the bone. OK. Oh yeah.
Turkey's Eye View of Thanksgiving
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Tongue-in-cheek look at a misunderstood bird. Also: an amusing look at thanksgiving from the vantage point of the turkey. 30 minutes.
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