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he's traveled to mali well as familiar as i said before i was flat on the floor on my stomach on the bus and at that time i was just praying for the people that was with us on the bus and i was praying for like the whole world and i was concerned about mother's day and how the people of the town people to people where we came from how they were feeling because it was on the radio and they could hear out where we were and what was going on and so i just made beer because that the film was so strong i could hardly breathe and i think i was covered with that my whole mine was on what we would do and it was for the whole country the whole world and we were bringing attention to what was going on with the segregation an hour and above the park wait wait that's what you see in here you know well i could not flee ever that one person could not flee everything i could honestly when i came out of the bus that these men it was quite a
few years rehman around the bus and car hitting a bus and still call the neighbors and i was very afraid at that time because i didn't know if i would be stuck don't want our hurt at this time but i could not see everything but i didn't see them swing and the spikes in gang hitting but at the faces i could not think of face and because i was actually on the ground that they've got outside i remember it well i was suffering from smoke i was outside coffin and i remember it but not faces people trying to ask me how i was if i was all right everything with trying to console me that everything was all right what do you know about who they were there any well i guess la i thought they were trained killers that is one reason i called bloody sunday because they did not seem
to be sympathetic to have any feeling towards any bad as they were fleeing in these pipes and these acts hitting instruments and tools and so on they didn't seem to have any sympathy and there was no one offering help to anyone so after another things that risk of over ten years at the airport talk about what happened here well the next morning with monday morning after bloody sunday and all the escapades out we tried to reach the airport now for the bridge to go continually to go into the army the next that i was suffering from snow smoke damaged and so i needed to go back turn back to go back to slaughter an hour when we got to the airport they said that there was the bomb scare and we could not leave our that part i remember very clearly an arm i did see
a light up a bo ram on iran i don't know but they're out everyone was very very afraid to get on an airplane and me i was very thick and coughing and calm but that i was afraid that that was that time we would be killed who well now i was i was thinking that when the airplane took off it wouldn't just explode and it would not be might sound ah we would have much information as to what happened in the airplane or whatever it would be nobody in fact to tell the story so intelligence is a story to say it we finally got a way that last year during the caucuses for well i think when we get when we got on the plane and there was trying to get fitted and we heard about the bomb scare it was like panic and trying to get out because they said come out come out very quickly filled with a flag of stampede more well because we
didn't know what was that was mike's arm was no direction they get fed move quickly move quickly and come off the bus you know there's a bomb scare we have to get off an hour it with suspicion and seven oh my well when we got on the planet about it was trying to get federal anti at that time that was the announcement with different with on the loudspeaker yelled out we have to get off the plan does the bomb scare so move very quickly everybody and so everybody historic occasion and seven and i don't know if anybody got hurt from that point but every bad about that and i think we'd all gather that with a false alarm well i'm not sure how i felt because i was called in and tried to get my breath ah and gets free and right away that we could get off alive and i was thinking about all the
other people are that was on the bus on the airplane that they went they say so oh yes i was coughing an hour and just not able to do what i was very weak because i don't know if i had anything to eat from our the time we left off after a lot of their funding they kept the second bomb threat out we tried to leave the second time and i don't remember a lot about that because i they were saying that i needed to go ikea people fit that lady need to go back east to be enough so whatever happen after the fact and cigarettes are about to bomb i don't remember much was said but i do know that if i was flown back to substitute community hospital that was the private eye on that hospital bed one day
so you know i feel pretty good you know so you know they so they announced you know fly on fourteen elite going to talk about is what he can actually does this is oh you're so silly now to fly you're going out with my dad well at that time i felt very happy because i know i was going to get jaded medically what i really needed and i was a vegan and began and that it would be out bomb threat i thought all of that wasn't appears that we were free to travel at that time as winter comes as though you know i mean they so so well that felt good as i was getting out now
oh yeah well i tell you the truth i don't remember a lot because i was really thick and i needed to be treated so what others heard i did not hear it i was mainly concerned about myself at that time and i was stark about the bombing they hear about that with a bomb threat and i was so afraid for everybody because i knew if there was a bomb on the plane and we would not have any coverage out of concern about after we made the long journey from where they came from up and at this point that if everyone was on a plan that would not be invited to tell the rest of the story really get back to a play and in that now here you feel you are now i'm here boss or you know your
