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Why would you try to crack you know the good food out of people. Life wasn't exactly now. What is hidden in the midden is geared toward fourth or fifth graders who are studying Florida history and archaeology. It also combines science geography reading and social studies into about six hours. Teacher Sharon Ward jumped at the chance to supplement her lessons on the Kulu says another Native Americans with environmental ed teacher Rick Tully's workshop. She says she hopes her enthusiasm rubs off on her students. They'll earn a special appreciation for their part of the world for their part of Florida. That's exciting to know that the collusive were here 12000 years ago and I've always been interested in the culture says and I've tried to to share. A small amount of knowledge that I have. And on this study with my students and I was thrilled that Rick was able to come to the class and share with them his knowledge of it.
No Teles program teachers about shell tools shell mounds or middens mapping and making true loose artifacts like twine. Most of what he teaches comes from what archaeologists have learned by working on your SEPA Island Highland ki Marco and MT keys. He brought in rope is made inclusive fashion from both hemp sea oats Mei ho tree and palmetto husk and he sliced some cat tail for the class to see how the Indians made fishing nets and rope so relatively long pieces of fiber. Where it's there which we then can use. Try to make some twine Teli passed a piece of fiber to each child. The room began to smell like a lolly like oil and cat tail. As the children rubbed along green stems between their palms
he said. Right and then they hope the peace by its middle to their shoelaces with a paperclip and began the process of twisting in one direction and wrapping in the other. Some of these 10 year olds had a hard time imagining what it would be like to be close to Indian children. They say they're used to twentieth century comforts and found twine making quite complicated. That's what I'm hoping this one to you. Can I do it again. You're right that I mean you rat race to get it right. Each list by those whom are rare and then around the rat that is. This is hard. It's actually like we're cool loose and doing the same thing as that as it is and how what kind of an Indian would you make at
this point. I would probably die because I'd probably want to be on alert that day. You could learn to tell these lesson plans also include matching lists map identification and hands on Shell tool demonstrations he found out the curriculum still needs some fine tuning. Oh yeah that's that's the whole point of this was pilot period. There are a few things that I found I didn't even understand from what I had originally written many years as a kid subject to way too so with the help of the kids I'm going to make some some adjustments to it all. Once that's done the environmental education department will compile a packet for all fourth and fifth grade teachers in Lee County to uniformly teach collusive Indian history and the Southwest Florida is passed to every child from Mars. Now I did the right words. This is hard. I
think it means I'm right.
Calusa Curricula
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This segment showcases a program for 4th and 5th graders called "What's Hidden in the Midden" which incorporates Florida history and archaeology with science, reading, and social studies into about six hours. The school program focuses on the Native American Calusa Indians, who lived in Southwest Florida 12,000 years ago. Teachers and school children give interviews about their experiences.
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