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his pieces the players better i know i'm at kaminski and today we're going to a luscious store agrees and can't introduce a
little different form a little more involved a little more difficult but i think that it's a very good thing to learn all types a drawing and all types of forms all sorts of forms living in round bowls long bolt all sorts of things now i want to show you how to do an absolute square formed looking down into a golf course the first thing you do as usual came again his three fifth thunder where your kitchen with it for years theme of the very careful that you don't have to talk about turtles the north which has happened to me through the very carefully when you're free on your wife that you don't forget this way they're trying to give me all these little hints because i'm sure you don't have a gorgeous video like mine with the north light thin by the way forward that the north white flecks of light will do very nicely mariano it's russia
both to hide because you pick up a lot of length from the paper just slightly lighter it's time that we play i would be in new orleans no simple that ends this at a lot of aggravation as i learned the hard way that i don't want you to suffer like i did marry are now that's going the grants began with a brash the same wash not too dark too dark and you want to the race with tissue paper of course then it doesn't make such a mess same routine like that was very good at my golly this is the one thing you learn to do his feet is what painting is about its freedom based on discipline and want to learn discipline and learn the rules you will be free to break the rules but not before
because that way like i imagined there we are now this was the thing that i am really i want you to get i'm going to try to explain it as clearly as i can as a teacher are going to create a box stores like this and that i want to do is a look carefully so that you can get it not have to get the boxing like that are going to do this with one lines slanting this way and one that way of this this could be a little basket of strawberries now i'm sure you've all seen his best with a hundred times now the line below is exactly the same pitch like that and put that in right away the same laying and exactly the same pitch like that then we go over and connect this line like this
company trying to a very dark so that you can see it an image online this way and of course this way not al khalifa to start raising you won't see this back but nonetheless i won that there is is terribly important you don't fight and you try to do all the private basket and that the star raisin because you will have it to stores this way that that basket is correct and has a light like this but that in right now like that say that the narrative that did it but you have the best bit like there you are you say oh simple as once you know what you're doing and how to do it right now we got the basket and we haven't quite below or on the side a basket like that and like this larger fight it is a wreck spencer bock sr of urgency now this plate
like this around for a job with a golden dome thoughts right through and then it right will draw a plate like this and we sing in this perspective they won those areas in the middle of the plate like that and a tapers on the site is in other words is elongated like that and that's it will see a plate there you remember the decisive now are the widest point is in the center it's rather flat plate thank goodness record of pasta too much detail like that and the river just a moment yeah let's do this to raise now in your story raise in the box or on the plate please don't line up like those soldiers i will probably get them that way but this is what you do have one going this way one that way
knight won't look as though in the drawing that they are going to the directions way when you put the whole class on the top then you can see that and of course to every which way we hope i'm sure it's a nice little state sharply written line them up for you they don't actually though they're marvelous nestle they if you bite cherries and cherry season some sweet little old lady sat down early in the morning and stunned them all up to look like a book a christian anti union i guess there are it can add more it didn't give me baby let's work in the play there again don't choke them with star race just have a few because of the historical if you tried to work here played in around the store agrees is pretty lovely ones like this one here like that
one going this way and what about this way like this the scene without trying line the muppets terrible is that it seems to be a natural thing to be very tidy and line everything up the lovely thing about painting something like this that you can interact with it manages to life and there's no excuse for not knowing what to pay go into the fridge and find many things the plate vegetables even eggs for anything the lovely thing is you can eat afterwards i don't believe that the nominee if we have to change and we can use one got a basket here on the table that's rather important visitors will tells us that there's a table there is lying flat stage straight up in the air then it went over here a lovely when i do get that a little over that story really of one here like this and then when you're like that there we are there is a drawing
and that's all we do not much just enough to hang a paint on right out there we are fine now the drawing his vest the very next thing we worry about always the next stage where is the light coming from i'll say it and say over and over again we must always do that right off they're going to say the right side there's a light coming from the left side there again don't have the dripping especially don't lose your best that this is important and this that and don't worry too much about the stories together they got a problem trying to say those little star brazen you lose them and i just gave a little known again little suggestion thats fine thats it is
now if your sweat the drawing and the saving ready to pay as always this is the most exciting part and since a light is coming from the left we start with the dark tone on the right like this flight's target is that this is a young the root i notice that i've been working with a lot of red white and blue was the bicentennial year my recollection gambling to the surface and i painted red white and blueberries and there's an interesting eye composition as has the blue background very bright blue background to something i really as i thought it would be raw and it's just the combination with a beautiful yummy read stories and work very fast like this incidentally i don't want you to feel that you have to do a painting and thirty minutes it took me thirty years to do this thing in thirteen minutes and actually don't want fair
standards we just want you to pay for goodness sakes don't get a star helen colin like a man in england there's the coldest eighties in which you tell meticulously is so that i can keep up with for the four magazines of his life going a mile a minute i don't know that's going to not sound like this is it that i get a little extra time for the drawing because it's terribly important and so we may have to rush through history's a little bit but when you're done ones for various think of the mall also introducing stepping in this case but we'll get to that a lot i don't care for eighty years or night in different directions on the background that is it makes it rather interesting if you're just drug resides abled on track