weight oh well i am personally i was coughing and i was sneezing and i i was that i don't know oh who was given the drinks avoid and frantic unfolding but there were people in the airport who came to my rescue but i don't remember much about it but there were people asking if you are right if you are right and they were concerned and now we hope you'll be fine when you get home and get to hear birds you know ah well week we thought about i thought about what was going on but my feeling was that the people that were trying to kill us and trying to attack us and beaters and are not letting us go ow and that they were people they were just haters of black people and they
did not want the law to beat that to paris they didn't want us to have bags and whites together because are we get here early about the makers and the banks and get us out so it was a bunch of haters who really didn't care who they kill their interview durant imam rauf felt sorry that i joined the ride out was always very happy because people a gallon of even before the rat that they wished they were you know had the nerve to go and they were very proud of the people who were not afraid to go and they were willing to help in any way to help the freedom riders that won't of birth on well what we're worried that we did allow the people of the faith in the world everyone could face and hear what was going on and the deep south you want to back a little bit they
probably about forty vision is that if you get on the industry going over there and you're somebody who just just about fell to be on the bus and travel well it really was a beautiful day and i would like to say we all were dressed for success and it got on the bus there was no crowd and no one was actually fit in together we had a tennis based on what at the front and i think that i don't think it was to many in behind me cause i was a middle way but we will fail and i was feeling very proud of the people that was on there mainly because god made these people are they weren't afraid ii and we know that what pray and we would attack a person who believed in the pilot operator and that as we traveled that there were people praying and that we would get death say it i always believed that we would get way we were going to safely
roose oh it was such a beautiful day ah it will fetch a quite feeling that day at the fed was bright and flooded this guy was you know and it was just a beautiful faith in theory that and now the people that within the frack who have within the front they want to open and we would fail in a little bit happy at the time i did a year and the fed comments about what would happen we would be killed that we would not tell them that we were all think and how differently was their own fears ruby wouldn't begin it did you do it is we didn't have a fence of fear ie it with the fence of bread and a second offense just been proud and how thankful for this opportunity to do something to help our country so what do you remember
we were in the area well i was i was being consistent with my whole thing was mother's day and how beautiful the theory was this hour just a kid and pray and that all mothers would have a good day and i was thinking that if something really happened was i actually what would happen to tell my mother i think have had the two children and i think that you know pulled me through for my mother and then if not my whole family understood that i was really involved and if the arm activity and i wanted to go and they freed me to go not only in my family but the church people freed me and i knew funded began and that the prayers of the people would be heard and i was hoping that we would be safe or so we could tell the story right and so you know in determining or are you on
your summer when you're suddenly enhanced renee kerry korea so you have to show up in what you see when he owes mean germans were well off what i thought was actually what i consider our i know what killers look like sometimes i bet bays where train killers and car train our people against they buy work hey painted bright people and they did not want to see any mixture of the race and that was the one thing that i did faith and i did kwok understand quite said that they didn't want to see any black man and white women sitting at these cameras so they would do anything to press the rule is not your will only a vote what do you so what did you see well what i can still consider enemies were trained killers
they will bloody sunday and they were out to kill they had let any eyes and they was out to be to kill the cake and not to do anything to get rid of these people on this earth i know it's because they began to beat on the people they began to two up two to destroy the earth and that was evident at fat and they came with it as you'd met a killing tool and you could hear them are actually we could hear as we could flee how they were calling out about negative and make good lovers and tom and they were beating and they prove that they were out to kill or to do anything they wanted to do we had no protection when you say you see
what they would just yell a magnate as neighbors now aa out that they weren't hitting still hitting on the button after we walk off the bus they were hitting and a bit less offense of madness and i think don't hear attitude attitude to their data about these people because they were just hinting they were flying in these dark till the estimate that flight an estimate and they really did not hear who they hit but i think i was down on the ground and it and maybe they just thought that there was nothing i could do so i would die then they didn't bother me leaders say you know i just must say that you saw in libya from small going to the region
well from the beginning when i get i can tell you if i walked off the bus or if i crawled also are someone oh me all i was suffering very very badly from the smoke and a few a few was just awful and when i got off the bus i was coughing and i didn't know if i would die at that time from the smoke because we heard that they are in the emergency room and a half but was close so there was no help for me the pieces
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Rev. Mae Frances Moultrie Howard was a student at Morris College on the CORE Freedom Ride, May 4-17, 1961
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