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Whatever your reasons doing this what you. Weigh here today going to the airport you know almost gave me an attitude. I was a. Mostly white one and I. Wrote. Oh. Well. Why didn't you. Why do they call Ford again Richard. If you're really good at it. And the black elite deal with it rather well. I credit you greatly you know. Just like Hoffa how
we were. Going to. Get. It Done. Sometimes what you get when you see you just stick up. To 60. My biggest problem in America with physical. I had to physically watch out for my life my family's life and now is minimal in economics and the whole groove got to change that I would have to move it to another level. This economic level it means that we've got to start telling our children. And I love ones about entrepreneurship. I mean you know let me give you an example. If we found out. That in the late 40s and early 50s it was sin and the children to college so they could come back and work for the Nazis we would say the Jews was crazy cause we know how the Nazis felt about it. But yet in America we can send eyed children to school the best schools in the whole world to come back and work for Fortune 500 companies that feel the same way about us not about Jews. Now until that they change
until I have to have enough respect for myself not to work my butt off and my wife were a couple of The Stand up like children. So colleges all over the world to come back to work for racist white companies that wouldn't give a momma and daddy or me the time of the day. How do you get around it. We black folk did a six hundred eighty eight billion dollars. There's not a single white group in America that has this economic power. Thirty six percent of every Cadillac so less here. Black Top bottom. We can put General Motors out of business. We spent 2.5 begin now with Coca-Cola last year when he made him get out of Saab after we drink Coca-Cola known in taste the blood in it until we changed the priorities. When Bush vetoed the civil rights bill last year we should have said no Christmass robot would get this year's night before because all it was when this little narrow here the dude in the White House do something that's going to fix his Roebucks profit level because they made me Mayor. Then when we do this then I can drop my hostility. Some have made it you may have a made a white racist system. I'm not made of white
folks lamented the white racist system. But I know I better not talk nasty to white folks I'm new I've been a cut my eyes one of them but I don't do a thing I want to do to you. This is why I hostility right. And see any way you could it. You agenda may be holy and let me tell you what we black folks is trying to prove that it is a holy agenda but hatred will burn up your hope. In a system that you make like is better than it is a system that you try to go along with just so you can pay your rent make your so hateful. And if you just look stressed me black me and look at the looks on their faces. Most of them are evil look on they face 24 hours but they're mad at me. They will kill me now because they mad at me. The medical system women. Of all races understand if they husband can be read to some on the job in your column and not the old lady down why. Because I don't hate you and get away with it. I'm not doing it cause I can get away with it. I'm relieving some tension and so consequently when we look and move this thing to the mind level move it up stairs to a whole
different level then we would change the whole thing because we can change it overnight. Once we understand that the problem is a white racist system. Wrapped into this sexist mentality of mine and I believe that I'm supposed to defend for my wife in a systemone let me do that so I'll go see how much whiskey I can drink and I keep saying whiskey cause the whole drug thing is a myth. I mean if you look at the FBI homicide list lay here twenty three point nine percent of all homicides was happened committed by people who had nothing anybody but whiskey and nine point two percent of all homicides happen with people that had not been a body but hard drugs. So the chances of us being murdered in America is to one who have a doable heart was drunk on whisky. So this whole game they play. I mean even though this whole cop thing this whole war last year it's hard to believe if you listen to what we hear that not one cop was killed in New York City last year. It's hard to believe that all we crossed this country last year 67 cops was killed. That's down from the 70s when we everything one hundred twenty cops killed every day
last year out of 67 cops 48 and was killed with small guns. We had more cops killed in America last year from knife wounds and fist than we have from double barrel shotgun so when you see it and you look at this whole missed somewhere. You have to separate it out and say OK what's the number one problem in the black community today. It's whisky not don't. That's what my grandpa drank. That's what my grandma drank that's what Michael wasn't drunk. That's what my mama drank and we create a whole issue and let everybody get around the main issue more black women get raped and get what because the dude was drunk on whiskey not high on coke and we totally let not go by why. Because America's let me go by those that have to change. We don't have to change our priorities. That's the big problem. Get up in the morning black neighborhood on Sunday morning we don't have a $300 house the 31000 I'm going to do even a
$27000 car and drive that Black 30 years down. I don't want to bore you mother but when the rappers come to town don't deny. She get a crowd cause he's free. Hers is about when the rappers come to town that Miss Prouty can find. Almost no it shall. Not take it to the $5 bill T-shirt $50 for silly. But you never gave that towel or you'll sell the $10 to the NWC puter Urban League yes he'll see to this is going to be OK. With all. That's going on and it's just a matter of changing from one to brother and me when we make progress on.
