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A good evening from Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. This is Frank Rich Maurice welcoming you to the fifth meeting of the sixty fifth season of The Fourth all four o. Tonight speaker is novelist lecturer and philosopher Ayan Rand on the topic of the nation's unity in just a moment for him President Judge room and Laurie will take his place on the platform to introduce Ms Rand Iran who was born in Leningrad became an American citizen in 1931. She gained her first acclaim as a writer in 1936 with the publication of her novel. We have a living. She's best known as the author of other works of fiction including The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. And for some of her nonfiction writing including for the new intellectual her most recent nonfiction work is the new left the end by industrial revolution published in 1071. Miss Rand is the editor of the monthly journal the Objectivist and the I and Rand letter which she initiated last year. This friend was educated at the University of Leningrad. She's lectured at many of the leading universities in this country
including Harvard Princeton John Hopkins and the University of Wisconsin. Now let's go to the stage here at Jordan Hall for tonight's Ford hall forum. Name of the forum was the cause when it was founded in 1980 by George home and it was known for building which held the home or the hall and that's where it got its name. Ford building is now gone. It was and asked Burton place and it has been replaced by a new structure. So if there is any human being let it be assuaged immediately every problem there is a good design on the part of those listening in to take the plane. More to come on a Ford Foundation. The address to send this replace what is the forward off or am I
dating Boylston Street next Sunday night. We're going to for example a discussion between two of the state officials here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Commissioner John O who is commissioner of correction in Massachusetts and Commissioner uro's G.M. away as the head of the U.S. Service Division of the Commonwealth. We're going to discuss together the topic. Can we afford not to have prison reform. I hope very much that many of you here will come this is a matter not only of great importance here but it is a matter of extreme importance throughout the country.
The Sunday following we're going to have Dr. Max Lerner. This is November there today. Prior to election and he is going to talk America on I can't resist telling a story about Maxwell and I because many years ago at the time of Truman and delay he also was talking on the eve of the election and he together with made the prediction that Mr. DeLay would win. As a matter of fact he announced that he was going to vote for Norman Thomas. Well you know what happened the following. Yeah when Max Leno returned the first question to him was What sort of a
prophet are you. So perhaps this will whet your appetite to come. When Max Lerner. Tonight we welcome back one which come many times I believe it is 11 times that Miss Rand has been with us the audiences which she commanded a truly enormous. I understand where the line started outside at about 4 o'clock. I'm wrong. Well if it started at four o'clock it would have been an amazing trivia fact and it started early only asked as a trip. People have come I know they're from all parts of the country because
I've heard from some of them. We welcome inside our sadness but they can't come every Sunday but we do hope we don't hold that there if they're in the Boston area. They will continue to feel at home here or Miss France topic in the nation's unity. And when one has come to him as friend one does not desire to give a chance. I present his friend. I'm going to run again and he went in the back to hear me OK.
Ladies and gentlemen every four years at about this time we begin to hear loud and loud that appeal for national unity. We hear them between presidential elections as well particularly when something is about to be with us. Are they out of him or are found him. I observe however that in the recent years it has become fashionable to disparage unity between action and to praise them as a kind of moral or a chaotic duty by the pattern of the presidential election remains the same. First there is the campaign in which the candidate announced each other and seem to appeal to some sort of angst they could dream symbols then when their election is over they have peels back in their pack. Now let's get together of
principles national unity comes first. This is therefore are an appropriate time to examine the issue of national unity and to ask certain questions such unity and I say is that what makes it possible. What is the alternative. What that becomes the present election campaign offers may need clues to the answers. As in the case of many errors or evil today's appeals for national healing are based on the perverted element of truth it is true that in order to exist as a nation a large number of men who are in the same job graphic look at it and deal with one another. My study on some fundamental principle Arkansas animal any two man can choose to deal with each other
might have some sort of basic agreement at least. But did your donation of that joint action if you join forces with another man in order to need a heavy blow there and you strain to leap to what he's trying to push it down. Nothing would come of both your efforts but they are restoration and you can be sure what is important enough to both of you that of course the blows and mutual extermination. The fact that in case of does that demon man can reduce our physical force at least a human destruction that isn't why every human association is based on some sort of agreement which is implemented by certain rules of conduct and that buma context does not necessarily mean a common purpose. You may make an agreement was a knave but that you will not attack him so long as he does not
attack you and the both of you are by great god free to bore your own grave and perhaps never see each other again. The fundamental agreement which is that you wire of a nation and I remained on the rules peaceful boy and did it to you inhabited by man engaged in perpetual conflict. Chronic fighting physical violence and general hatred of oh oh is not a nation already done but their blood to match internal peace and some heart to heart of many to the condition of the abused in the 70s. The big questions however are BS at what price. Harmony on what. I believe and about what
Adam r against such terms and agreements be chosen arbitrarily again man shows a need to make them water simply by wishing them to do so are there objective factors which necessitate certain principles of human association and defeat of others in some fundamental social question is what principle should man I be up on in order to leave and deal with one another. The best way to answer the question of your guns is to start. Not with an enormous floating abstraction such as society as a whole but was one member of society the one you know best yourself. Ask yourself what rules of combat would you be able and willing to accept in order to deal with your neighbors.
