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pieces years it is well i'm a sick immensely and to democratic a white daisies this painting is not as the mania summit we've done and to be rather relief for you because you're religious self go on the flowers as yours off
we stain the campus of politely trying to get through camus to the top of your problems if you want to raise kids into an infant or very likely again not to runny and that they some unattended stop right now the chicken actually try on going to a few new ones are now going to create are grants for a drawing employers first like this always the general lines actually are real indicators before a joy lines that makes it easier you know i'm always right as
technicians there we are ever going to do a simple vases like this and again our box in first like that this way this is a re re to negotiate nothing exciting but it serves the purpose of talking about bases today don't forget that busy lips and that one of the bonds it's actually the same now they're finished with that just like they season as usual when we drove far as we talk just a circle or whenever it the general shape is we do not delineate the character the fire for example in the daisies we don't draw huge puddle first of all to be a nightmare trying to pay into the drawing of the
chipotle and second they pay human gives you much more freedom has acted in movies to the not static and when you draw them into become quite static at the metal work at it it involves started this center first like this is shaped by the circles will tell us in what perspective are flowers are we're going to hear is now well we have a far this in perspective our circle tends to be oblong like that in that case the center which is where this thing as it is near the top the pedals and the feeling here like this he's sure they going to know that's wrong basically go that way that's far will not go into the vase state that in such a way that it will like that to be very careful about that stands moscow in the hangout space somewhere
in this area and when these that are absolutely in profile a very nice we have some hanging down which is marvelous and those are shaped like this triangle and when we paid and you'll understand why now you can always add extra flowers or abides whatever the case may be if you find that you can play is not properly balanced war is too square are the usual problem too tight i think that they're much more attractive and natural if they're pulled out a bit but one where paintings scared as beginners we tend to do that binds them all together for little things and there
are fine i think that's over now you add or subtract whatever the case maybe not as usual where is the light coming from that's again the third more most important thing in your thinking where is it like coming from that you must place the light is coming from the right white paint something like a florida especially daisy the flowers are cut which means the like it's the opposite side so was shaving the right side of the day i think it is a little different but we show a the left side of the vase like they're thinking right here on
smith says that's it for a finish at the drying let's proceed with a painting i want katie i want to make a few other important voice i have no coverage in previous start with the doc and we start on the ledge long flowing strokes please don't scrub your careless with your life with little strokes like that tried during his jokes directly from the beginning it takes a little effort but certainly well worth it you have a better painting and more will be freer i realize it takes a little time things change
howard don't be afraid to copy from other ideas especially for example you know that god was going to sunflowers and what have you i think those things i can be a big help and don't feel all apologetic about copying because they all did they got a copy of the michael is that for ten years if we evolve his own style in trillo is picture postcard exclusively never been a recipient is live from nature that is so don't apologize if you're copying because traders have always saw a lot of problems for you and in copying become conditioned to see it how fast lane right from the beginning is it would go to and amateur racer when tesla driver walter leger dive you go to the best so that's a lot of difficulties to get a michelangelo live in i would say next best thing is to work from his or his painting and it says we relate more to the impression of school i would suggest the
impressionist painters like monet manet what have you now we're into the middle town of this and don't let anyone intimidate your first frightened by sea or you know your copy well and you look up at first they were copied when impressionist movement was started because our was the father of the impressionist movement there were high on his thing together says ireland may not be a guy he was thinking later actually is very much alive is a very difficult mission what they'll pay the same factors together i was in nice to say one big garden painting that has faded but exactly like five months the pope you find that color wise is a rather interesting
thinking and abrasive heartbreaks a few rules but we introduce a little different color combinations deal all three we do want to do that so i tell him and i carry it as usual like this and in the dark and hear like oh i would like to see a no purple like this now lives in here like this because the light does not get between the flowers the flowers are bunched together consequently know like it's in there it's a dark area this tells us that they are a few flowers bunched together in a round ok not this low and flat like silly props just put our shadows in blue
underneath bring up some purple and that they've got a large area it should be a little more interesting songwriting partner than just a little bit let's go as always to our laws that always next remember you have the body for it and put flowers there long flowing strokes like this medal term in the middle like this you see with an effort and collar counties we will discover this boss is around for you know tone down the spring and our town a rat and across the bottom like that and across the top
before we try the shade at that put a lightening like this yes there are three kinds of black we didn't know that but it's true there are three tones of white and light ha ha ha i think i'm going to wear to sell more dramatically and again i want to just change shape a wee bit getting lost in them and their soft pink testament area or like joe i then that the dark turn on the light side and going to drag it over like that and again as another interesting technique i think i will put the high line
the power of darkness just so we have it their way i really like to play that's quite nice highlight on the right here you can put the highlight were the vase to troops or six up because it's shape this way you see so that's the height white right in the center not on the edge how i want to get these commonsense explanations so the jury member at the start where the daisies now we're going to start with a dark and nest on the top and incidentally as i said in this day we had three tons of light
