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It's that air service program with letters from listeners read by the director of the state broadcasting service. HB McCartney my partner on the program was a program supervisor cliff. Cliff let's begin with this letter from our cace Wisconsin. There is I'm not directing this letter to the pterosaurs program with the idea of having it read on the air. In fact I would be happy if it were not just a minutes or as you look like it's been recorded but you don't sound like him. Well it doesn't exactly feel like me either. But what it is it is and you see the truth of the matter is that I am practicing up so that I can sing that old song which appealed to me so much as a boy and I was never able to do that before. Well that's where there's a lot of more touchy. And the writer says I would be happy if it were not read on the day or so I was programmed so dear friends you will never know what was contained in the rest of this letter. You sure are. That's exactly right. We certainly want to respect the wishes of our
writers. But there's one question in there that intrigued me so I thought we really should get that question out in the open. Is this something that you think she would not mind sharing with others. There's a lot of great public interest I believe. Oh yes this is this is a topic and in natural science how small are turtle eggs and just hatched turtles. My friend and I found small live objects about the size of ladybugs But when touched they seemed to pull their legs or whatever in like a turtle does. Neither of us had our reading glasses so things were a little blurry and I'm not quite sure what we were watching. Is there anyone there who could give us an idea what we were watching. Don't you think that's a matter of great concern. Well it's a matter of curiosity at it wrist and I suspect that Bob Allison could shed some light on this. We've already talked about Alison about this and he says and I'm quoting him you can't mistake a newly hatched turtle that looks just like an adult turtle. Even the smallest newly hatched turtle
is at least an inch in diameter. And when we asked him what the lady did see he said I suspect they were ladybugs. Well that's what she thought. And so as I say there's more to this and some very complimentary remarks I think I will share with others. The closing sentence thank you for. Thank you all for whatever answers you can give to the questions here I am. And thanks just for being in that mass. That's very nice. All right next a card from Milwaukee I must voice my opinion on today's lecture. Survey of Agriculture. It was wonderful. I never knew that meteorology could be so fascinating. This lecture should be repeated so that many more people will hear it. What's this all about Cliff. This was a lecture by Reed Bryson of the department of Meteorology it was about how weather has affected civilization through history. Was this listener says an absolutely fascinating lecture and worth repeating.
Absolutely it will be on Encore Sunday at 2 o'clock service from that there's a man card from Duluth Minnesota. And listen to this. This is a lot of card that is sharply critical of Professor Petrovitch. Yes and listening to and enjoying his stray already past and being made I do enjoy Professor Petrovitch what has always baffled me is why when the professor reaches certain places in his remarks he puts an extra emphasis on the words used. He does evidently love to. And here's a word I'm not sure about whether it's rub or rule it's kind of been kind of blurred this came through the rainstorm recently and is not quite distinct. He does evidently love to something or other. The Church history of the 16th 17th 18th centuries yet ignores the opposite causes except to gloss over them gently or ignore them completely. His story of Clemenceau is father to his son is a case in point. I regret that he finds no
time for the opposite errors. P.s. i just love your schedule from first to last. So here's a criticism offer and in a gentle fashion and it's balanced by one of the opposite nature from Appleton. Dear Sirs please give us today's Petrovich talk on Encore Sunday. How important to know the philosophical background of Marxism. Thank you also for the talks by John Coughlin and George Schuster on November 5th. Arlene hazard continues as a splendid show such variety and overdue thank you for the Harvard Law School series a summer that is overdue that series has been off especially Carol Berman's philosophy of law. My weeks activities are scheduled around Petrovich as lectures. Yes and from Two Rivers Wisconsin. I've missed two of Professor Petrovich lectures one on the 10th and another on the thirty first of October if they are in
print or near print form could I get them. If not will they be rebroadcast later in the year the same way as some of us are Albertsons lectures frequently the 11 o'clock broadcasts reach that busy housewife who does not always have the time to sit down and listen. I believe it would do much good if other members of the family could listen to such lectures for most of us lack the knowledge of the background of history to understand what is really going on in the world. I find them real eye openers. Recently I have returned from Michigan where I met many people there from Ohio. Neither state gives the people the opportunity to listen to such wonderful lectures discussion as high class music and operas. It angers me at times to hear people complaining of programs they seem to forget that there are all kinds of people with different tastes and interests. I'm trying to tell people of my town to get an F em radio. Or I call many people to make sure that they listen to some of your programs. I was certainly pleased to learn that you're going to have a program devoted to peace in these troubled
times. Are you by the way familiar with the work of Norman Cousins the editor of The Saturday Review on behalf of peace. I believe that if instead of advocating and urging people to build shelters against attack we worked harder to achieve peace. We'd go a lot farther now than let me comment on a couple of things here. It's not entirely accurate that the people in Michigan and Ohio are denied broadcast of this kind. She may have visited in sections where the Michigan and Ohio stations could not be heard but the University of Michigan and Michigan State have their own educational stations. Their music offerings are much like ours perhaps they do not have quite as many lecture courses direct from the university campus and the same probably is true of the Ohio State University station. But they are comparable in other ways and people within their range get in general the same type of service. It's a matter of fact at last count there are 10 educational radio stations in the state of