Let us say you are young man who knows that you must work in order to support his life you have a good job as most family and a home in the suburbs. Since you do not intend to stagnate a human in a certain financial and intellectual balance between the present and the future your budget your money and your time your money to provide for your present needs and to improve your standard of relieving for example to pay off the mortgage on your home your time to do your present job well and to study endeavored to qualify for a better one year life. Some of your neighbors and your just like others but you have not the fraid of any of them that are not a threat to you nor do you know that this is the normal pattern of your life and you take it for granted as if it were an act of nature. But it is not. It don't
go out of yours so I choose to let that be what it depends on. To force this down to disbelief first system was changed it was decided that the affairs of each community are to be discarded you know at the monthly meeting of only by General Democratic vote and that they were all of them my joy is absolute without need to argue it would mean that you could be thrown out of your home and out of good can I see you've been my joy just so full it would mean that you could be sentenced to die if not liking your manners or your ideas in my joy just so volatile If not then this was the social system of mania. You just take your democracy unlimited majority Carol will join me to accept it in the name of communal communal
unity. No then would I get you to accept it on a much a larger scale. And by the motor control. Suppose it was decided but never know openly and explicitly that the nation holds the absolute power of a geek's each state but since one cannot convene an entire nation to a monthly meeting the people compare and the little bit of presenting bathers interest and the government act just out of it and little letter. Was their clashing demand and enforce the will of so it seems to be a representative of the public interest. This girl out of not elected they are forming informally bunking Usenet Democratic Party Anyone is free to harm him and to clamor demand barking. How do you I just do it. First that is the business lobby.
But you don't mind if it helps your books then that is the labor lobby but you don't mind if it helps you. Then there's the farm lobby but you don't know it just it's three more from Europe just then a neighbor on the next block. The good old man didn't better roads and to block cars that everyone forms a group demanding but there's another group demand for the line just for old school children and that right above group demands for effects books your windows are smashed when light by the group of below or juvenile delinquent are a problem and the lesson. Is a show non-negotiable demands which you cannot quite understand Bill but you guess that it has something to do with your spouse. The residents of the local all home. For my group demanding a senior citizen follow the old maid file at the office
home you're Constand because you can't keep the file. Faith is given a promotion. Where is the help of a girl that demands the liberation of women. You have enough time to keep track of it all. You're not just only is it your taxes keep rising and I think and your money keeps buying less and less. You are late getting to the office one morning because the local welfare Ethiopians lie stretched out across the highway. Demanding a yearly income greater than half of yours. You slam on the brakes just in time to run you over to the group's leader and laid you know aspects of oh yeah we'll we'll. We'll.
Let you know this fatso who has 12 children and no visible has been will. No one had planned to have you checked but you decided to wait and it'll push that button. You can't afford a long headed young man for me to go to far to beat anyone to have more than two children and their short haired young woman father was a girl to far be the abortion and the use of contraceptives. There is a group that demands a display of sexual intercourse on the screen and I'm not that girl. The demands on the ship of all movies above the intellectual level of a six year old. So you give up going to the moon. You'll fall behind in your mortgage payment but your property taxes keep rising and that I think you can see that giving up your house and arranging one in a new development 5 miles away by the local bird
watchers group is doing the developer demanding that the land he cleared be turned into a public. But your boss has promised you a promotion the job of managing the new branch fact he's planning to build in your district. But he does not believe that the lady who used to head the local boy to club now has a group that demands the preservation of the beautiful swamp he was going to see a will on. Then and the education of that you cannot send your children to the local school which so much of their property taxes has gone before. So your children had a bus to a distant town at daylight hours lyings and that you act Oh well I feel great. You have never thought
of it before but you become a race conscious and try to untangle your own answers. You'll find it so many that you cannot qualify for any of the groups into which York and the Afro-Americans that you canno Americans the fellow Americans the Jewish Americans the Irish Americans etc. and you you want to just the Mongo. And they weren't. Ah good that the bell as bad guy. Oh wait you know what you have been through out at one time but which is becoming dangerous if you lose your job. There will be no presidential waters to help you get another one and no way of knowing how many ethnic Africans will be pushed back and that
there will be no precedential want them for your son I think. To acknowledge when the time alone on threat that the defenseless and you already know that you are needing any human society is not going to bear that violence is the fact that your taxes keep rising. How do you I just go home and do what the first thing to go. Your future. You can barely keep up with your current expenses. You have no way to plan ahead if you try to say you do not know which demand I which groups will eat up your savings in the form of new taxes and higher prices. Why need to develop your skills you do not know whether you will ever get a better job or what new obstacles lisping up overnight or whether there will be anyone left to hire you you know still playing your
cards in terms of years that range of your concerns being still one year to one and then the next great you can be nice and beyond but the black boy. Dangerous Things happen to a man without the future. You begin to act like the type of man you had one by you become sloppy at your job you can barely summon the effort just to get by. You get down to your bio lecture us lawnmower which you have no time to you and you want to live with your wife over the expensive Dr of lamb chops you both for dinner and when you hear a lecture at the group meeting the class the harder a show alligators are you in need of that a man cannot deny you the jewel Africa and give it to you. Upload defiantly in Egypt. Oh yes you have joined a girl you have joined. Ever. You do