Progress. And you want to deal with it. Tell me about progress. Used to be called Negro History Week nights called black marks. Progress because when you know when you get ready to give us a much better word only days missing 11 that's what I mean enough to me to see we've got to start picking up IMO. Now I didn't expect them to give us the 31 day of analysis done when they leave. We'll yeah most African American blacks. Not only do we not by the way don't you must let us off the ground. No you owe me a meal I came in that told y'all I'm a very special diet not tell you what I want to come up with some ham I tell you I want to point out the reason why I want to thank you so much.
Thanks ed. My route home. That's where we got the income we don't gallivanting. I was so proud of all the words. If the child sees a shadow six more weeks of winter next to him and to somebody living in San Diego. I'm not born with homo saddled these men I'm 59 years old I got to be in black children and I've been black all my life. We don't have homo Saudi medivac to be honest. White folk commit move on an everyday American black folk. They just do they was in the house. I do mine on the street corner and if you don't believe it look at the stats. Go to the Vietnam wall of respect. Count all the names on it. You get almost 50000. Make another wall next to that and put all the children in America in the last 25 years has been killed from child abuse and child neglect and the war be twice the size and
91 percent of the white folks. OK. Beat the children to death that powerless what they doing to wives battered wives I mean that whole thing. But it happens in the house. And so consequently maybe for her for the first time. We can move this to a different level and do it without insulting the black woman. I'm so tired of hearing that they no black man at home. Well why your tell me about Frederick Douglass he didn't know that. Well you tell me about the boys you know de Hitler had a father. OK Jack the Ripper. Father the only present have been around the White House Dick Nixon had a father at home and you can get no closer family ties than the mafioso military and talk about family and they reduced the whole world down to animals. So we keep throwing this back on us. And you haven't proved that it works someplace else look what the Nazis did not you tell me they came out of broken homes. So look at the folks who invented the nuclear bomb. Look at the folks who've messed up the ecology is not fourth grade dropout black folks with no debt is at home is a well-groomed will educate scientific white minds that and polluted the whole world. So
somebody better really go easy when you start talking about no black man at home and make sure you don't insult my black system. Who is my wife was my daughter who is my mother. And let's put just blame where it belongs. Mother from those father my grandfather died one thousand one hundred and seventeen you know his wife. 1072 is a man married to a woman he 970 she did 972 weepin endangered man as a white racist system that destroys us and we sit around and talk we can't talk about everything but a racist system. You see my biggest problem in his system is it was a white racist system and I have a sexist mentality Now why is that detriment because the sexes mentality tells me all these false things that I'm supposed to protect the woman. She can survive without me. I'm supposed to bring the money home and then a white racist system stops me from doing that. And instead of me because the whole thing is false in the first place. But instead of me reacting to the system tell me how over drank how over dance over
play football I mean the way we should be the athletes that we are. We over do it. And so consequently when we stop. And look and say look I'm not going to do nothing else no more. If I'm the do who do thing I'm over do the system for them. I'm 59 years old. The reason I live this long because black women protected us from black me in the came home from work made white folks and we're going to do nothing and talk about what they will not take off their sons they always jump on or do you object to the one mad at me. He made a system that reduced him down to a boy every day and why folks wonder why niggas can't get to work on time. The lonely take me to get to work along I'll keep my manhood in early and get off the fast I get it back that's what that is. I mean don't look my wife I don't get up as early as black folk and no step ladies we do so don't act like I can get out the baby. But it's the humiliation that whole insult. Once we get past that. Then we can start changing the thing around and maybe Mohamed in the most limbs maybe somebody need to go in the black community center is this a myth or is it real.
