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so last summer if everybody has a job to do you know warrior who hasn't done was in its job according to a visitation ahead on the wednesday after i received the message that there is a body had been recovered from the river out for the first time since that sunday i went to get my mother prevailed and me to go to lie down and go when i went into the ruling party i had gotten pretty comfortable but the question on my mind was going like a washing machine and all of a sudden the presence filled the room it was just like a huge cloud and it's built every corner and every inch of the room and i
recognize that as the presence of god himself and i began to talk to him and i was also speaking in awe of a scolding boys you know why why and i heard him and restart now here in and i felt the contact and i was pulled the city position and i began to ask the lord why in the meeting as a churchgoing people he was that could hear and it looks it seemed to me that he had been punished for this of this unreasonably parish and the lower and begin to talk to meet them up booming voice there are not words i didn't understand a single word but i knew everything that was being said it was like it was moon m o the roar of thunder but i could understand what was being said
the thing that the log said to be was in that did not belong to you you should be grateful to have been able to keep young but a short time he was on the air but in that was my i sent him here to do a job and emmett has done their job and whale who are told me he said i've taken one but i will give you thousands bed until i really i puzzled over there briefly because i have been wanting more children and know i had never conceived and then i just wonder bread that thousands were coming from the top of the mormon on to say that his son jesus came here that men might have a choice between eternal
light or eternal damnation my son and i came here so that man would have they would have the right to a free life and our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness here and there and you sent him that has done his job and now it's up to you to do your job and i drew back but i was very old upset about having a job to do that i had already done the job and to put another bird known religious florida i can accept but he continued to talk to me and i continued to listen and i remember when the little dove told me are all you have to do is obey an eye i decided that i would be obedient to the voice of the lord i know who i was talking to iran and a conversation
close i can feel the grip on my hand easing and as it eased it all went back upon the pill an avid sound asleep it and wake up until late the next morning and my mother came in the room and began to call me because he did not have a heart attack and die while but she awakened me and persuaded me to get up and have breakfast and that was the first meal i remember at the sense i get to her house that sunday morning can you feel it was when when you heard about the local article noted that that these these men while i'm trying to make sure your son that they also were paid four thousand dollars on effect they make money out of it you know how you view to tell you the truth i was so
far removed from ireland and bryan until i mean to head down the action in this is enough some in the visit my mind was a giant blackboard and someone had taken any research and just erase all traces of my women bryant from my mind i look dammit i didn't really reach back to it and know it and this is something that should not have happened but he didn't and what was i going to do about nothing at all i didn't waste any time fretting over there was leo what's the lesson to be learned for you know for that i guess the lesson for success i think the lord had and to
take on the overlook the looks of racial hatred we know it's an ugly thing but we don't know how the libyan was until it became the embodiment of racy and when we saw that it was something that we wanted to avoid wheat we didn't want to go in that direction that all of those frightful and i think that just as jesus became sam and his father turned away from him jesus said his agony called and said my god my god why has now for a second meet and it was because god could not look on the same and no and that became the personification of race hatred of which is a sinful thing again it was too hard to look at people could not look at it
and come away are as of nothing have happened if had to leave an indelible impression upon who ever viewed him i just live there knowing that race hatred is something we've got to get bad enough we cannot afford to live in a world that is a torn with race hatred and we could even look right now over in jerusalem to see what has happened woo again what were your son's case what looking at its aid to black people a sense of black people that we can no longer
go along with customers as they are angry and then bear we have got to shake the shackles off we've got to stand up we've got to be a man and when i had no one the pressure when people began to oppress us we have to resist we cannot take this sitting down lying down running and crying it's time to get up into an immense there was the opening the civil rights movement he became not only envy editors for the civil rights movement but he was a sacrificial lamb of the moon and when people saw what had happened to my sons they may instill luckily never stood up before people became vocal who had never vocalize before and i'll own people decided that they were going to shape the shackles
of intimidation they weren't going to live this way any longer and there was even a oh oh ooh ooh that was going to go to mississippi and fight for them truly fought a life for normal lives that i understand that they were the streets of what i don't know where that base an option so what that they were not they never made it to mississippi this in mind that i was able to do some of the things i didn't because i knew that if they killed me the man in chicago illinois it nowhere else would rise up to fight to fight for me but this gave me the courage to go ahead and do some of the things that idea car costs a lot of back to
the trial in this doesn't have to be a long answer but but you know i think in my being deactivated important hughes didn't stay in some areas they in greenwood he stayed in mount by you what nobody was a white state there i seen a number i do because it was an all black town and there was a doctor there by the name of tea party and how where he was or read beard in and that particular part of the country and no white people would come into nonviolent because they were afraid of them but people they are all dr howard was the oh he had a clinic a hospital in my own bile and he was he was really looked up to he was appreciated he was really the year and go to his house was oh something that you would think about
an m o mundo women's magazines are with a beautiful place that was very spacious and he had one armed guard that i saw i don't know how many more but this was an elderly man who carried a shotgun and every so often he would make an appearance around that howls and out but it was our impression that there were many more people surrounding the house to make sure that no one of china attempted to do a smartly harm while the regalia and every morning when time came for citgo the core of dr howard with friends says to automobiles a level at a convertible oldsmobile with air conditioning and never seen a convertible the air and i'd begun to ride in the car one day and i got the three
album going to allow somewhere in that car but that night they put me back in the level that had the dark glasses you could not see inside and oh it out every day back to howard was going among the people trying to drum up witnesses people who would testify brando he didn't fine he didn't find many out of the body but he did learn a lot of things he'd medgar evers end of ruby hurley who was a i don't know what movie was that she was at an officer for the kindle e c p i c medgar evers the field representative i don't know exactly what the title was celeste thousands of home loans those three people were instrumental in trying to find that this is getting moses right in
and out of somewhere i understand that when the ship came out in a casket so you are so you felt he felt safe i felt safe and mom bio yes yes yours are still talking still love was going to say you felt safer yes i did i knew that but the guards and when the people looking out for not to howard and for his guest i felt that i would be safe kick a universal office is wrong
American Experience
The Murder of Emmett Till
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Interview with Mamie Till Mobley, mother of Emmett Till
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WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts)
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Mamie Till Mobley interview about her son Emmett Till, an African-American teenager who was lynched in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.
Race and Ethnicity
Law Enforcement and Crime
American history, African Americans, civil rights, racism, lynching, Mississippi
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