not know exactly what they found water but they talk of community action and mutual protection and they denounce you do not like to hear any of which ones are why you have tried to get to me at all but give up every time you need a newspaper or decent So this not only voices on television things grow more care. You do not know by what steps I think you know what your neighbors history you have begun to watch them suspiciously whenever you see two of them in a heated discussion. Observe several cars back in front of a house you feel like that your anxiety. You do not know what they might be up to. What new Google my department and what it will do to you. You're not and if you do you might upgrade your need of any human being you are afraid to speak. You smile and you like he was. Everyone knew you had a great thing one
day you discover that what you feel for a man is he. In that ad on you one bit of what has happened to your neighbors. There were decent people one you remember vaguely. They did not die while back rambling together at one another's throats and buckets. You do not know how many of them are long getting the same thing about you. You're not on the news that there was a time when the local dog watcher and the problem of the left and the point you blabbed made you and me that's all wet of no danger to anyone. I don't know why or where they'd better in the past. If someone answered because they did not have a gun you would not understand. You have come to believe that people are no good and that force is the only practical way to deal with them in
season. They all hail you as stale. You cannot call the NRMA and complexity of an entire nation's problems. You have no way of knowing. Conclude who is the right of wrong. So let some groups or others in the established order. No one has explained to you that the golden rule applies to politics. If certain conditions of social exist I'm acceptable and I'm better bow to you. You cannot expect others to accept them and make them more and what just conditions do it to you. They do it to society as a whole. Do you agree to accept a socialist system. I've just signed. It gives up the system under which we are living today but which we have never chosen. It is important to concede that it now because in the coming
presidential election one of the candidate that he's asking us to I'd be an in the name of national unity. At least if you do accept the principle that society has an unlimited power and that our lives belong to the state. Among many other issues which he exemplifies George McGovern offers I think example of the fact that Dr. Phil. You know atheism is incompatible with national unity by unity we mean peaceful. You're pausing for a moment. That's one thing I wanted to unite with my God and support his programs which must govern and which programs with one joy as.
Ah both keep switching every few weeks. It's just bad enough if a president changes us fellers just while in office as Mr Nixon did but the man who cannot hold this they just set up convictions for just the month of and the election campaign. Yeah makes Mr Nixon look like the Rock of Gibraltar. Didn't. At the moment. My God I'm just trying to justify himself by the cladding in television advertisement that the man should not be afraid to change his mind and we're not but not as a chronic policy and not if he's a presidential candidate who demands and I'm president of that top to dispose of our incomes and effort of our lives.
Yes he used to change his mind. But what does this do to the minds of his followers. Obviously what he expects of them is not the agreement the unity that comes from reason but faith that he's on thinking of Beaton's. This is a simple example of the connection between man's mind and his eye. Those who refuse to recognize an individual that I am necessarily obliged to seek to destroy individual intelligence. However they are vain unthinking of BDM that was that being a comic of magic Germany and Soviet Russia od not the exponents of a nation's unity but other nations that. There are two crucial problems in human motivation ships and the issue of national unity should depend on their proper solution. The factor of
course. And the factor of time the foreigners involved get out of criminals and death the second involves that out of man's mind as a being of Russia know that this conceptual consciousness man is unable to leave like an animal on the range of the immediate moment he is unable to receive exclusively in the present. Some projection of the future no matter how primitive is a necessity of his mental and physical survival. If you point to the hippies with their knowledge logs as evidence to the contrary I shall arrange them as evidence to support my contention that epidemic of drug addiction. We just are not them. To escape from an unbearable mental state man and used by means of projecting the future that is projecting goal and taking the actions necessary to achieve in that
process and not just in time. And it requires the convictions that the ball will remain achievable. If a payment just savage spends days or month hewing a stone weapon it is because he knows that he needs to hunt even a midget setlist banned from most of the year. Jailing the soil and planting it is because he knows that he just messed that in order to collect the harvest both you know that their success is not guaranteed that some calamity of a nature may defeat that effort but they know that they can learn to deal with nature and that nature gives them a chance to get the product of that hunting are planted. What man do not know and have not only to this day is whether they will be able to keep that brought back one they get. The problem of human have the stars is as old as recorded he's they are old when man learned to hunt or to plan some man to avoid death
effort to seize the product of others by force referring to forms of human association that just be made to ride where prompted in logic by the need for self protection against the attack of human and with the tribal Roulette as the chief or how to organize protection against the use of force was an easy man. Fundamental social problem. What has to be protected is man's time 9:00 p.m. from March to both in that period was the process of production and of its go consumption without protection man would be unable to produce or to survive the need for organized protection against force is the root of the need for a god. In the U.S. or Western civilization the period known as the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman that BY was a period when Western Europe existed without any social good news ation beyond
generous local groupings. Well there are only small villages large castles and the remnants of badgers traditions swept idiotic and bad magic by the by the invasion why didn't the robber band and some good luck over the years. It was as close to a state of pure and there yes man with the feudal system. Little out of the need for organized protection. This system in essence consists in the peasant wedding of the gin store Lord who claimed ownership of the land and the percentage of their harvest in exchange for his duty to protect them against me and if it is a tax. This system brought some semblance of order but no protection and no peace. Is that a man who had left in the thought of power of an Ottoman rule that we had you don't military gang and poor object as ruthlessly as. But more dramatically than any party invader that he steered the Middle Ages