How many black moves limbs don't go to jail now not so much the ones that in jail that convert to be unlike most rooms. How many of you like loser who don't have a job who flop in the poverty. But when I see you still need to steal clean you're getting strange looking little haircuts thing and all your look like ya been to college and I'm no yo haven't. Now what happened to you all. You didn't go to Harvard you didn't go to MIT you didn't go to Howard. There's an attitude change. You not only don't do don't. I mean in my Christian friends meant that if one of them gets off don't they all sit around and laugh and thank God they still break in bourbon smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Here's a man came through and took a mile from home or dope soft dope all drugs all wind all cigarettes all everything and one day we bet over five and six. Did he have the answer. He didn't just say you know what it don't. He said no don't bring us to God the rearranged the diet. We got a Malcolm X on my Thomas something that some white folks told me after my something that happened in our neighborhood do in our lifetime. Malcolm X oh who look good don't push you or drug addict against him when Malcolm
left this point and he left one of the finest most honorable decent ethical human beings that ever leave. What happened. The suicide rate among adults in America is like books you don't know where you say you're ready for this I need to be all black I don't like college. What shall an indictment. Of the MIT I did not teach you to see you. Come back again when you told me that I'm not here to please me. He got sick and I referred to measure your legitimate trade school. And you might see more suicides in one year than all the big teams have been 20 and we want to walk around with one value system time of those good schools be assessed. But do you think that a school
children with the lawyers can get the money. He didn't just dollars. If you were a kid a long time ago concerned black folks have been trying to tell you just what happened here. It might upset about black teenage pregnancies has always been like that no teenager ever had a child until he told me about. His white teenage pregnancy. 10 times. Koreans can come here and they can get off the boat and they can put 50 to a room. They can work seven days a week. The day that this woman is all she takes you all the children and they bring all the money and they put it in one of them. Well I'm sure we would act the same way if we was in a foreign country. See when you go to a foreign country you ski you tend to trust people that you wouldn't
trust ordinarily we're not in a foreign country man. And so what I'm saying is is when you look at our lifestyle compared to people coming in from a here or Mexico there's no comparison when you look at compared to Jews. I mean and then you look at us compared to light complected black folks like completely black can fare better than dark complected black holes in a system that have less effect on their words and the words are well down the street 12 miles away they can look through binoculars to see me coming you know my light complected because I'm making so the light of day and one day we're going to have to go to the jails and say I mean like complected folks is in jail compared to dark complected folks in some icy way women are. There's more dark complected black folk in my complex OK not how many light complected folks is in the professions in the business in other venues you can play the dark complected folks. Then they don't balance out because the less humiliation I have the lighter I am the less humiliation I have. And it works. I mean it is it is a kind of strange that that in New Orleans there's never been a man elected that was dark and I don't know if they
could be one crazy madness. If I if I can't do it give me as close as I can. And you know we don't do anything you know we need money together and just put the onus of some black reading. I mean I'm not saying that homework on the record of somebody in the plan to make the pre-party on. Me how Mark's got the game together because of you you have. Homework reckons almost because I remember a point here. But when you open up the hallmark card they do not know how to capture that get to buy fresh. Produce arc sing sweetly as the Lord will be the courtin. If you love me enough. These two suit which I'm assuming I'm going to do it. You get the chance to. Go with.
The Bushido members. Oh we gotta work this thing out. We got started now in some cases people know where money is not. Education is not information. That's what's so good we got the education and the research is in and out of this comes information. Heard someone say they were right we don't need just to come out of this we need to discuss it. The number one killer of black males 17 to 20 boys is. I think black 59 years
32 years and I know we're not born with make me. That's where the new levels have to go. I'll be honest. I'm dealing with the surface stuff big time I get around young black youth I have a lot they say 17 to 25 get to get because I'm the only way to kill somebody. A better question I have a. Nutrition comment that I want to work in the ask questions not by demanding with the white folks in question the small amount why when I was born I was black and I grew up I was black when I get sick I'm planning on a week I'm black. When I die I'm black. Now look at you when you don't want to eat you grow up you want you get sick you greedy I don't think you really get out in a cold winter time you turn blue when you turn purple and yellow call me come. The weekend. OK me having my mommy myself the white woman says she don't know that she's still
well down the street like she's some precious There's a white woman came around about the same time as white boy did but she didn't get the right to vote in 1920. A white woman in America in 1991 with a doctor's degree make 56 percent less than a white male that dropped out of high school and she don't see nothing wrong with that he got voted down and when he won he got voted down not one black state legislatures across this country that was right me and now I mean I can drop this right back out my belly I can be his momma his brother his sister and he have no more respect for me than the and she don't know what by and she's a. Baby she ever wake up the reason that civil rights bill is being held up now not because of me. Your listener wife of a tavern calls cause that problem they have they think it through the way you're going to get through they were really free her and that's what they talked about Amy. Mr. Whitely than Mr. Beale. So I was she cannot get out in fact who he is and we turn your sort of thing around but the whole level is changing for the first time you know we might get pure.