and frito is a black dog with a dog named terese like this and this is what they do like this profile i just i let it go i think there's a puzzle you but one thing is that as you were saying the fine italian design here it's been and the center of course you have complete circle like this as opposed to a profile of there
the pay circle your travels around your center like that don't do that as a spectacle the beginning they do this huge battle comes right from that center he has another place coming from the center now the lights cutting the types of these bases so are putting a light turn on the tip of the dark turn like that or sickness go very fast because that's that's the beauty of it and the joy that the freedom of it not there i want to make a point here about your paints in your palette as they go along the important thing is to keep your palate clean when you're finished with your painting
know the paint that's left over from the mixtures today's race really squeezed out paint clay in the nixon area this is terribly important clean the nixon area thoroughly scrape it wash it with kerosene heater piles intact because you may want to use them again and have enough play it buys smaller cameras and make another painting to deal with the pain that worked out this week and you're pink cap very neatly the tidy you can't count was less to covering of any kind of put the fridge and it will keep indefinitely that's saving you money is very important to keep your tools your brushes clean your palate clean and not only save you money but when you want to paint again begin again turning disparaging upset if you had to start cleaning your palate not to mention it was the paint has dried the palette is ruined you cannot use it again although when i was in paris and then they in the museum is huge
punk musician i saw then there's palette they had a glass case i don't know about that how i couldn't lose that and i paid about two inches thick on it but maybe he's great you say and that was the reason he's saying that if you're anti this and that you're probably a better painter i don't know you see how existing the white is against the yellow with the black keep going and these pedals are getting a little light here i guess there should be a fun paper didn't really let yourself go and live in london when the classes we picked some
strange looking far as monday in someone's yard and that what i did know was that actually repeat a while they would close not put them in the vase in the studio and we started painting and the flour started closing by golly we're paying fast infested but it ended up with one flower still open but we did get the painting finish that it was really very funny because you're racing against the florist closing and he kept painting festive festive so we decided that was the last time a tiger lily i think a rather strange wild tiger lily which are very common in california and daisies are not like that you find that they held up for weeks even i had been in rome stay very good for her for a week or two there we are moving right along there's another one right here and down they're
afraid about the pedals keep them less keep them free this because i don't want to that's in profile like this the light tone is on the back on the side like that darker at the bottom but a few dark wings like this at the bottom and we have one here this isn't profile know i think that we haven't won here they
will fix this one up here where the danger this is you can end up joking as for thing with the daisies be get so carried away but resist the temptation just get a few more in like i should right now leave alone and stop playing with that because i i enjoyed so much someone going down like that i think is when i want to get this feeling like this you see some as putting i went up here there's another thing another point i would like to make white paint flowers there's a current there certain rules of composition r that should be this way or that way but not square you say that great a very interesting composition and much more pleasing to the eye and much more natural
way i think that's that's not fine now i'm going to put the center's it were going to paint no anger in the center like this reporter centers in this way to remember their coffee and saw and they stick out so i'm going to make another point and just the moment was that discovery is right from the pilot i try it is many colors like and from the power to save you mixing and a lot of aggravation also saving money by now now because this pickup in the light is coming from the right
we're going to put a highlight right on them like this was one else but just like that of the yellow ella pinto now we're going to outline the center is because they're casting a shadow on the flowers like this so he outlined in this way on the right side going to train the pedals a little this creates a feeling of debt also it dramatizes the shape of the flowers like they're just like you right place where black eyed susan sarandon that's a whole different flower
power grid adbusters two to fill in and i didn't want a job at the flies so in a while we will alison ballance i did forget one center of the the highlight on that the priest little square here i'm going to put just a few dry clothes on the side like that not too many bigots the edges of these pedals it shadows
no no yes we do and most laurels unless it's as i said before a distinctive leaf like a callow lake or aren't to look we do impressions of leaves you bless me for that i'll tell you sleeping very little in the way of leaves just a few here in their stance when have you refused to bounce are they doing out there is another painting reports quite national basis here especially and millions of bias creeps in this and the highlight on them and drag your your culling down for stands database then just dragging down like that robots and dark tone in there as very very light stroke
like this i know it takes a bit of doing that you will do it fb his yellow pods on the back of the little ones and profile like this don't forget nice to leave going down into the laws like that there has been more light on the right side because of a like some guy goes here it is a bit of a lacy leave it's not just think of meat in any case adds an extra purple begin this is an interesting technique we use and this is my my students how the heart is where i put purple between pedals
like this to emphasize the shape and the doctor the density of the old gm other days lars a very satisfying because the game is so much freedom and to reappoint been a difficult one to try to stagger projects well that's it for today well christ thank you
we know there's been a
sunni cemetery this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies you're no only noon news
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White daisies
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Nancy Kominsky teaches viewers how to paint white daisies.
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