either Judaism in general and external wars that were very large driving to enlarge their domain for enlarged driving to subjugate neighboring land and bloody hopeless uprisings best but haven't led you suppressed it was also the longest duty of years of stagnation. Intellectually and productively in Europe 60. That in this town was the great bird intellectually but not politically speaking order and unity. Man attempt to solve the problem of Trudeau's here and you batter placing many smoke Irons was the single big one. Yes was the birth of modern absolute monarchy of course in Kenya extraordinarily and in turn extraordinarily It took the form of perpetual war. Among bad its monarchy seeking to conquer the kingdoms of other monarchs
internally they lived to terror as a way of life was more in the fact the society just upper level this is not to say that the people as a whole wedding present the people I crashed in the serfdom of the hopeless and helpless obedient. But those who declare today that party is the only way to deal with man was the understated footnote that day speakers would be safe in the position of rulers ought to take a careful look at the history of absolute monarchy and of modern dictatorships as well. I'm there to rule a whore if you don't let her out of greatness then you were uneven and I mean there are not quite in the plot to count the plot that would have been known as executor sions and secret assassination. I've met over actor so I have to tell you just a mark you need theirs and their colleagues in I think Germany and Russian national unity peace and harmony among
man. If the history of the animals wary Orchid the most ferocious species would not equal the cotton which perpetrated by man when they choose force as a means of dealing with one another. If you insist on that from the perspective of the blood meal then yeah man dying that he that I want you to look at the bars. I've been there the United States have been there if they just ever proper farmland to kneel. We knew when we did that but ation of Independence the concept of individual right is so pretty beat for you to go thinking that you were a man dressed beautifully and 200 years have not been enough for other countries to understand but this is the concept to which we owe our lives. That concept which
made possible for us to bring in 30 ality everything bad that any of us do or will achieve our experience. It is the key and you on the key to the problem of national unity. Even man seek peaceful for ideas. They must accept the principle that every man has the right which was that a man may not do things that he has the right doing for his own faith and to push till he's happy that he's an end in himself not the means to the ends of others. Not that any other beeg are small strong or weak knees as cannon fodder. Not as on that he walked in the wrong. Joining to support the through the locked door became the Empress are the children of welfare recipients. For. I shall not repeat your weapon I know how to define them and how to implement them.
I refer you to my book captains and when they do I shall meet another mind you that only a little of that man must accept even they wish to achieve peaceful co-existence is that non made use of physical force against others that it is a method of consistent implementation. The first step of which is to delegate to the government the right to use part in that and own me in that if it is necessary in order to take the homicidal port out of each of human whims and human emotion now it you and placed it under the control of objective lo. Benevolence is incompatible with fear it is only when a man knows that his neighbors have no power to be doing that. Here was just life that he can have feel benevolence toward them and they know what he did as the
history I've been made of can people has demonstrated the prettiest people on the earth. Was the most benevolent and the most generous here in the city and innocently to general agreement on the principle I've been given that I was not to impose any official dogma and that's not by anything anyone's going to be action. The greatest but I hear of views and ideas with quite diseased. Peace for you in the same country it was out that thing and you want itto mandis that been there were enough to deal with each other and Misa with force whose choice is on the other. Incidentally just up light even for the man who refuses to respect NDB joyrides that is the payment. If you chose to initiate the use of force he was answered on the time he had chosen. That is by force. That a Kid Nation of individual right is the only proper principle of human rights. Just because it possess
a man's nature that is the nature and the requirement of a conceptual consciousness. Man gains enormous badness from dealing with other men living in a human society. He sees proper way of life but only on certain conditions. Man is not alone and he is not a social animal. He is safe and practical and he has to plan his life long range make his own choices and deal with other man by voluntary agreement and yes to be able to rely on their observance of the IBM and they are there. National unity like love is not a primary but the consequence and must come voluntarily or not at all just as one cannot forget a child who loves his mother and one bad one will make him hate her. So one cannot forget our marriage a nation to unite
when the politicians demand for unity by a lead to a conviction. When you claimed that unity supersedes your judgement when you just used to support policies which you oppose to participate in actions you got to you both for joining your own destroyers to lead to the second official all in the name of national unity. Then he then he pocketed the eruption hate it and national disintegration would be the only zone. It was the last remnant of the principle of individual rights and therefore any of eminence of national unity that George McGovern is about to strike. While some of his followers were demanding and I know that an annual income of six thousand five
hundred dollars for welfare recipients. My government was advocating a proposal which he was made they're obliged to change that or in about $12000 a year be extracted. Man that the best the ablest the most hardworking the most productive and they would be left with less than double the income and found that never even welfare recipients such a proposal is the confession of a mentality. Totally devoid of the concept of individual rights and of justice. As to his concept of national unity it was my government would erode Democratic convention Little's which enabled his voice was that good delegation by means of presidential waters given to something annoyed to festivals not only for all these dogs if that key was used.