probably grow faster than under imminent political debate initially we have everything in season and not before and so as always lovely and that when we do have for every season everybody goes absolutely wild and was fantastic for a brazen way it's nice having things only when you're supposed to make so much more exciting replace the spoiled i think in our country and that we got everything all the time nothing to look forward to that's awfully nice also you have to have to research kick in as december and her boss's boss's beer husband's boss only likes her research so it behooves you to go to a supermarket and buy frozen servers so here
we are this polite tone there again as you can see you can read a dark medium and like what your plate this imus lost that square box we have but the square plates by now also add a little dark tale into light town like this and a little of the light tone here like it's a little bit so you don't have as i've often said three flavors let's put our shadows in an er for it and lulu why was the slings paint around we pick up and we do this creates mr the shadow and when we start creating
other reflection i was the stairway that that's over the side here background like this doesn't mean that now mostly in the dark area where the growth of the stroke here on that are they go like this just a wee bit darker on the store raised here and that score like that mr vest that is
correct and very sharply outline to preserve the form it's very important and something like this to preserve before and the perspective of your objects right now as to the basket we start with the dark tones has the right the light coming from the left so we start this way there again we have a different stroke i squared off last night with the dark out like this down over town i could make it as they like i tested by going over your drawing simply stretching out no problem we dont have problems with does have challenges aereo challenge right there right now we're going to outline then purple so you don't lose it all together
and you'll see the form take place before your very eyes let's go to an old artillery here on the corner and then they're like oh my god will outline that so that you can see it and it's it straightened out with its very much distorted right now so forgive me while i go over polite tone of it here just a wee bit to sharpen up a corner because we've it's the city that cannot be fussy must be shot i write
an outline it like that a great deal of things with this because this is the most important thing in the painting as something you must very carefully there's just a little bit like that and i'm going to add a little purple right in here like this i'm going to the plate because i didn't want to introduce too many colors played is pretty much the same as the background so i'm going to develop it with the background it off white plate like this well put a highlight on the answer let's do that right now major labels to do when you're in a hurry to turn your
local an italian poetry potter a marvelous little red spots fine as for the highlight on that in the corner like this like this let's get a star of race that i think are probably very anxious to get to any way like i am the senate right away thousand nine portland rebecca played its ills messy that when the vector where we just our brains it's very important that as the pain and we outline in the dark and purple also because as one of my students said her as the bike store brings to be very very careful start with the dark and i we go around the edge of historic re like that not in this the particular painting with this particular fruit we have what i call the stepping methods or badly and you've created like that we don't exactly drilling we stapled a color on the start of the
dark cavern like this person takes a great deal of color i get the light is coming from the left so we're going to do it all on the right side why like this i note eternal paley they don't really guessing what's the reason that they will they are promising over here like there's no there's nothing i'm very anxious we do immediately is to put purple around the edge right now so you don't lose them or take a little purple not too much please don't let your knife up with a stubble around the edges of his drivers so that they remain separate around one thing nasa you know what to do with that
so be sure to do that and in between like that i get a little dark to get the feeling that they're not all smashed together and there's a little area between them in the basket bring us over like that and then they're going to do the other towns which are absolutely beautiful rent a lovely to do finally that it's horrible but it was hard now imagine that just depend on a promise to look like star break they don't write the moment that they will and must be in the basket please have some there i have shelling is because
both and i have no problems with it because i liked it you will not have so while i want to there would be much easier for you criticizing take a time if you paid if you marvelous now let's play that for just a moment we're going to put our highlights right now i have lovely are huge news aren't as its and i bet a little white and red do it in that way no it doesn't it doesn't seem to want to love my life there we are now i got it and i live here and
there reaffirm my basket because we've lost it just a little bit which is natural when you're doing one thing to lose the object around that are behind it that's nothing that isn't a normal reaction to which are trying to accomplish here result fight now let's see that for the moment we have the other star race if because because because some going this way you are going and why they like this you know where it belongs because because they were
you know lying in that play i hope they're lying in the late summer and marvelous are brazen some are smaller which is also i hope more natural and all the absentee huge there i'm going to put purple around again an outline the plate in purple for the shadows of the fruit on the plate i'm an outline it played again and clean it up and put another highlight on it like this that way like that just drive race on the table for the middletown i kept in the dark and
like this and like this and it is the fastest are brazen tell say right now and i want to put real highlight because boys didn't have no little yellow and green dots but forget now going to put the little tabs on their again this is always a fun thing and had their little hats and as you know that's what really does it now they are diary farming and light that some on the other side so the agency that disturb are easygoing the other way it got in trouble and they look like they're going one way put some caps on the other side and then another difference
that don't fight it is you're the best again and work a little light sounds like this is a big envelope like star rip i love that anyway militias and we have our little talks about here the panel had since bin laden's beak i could really develop them a little more but i decided that the thing i want to spend the most time on was the basket because we went through a lot of things with this type of stepping in for him and you will see that take me again that we may not do this particular forum for a while so i was very anxious for you to get this
i know the day for having been through them all myself remember all things painters painted what they were exposed to the newest is saying whoops well that's it for today now made for a result that yummy know forget the sign irritating we will do that it's also i should do i do now it
it there's bees this program was made possible by a grant from commercial union insurance companies tune only noon loses
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