Michigan now. Did you know him. No I didn't know that. The ones popping up all the time. Some of these I suspect are the low powered ten watt stations. I suppose a few of them are but there are at least four or five which have a fairly good coverage area and is the new Grand Rapids transmitter on the air yet that will be the first of December we hope. That's what we thought and perhaps I think as we've indicated before we can have more of an interchange between these two neighboring states. Well Cliff she mentions Norman cousin and Carsons and plan for a special day of programming. Do you have any further light to shed on this. Not much light except to say we're working away at it and we're gathering material and still getting suggestions every place I turn every day the phone rings 10 times and people have more ideas I'm getting suggestions from as far away as Cornell University enough. Your problem is going to be selection of material I suspect what's the date again. December 6 December 6th for the special day of programming with particular emphasis
on what the individual can do right. We've skipped one question here in this letter from two rivers. Oh yes Rod casting Professor Petrovitch. I promise we will rebroadcast these lectures by Professor Petrovitch. I think it will have to be this summer however because our schedule for the second semester I'm afraid is going to be too full to permit a rebroadcast of this many lectures but they will be rebroadcast we won't throw them away. And let's answer this other question also about whether copies are available we have to say sorry Fessor Petrovitch speaks extemporaneously with only notes not a manuscript. And the cost of transcribing the tape lectures into typed form for duplication is simply way beyond our broadcast budget. So you have to say listen carefully and be alert for the repetition of the series. We do offer the bibliography the suggested readings and copies of
those materials are available now. Cliff here have you seen this. I'm just going to ask you what you're doing with the program bullet in your head and here is a November December program bulletin which was mailed out to a listener. We won't even identify the city for fair this may be revealing. But this comes back to us with the foreword notation which could be a commentary on many things. The notation is this. Now married not interested. Now what do you make of that. A young lady gets married and is no longer interested in the broadcasts from her state broadcasting service. Does this mean that our husband is now able to satisfy all of her intellectual curiosity and interests. Does this mean that he's opened up an entirely different area of activity. What does this mean
to you. Young lady sends back the program bulletin says now married not interested. Well perhaps they moved out of state. I've thought that little person got married and this was the time of the extension of interests and. The development of special interests in the homemakers program but nothing else. What I am tempted to. Well we have a former address maybe we could find out what might be an interesting sociological study. Well it strikes me as such I could just speculate on this for the rest of the day. Not interested. Well let's get on to a couple of other matters on the same subject a card from Madison addressed to Kyle Smith you have just finished reading that incredible tale of those incredible animals on the incredible journey. My husband heard a few of the installments last week when he took off a
few days from work and he told me that no matter what I must listen today to see if those dogs and the Cat made it. We've been absolutely enthralled by this book. I was shocked at the finish that I wept. Thank you for reading the incredible journey. Let's add also this one from Stevens Point. That was today in the closing of chapter a day such a sense of timelessness of peace joy with life that it caused me to take typewriter in hand to write of it to you. Thank you for reading and the music chosen to follow the incredible journey inspiration is a rare and greatly treasured emotion for me. I can't thank you enough for the privilege of sharing with other Wisconsin Illinois Michigan Minnesota residents those occasional priceless times along of course with the daily quota of education entertainment and influence which you steadily provide for us
in line with the thought of influence I'd like to comment on the encore program of Sunday November 5th. I felt the program to be slanted and biased in the most subtle way. Not worthy of state station and presentation much less a repeat. This was not in fact a repeat I must say here it is one of the University of Wisconsin religious lecture series which are given periodic Lee through the academic year this was the first of this year's lectures and we record these on Sunday afternoon and great hall and broadcast on the following Sunday afternoon. On the period which is usually reserved for encore Yes. I wonder if it was made plain enough as it most certainly should be that these do represent a point of view and that one live must listen to the entire series to get a balanced picture of various issues and religion this is normally the case. Yes I don't think we do make much point of this fact although I think perhaps we should make this a little clearer. Yes the individual broadcast should be
regarded as a part of a whole and if persons got the impression that this was in a way slanted or biased he must remember that the series is planned with provision for specific points of view to be represented and that in order to get the total picture one must listen to the entire series. The problem here however is that the series is spread out over a nine month period with many months going between lectures. Well this is true and it suggests that one must look to programming over a period of time in order to achieve the entire balance. And most of us look to another period at this same time next week if we expect to hear more letters from listeners on another station of the day program. Sorry to cut you off cliff but there it is. Until next week then we remain Sincerely yours.
Dear sirs
Regarding Petrovich
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