He was held by the geological weakness of the other candidates and by gang of some of the young many for they there's power left there and he is hope publicize themselves as the grassroots movement is going on in the nation by coup de Niro who seriously do you buy that. 6 they're not insulting and shouting outside o the established factions of the Democratic Party. Then when he found that his vessels turn out to be weak. That was not deceptive to his campaign song victims don't help him in the name of unity. Hard to say. Back in thank you more than my governor or mom and dad who went back to being a man they had to despise.
This is the kind of extort from the nation as a political candidate. George in my life in a certain abstraction of perfect I'm biking of the soul of modern American intellectuals. This is not to say that he's an intellectual challenge but to say. Oh off it is not in a connected so you project too many of its essential characteristics. Tension uncertainty inconsistency bottle of notions and therefore contempt for ideas and vacuum of badness and feeling I'm going to try to
turn to mentality and patronized. I think you know what the people seizing with you and I Bob. Oh and not only from me out I offered in evidence the fact that the campaign which had been announced as the date for momentous issues part of evolution a change already established that the Indian government and Crusade in the name of a new politics that back when they publicized as an idea it is thought that at the bottom of the old politics and went on down. No issues whether raised or discussed except what if you and they just met you. We have heard nothing but personal denunciation in fellow at that. And your response to both you and me here is an accusation without a few killers or such as the claim that the Nixon
Administration is the most corrupt in our history. What a campaign dedicated to love have you in there he said and of what kind of rabble rousing him to I doubt he is that old. The national unity but McGovern has calculated that if you add on to the synthetic crap imagine bad intellectuals and manufacture the universities out. Of a small percentage of the students. The intellectual and the government of the people is the measure of that distance from me out they do not think a modern nation. They feed and nation of helpless and other bedding masters
and they long to play the role of overbearing but kind of masters they have but nothing in the last 200 years. This is an example of a philosophical line that a lot of these guiding modern intellectuals of the French Revolution there so they have up to date man and Christopher Columbus. It was the better night attitude which regards the people as the master as helpless whining bagging masses that need for handouts. But I'm from a benevolent ruler and wait for his permission to read that each of the gay gene is so dated that it would not work even in modern Europe
to preach that you in America is grotesque. Yeah maybe can people including the poorest have never any god to themselves a compliment Dickens waiting to be helped not to have a day every invented that each and a success to most Americans. The successful are not the objects of envy and hatred but that means perish the OT. Ah and I made it can walk properly identified with his boss and rather than with the welfare recipient and I would venture to guess. So do many welfare is accepting the group are going I want the professional Obama's welfare as a way of life. Americans are a man of action. They do not in Belgian health
and they do not accept passive resignation to stuff in the face of hardships on misfortune that automatic response is to fight to solve the problem and the adjective for which they are so frequently and then the intellectual elite of European viral and base to confront Americans with the pack tonight being kind of a combined market and low Time Lord of the Manor is actually threatened that the landslide defeat is the least McGovern bizarre story. Wow here is an example of my govern view of the people and of national unity as reported by The New York Times. Yes my governor stated let
election morning and the contest between George McGovern and the eugenics is a fundamental right. But with the little people of America and the big reach of America but when the average working man or woman and the powerful elite love I have it used to my husband and said that I'm no good people he answered. Well that was George McGovern Alan. For. If your obvious.
Will. Fall. It is obvious that my govern had counted on it on that day but it just humiliating laugh at it and hate it when you join and you can do the night nation. It gives an evolution. Again you are just not that easy at night and you know Americans do not belong and in math there is little less kind of them. Nor do they want your vision of well American out of your chair and the people it was not the social youth.
