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Here and Now, photo voter id bill, A bill passed by the state assembly yesterday afternoon would require voters to present a photo I.D. at the polls before they can cast a ballot. The proposal is designed to curb voter fraud and was co-sponsored by Greendale Republican Representative Jeff Stone. Madison Democratic Representative Jo Parisi, a former county clerk, says this is a bad idea. , olympic curling team, U.S. Olympic Curling Team Trials in Dane County. 'Team Lucky Monkey,' a talented group made up of nearly all Wisconsin women advance directly to tomorrow morning's final game, the winner representing the USA in the Torino, Italy Olympic Games. It's been quite a week at the Madison Curling Club. Video of curling , state of the tribes, Special joint session of the State Legislature on March 8 for first 'State of the Tribes' address. The speech will provide insight, past and present, into Indian affairs in Wisconsin. It will also be a chance to help lawmakers--and people state-wide--gain a better understanding of sovereign tribal government. The Chairman of the Red Cliff Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, Ray DePerry, will give the address. He joins us now via- telephone from Bayfield County. , Beyond the Budget - expand AODA (alcohol, and other drug abuses) to treat more inmates before they get outTAPE , Beyond the Budget - six-week series of reports on people whose lives are directly affected by lines in the budget - produced by Colin Benedict of WISC-TV. In the next budget, Governor Jim Doyle is looking to change the way the state deals with inmates, treatment is a key word. Right now there are programs to help offenders deal with alcohol and other drug abuses, it's called A.O.D.A. He wants to expand the program to treat more inmates before they get out. This is the story of three inmates almost surprised by their successes. , meth labs, Methamphetimine - an addicting, illegal drug - is a compound made up of common ingredients, including over-the-counter cold medicine tablets. Meth 'labs' have sprung up all over Wisconsin, but particularly in the northwest. Tina Virgil is a Criminal Investigator for the state Department of Justice. She specializes in meth case work. Stills of meth labs provided by Dept of Justice , person of the week - eric heiden, Person of the Week - Twenty-five years ago at the Lake Placid Olympics, Eric Heiden won five-gold speedskating medals. He didn't grab the spotlight. His life now, as a physician in Sacramento, a husband and a father. B-roll of Heiden skating in gold suit
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