Very difficult to do without the Churchill of the churches but you know me drunks come out the church these folks out here dragging in the mafia they come up. Christian church man so one day we're going to really deal to stop the Church of the women I mean maybe you'd be best to close down. Look what you produce and himself would you say run on it were a killer for a victim of the church may not mean it but they don't want to talk about racism they don't want to talk about sexism then we'll talk about none of that craziness. And yet and still they open up and they talk about what influenced this it was a hell of a job to try to change a whole nation. When the church is not changing as hell but you are in somewhere you know we're trying to do it and it will work because we have a lot of influence and she went in we blocked the plans to how much influence we have from white folks. If you go all over the world and go to every country where there are no black folks you find the whitest white folks. I mean I go to Germany you know niggas in jamming them with the cameras it's all right. I go to Russia the Russians is so white I go in with the makings is so right. Only where they are black folks heavily populated wiper get dark. They land
out in the sun trying to look like me. That's the influence I have on them and I keep asking myself how come Russian's only in the sun I got sun over there. How come John is only in the sun like a sun over there where ever I'm not around. I do not influence right folks color wherever I am around. But one day when I understand how good I look be in this column to make anybody else look like me. But the mindset and wants to change the change. That didn't suit me. This was a man like you. Don't care none about you. They asked me to look at your you that you don't want to get this loser. You know this so I just got back from Africa where a lot of dollars can't be brothers and sisters of the day just to mess up cause we went over there with a white racist mentality with a black face with black and white The Looming Tower. We didn't stay long enough for the players.
So I just got back you know from White molded Georgetown mostly found some Tesco young lover and he wanted nothing to. Do New York kind of played. Ask about the mega Stamer you don't want to talk about. Everybody knew that the Minnesota white ribbon in its place was the basketball that put the white girl I was reporting. To me about the rich white folk and dynasties have been given so much money to Harvard and Yale. OK how do you think children are going to all that and a great way to go you. Know one thing we will have to start looking at the unstoppable Palmer employees feel. Like that you can outrun Jesus. Cannot make you crazy and just be messed with.
What embarrasses me moaning again only just cumin and salmon don't is that odd. Georgetown University of Notre Dame can prove that they can play basketball. You know how the skin that's what bothers me. Harvard University. Oh yeah you mean you can't hear. What. Is. Coming. Been up there. For me. Me not a member of the football. World wouldn't be the same if it got put in like if you don't want me to come to you write it down and your son you mine. 100 most important African Americans that have many world renown and knowing he'd be a part of a black car.
We have to start talking about brilliant but there's a whole lot of white folks that don't believe let me tell you young guy know you're only going to change the real one. No you won't come see me today in a white neighborhood. If you walk around dressed like you. Push the wall mount you sure don't miss not right now you know because you just hit a tree trying to miss you know what's on that man on the street there see to think that the bag is getting to the point that with all these negative stuff coming up we listen to the new things drugs run from the ghettos of Colombia. We saw a busy time of people not bought into didn't think that people give you me on the show Emma and I said some one woman asked me yesterday said out loud that I You Feel My Love the brother methink I had my way he would have to run for president I just put him in the way he took me she says. Do you think he's the best qualified blacks to use Thomas. The.
FACT THAT YOU. Know. You come out. We love. You please come out. And the man about what happened in Cleveland in Jersey didn't get invited back because they didn't always find money in races. The south that's in the Democratic Party. There was some room for them to bring peace. To the roof of that same song. Thank you for taking my call and getting it. For me at that level
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