If you teach it was the workers who brought that anger against my Baba proposal to expropriate in headed. Manapul may never be anything more than a few thousand dollars to leave their children and it bellowed again the notion of Barbie doing multi-million dollar that do you thing that this is you need to sell delusion. You know if you had that here I'm a dick and you know the importance of having all the art and know a lot of. Them. My governor and his intellectual support or are you done in the will that they do not know which way to die or know how to explain to people I thought you didn't credible but that better your daddy thought that the people would follow them which shows what they'd be up by the nation. Romney out there had to be in that type of place that there is a bad their private. Definition that I mean eligible. Mine
after years of talking only to those who argue with them. They came to believe that no one else would do that and not enough in a state of shock. Everybody intervening article by Jeff by James Wright. I fear in the New York Times that them but Ban them to do on the title. What kind of people out of the world can do that but the president to make certain assumptions about the condition of the nation and the world and try to carry on about what kind of people we are and what the only thing I want to tell you what we know about what the administration I see only missed their points out before me. That quote and my joy of the people I did fairly well. Oh. And I am opposed to my brother Robert. Quote It would be difficult to prove that the president has and is judged if I put
him. Well. Bad which used to be a symbol of American compassion you know it got hit by many not only as in the basic math math math which is easy but almost as that I think in which money is taken from the people who want to support the people who want what flows which is precisely what you need. What else can it mean that it doesn't. And. What indifference for the massacre of human life in Vietnam provided he does not the American life is not exactly the ideal that that the American nation as the most on welfare and compassion society in his. But Joe Biden in this election that have been there my little response to Mr. McGovern I demand that we should end the war. You're proud of the fact that to redistribute the wealth. Reconcile the race and the generation and got the
defense badges and do all of these things because you need and Jack at home are essential to the spiritual and physical security of the nation. This is and I knew who live near demonstration did Eason why all three of them is incompatible with the individual right. Was justice and national police the man that you feel you what thought of you and the one that is between victims and that is what sort of hearing that means that after he demand that we do night on the program to end the war. I said I'm very proud of the fact that actor back then keen on their income for some people at the expense of others doing it just a bit well buy from the nation to reconcile their race and the generation by potential what they do not do. Caught
the defense budget by a rely on the goodwill of Russia. Such is the nature and the loathsome evil of them which is now on top to bottom of the problems of a non functional bookended it as have the affront that it to offer the people and of your wealth and nation would not sit at. A. Corner that would not accept but be out to is they need that then anything. People with Mr wrong when he declared that what that has been remarkably little response to Mr McGovern I've been both but I'm less biased on a game that is dumb as shown by the polls have been overwhelming. You could have prevented the American people the rejection of the 30 and the 9 they got there and that will.
Force. It would be fair and even deadly. To indict the character of a whole people on the basis of the evidence in something they have mis read and proceeds to do it. You not like that of the American people. Oh please I'm clearly implying that if they did he would indict the people he's a fashion icon. He he is my God my ideal and his proposal for his blunders. Maybe they don't long for the unity and justice and change he won both years and blames my government for having failed to prevent you say deal effectively with the implication that even if people had known better still DOS ideals they would have really enjoyed
anything to global effect in the show. Well I. Never did that he declared. The main question remains even if you did use ideals effectively what the American people in their present mood would respond. Close he is not to say I know a human being can accept. I'll read them poorly and I'm sure that the fact that they're all affecting the show and the I made it can be both of their own. The modeling program the magnificent assertion of independence and self in it is obvious that outweighs them is the intellectual only hope and their only weapon aircraft. Long live the web of Egypt and better thing to hear the more dense and human. Although I kept thinking and thinking when that dam to deal with that. Here is another example from that time.
October 4 1972 according to William B George McGovern has shown what they can get on neurotic friendly personality. You both well and what an expedient publication moving in the main seem a bit down to me but I'll take a closer look. After trying lamely to justify my govern we just and compromise with Mr Shannon the last quote. But in any event politically there's a problem. I'm not like that Bill there's a blueprint and I think they are mindful on the road he hopes the country book. Oh the partisan plan that. Mr. McGovern signed called I perfectly believe that he would lead the way and I made it easy. Compassion and concern for the hungry child in the old ford over back fed up walk around their family line and the heart of their
MO for demo nourished in Vienna on the forgotten that of their vacation and the add in water water and in the deep and land. What about compassion and the part of those who seek happiness in life. When will they have time for it. But then how through East would know what I'm talking about. You know now that I think of you and however Mr. Shannon at that valid point through that political program today I do not like Bill Graham but more like nine books in a mixed economy dominated there by the philosophy of pragmatism a political candidate does not dare to proclaim We have got principles he has to pay the price out of it but the notion that every pressure group and two of the opposite the few songs in the kitchen. If that means that we the voters have to let in the
art of repeating and make a choice in that pack between two of them by means of the flying boat that indicate the nature of the hypocrisy as well as the road they actually want us to travel this is not the procedure conducive to national unity. But at present we have no other. Well by that criterion both Mr Nixon and mr my governor are here but both have a few bits to Mehdi and using that is heat and upright and took out the least expected but here is the difference between them. Mr Nixon zone not to champion the free enterprise invent detection and deafen I mean he's the bits of police that you missed in my government does not mean he's a bit too I'm maybe even an outboard you're obviously dying and there is only one choice for
those who value individual that I have you know I am not going to admire me and you but whatever you follow I don't not when I'm fair or he ever said it perfectly every time. Again thank you that we have to hope thank you. That has to be defeated and defeat that he's gone to the American people a pattern please understand that without any guidance any intellectually the ship and the conceptual understanding on the basis of nothing but their sense of life. They knew when to say no loudly and yet now more than ever after the election they will need the help of every On this I think you give a person to make better knowledge in the end do them separately. Because their sense of life is a magnificent foundation but not as you
fission weapons. They've become now more than ever they will need a new life. A year ago in this Oh I reckon I held any hope for the future of this country. I answered Yes and the car my foot the article I was down at I think it just dong let it go and it was published in the I AM THAT I AM To that end of November 22nd and December 6 1971. I would like you to he did or you did know it dealt with the fans of life up there many people in the past. I'm mean the American people have been and still have my best hopes. If I were indeed yours which I know I would say God bless them. I'm
saying it and it was. A. Little for a few good years for Boston after this. Second pause for Stacy. I could look at this this is in the National Public Radio. Tonight Ford hall forum speaker is novelist and philosopher. I read this rant as receiving a standing ovation from the capacity crowd to rip through a hole in Boston. Now let's go back to the floor for tonight's question period.
May I say for the benefit of those who may be new to this audience and to these programs the question period is conducted with great simplicity. I have tried to take a question or two from each section so as to cover the entire hole. When recognized police band so I can see you and then remember always you are the question that the speaker is on the platform. Question please. Yeah. They can know your opinion of the type of campaign which Mr Nixon is conducting against Mr. McGovern.
As far as I know it's not quite the course as I would have made it. But deprived in the end properly. You have not come from my not in me. If anything the other way around. And I don't know what on earth and gravity and have. Right. Governor Connally former governor comic effect this was one of the best thing that I would say something you might do better than the Republicans. Had been had down in the past it would have been much. Of all of your achievement. Which one are you proudest of.
I have never given any thought. I don't measure it that way but if you want me out of the moment of having made the right book on it. Was fine. We. All already know. What constitutes a thank you. Oh yeah and one of you who vote. Of support on the ship. Sometimes in international politics is almost the opposite. Like to invoke sanctions against the country. A blockade don't have diplomatic and a bit of a by the way I use the word
sanctions. You know Mario on that. You're always in the fence about who vote or fund the. Question up your way out I see your hand. Was. Molt. What will run out. On Willow. In what way do you undertake to believe or do argue that the taxation on income is a doctor and a vicious gentleman uses as his basic principle the
assumption that he lived in the desert and also on and in the forest grew. And had built in itself a cabin and then he moved to the extremity of a bit of civilization. And he speaks about the fact that he has built a cabin and others have done likewise and he has accumulated money whether by inheritance of the rest. And he raises the question by what right is this the fruit of his labors to be subject to tax. I'm sorry if you don't have it. That I've got a command that I'm sure it will not do you any good. Or you know you never know where my dude you've got to command that because you will find an answer to a question I'll give you just a brief one.
I would assume that your jet the premise whether left alone on a desert island you wouldn't be able to a log cabin. If you're using your mind in the manner you demonstrate in your question namely by context dropping though you would no more water on a desert island then you it you can abuse the site because even though that might come down and of knowledge would be left that knowledge in the most civilized society of doubt. Do you any good. I know you know your own mind you have read it and then apply that if you could be able to bellow about cabin on a desert island all by yourself. Then you nonmedical you would probably be oh damn close. But that here then of your mind. But the people who come after you no matter what knowledge you would have them will not be able to know that at no less. They learn from you and then apply
that knowledge by their own independent water that is the way in which we from Planet generation and future generations. Means that be already morrow in head if in fact we all don't. Those from whom we're used to you were mine and the sorry you're free to let out of that mine other mine. Use it as a day off by what you mean. Ironic that means I know the gun but clear right that the people who have not achieved anything and do not intend to by what right would they leave anything above a lot of him today. It is nation let us say that you write that right you only need
the man and wife of their property. What they really do is by their own thinking and effort and by going back to like dealing with others and die it will do a nice thing. Yes. Your. Truism is an impossibility or is something that is undesirable. On what exactly. We have an easy way to naive man to practice there is no such thing. However it is that great. But the delay on the part of
the executioner. And you you know the man you would like to practice that not likable unless you knew in the first part where. Cannibal looking at you know how long it has not been altered. But guess what. They feel are about three except if I can do all three of them if they are only a few. You're the only justification used by every dictatorship every night when you're an American I don't know what the cause of them but they are not in the neighborhood anymore. Every time you want something more go. On and belong to someone else you try to invoke all of them and in that way if you like the book and the blog that he
is the best demonstration of it. Or. Not we will see. I don't know you but I don't need that kind of language right now like yeah right. You. Know. But I want you to put your questions simply and don't speak in the face. Put it simply. You know what I mean.
And. Then. I know you were asking about the philosophy of what is the philosophy the direction self. You can understand what it. Really did not get away on the way over. Here. Good thing Fred it is important to become politically involved and if you do think so how would you go about changing our politics and our politicians in this game. I'm not that hard on the players but on your question no I don't think it's important
to be politically active today. I'd think you just crucially important to vote if and whenever two candidates are more or less the same then even that not a duty if you can't make up your mind. But in an election like. This nine is thought to have got even if neither side will admit that that to the extent to which you want to preserve your right to know you should vote. Now how do I propose to change our politicians I don't. Know of. How they changed into what they are no longer that which accompanies even them I believe that politicians are not the meaning element they are what the electorate or public opinion in effect makes them or what they think public opinion wants of them. They have demonstrated that they get very far before one can engage in politics one who didn't gauge in
education know what I have said that repeatedly. What we need is an educational campaign aimed at those spread a new philosophy to make people understand what that individual right why they're right. Why altruism is wrong and. Bad should be conducted by every person who has that particular thought if you understand your ideas try to spread them to as many people as you can. That is how public opinion changes and that will change politicians. But if you asked me about what social institution is mainly as an institution the cause of a problem I would say that colleges and universities if you want to inform any one institution start there because if the logic is that they needed that time in the college to which that determines the direction of the country and the law that beat you. National of the universe. That's where he comes from that who's
bread to every other profession. If you want to do is they start with the college. Have you heard of liberation right. The WA. Libertarian Party. No. I would. Rather. Vote. For Bob Hope or the Marx Brothers. You know I don't know who is the finest today and rather than something like Professor and then get back to you. Look I don't think in the wallet is that great. But even that. Is pretty much of a demagogue with some courage. Even he had the good sense to stay home this time. If you want to do
something then he had one now gone very thin wanted some freedom for his son to chill with these here. I've heard of the above British 50 and if person wherever they're yet again pull away from Nixon which I doubt but even they don't eat is a moral crime. Not at this time like you did. Who cares about Nixon and less about how of course but maybe this is not the time to engage in voting no seeking. We can all of that type of round thing but need to go on to engage in all that they want to achieve. And he does not look down on you for it. If they want to spread their ideas no worries. By education no more dog around the fire brand for president or even for dogs.
Get your if you're going to help my government that way was. He. Is. Down and wins the gas and see if I've got it. This gentleman suggested both candidates Nixon and McGovern have contradicted themselves. And he wonders how one knows who is the better one to vote for when each
one in turn has been self contradictory. Well I answered that at the last part of my speech and they meet in a new technology. You will never get what you can see again today so everybody will be part of the theme selves. So all of that one can he do is observe the thought of a need to go figures be just action and decide what the what if you main line what the dominant life and then hope for the best. And Nixon is certainly not a great example of consistency but look he has. I've never had. To attempt to give up your wealth. He has never asked for power. I've never said he is a man who is not a power left.
That's not close one. Wait a minute wait a minute. Wait a. Damn you're right as to what power here the suggestion is come from an irritated fact. We'll wait for the price control. Oh good news that you brought Graham but that he wasn't asking for personal power. I mean and man who wants to control your personal life. I thought about the wages right here a year ago. I'm as opposed to it as I can be even and Ford lost control. Fortunately I wouldn't think it's impossible that you will. But he is not doing it. But you know if you look at one of my honey you know that's what they call the
lead. I see nobody can advocate the right to put it right. How much money are men entitled to make them grab everything else. That proposal of twelve thousand a year a model was proposed though it just water and not many of them white. I would have played the article titled On the subject in the island and whether I can make a long letter of it. No but it is an on because both proposal which you then very quickly have to accost the thread but the answer to finish your question. The only way you're going to need judge to date you but you look not at the detail but at that basic principle. What kind of fundamental principle have a great part of your life and I'm not I'm not the country what you give you can do and do and judge him by that
is not much and I'm not him. I don't think you meant was yes that is what I am endorsing. Your individual right. And when you are male and collective then you have to fight for your life and not govern you that that's within your mightily. I. I think available and if not why not and if so where. I don't know why not. Someday I might. You. Know I think I don't know. All right here.
We. Go. The progress of film production. Rather than I can. Write. I love. How you
listen and see whether I have it if I haven't got it raise your hand. But there's a lady a guest in one of the articles you wrote for your fortnightly. You had an open letter to Boris Spassky in which you expressed the opinion that enthusiasm about chess was really in some ways an escape from reality and. Yeah. Well that's why I went to bars faster because. They are going into chess as a profession was a mistake from reality and the lady I asked whether or not this can consistently be applied to all of the sports where a person goes into sports as a profession would this be your opinion that they too are seeking to escape from reality. You know and I typed on that will be printed in the article you
quote. You seen your. Man become a professional sportsman. It improves their skill in the fight you can have it back which is involved like Amanda is the champion that honor that means they've been known for life here on the way out and then what he wants to use that ability to put it up to him there not in this gave to be a champion sportsman but the peculiar paradox in chair is that the man which is supposed to be an intellectual thought that the man could go into it professionally. Just drawing their intellectual capital for intellectual understanding of any other field. No I don't mean that necessarily so I never did. But in most cases the man who I don't really knew intellectually at chess I did naive helpless mystical in other realms of life. In other words they
concluded that it didn't have that on one side because I gave it and do not give it and which activity doesn't develop that capacity in don't like purity for the rest of their existence. You doubt the opposite you can find no I am not saying it necessarily has to do so but in such cases that as we know it seems to be the choice of those. Who go into professional just wait. I still just playing the game that I like station. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong with it. You play it you have I professionally if you use the same my mom and daughter have. If you're not the impetus of your entire life. On other issues of life but not behave like Bob.
Ford Hall Forum
Lecture by Ayn Rand on "A Nation's Unity"
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Ayn Rand delivers a lecture on "A Nation's Unity" for the Ford Hall Forum, held in Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music. She is introduced by Judge Reuben Lurie. In her lecture, she acknowledges the calls for unity that come during presidential elections and addresses the necessity and possibility of unity and its consequences. She concludes by answering questions from the audience. Audio cuts off during the question and answer session.
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